Wheelworks Multisport 2014 YEP Slides

Year End Party!
Anne Traer
Chair / Sponsors Sunny Schettler
PR &
Jane Carbone
Mike Nislick
Technology /
Alison Ballard
Dave McNeil
Projects as
Eric Bielke
David Altman
Marina Freytis
Malia Koppin
2013 season kicked off with the first board meeting of the year… we welcomed new
board members: Alison Ballard and Marina Freytis and Malia Koppin (Uniforms)
We queued up some new member recruiting including a fun run from Ace…
Our new Race Director, Alison Ballard, set an aggressive race schedule and for the
first time in recent WWMS history, we had team discounts for every Focus Race!
Perhaps she’d had a bit too much of the Dale’s Pale
Ale when she picked 11 focus races!
I’m not sure that Malia and Marina knew what they were in for
when they volunteers to select a new uniform vendor and new
team kit, but they did a great job!
Race Directors Tim Richmond of Max Performance and
Mark Walter of Sun Multisport
gave us insight into what it takes to be
a race direct and run races in New England.
WWMS donated $735 to our charity Partner Cycle Kids and sent 7 riders on the
Breakaway 2014 Tour
Thank you, Sunny, for
coordinating with CycleKids!
Thank you, Sunny, for
coordinating with CycleKids!
135 Miles lead by:
Jon Chesto
Jon Chesto:
Run to Remember Half Marathon. 10th overall, 2nd in AG
Hyannis I, 16th, 3rd in AG*
Falmouth, 16th, 3rd in AG*
Hopkins Vineyard, 9th, 2nd in AG
Lowell Olympic, 4th, 2nd in AG
Boston Triathlon, 10th, 1st in AG
Cranberry Olympic, 15th, 2nd in AG
Hyannis II, 8th, 4th in AG*
Medena Knespl:
Season Opener: 1st Female.
• Hero Oly Tri: 1st Female.
• Mass State Tri: 2nd Female.
• Boston Tri: 2nd Female.
• Xterra Sprint at Mission Bay: 1st Female.
• 40th Anniversary of Tri Race in SD: 1st Female
• LifeTime Fitness Oceanside: 2nd elite female.
Boston Tri
Season Opener
Rev3 Old Orchard Beach
Medena overall female, Sherman 1AG & Tina Los 1AG in Duathlon & a great group of volunteers…
Rev3 :
Sherman Roberts 1AG
Sunny Schettler 1AG
Anja Meischner 1 Elite
Kate Schrum AG 1
Pat Ryan AG 1
Nancy Hays AG 2
Jon Chesto 3 Elite Master
Philip Lawrence AG 3
Here come the girls (and Dave and Eric!) & some awesome volunteers!
Sunny Schettler - 1st place Athena
Sharman Lappin - AG 1
Katrina Dryja - AG 2
Jane Carbone - AG 2
Alison Ballard - AG 2
Anne Traer - AG 4
Malen Link - AG 6
Eva Ward - AG 6
Emily Dunham - AG 7
Eric Bielke - AG 8
Amy Linsky - AG 11
Dave Crelling 1st place AquaBike!
Thank you especially to David Bently and Alyson Fletcher for representing
Wheelworks Multisport at the DCR meetings!
Who had the worst race at Boston Tri?
Jeff: I kept veering off course on the swim,
tore my wetsuit in T1, cut his toe on a shell,
forgot his race number in T2 and added
0.25mi to my run (making it 4.65mi)…
Kristin: forgot her race number in T2
dropped chain on her bike, was almost side
swiped by a dude on a mountain bike, bike
computer stopped working and had to rack
her bike on a fence!
Is there a dark horse in the contest of who
had the worse race…..
Click here to find out
PS. Kristin still got 2nd in her AG!
Katrina Dryja: Accomplishments: completed first 70.3, 2nd for Cranberry Queen, podium at
New England Trifest, Keuka Lake Triathlon, and Cranberry. Memories: Early morning weekly
swims @ Walden pond with Kate Schrumm and Robyn Betts.
Dale Nepert: Pumpkinman Half Ironman was my first half ironman race. Very big
accomplishment for me this year :)
Philip Lawrence: I placed 3rd and 5th in my two events this summer, Hyannis Sprint I and
Falmouth Sprint!
Serkan Ozel: First Triathlon, First Olympic, First Half and fingers crossed First Full next
Sunny Schettler – Had to battle Lymes Disease and then massive foot surgery
David Altman – had to recover from a bad fall biking early in the season
Katrina & Alex – swapped roles as triathlon and tri-supporter
Aaron Ladd – continuing his quest to run marathons in all 50 states (he is taking suggestions)
Jillian Leonard – finished her first Half-Iron “Thanks for your support and encouragement. It
was really nice having some of the team around before the start. I'm so glad I joined WWMS!”
Heather Wood, married to our Wheelworks Liaison, Gary Wood, was struck Guillane Barre
Syndrome - a terrible disease causing her to lose all mobility, but is on the mend and they
send thanks to the team for their support
Medena Knespl moved to sunny San Diego
Eric Bielke is moving to Texas
Tony Leach relocated to Silicon Valley
Serkan Ozel moved to Baton Rouge, LA
Andrea and Beck: Training Weekend
Anne, Medena, Dave B. & Tina: Swim Clinics
David B. & Alyson Fletcher: Walden OWS
Aaron Ladd: Running Clinic
Marina & Malia: Uniform Ordering, Delivery
Sunny, Alison & Katrina: Tri Night Logistics
Bonnie and Dave for Sumer Brew & BBQ event
Jon Chesto: P-town Ride
Katrina & Alex for hooking us up with Jack’s Abbey
Andrea for our continued relationship with Taza
David Altman: Jack’s Abby & Fall Cider Rides
Sunny and Jane: Mystic Marauders
Jane for hosting the Team BBQ in Ogunquit
For anyone I missed, thank you for all you do!
Thank you, all and let’s have
an amazing 2015 season!