Solar Photovoltaic Research and Applications: New Collaborations

 INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR Organized by The Scientific Liaison Office of Wallonia Brussels in Sweden th
4 Edition Solar Photovoltaic Research and Applications: New Collaborations for Innovative Perspectives _______________ Uppsala, Evolutionary Biology Center, Lindahlsalen 5th – 6th of February 2015 8.30 9.00 Day I – Thursday, 5th of February 2015 Registration Welcome and Introduction Peter Egardt – Governor of Uppsala Johan Tysk – Vice Rector of the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology at Uppsala University 9.20 Solar ERA-­‐Net & Horizon 2020: Possibilities of funding for Solar PV Tobias Walla – Swedish Energy Agency Ulf Westerlund – Uppsala University 9.50 The Photovoltaic Landscape in Wallonia Cédric Brüll – Cluster TWEED 10.10 Thin Film Solar cells above 20 % efficiency, ideas and concepts Marika Edoff – Uppsala University 10.30 PV activities in CRM Group: focus on LIFE-­‐PHOSTER project Lionel Fourdrinier – CRM Group 10.50 Coffee Break 11.05 Bulk and interface contributions to efficiency losses in Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells Charlotte Platzer Björkman – Uppsala University 11.25 Thin films, surfaces and interfaces in perovskite PV devices Jean-­‐Jacques Pireaux – Namur University 11.45 Improving the window layer structure for CIGS solar cells Tobias Törndahl – Uppsala University 12.05 Electrical characterisation of graded and Al2O3 passivated CIGS solar cell Ratan Kotipalli – Université Catholique de Louvain 12.25 Lunch Break 14.00 Electrical metrology and modeling of semiconducting heterostructures for energy-­‐harvesting devices Duy Nguyen – Liège University 14.20 Materials and processes for printed semitransparent organic photovoltaic modules Olle Inganäs – Linköping University 14.40 Morphology-­‐performance relations in polymer-­‐based solar cells Ellen Moons – Karlstad University 15.00 Coffee Break 15.20 Theoretical Modelling of Electronic Processes at Interfaces in Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices Jérôme Cornil – Mons University 15.40 Accredited Testing Partner & New PV Technologie Serge Peeters – Eliosys Day II – Friday, 6th of February 2015 9. 00 Electronic structure of interfaces used for energy conversion Håkan Rensmo – Uppsala University 9.20 Structuration of functional inorganic materials for new generation solar cells Catherine Henrist – University of Liège 9.40 Charge compensation in dye-­‐sensitized solar cells Gerrit Boschloo – Uppsala University 10.00 Dye-­‐sensitized solar cells -­‐ Some aspects of materials and coordination chemistry Lars Kloo – KTH Royal Institute of Technology 10.20 Coffee Break 10.35 Perovskite Solar Cell: Performance, Stability and Future Prospects Sandeep Pathak – University of Oxford 10. 55 Perovskites and quantum dots; new materials for solar cell Erik Johansson – Uppsala University 11. 15 Mesoscopic solar cell research at EPFL Anders Hagfeldt – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 11. 35 Powerweave : Development of DSSC PV yarns and energy storage yarns toward a self-­‐powered textile fabric Virginie Canart – Centexbel 12.55 Building integrated photovoltaics: What the industry needs Michael Demeyere – AGC Glass Europe 12.15 Lunch For more information, please contact Henri Sprimont Scientific Liaison Officer Wallonia Brussels International [email protected] +46 70 167 93 94