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A rea:
Tracey Manning
I am a self-employed midwife in Whangarei, working
from the mill Road midwives rooms with a wonderful
bunch of very supportive midwives. I have grown up
in Northland, initially working as an Early C hildhood
Teacher and then training to be a midwife. I am very
passionate about the women of Northland and feel
we have a really special unique area here. I have a
passion for the 'natural', however I just really like to
work with women and their families to provide care
that works individually for the...
Bay of Islands
P ager: 086844378
Work: +64-226483977
Janine Woodward
I was born in Whangarei and love living in Northland
by the coast. My work is based from Mill Road
Midwives in Whangarei along with a fantastic group
of midwives. I trained as a Registered nusre after
finishing school. I then married and have two lovely
daughters and two vigourous boys. I enjoy the
journey of getting to know women and their families
and providing care to suit their particular needs. I can
provide birth care both at home and in hospital as
women choose. I welcome calls...
Home: +64-94363283
Mobile: +64-210799514
Marilyn Keane
Midwifery has been one of my passions for over 20
years. I am employed by Hauora Hokianga a
community based trust and Maori health provider as
a caseloading midwife. I provide full LMC care to
birth in the Hokianga Hospital or home birth
generally on the south side of the harbour, with
possible exceptions). Women who wish or need to
birth in Whangarei may receive ante-natal and post
natal care. As a rural remote practicing midwife my
back up or 2nd professional is usually a GP with
diploma in o...
Mobile: +64-021919861
P hone type: P hone
Work: +64-94057709
Jana Scott
Hello! My name is Jana. I am a qualified, registered
midwife currently based at Whangarei Midwives
Group in the city I was born and raised in. I am the
proud mother of two children aged 11 and 14. I
thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of pregnancy
and childbirth myself, and was lucky enough to birth
both my babies at home. These experiences and an
interest in natural health eventually led me to my
chosen career as a midwife. I am passionate about
promoting natural birth and a healthy pregnanc...
Mobile: +64-272119178
Annetta Davis
I have worked as a midwife in the Whangarei Area
for fourteen years. I love working as a midwife in
Whangarei and really enjoy meeting people from all
walks of life. I am experienced in hospital, home birth
and water birth. The most favourite part of my job is
helping a woman and her partner transition to being
parents and meeting their baby for the first time. It
is a really privileged job to be in and I feel very lucky
to share the adventure of new parenthood with my
Mobile: 027 4484 863
Trish Mulholland
Hi, I am a mother to three wonderful children, now
27, 25 and 23 years respectively, and also a
grandmother to a beautiful and cheeky 2 year old
boy. I was born in Whangarei and have lived here for
all of my 50 years of life, so feel very immersed in
and connected to this region. I feel priviledged to
care for Northland women and do my utmost to give
them the pregnancy, labour and birth care that they
desire. I respect and support women's choice of
place to give birth whether it be at home or...
Home: +64-94386333
Mobile: +64-211062591
Shelley Harris-Studdart
P regnant? Fabulous! You are at the beginning of an
incredibly special, important time in your lives.
Whether it’s your first baby or you are expanding
your family, this journey will be unique, and one you’ll
always remember. As an experienced and dedicated
midwife I offer individualised care to ensure your
needs are central during pregnancy, the birth of your
baby and onwards through the first 6 weeks of your
baby’s life. Whether you are hoping for an intimate
birth at home or a gentle waterbirt...
Home: +64-94355158
Mobile: +642102536771
Rebecca Hay
I live in Warkworth with my husband David and three
children, who attend Warkworth P rimary School and
Mahurangi C ollege. I love working with women and
their families, and provide all aspects of midwifery
care, including waterbirth. I support women's
informed decision making, and work with women to
help achieve a safe and positive birth experience. I
am happy to provide postnatal-only care to women
also. My interests are centred around my family and
giving our kids wide experiences includin...
P uhoi
Mobile: +64-274536992
Kate Rankin
I have been a midwife since 1989. I promote natural
active birth, unmedicated babies, gentle birthing,
waterbirth, woman-centred care, breastfeeding,
baby-led parenting, attachment parenting and
natural health. I have clinics in Waipu, Mangawhai,
Kaiwaka, Maungaturoto, Wellsford and Warkworth
and help women to birth in their homes or at
Wellsford Birthing Unit, Whangarei Base Hospital and
Warkworth Birthing C entre .
Freephone : 0800 4 MY
Home: +64-94320141
Mobile: +64-276711011
Work fax: +6494321378
Kassee Flavell-Neville
I have been a midwife since 2008 working in the rural
sector. I have recently moved back to the area with
my 2 children aged 8 & 5. I believe in women making
their own informed choices to have the best
pregnancy and birth experience that is uniquely
theirs. We promote natural active birth, unmedicated
babies, gentle birthing, waterbirth, women centred
care and breastfeeding. I am happy birthing in any
setting from Whangarei Hospital Home or the
Wellsford Birth Unit. A birthing pool is av...
Home: +09-4317187
Mobile: +022-3400826
P hone type: 0800 4 MY
Saskia Botello
Hello! I'm Saskia a midwife who is passionate about
natural physiological birth. Karen Harris and I work
closely together and share a case load. I come from
a large home birthing family and support healthy
woman who want to birth at home or in the BOI
maternity unit. However I also work in partnership
with all woman and will support the low and higher
risk. I cover/work from Kerikeri, Kaikohe through to
Kaeo and surrounding areas.
Far North
Bay of Islands
Work cell: 0272439670
Work Free phone:
Terri Jury
After 3 years at Whangarei Hospital working as a
core midwfe, I decided to change to LMC practice. I
live in Wellsford with my husband and two daughters
aged 7 & 9. I believe that my role is to support and
guide women through their pregnancy/birth and
postnatal journey to ensure it is a happy and healthy
experience. I strongly believe in women making their
own informed choices during this time in their lives
and am happy to accommodate any religious/cultural
beliefs. I work in partners...
P uhoi
Home: +64-94237350
Mobile: +64-212371856
C aro Foster
I am a long term resident of Northland and am
passionate about providing community based
maternity care for women in northland. I live in
Kerikeri and provide maternity care for women living
in Kerikeri, the east coast bays, Kaeo, Umawera,
Okaihau, Kaikohe, Moerewa, Kawakawa, P aihia and
surrounding countryside. I hold antenatal clinics in
Kaikohe and Kawakawa (Tuesday) and Kerikeri
(Wednesday with other appointment days available
by arrangement. I am happy to provide care to
women living in the...
Bay of Islands
Home: +64-94071411
Mobile: +64-211840007
Work: +64-211840007
Justine O'Dwyer
I have lived in the Bay of Islands since 2003, working
both in the community as an LMC midwife and also
as a core midwife through the DHB. I am happy to
support women who chose to birth at home and at
Bay of Islands Maternity Unit, and if recommended I
will transfer with you through to Whangarei Base
Hospital. As a midwife I believe that the journey to
motherhood is unique to each women and
pregnancy. I aim to provide information and
education to help women and their families to make
choices ...
Bay of Islands
Mobile: +64-21723859
Tracey Wichman
MidNorth Midwives; C ongratulations on your
pregnancy. I've been a midwife for 22 + years my
philosophy is to work with women so they have a
positive birth experience and to support their
informed choices. My practice partner is Midwife
C aro Foster and we cover each other for regular
time off. We provide free care from pregnancy test
to 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. MidNorth
Midwives cover these areas P aihia, Opua,
Kawakawa,though to Kaeo Kaikohe and Kerikeri,
Russell, any other outlying ...
Far North
Bay of Islands
021527185: P hone
Raewyn P arke
Kia ora and Greetings. I am an experienced midwife
with some 27 years of practice behind me. I have
practised in a variety of settings, both as a core
midwife and LMC as well as a number of midwifery
management positions. However I am always drawn
back to clinical midwifery, working with women and
their families/whanau is a priviledge and joy for me. I
am truly passionate about midwifery and the
opportunities we have to be part of womens life. I
am part of a midwifery practice and work with a ba...
Mobile: +64-274306471
Wiki Davis
I am a LMC Midwife that has the priviledge of
working amongst my hapu and iwi here in
Kawakawa. Married to Jim, I am a Mum and a
grandmother too. My areas include up to and
including Kerikeri, Kaikohe, Moerewa, Kawakawa,
P aihia and surrounding districts. I am happy to do
home visits if that is easier for you, although I do
hold C linics in Kaikohe and Kawakawa.
Bay of Islands
Home: +64-94041620
Mobile: +64-272715017
Work: +64-94041620
Kathy C arter-Lee
An a midwife, my aim is to support women to have a
positive experience, before, during, and after the
birth of their child. It is important to me to treat
women as individuals, to inform and support them in
making choices. I have had a wide experience as a
midwife since I qualified in 1984, in Britain and in aid
agencies around the world. I returned to NZ with my
husband (my best friend) to work as an LMC
midwife. I take clients from P uhoi in the south, to
P aparoa in the north. I support wom...
Home: +64-94256749
Mobile: +64-21425115
Work: +64-21425115
Judy-Ann C ooze
Ko Whakaangi te Maunga, Ko Tokerau te Moana, Ko
Mamaru te Waka, Ko Ngatikahu te iwi, Ko Ngai
Takiora te Hapu. Kia Ora, nga iwi whanui o Te Hiku o
te Ika. I am JudyAnn C ooze a Registered Midwife
blessed to be working within the area I was born and
raised. I grew up with birth stories passed down to
me by my mother Nete Erihe (who birthed 11
babies), about her father and mother who were
midwives for the people of their hapu and iwi. With
this in mind I have a strong belief in women led birth
Far North
Mobile: +642102823580
Work : 0800582643
Nicole P ihema
Kia Ora, my name is Nicole P ihema and I currently
work as a midwife around the Bay of Islands Area. I
am passionate about Whanau and providing
midwifery care. I am humbled to be caring for
women and whanau in my own community. After
working as a midwife overseas I returned home in
2011 to work with women and their whanau. I have
antenatal clinics in Kawakawa and Kaikohe many of
my women come from outlying areas including:
Karetu, Motatau, Okaihau, and P aihia. I
Bay of Islands
Mobile: +64-21834911
Irene Hogan
I am a helensville midwife providing maternity care
for mums and families in the auckland area and
kaipara north of helensville since.1978. .each birth is
unique and individual.I provide full pregnancy care
from pregnancy testing through antenatal time
during labour and birth, then visit regularly for 6
weeks after the birth.Winter home visits are available
for rural women.. Your birth is planned in the place of
your choice with chosen support people around
you..All maternity care is free to yo...
C oatesville
Dairy Flat
Royal Heights
Te Atatu P en.
West Harbour
fax 094207729: P hone
Home09 4207007: +6494207007
P hone type: P hone
Work0274715295: +64274715295
C atherine Trumper
C ongratulations on your pregnancy! Whether this is
your first baby or fifth baby this is an exciting and
special time I would love to share with you. I have
two school aged children and love working with
women and their families. I believe that pregnancy
and childbirth is a natural life event and I try to keep
it as normal as possible and still provide the best care
when things become abnormal. I have a particular
passion for water birth. I am able to provide
antenatal, postnatal and birth care ...
Mobile: +64-274137668
C harlie Lilly
Kia ora and congratulations on your pregnancy! My
name is C harlie Lilly and I am a registered midwife
working in Whangarei. I was born and grew up in
Northland (Houhora) and am passionate about the
pregnancy care of our women and their whanau in
this beautiful area we are fortunate to call home. My
philosophy is that of a natural and holistic approach
like most midwives whilst still being able to make
safe decisions when things step outside the box of
normal and further care/intervention is ...
Mobile: +64-211348441
Anne Nichol
I have been a midwife for over ten years providing
care for women in the Whangarei and surrounding
rural areas. I support women to birth in the
surroundings of their choice, either at home or in
hospital. I am passionate about the care I provide. At
present I do not work in partnership with another
midwife so I take a smaller caseload so this can be
managed easily. If I am unwell I will have cover from
one of my colleagues in our practice.
C ell: 0272772429
Margaret McLennan
I have had 20years experience as a midwife. Two of
these in Samoa and two in England. More recently
as a LMC in Whangarei. The aspect of midwifery that
I enjoy is continuity of care and getting to know
women and their whanau throughout the pregnancy,
birth and post natal period. I support womens'
choices and feel comfortable with whatever birthing
experience they plan.
Home: 0800398600
Mobile: +64-21398600
Work: +64-21398600
Sarah O'Donnell
Hello, I’m Sarah, one of three in a Team of
knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and fun
midwives! I spent eight years of Nursing in Surgical,
High Dependency and Oncology Units before training
in my lifelong passion of Midwifery. I have been
involved in a range of Midwifery practice over the
last nine years, including my current roll of LMC in
Whangarei, C ommunity Midwife for the DHB, home
births, teaching Antenatal C lasses both with Adults
and at the Teen School and of course working in
P ost...
Mobile: 0800643948
Naomi Waldron
My name is Naomi Waldron. I am a registered
midwife and a member of the New Zealand C ollege
of Midwives and Nga Maia. At the tender age of 12 I
was privileged to witness my sister being born at
home. Since then I have been a strong advocate of
homebirth and soon followed my calling to become a
midwife. As the newest member to relocate from
Hawkes Bay to join The Far North Midwives I am
excited and passionate about providing midwifery
care to the Far North region. I love the birthing unit
in Kait...
Renee Boland
Far North
Mobile: +64-277565456
Work: 0800422824
Bay of Islands
Mobile: 021 100 7212
P hone type: P hone
Karen Harris (Bilby)
I am a midwife in the Bay of Islands Northland. I
work in partnership with Saskia Botello and we
provide individualised care for our clients in the area.
I provide pregnancy care including diagnosis of
pregnancy, care in labour and postnatal care for upto
6 weeks. We have clinics weekly in Kerikeri, Kaeo and
Kaikohe and also home visits. Our philosophy is
safety for both of you and meeting everyone's
individual requirements.
Bay of Islands
Home: +64-94076806
Mobile: +64-272439670
A-J Anderson
BHSc Nursing BHSc Midwifery Hello I'm A-J (AmyJane). I have always loved pregnancy and feel the
beginning of life is just fascinating. I started my
journey by training as a nurse and qualified 2003. My
first job was as a postnatal nurse at North Shore
Hospital and I loved it. I went on and worked in a few
specialties in NZ, Australia and UK. I had a great time
traveling and working overseas, after 5 years I finally
returned to New Zealand to do my midwifery
training. I qualified as a ...
Free P hone:
C olleen Brown
maori midwife practicing in the far north region
kaitaia - hokianga
Far North
Mobile: +64-21517505
Office: +649 4080247
Don (Rhonda) Ballard
This is a quick chat about me. I am married to
Stewart and have two sons Myles and Lewis. I come
from the Hokianga and Stewart comes from
Hamilton. We have lived in the Whangarei district
since 1990. In 1995 Tina Sherman (my midwifery
partner) and I decided to become LMC midwives and
have worked together since. We are also are very
lucky to work from the Mill Road Midwives Rooms,
with a really supportive group of midwives. My
philosophy around birthing is one where the woman
feels supported in h...
Home: +64-94377561
Mobile: +64-21467801
Tina Sherman
I am a born and breed northlander having grown up
in the mid north. I did my general nursing before i
went off travelling and did my Midwifery in P erth ,
Western Australia in 1989. After my eldest son was
born we returned home to Whangarei where i
worked at Whangarei Maternity unit for several
years before going out into community practice in
1995 with Don Ballard as my midwifery partner. I
work from Mill Road Midwives with a wonderful group
of midwives in a very supporive environment. I be...
Home: +64-94350445
Mobile: +64-212861123
Work: +64-94375570
Melissa C ampbell
Hi, where to start... well I'm a very proud mother of
five children and graduted in 2003 as a midwife, prior
to becoming a midwife I was a nurse for 12 years. I
love being a Midwife it is the best job in the world,
and I am forever growing as a person and as a
midwife thanks to the privilege of being part of the
journey of pregnancy. For the past six years I've
been working in Dargaville covering the Kaipara
region. I work at Dargaville Hospital which is an
amazing rural hospital that offers ful...
Mobile: +64-212415468
P hone type:
Far North
Mobile: 021-048-9793
Tania C urrie
Maree Morgan
Hi and congratulations. I have been a midwife for
over 20 years and worked in many areas of care
including teaching parenting classes, hospital midwife
, charge midwife , and LMC . I am Northland born
and love our beautiful region and the people who call
it home.As an LMC I am fortunate to meet and care
for our next generation of families. I also support
student midwives to allow our daughters quality
midwifery care and believe laughter is often the best
Home: +64-94351113
Mobile: +64-21435229
Marie Helene C hopinMcC arthy
I came to New Zealand in 2002 where I discovered
the midwifery I have always wanted to practice. It
was the New Zealand C ollege of Midwives
“P artnership in C are” philosophy that I thought was
a wonderful way to work with mothers and their
family/whanau. Our role is to work in partnership with
you supporting your right to make informed
decisions based on up-to-date information. Your care
will be planned with consideration of your midwifery,
spiritual, emotional and cultural needs as you shar...
Mobile: 0800
P hone: +64-94596543
Joy P yle
I am such a lucky woman to have worked with mums
and bubs for the last 15 years. I have covered all the
different spectrums of care, from extensive
antenatal education, Lmc work and secondry unit
work over these years. Im wife to Mike and proud
mother of 4 kids that keep us on our toes. P ractical
and down to earth, im a big supporter of the natural
options, but have a healthy knowledge and respect
for when the picture needs to be managed from a
more complicated angle. Mostly I aim for the women
Home: +64-94373001
Mobile: +64-21565805
C rete C herrington
Tena koutou katoa, I am a Maori Midwife currently
living and working in the far north.I am part of the
P eowhairangi Midwives based in Kawakawa and
have been a midwife for 20 years, birthing at home
and in hospital. Safe traditional birthing practises are
part of my philosophy of practise. My current backup
partner is Nicole P ihema. Our caseload is 4-5 births
per mth each.
Far North
Mobile: +64-21834911
Sue Bree
I have been a midwife working in Northland for 30
years and feel a true committment to positive
childbirth experiences for women living in the Bay of
Islands. I live in Opua and cover Russell, Opua /
P aihia, Kerikeri, Kawakawa and Moerewa as well as
other more outlying areas. I support women who
wish to have homebirths or to birth at our local Bay
of Islands Hospital. I also provide care when it is
recommended that labour and birth take place in
Whangarei Hospital. My midwife partner is Renee
Sheree Harawene
Leeann Bell
© New Zealand C ollege Of Midwives 2013
I have been a practicing midwife for 15 years and
absolutely love working with women and their
families through this most precious time of their
lives. I started working in Kaitaia in 1998 as a new
midwife and feel privileged to have had such a good
grounding of how women can and do birth strongly
and naturally without unnecessary interventions. I
left the North in 2000 to grow and raise my own
children with the support of my family in Wellington.
It was very exciting to move back north again...
Bay of Islands
Home: +64-94028197
Mobile: +64-21452898
Bay of Islands
Home: +64-94331099
Mobile: +64-272353816
Work: +64-94331114
Far North
Mobile: +64-276888566
Work: +64-276888566