Kayak brochure margins 2015 - Putz-in

The Everett Mountaineers Basic Sea Kayaking Course is intended to provide basic
information and skills which will allow students to gain some insight, knowledge and
training into the popular sport of sea kayaking. We hope to expose the students to
many of the aspects that they will encounter on a typical paddle outing. Please be
aware that this is a Basic course. We do
not teach advanced navigation or Eskimo
rolls, rather we strive to provide the student with a basis on which they can determine whether a specific paddle is a good
fit for them. The Mountaineers do offer
advanced kayaking sessions and clinics if
the student wants to expand their skills.
Successful completion of this course will
qualify you to participate in some of the
Mountaineer paddles.
Attendance at ALL lectures, pool
session and open water session is
Basic Sea
Kayaking Course
For additional information regarding
the course, please call Bill Coady at
206-818-7845 or email
[email protected]
Register through
The Mountaineers Program Center
(206) 284-8484
(800) 573-8484
or at www.mountaineers.org
Course Prerequisites
There are no formal prerequisites. However, kayaking requires good physical condition, a positive mental attitude, a significant commitment of time and effort, and a
compliment of kayaking gear.
The course is open to Mountaineers, age
18 and over, or 16 years old with a parent
or guardian.
Course Registration and Enrollment
Enrollment is open. Enrollment in the Kayaking Course is on a first-apply, first accepted basis. The course is limited to 20
students. You can enroll one of two ways:
1. Online at www.mountaineers.org
2. Call the Program Center in Seattle at
206-521-6001 or 800-573-8484
Enrollment in the Basic Sea Kayaking
Course will close when the course fills or
on March 26th, whichever occurs first.
Course Fees
Tuition is $225. This tuition covers classroom sessions, boat and gear rental for
the pool session, and some classroom materials. It does not include boat or drysuit
rental for open water session or boat and
gear rental for the two student paddles.
Graduation Requirements
• Attendance at all scheduled lectures
• Satisfactory completion of pool and
open water sessions
• Satisfactory completion of two student
• Membership in the Mountaineers
• All above requirements must be completed by September 30th of the
course year.
Equipment Clothing and Costs
The majority of kayaking equipment and
gear is available for rent from local kayaking stores. You are not required to have a
kayak or kayaking accessories prior to taking the course and if you do not have a
kayak or gear, you are encouraged to wait
until after the lectures before purchasing
your equipment.
Course Outline
Classroom Basic Kayaking
Session #1 Equip—Boat, Paddle,
April 2
Navigation, Intro to
Paddle Strokes
Classroom Navigation
Session #2 Hypothermia/Cold
April 9
Water Shock
April 12
Swim test, Wet exits,
Self and Assisted
rescue practice
Classroom Navigation, Kayak
Session #3 Clothing, 22
April 16
Course Structure and Dates
Lectures and practice sessions run from
April 2-April 23. All lectures are scheduled
at the Snohomish PUD.
April 18
Attendance at all lectures, pool session
and open water session is required to
complete the course, so plan accordingly.
Classroom Followership,
Session #4 Navigation, Safety,
April 23
Where Do We Go
From Here?
Self and Assisted
rescue practice,
Strokes instruction