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Heart Beat
Official Publication of the heartland Limousin Association • Jan/Feb 2015
Autumn in the Heartland.
Winter Cattle Feeding That Doesn’t Break the Bank
Volume 23 • Issue 1
Bar JZ Ranches...........9, 23
Bosch Farms....................28
Boyer Family Farms.........29
Bruner Limousin...............38
Double A Limousin............31
GV Limousin.....................13
Hunt Limousin..................22
Iowa Beef Expo..................2
JLX Limousin......................8
Liberty Ranch...................19
Linhart Limousin...............21
Lura Limousin.....................3
MC Marketing...................32
NE Cattlemen’s Classic....37
Nolz Limousin.....................5
Peterson L7........................5
Red Carpet Show & Sale.18
Rockin’ R Ranch.................6
ROM’N Limousin..............20
Straight Limousin..............24
Symens Brothers..12, 16, 33
Treftz Family Limousin.....35
Vaughn Family Limousin..22
Venner Family Limousin...26
Vorthmann Limousin...........5
Wulf Cattle........................40
Yorga Farms.....................36
fall-calving group.
“Thin cows that are pregnant
can be put on stockpiled pasture as
soon as their calves are weaned to
regain body condition prior to the
winter feeding period,” Burris said.
“Favorable prices make this a good
time to cull unproductive cows.”
Burris said producers should
calculate the amount of hay they
need to feed cows through the
winter. A rough estimate would
be about 2% of their bodyweight
for about 120 days. That would
be approximately 25 lbs. per day
for 120 days or about 3,000 lbs.
of hay per cow. Multiply 3,000
lbs. by the number of cows in the
winter herd to estimate the amount
of hay needed.
“You might be able to feed less
than 120 days, but don’t count on
it, and your round bales of hay
probably weigh closer to 1,100 to
1,200 lbs. rather than the expected
1,500 lbs.,” Burris added. “Make
sure and get forage analyses on
Time Dated Material
State News
Iowa News................... 10-11
Kansas News...................12
Minnesota News.................8
Missouri News.............16-17
Nebraska News................18
South Dakota News..........20
Wisconsin News...............32
Feeding cattle in the winter can
be the single largest expense for
producers according to University
of Kentucky College of Agriculture
beef specialist Roy Burris.
There are several management
practices that producers can use
to lower feed costs and make their
herds more profitable. Burris
said one big way producers can
decrease the amount of hay and
feed they use is by extending the
grazing season as long as possible.
Pastures that have received
nitrogen and have been allowed to
accumulate growth can be grazed
even further into the winter, thus
markedly delaying the start of
winter feeding. It’s also a good
idea to strip graze accumulated/
stockpiled fescue pastures to avoid
waste and increase grazing days on
those pastures.
Producers should pregnancy
check the spring-calving cowherd
now and eliminate the wintering of
open cows – or move them to the
Heartland Limousin Association
23244 Gopher Drive
East Bethel, MN 55005
American Royal Results...37
Back In Time.................3, 18
Covering Ground................4
Fullblood Alliance News...34
Heartland Calendar............4
Heartland Highlights ........30
Junior Beat..................14-15
On The Road Again.........6-7
Sale Reports................23-29
your hay supply so you can estimate your supplemental feed
needs. Supplemental feed purchased can be made ahead of time
for best prices.”
It’s also a good idea to plan
ways to minimize feed losses, he
said. Producers could consider
using a feeding pad (geo-textile
fabric and gravel) with hay feeders
to minimize mud and waste. Cost
share programs may be available in
some areas for permanent feeding
Continued on page 3.
You are Invited
The Heartland Limousin
Association would like to
invite everyone to attend their
annual meeting, banquet and
benefit auction. Please mark
your calendars for Tuesday,
February 10, 2015.
The festivities will begin at
5:30 p.m. at the FFA Building
(west of the cattle barn) on the
Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des
Moines. This annual event will
be held in conjunction with the
Iowa Beef Expo.
The Association is seeking
items to be donated for the
benefit auction. In the past
there have been a wide variety
of unique and interesting things
donated as well as food items.
There also have been cattle
supplies and semen donated.
The money raised from this
auction goes to support the
travel expenses of the HLA
Executive Secretary.
Please contact Dean Summerbell or any member of the
HLA board of directors if you
have items to be donated or if
you would like to leave a bid
for items. Check out the HLA
website at for updated information on the banquet and a list of
items on the benefit auction.
Limousin Sale
Wed., Feb. 11 - Noon
Iowa State Fairgrounds
Des Moines, IA
Butler Limousin, IA
Vorthmann Limousin, IA
Shelby Skinner, MO
Schilling Limousin, KS
Bosch Farms, IA
Gillette Bros., IA
Linhart Limousin, IA
Randall Siders, IA
Straight Limousin, IA
John Franseen, WI
Matt Duff, MN
Spring Creeks Cattle Co, WI
Boyer Family Farm, IA
Fosdick Cattle, IL
Lost Grove Cattle, IA
Hermon Limousin, IA
Clayton Creek Cattle Co., IA
Venner Limousin, IA
Tues., Feb. 10– 11 am
Limousin & Lim-Flex Sale Show &
Video Parade of the Purebreds &
Lim-Flex cattle
ILA/HLA Hospitality Social – 5:30 pm
• FFA Building
Social & HLA Benefit & Annual Meeting
Come early, view the cattle & have
a hot bowl of chili prior to the sale.
All bulls sell first
Check out live on the internet,
live audio, video & bidding at
Come & join fellow Limousin breeders for complimentary supper & HLA benefit auction.
For Catalogs and for more information, contact Ann Vorthmann 402-981-1093 or go to or to View A catalog
Winter Cattle Feeding ...
Continued from the front page.
structures. Feed pads or structures
will also minimize damage to pastures during the wet winter months.
Burris said producers also need
to consider lower-cost alternative
fees when purchasing supplements.
“Be aware of the nutrient value
of purchased ingredients – things
like rice hulls, peanut hulls, cottonseed hulls, etc. may have very
little feed value,” he said. “You
should know (based on your forage analyses) if you need protein,
energy or both and purchase your
feed accordingly.”
Group cattle according to their
nutritional needs for winter feeding. There are several distinct
management groups in most beef
herds such as:
• Cows nursing calves
• Weanling replacement heifers
• Bred yearling heifers
• Dry, pregnant cows
• Herd bulls
Most herds will have at least
three of these groups which will
benefit from being managed sep-
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
arately, Burris said. Producers
need to give more feed to cows
after calving to get calves off to a
good start and to maintain cows’
body condition.
“Don’t let cows lose much condition (flesh) this winter, or next
year’s pregnancy rates will suffer.”
Burris warned. “Calf prices will
likely remain high, so attempting
to save money by underfeeding
the cow herd this winter is bad
business for the future.”
in Time”
Do You Know the Answer?
Dean & Bev
50th Anniversary
celebration to be held during
the HLA/ILA Social
Tuesday, Feb. 10 - 5:30
FFA Bldg - Iowa State Fairgrounds
Join us for the social/dinner
& HLA benefit auction.
For those who can't attend a
card shower is requested:
Dean & Beverly Summerbell
23244 Gopher Drive NE
East Bethel, MN 55005
Their anniversary is April 10.
This family has been in the Limousin business for a very long time.
I wonder if you recognize them
from the photo and can answer
these trivia questions about their
accomplishments at the NWSS in
Denver. Bev Summerbell
Do you know the answers to
these questions?
1.) Can you name this father
and son?
Mark & Sharilyn Willette
Dustin & Lauren Mohrhauser
20061 450th Ave.
Delavan, MN 56023
2.) Where are they from?
3.) What year was the father
president of the North American
Limousin Foundation?
4.) How many years did they
take home the champion banner
for their pen of bulls or carload
of bulls at the National Western
Stock Show?
Answers on page 18.
Mark: 605-695-3129
Sharilyn: 605-695-5344
Dustin: 605-695-9030
Lauren: 605-695-7325
[email protected]
CE: 8 BW: 1.1 WW: 49 YW: 88 MA: 18
CM: 2 SC: 0.4 DC: 25 CW: 26 RE: 0.73
YG: -0.13 MS: 0.09 MTI: 49
CE: 7 BW: 3.4 WW: 51 YW: 88 MA: 24
CM: 7 SC: 0.5 DC: 28 CW: 25 RE: 0.64
YG: -0.14 MS: -0.05 MTI: 45
CE: 11 BW: 1.4 WW: 51 YW: 89 MA: 26
CM: 6 SC: 0.5 DC: 28 CW: 23 RE: 0.56
YG: -0.07 MS: -0.03 MTI: 45
9/22/13 – Red – Het Pld – PB
12/17/13 – Red – HOMO Pld – PB
12/10/13 – Het Blk – HOMO Pld – PB
WULFS Xcellsior X252X x Miss SYES Realtor 157U CJSL Windfall 9072W x Miss SYES Platinum 369W ROMN Y Not 104Y x PSLP Union Girl 803U
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
who loves Limousin and Limousin-crossed calves. In essence, the
lower supply of feeder calves has
created a situation where feedlots
need to fill their pens without
regard to breed differences. This
phenomena began last year when
tight supplies forced higher feeder
prices. The result was that feedlots
began to change their minds about
Limousin-sired calves. The cattle
By Dean Summerbell
did not resemble the cattle from
Winter came early this year. As
the past that had a reputation of
impleof November 15, all of the Heartbeing wild and grading standard
land was included in the 2/3rds ment dealer that would fit. Two carcass grade.
of the United States which has a
So the reality is that maybe the
snow cover. Some states are more pins, our driveway was clear and
and lower supply of feedthe
winter-like than others. Here in
created an unintentional
Minnesota at our house, 11 inches
for Limousin. Our
of snow blanket the ground.
to grade both in
As usual I procrastinated too feeder prices for our product. The quality and yield coupled with our
long and was caught with a snow
efficiency has opened the eyes and
blower on my tractor with a broken a demand for red meat. I heard a presented a more favorable attitude
shear pin and no supply of them.
about Limousin cattle from a buyer toward Limousin.
Heartland Limousin Association
Cash Schilling......................... President Jim Venner...................... Vice President
Andy Peterson......................... Secretary Jerry Meek.............................. Treasurer
Ed Bergler – Ex-officio
Executive Secretary & Advertising Sales
Dean Summerbell 23244 Gopher Dr., East Bethel, MN 55005
Cell: (612) 963-3799
E-mail: [email protected]
Bob Bosch (515) 491-9163
Indianola, IA 50125
Cash Schilling (785) 694-2806 Edson, KS 67733
South Dakota
Glenn Treftz (605) 380-0014
Wetonka, SD
Mark Willette (605) 695-3129
Delavan, MN 56023
Shaun Edwards (660) 441-0811
Mark Nutter (308) 645-2514
New Bloomfield, MO 65063
Thedford, NE
WisconsinFinancial Secretary
Andy Peterson (715) 417-2253
Ann Vorthmann (712) 566-2863
Osceola, WI 54020
31112 Hwy 6, Treynor, IA 51575
Members at Large
Jim Venner
Mike Henderson
Breda, IA 51436 Wellsville, MO 63384
(712) 830-8381
(573) 684-2773
Editor Beverly Summerbell
Published at
Ramsey Printing Co. – Lawrence, KS
Graphic Design
Cavenee Design, Stephanie
Ph: (605) 830-9025
E-mail: [email protected]
Jerry Meek
Parker, KS 66072
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Norma Effertz
Velva, ND 58790
(701) 624-516
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If the door is opened slightly,
make sure to produce what the opportunity gives us, a better product
which will be accepted and will
increase our market share.
Another interesting phenomena
is the increased demand for bred
cows and heifers. That market has
enjoyed a significant higher price
this fall. The prices for commercial as well as registered females
has been exceptional. The slaughter markets also are hot. It is an
easier decision to liquidate herds
for some of our older producers.
Hopefully the good producing
cows are headed to new farms and
ranches and will continue to produce a product that is only going to
increase the demand for red meat.
It is good to be in the cattle business. I wish everyone a healthy
and happy 2015 and hope to see
you in Denver.
Heartland Calendar
11 NALF “Hall of Fame” Induction for Herman Symens, Double Tree Hotel –
Denver, CO
12 NALF Annual Meeting, National Western Club at the Stock Show Facility –
Denver, CO
12 Bulls & Burgers in the Yards, NWSS – Denver, CO
12 “Genetics on Ice” Benefit Auction and NALF Social, Double Tree Hotel –
Denver, CO
13 NWSS Junior Show – Denver, CO
13 National Western Limousin Sale, NWSS Sale Facility – Denver, CO
14 NWSS Open Limousin Show – Denver, CO
15 NWSS Pen/Carload Limousin Shows – Denver, CO
29 Red Carpet Show & Sale, Sioux Empire Fairgrounds – Sioux Falls, SD
31 Spring Preview & Customer Appreciation, Long & Sons – Afton, IA
5 SD Limousin Association Banquet/Benefit Auction, Ramkota Hotel – Rapid
City, SD
6 Black Hills Stock Show & Sale, Limousin– Rapid City, SD
10 Heartland Limousin Association Banquet/Benefit Auction – Des Moines, IA
11 Iowa Beef Expo Limousin Sale, state fairgrounds – Des Moines, IA
12 Woodard Limousin Online Sale – Calhan, CO
14 Treftz Limousin “Where Muscle Still Matters” Bull Sale – Aberdeen, SD
14 Liberty Ranch Production Sale, Plainville Livestock Auction – Plainville, KS
17 Bar JZ Ranches 64th Annual Sale, Thomas Ranch Sale Facility – Onida, SD
18 NE Limousin Association Banquet/Benefit Auction – Kearney, NE
1923rd Annual Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic Limousin Show & Sale – Kearney,
21 GV Limousin Annual Sale, Anderson County Sales – Garnett, KS
26 Symens Brothers 35th Annual Sale, at the farm – Amherst, SD
27 Wieczorek Limousin 35th Annual Sale – Corsica, SD
28 Lonely Valley Limousin Annual Sale – Creston, NE
MN Annual Meeting, Banquet/Benefit Auction – Litchfield, MN
Boyer Limousin Annual Production Sale, at the farm – Liberty, NE
Vaughn Farms “Genetics for the Future Sale” – Napoleon, ND
Pinegar Limousin “Herdbuilder XXI Sale”, at the farm – Springfield, MO
Schott Limousin Ranch 32nd Annual Bull Sale – Mobridge, SD
Hager Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale – Mandan, ND
ROM’N Limousin Annual “Class Meats Carcass” Bull Sale – Madison, SD
Wulf Cattle “Opportunity Sale of 2015”, at the farm – Morris, MN
Kuehne’s Rocky Creek Limousin Open House/Private Treaty sale, at the farm
– Long Prairie, MN
28 Bruner Limousin Annual Sale – Madison, SD
Find your next herd sire at
NOLZ Limousin
Limousin & Lim-Flex bulls available by Private Treaty
Selling at the BHSS ...
Friday, Feb. 6 • Rapid City, SD
For more information on the sale cattle, check out or find us on Facebook.
Dave and Peggy Nolz
24519 - 412th Avenue
Mitchell, SD 57301
[email protected]
[email protected]
Dave & Peggy:
Tyler & Amanda:
L7 B Plan 4002B
3/20/14 Homo Pld Pending, Red
WW 752
WULFS Xcellsior X252X x Cabin Creek Blackmail 69F
CED 6 BW 2 WW 52 YW 91 MA 24 CEM 4 SC .5 ST –
DOC 20 CW 40 REA .73 YG -.03 MB .08 $MTI 49
Annual Production Sale
Rod & Wendy Peterson Families
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
34715 255th St, Pukwana, SD 57370
[email protected]
Rod: 605/730-4470
Cade: 605/730-0705
Quin: 918-625-2500
Selling at the Iowa Beef Expo, February 11
VL Bounty Hunter 418B
Polled - Red - 90%
Wulf Xistance V638X x VORE Makita (EXLR Dakota)
VL Brigham 419B Scurred - Dbl Black - 89.5%
Wulf Xistance V638X x VL Unity (VORT Pacesetter)
VL Bristol 428B Dbl Polled - Dbl Black - 88.2%
DLVL Zerox 023X x Miss SYES Xpress Lane
(ROMN XPress Lane)
Check out our videos on our website or You Tube.
Roger & Ann Vorthmann
Chad, Garin, Emlyn & Dru; Deb; Erica, Josh, Mason & Ava
31112 Hwy. 6 • Treynor, IA 51575 • Roger, 402/981-1621 • Deb, 402/515-7714
[email protected] •
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
By: Bev Summerbell
I found this on Facebook and I
liked the message. I changed the
month from December to January.
Hello January!
May you have gloves to
Warm your hands &
Boots to warm your feet.
And the love and laughter of
Your family and friends to
Warm your heart.
Wishing You Love, Laughter,
Friendship and Winter Cheer!
Winter weather has had an impact on the landscape in the Upper
Midwest since early November.
We received 12 inches of snow
followed by bitterly cold temperatures. As a result, the snow that
fell is still here and will probably
remain for the rest of the winter.
Dean and I attended the Bullis
Creek Sale in Wood Lake, NE
November 3. At one point, it was
difficult to hear the auctioneer
because the snow and sleet were
coming down so hard on the metal
November 15 we traveled to
southern Iowa for the ILA farm
tour. The snow started falling, the
wind was blowing, and it was very
chilly in the barn. We appreciated
the steaming hot chili prepared by
Sarah Long for lunch. Despite the
inclement conditions, a very nice
crowd of Limousin enthusiasts
took part in the tour followed by
Neil Brawner of Valentine, NE proudly
holds his son, four-month-old Neil Jr.
at Neil’s parents sale November 3 in
Wood Lake, NE.
the annual meeting and banquet
in Afton.
Thursday morning, December
4, as Dean was walking into the
house he felt something snap. He
spent the day at the ER undergoing
a series of tests. I spent the summer laid up with my foot surgery.
Now Dean will be spending six
weeks using crutches or a cane
and his leg is in an immobilizer
brace. It looks similar to my boot;
Embryos For Sale
however, what he is wearing goes
from his ankle all the way to the
top of his leg
The doctor determined that he
either tore the ligament or hamstring just behind the right knee.
Not only does this hamper his
walking, but it also interferes with
his driving. It is especially difficult
to get around in the snow and ice.
Hopefully by the time the NWSS
Embryos available from flushes to
SVL Polled Exclusive 412T, Harvest
Olympus & CFSV Polled Excel 315S
Selling packs of 3 embryos
to the bull of your choice
(pictured below) $2,500 per pack
Jared and Kylie Sweeter of Newman
Grove, NE are proud to announce
the birth of their daughter, Hadley
Cheryl, born October 14, 2014. She
was 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 22 inches long.
She is welcomed by brother, Cash,
grandparents Arden and Rochelle
Sweeter of Worthing, SD and Ed
and the late Cheryl Kroenke of North
Bend, NE. EAFF Amber Pearl 419M
Limited Supply - Order today!
CFSV Polled Excel 315S
Projected calf EPD’s – CE 9.5 BW 1.6 WW 51
YW 85 MA 25 CEM .2.5 SC .1 ST 13 DOC 11
Harvest Olympus
Projected calf EPD’s – CE 1.5 BW 4.1 WW 52.5
YW 84 MA 29 CEM -4 SC .35 ST 17.5 DOC 2
SVL Polled Exclusive 412T
Projected calf EPD’s – CE 9 BW 1.4 WW 48
YW 83 MA 31 CEM .5 SC .25 DOC 11
Rockin’ R Ranch Rolla, MO
Ken Ragsdell 573-465-4007 / 573-341-9070
[email protected] •
Like us at
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
rolls around in January it will be
healed and he will be back to his
“old self”.
Dean and I want to wish
everyone a Happy New Year!
Member News
Congratulations to Tom
and Rosalie Smith of Sedalia,
MO. They celebrated their 60th
wedding anniversary December 26, 2014. If you would
like to send them a card, their
address is: 301 East 3rd Street,
Sedalia, MO 65301.
Get well wishes are sent to
Norma Effertz of Velva, ND. She
had shoulder surgery at the end
of November and is recovering
at home. We hope to see her in
Denver in January for the NWSS.
We extend our sympathy to the
members in the Heartland who
have lost loved ones the past few
months. There are several obituaries in this issue of the Heart
Beat. Please keep these families
Congratulations to Rita Wulf, daughter
of Jerry and Linda Wulf (Wulf Cattle)
and Travis Moser, son of Lowell and
Karen Moser. They were married on
November 16, 2014 in Morris, MN and
now reside in the Morris area.
in your thoughts and prayers as
they go through a difficult time in
their lives.
In Memoriam
James Vaughn
James Vaughn, 47, of Cavalier,
ND passed away suddenly on December 1, 2014. Service were held
December 6, 2014 at the Cavalier
Congratulations to Paden and Karissa
Boulden of Fayette, MO who were
united in marriage October 11, 2014.
Presbyterian Church. He is the
brother of Limousin breeder Tom
Vaughn of Cavalier.
He worked on the family farm,
and for Austford Construction and
Bjornson Oil Co. He also owned
and operated James’s Windshield
Congratulations to Clay and Kaycie
Schilling who were united in marriage
November 22 in Goodland, KS. Clay
is the son of Ron and Marsha Schilling
and Kaycie is the daughter of John
and Carla Shearer.
Repair. He enjoyed deer hunting
and snowmobiling.
He is survived by his family,
Patty and her children, mother
Corene, three sisters and one
brother along with nieces and
SD Limousin Assn. Banquet
& Benefit Auction
2015 BHSS
Limousin Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015
Show & Sale BHSS Limousin Show & Sale
Social - 6:00 pm • Banquet & Benefit Auction
7:00 pm MST at the Ramkota Hotel
Selling 33 Bulls & 2 Females
Sale Day Phones:
Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth (918) 533-5587
Breed Reps: Chisum Peterson (605) 730-4214 or Kyle Stern (605) 881-9344
Dean Summerbell (612) 963-3799
Headquarters: Ramkota Hotel, 2111 N Lacrosse St., Rapid City, SD (605) 343-8550
2014 Champion Bull
consigned by ROM’N Limousin
2014 Champion Female consigned
by Bruner Limousin
Friday, Feb. 6, 2015
Show - 8:00 am • Sale - 1:00 pm MST
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, SD
Bruner Limousin Inc, Winfred, SD  . ...........605-482-8202
Ellsworth Limousin, Elkhorn, WI.................262-723-5142
Franseen Limousin, Marshfield, WI.............715-207-8165
JLX Limousin, Elk Point, SD.......................605-310-0791
Leonard Limousin, Holstein, IA...................712-368-2611
Ludens Family Limousin, Viborg, SD  ........605-238-5659
Lura Limousin, Delavan, MN  . ...................605-695-3129
Dutin & Lauren Mohrhauser, Delavan, MN.605-695-9030
Peterson’s L7 Bar Limousin, Pukwana, SD .605-730-0705
ROM’N Limousin, Arlington, SD  ..............605-203-0903
Spring Creeks Cattle Co., Wauzeka, WI.......608-875-8070
Blake Sweeter, Worthing, SD .......................605-759-2973
Sweeter Limousin, Newman Grove, NE ....605-957-5251
Symens Brothers, Amherst, SD  ..................605-448-2624
Thompson Limousin, Powell, WY...............307-202-0226
Venner Family Limousin, Breda, IA  ...........712-673-4491
Wulf Cattle, Morris, MN  ............................320-288-6128
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Minnesota News ...
Annual Meeting to
be Held in Litchfield
The Minnesota Limousin Association will hold their annual
meeting, banquet and benefit auction March 7, 2015 at the Litchfield
VFW located at 915 E Hwy 12.
The social will begin at 11:15
a.m. followed by a junior meeting
at 11:30 and the banquet at 12:00.
Please let any member of the MN
Limousin Breeders Association
board of directors know what you
will be donating to the benefit auction. If you are unable to attend,
they would appreciate your bid
(you can leave it with any board
We appreciate the support of our
members who attend the banquet,
donate and purchase items on the
benefit auction, and participate in
Limousin events throughout the
year. The money raised goes to
support activities of the Junior and
Senior Associations throughout the
upcoming year.
Jordan Hoover
of Dundas, MN
accepted the
Minnesota Youth
Limousin heifer
from Laura,
Kevin, and Teresa
Bachmeier of
Apple Valley, MN.
JLX Alcatraz’s sire
JLX Yukon
is pictured here: JLX
Yukon, a son of Sennett
Predator 827U and
JLX Ultima. JLX Yukon
was the 2012 National
Jr Champion Lim-Flex
Look for our consignment to the 2015 Black Hills Stock Show,
JLX Alcatraz
, a 9/15/13 son of JLX Yukon x DJ Xerox. He
is the stout, soggy, big-footed Lim-Flex bull you need to add
performance to your herd. Plus with a .5 BW EPD, he would be
a great heifer bull. His performance is backed up by impressive
EPDs and an adjusted 742 lb. WW and 1,262 lb. YW. Homozygous
polled pending. He sells Feb. 7 at 1 p.m. MT in Rapid City, SD.
BW 0.5 WW 52 YW 94 MA 26
Call for details or go to the\jlxlimousin
for the latest updates.
Julie, Justin & Alexa Montagne
Elk Point, SD 57025
Minnesota Beef Expo Grows
The 15th annual Minnesota Beef
Expo took place Oct 17-19, 2014
at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds
in St. Paul. The junior show set
a new record for participation by
youth from Minnesota, Wisconsin,
and Iowa.
Minnesota Youth Beef Experience
Amber Johnson of Sebeka, MN
was honored for her participation
in Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program (MYBEP). She
received a free Limousin heifer
from Lura Limousin of Delavan,
MN at the Beef Expo last year as
a part of the Minnesota Youth Beef
Experience Program. She returned
this year to show her heifer and
was one of seven to compete for
the top MYBEP award. She did
a great job maintaining her 2013
donation heifer and keeping it in
outstanding condition.
Kevin, Teresa, Laura, and Rachel Bachmeier of Apple Valley,
MN donated this year’s MYBEP
Limousin heifer which was awarded to Jordan Hoover of Northfield,
MN. Jordan will return with his
project in 2015 to compete for
top honors. Over 90 heifers have
been donated over the past 12
years’ worth close to $250,000 to
MYBEP applicants.
Expo Selects Junior Champions
Sunday, October 19, was the
youth show featuring over 600
head of steers, market heifers, and
breeding females in two rings of
competition. The 8 ½ hour show
culminated with the Supreme
Drive of champions from the 17
breed divisions.
A total of 14 junior exhibitors
paraded 16 head of Limousin and
Lim-Flex head of cattle before
Judge Lydell Meier of Clinton, TN.
Jordan Hoover of Dundas, MN
exhibited the grand champion
Limousin steer weighing 650 pounds
sired by Monopoly.
Austin Curvello of Glenwood City, WI
exhibited his 550 lb. steer and was
selected reserve grand champion
Limousin steer.
Becky Church of Hastings, MN
exhibited the grand champion
Limousin female with CHFF Beautiful
Bonus 403, a 2/20/14 daughter of
BC Lookout 7024 out of DVFC Major
Bonus 308R.
Mark Your
2015 HLA Regional Show
Martin County Fairgrounds
in Fairmont, MN
June 5-6
Wiley Fanta of Starbuck, MN exhibited
the reserve grand champion Limousin
female with Wulf’s Amani, a 9/23/13
daughter of Wulf’s Yogi 1020Y out of
Wulf’s Win the Prize.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
64th Annual
Bull & Female Sale
Tues., Feb. 17, 2015
1:00 pm Thomas Ranch Sale Facility
– 16 m. east of Onida, SD
Online catalog & video of sale bulls at
Bar JZ Optimum 404B S: LVLS Optimizer
65 Polled Limousin &
Lim-Flex Bulls
100% Polled - 96% Dbl Polled
53 Polled Hereford Bulls
47 Polled Hereford Females
Bar JZ Optimum 412B S: LVLS Optimizer
3/7/14. Dbl Pld. Dbl Blk. 50% Lim-Flex
CE 14 BW -3 WW 54 YW 107 M 27 RE -.02 MB .20
3/11/14. Dbl Pld. Dbl Blk. 54% Lim-Flex
CE 14 BW -2.2 WW 45 YW 91 M 27 RE -.09 MB .21
Bar JZ Temptation 478B S: WZRK Titus Temptation
Bar JZ Control 447B S: SYES Paladin 41Z
3/22/14. HomoPld(T). HetBlk(T). 75% Lim-Flex
CE 12 BW .2 WW 51 YW 96 M 30 RE .27 MB .21
3/17/14. Dbl Pld/S. Red. PB
CE 11 BW 2.4 WW 50 YW 87 M 20 RE .46 MB -.03
Bar JZ Temptation 497B S: WZRK Titus Temptation
Bar JZ Temptation 504B S: WZRK Titus Temptation
3/24/14. Dbl Pld. Blk. PB
CE 12 BW -.1 WW 45 YW 84 M 23 RE .61 MB -.02
3/24/14. Dbl Pld. Red. 84% Limousin
CE 11 BW .8 WW 50 YW 92 M 30 RE .38 MB .12
Online catalog & video of sale bulls.
Sale Live Online. 1st Breeding Season Guarantee.
Free Delivery 300 miles. Volume Discounts. 60 days free board.
Sonny Booth, auctioneer. NALF Founder Member #97.
Don, Peg & Seth Zilverberg 605/852-2966
Holabird, SD 57540 • [email protected] •
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Iowa News ...
IA Association Hosts Farm Tour
The Iowa Limousin Association hosted a farm tour this year
in conjunction with their annual
meeting, banquet and benefit auction November 15, 2014.
The day began with donuts, pastries, coffee and juice compliments
of Darren Long, Feed Mixer Service and Roberts Farms. Despite
the cold and snowy conditions, a
large crowd of Limousin enthusiasts and their families gathered
to socialize and tour the Roberts
Farms and feedlot owned by Glen
and Mary Lou Roberts, their son,
Tom and his wife, Michelle, and
grandson, Ryan and his wife, Casey, along with their great-grandsons Colton and Jase of Corning.
sentation and tour of Long & Sons
Limousin. The family presented
an informative look at “life on their
farm” throughout the year.
Vern and Deva Long began
Long & Sons Limousin in 1970.
William took over the operation
in 1996. He and his wife, Sarah
along with their four children
Riley, Peyton, Emmet and Maria
raise 100 registered Limousin and
Red Angus cows. In addition to
their registered cattle operation,
they also have a natural and commercial feedlot and they raise corn,
soybeans and hay.
We appreciate all of these people who worked so hard to put on
the farm tour. Thank you!
Glen Roberts of Corning, IA welcomed the Iowa Limousin Association members
to their operation as a part of the ILA tour.
The Roberts family were named
as the Iowa and NALF “Commercial Producer of the Year” in 2013.
They run approximately 700 cows
in addition to corn, soybeans, pasture and hay ground. They started
their cow-calf operation in 1988
and purchase Limousin bulls from
Leih Limousin of New Virginia.
After the tour of the Roberts
Farms, the group continued on to
Afton for lunch, a power point pre-
Annual Meeting
Members of the Iowa Limousin Association held their annual
meeting November 15, 2014 in
Afton. The afternoon began with
the ILA board of directors meeting
followed by the annual meeting.
The ILA will be printing a
new herd book this year. Other
reports were given at the meeting
including an update on the Beef
Breeds Council by Bob Bosch,
The 2015 Board of Directors present at the Iowa annual meeting: Front Row:
Grant Anderson (Secretary/Treasurer), Bruce Walrod, (Vice President), William
Long, (President). Standing: Lowell Hermon, Tom Doyle, Brian Hait, Jason
Boyer, Roger Vorthmann, Bob Bosch, and Jay Straight: Not present: Joe
Brewer and Dave Book.
William Long appreciated his children Emmet, Riley, Peyton and Maria who
narrated a power point presentation of their responsibilities in the farm operation.
a review of HLA activities from
Dean Summerbell, and a report on
junior activities by Bailey Walrod.
A delicious brisket and ham
dinner was served with all the trimmings followed by an assortment
of pies. Thanks to Callista Wilkey,
Sarah Long’s sister, for preparing
the meal.
The evening concluded with a
lively benefit auction. Thanks to
Bruce Walrod for serving as the
auctioneer. Field day awards, ad
pages in the ILA directory, and an
assortment of unique gifts and food
items as well as livestock supplies
were on the auction.
Junior News
We want to congratulate these
juniors who exhibited one or
more Limousin champion animals
this past year. Those attending
the banquet are pictured on page
11. Others who won at Level I
(having one animal be named
champion) but were not able to be
at the meeting were Drew Abbas,
Mara Anderson, Abbie Butler,
Garrett Butler, Christian Danker,
Aaron Linhart, Hallie Linhart,
Erin Puck, Anna Radcliff, Grace
Straight, Olivia Vesey and Jenel
Wenndt. Juniors achieving the
Level III status, (exhibiting three
champions) were Kaitlyn Boyer
and Jackson Straight.
We are proud of your accomplishments promoting the Limousin breed at shows on the local,
county, state, regional and national
Field Day
The Iowa Junior Field Day will
be held Sunday, June 7, 2015 in
Fairmont, MN. It will be held
in conjunction with the HLA
The Iowa Association thanked Glen
and Mary Lou Roberts of Corning for
graciously hosting the Iowa Limousin
Tour of their operation.
The Iowa Limousin meeting and tour stopped at Long & Sons Limousin near
Afton, IA for a chili and sandwich lunch before looking at the cattle and traveling
to Afton for their annual meetings.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
In Memoriam
Iowa Junior President Bailey Walrod and Vice President Sarah Al-Mazroa
presented Iowa Junior Advisor Brenda Anderson with an appreciation gift for
her leadership and hard work during 2014.
Regional Show June 5-6th. Mark
your calendars for this important
In the News….
Joe and Brenda Brewer of Dallas Center, IA were featured in the
October 4, 2014 issue of the Iowa
Farmer Today. They took over
leadership of the Sugar Grove
Blue Ribbon Winners 4-H Club.
This was the same club where Joe
belonged as a teenager, his father
was a member and his grandfather
was once a club leader.
According to Joe,
he took over the leadership role because
he wanted to see the
club continue on. So
far there are about 15
members and most
show livestock. The
members show cattle, goats, pigs, horses,
dogs and rabbits. They
come from three differ-
ent counties.
Although 4-H has changed
with the times and generations, it
continues to be about developing
leadership, citizenship and community service. Today there is
not as much focus on agriculture
although that remains as its core.
Needs of urban students have also
been incorporated in the various
activities in 4-H to go along with
the needs of the students from
rural areas.
The ILA thanked the Long Family of Afton for their hospitality and super power
point presentation of the Long operation. William is the 2015 President of the
ILA. His family includes triplets Riley, Emmet, and Peyton and their sister Maria.
William’s wife, Sarah, did a great job organizing the farm tours and the annual
banquet at the Afton Community Center.
Owen Darrington
Owen Darrington of Underwood, IA passed away December
3, 2014. He is a former recipient
of the Iowa Limousin Association
“Commercial Producer of the
Year” award.
He grew up in the Underwood
area and started farming and
feeding cattle after high school.
He served in the U.S. Army 196th
Regimental Combat Team during
the Korean Conflict.
Owen received many honors including Outstanding Young Farmer by the Chamber of Commerce,
the 4-H Alumni and Service award,
and the outstanding producer for
the Pott Co. Cattleman in 1995.
He was a charter member of the
National Cattleman’s Association.
He is survived by his wife,
Barbara; a son Neil (Kathy), and
daughters Lynell (Kirk) Vorthmann and Jolene (Ron) Lammert,
all of Treynor, IA; 10 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, other
relatives and many friends.
HLA board director Bob Bosch
attended the Linhart Private Treaty
Sale November 9.
In Memoriam
Philip Brown
Philip Brown, 65, of Boone,
IA passed away on November 23,
2014. He is the brother of Limousin breeder Mary (Bob) Bosch of
Indianola, IA. Services were held
at the Stark-Welin Chapel in Boone
on December 13, 2014. Military
honors will be held at a later date
at the Iowa Veteran Cemetery in
Van Meter.
He was a landscape architect in
Des Moines, IA. Philip is survived
by his wife, relatives and friends.
Jean Sheridan entertained the ILA
with her humorous talk on rural farm
life in Southern Iowa. She is a local
wife, mother, teacher and motivational
humorist who bases her humor on
the chronicles of her life growing
up and living on a farm in southern
Iowa. Mrs. Sheridan shares her “off
the wall” observations on everything
from husbands and housekeeping to
children and chickens.
ILA Juniors who exhibited champion Limousin cattle at Iowa Limousin shows in
2014 were Hannah Al-Mazroa, Bailey Walrod, Kacey Boyer, Katie Walrod, Kylie
Anderson, Kaitlyn Boyer, and Derek Anderson.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Kansas News ...
Callahan inducted into KLBA “Hall of Fame”
Mike and Joyce Callahan were
inducted to the Kansas Limousin
Breeders Association (KLBA)
“Hall of Fame” June 7, 2014. Mike
and Joyce began their Limousin
cattle operation in partnership
with Joyce’s parents, Art and Liz
Jockman, and formed J&C Cattle
Co. in 1973.
Their Limousin operation started with nine half-blood cows and
heifer calves, and continued to
grow with the addition of their
first Fullblood sire Angus Glen.
Mike was an early adopter of Artificial-Insemination (AI) and took
a technical course to ensure that
the proper genetics were matched
for each pair.
This work made other producers
eager to purchase their seed stock
that delivered fast growing calves
including many young producers
who showed cattle across the state
for their 4-H and FFA projects.
Cattle that didn’t make the cut
were sold locally through Stinson’s
processing plant in Ottawa, KS.
After joining the KLBA and
the North American Limousin
Foundation (NALF), Mike and
Joyce started hitting the show and
sale circuit, and were rewarded for
their hard work with the Champion
Heifer at the World Limousin Futurity in Kansas City in November,
1978. They continued to bring the
Limousin breed to new producers
and a growing network of Limousin enthusiasts across the Midwest,
and actively nominated, tested and
sold bulls at the Potwin and Beloit
Bull Tests for nearly 20 years.
Mike and Joyce Callahan, newest members of the KLBA “Hall of Fame”.
Mike and Joyce attended shows
and sales ranging from the Texas
State Fair in the early 1980’s all
the way to the South Dakota Beef
Expo Show and Sale, the Red
Carpet, in Sioux Falls. In March
of 1983, after growing their herd
of Fullbood and purebred Limousin cattle to well over 100 head,
Mike and Joyce joined with other
producers and created an annual
Limousin sale in Russell, Kansas.
The Land of Ah’s consignment
sale was a staple event for producers and ranchers in the Midwest,
who came for the “functional,
eye-appealing” cattle who were
“full of muscle and growth.” For
over 20 years, lots sold at the Land
of Ah’s were registered with NALF
and were required to meet specific
maternal and breeding traits, with
a focus on low-birth weight bulls,
and heifers expected to produce
calves with strong growth rates.
As a part of their love of the
Limousin breed and livestock,
Mike and Joyce spent many years
working with producers from
across the state to plan consignment and replacement heifer sales,
field days, state fair exhibits and
state and Heartland events. Joyce
served in multiple positions including a member of the Board
of Directors, and President of the
KLBA during the early 1980’s,
a Director and Limousin Breed
Representative on Kansas Beef
Board (Expo), and served as the
Chairman of the Expo’s Replacement Heifers Committee in the
1980’s. Mike served on the Board
of Directors for the KLBA during
the late 1970’s and again in 2000’s,
was on the Board of Directors and
served as the Chairman of the Kansas Bull Test in the late 1980’s, and
also served on the Douglas County
Livestock Producers Board in the
late 1990’s through 2005.
Mike and Joyce currently maintain a herd of approximately 130
head which is also augmented by
their son, Wesley’s small herd.
They continue to enjoy checking
pastures, selling halves of beef,
working with local producers, and
supporting local cattlemen’s associations, including the Douglas
County Livestock Producers, the
Douglas County Fair and Spring
Beef Shows.
Mike and Joyce look back over
their nearly 40 years with the
Limousin breed with fondness and
gratitude. They are both thankful
for their many friends they met
through sales, shows, and associations, and sincerely thank the
KLBA and its membership for this
recognition and honor!
Brian and daughter Lauren Falk of Harveyville, KS were buyers at Linhart’s sale
November 9.
He sells at the
Sioux Empire
Farm Show –
January 29, 2015
Sioux Falls, SD
SYES Accolade 644A Het Pld/Red
4/26/13 Sire: Wulfs Urban Cowboy 2149U
BW 4 WW 57 YW 91 MA 19 SC .5
John 605/448-5725, Paul 605/448-5775
Warren 605/237-2127
Charles and Anna Snow of Girard, KS were buyers at the Double A sale
November 1.
February 21 2015
Mark your calendar now
1 of the best offerings
Limousin & Lim-Flex
Fall, Yearling & Two-year-olds
Bred first-calf heifers & young calves
Color Tests Available
Check website for
Featured bulls to sell Feb. 21
Purebred Bulls
GV X-Man 609A, HP/Blk
GV X-Man 632A, HP/Blk
GV X-Man 674A, P/HB
GV Austin 701A, HP/DB
GV Abram 729A, P/DB
GV Astroid 739A, HP/HB
GVHL Apache Warrior 752A, HP/B 13 Lim-Flex Bulls
GV Final Answer 601A, P/HB
12 GV All Star 717A, HP/DB
GV Anders 730A, DP/DB
GV Augustine 746A, HP/DB
rg e
Ta te d
usin Genet
1.6 59
2.8 67
2.3 70
2.1 68
2.4 64
1.8 66 BW WW
-1.4 63 .4
1.8 60
23 11 .7 – 20 42
24 10 .9 – 18 58
31 10 1.4 – 18 66
27 10 .8 – 19 40
28 10 .8 – 19 35
.8 – 19 34
.8 – 18 48
.6 – 17 50
.4 – 11 50
.7 – 12 59
.3 – 13 41
GV Limousin
-.06 .10 52
.05 .03 51
.05 .02 51
-.01 .09 54
-.04 .06 52
-.01 .10 53
0 .06 52
.51 .29 55
.40 .29 55
.46 .28 54
.57 .40 55
Catalogs upon Request
Gene & Virginia Raymond 785/448-3708, 785/448-8026 cell
Arne & Stacy Hanson 785/448-6142, 785/448-8027 cell
Brandon Davis 785/448-4310
20217 NW Hwy. 31 • Garnett, KS 66032
[email protected], [email protected]
“The Brand of Breeder Respect & Commercial Approval”
BQA Certified Program
Sarah AlLimousin
Mazroa Receives
Donates Heifer
FFA American
for Corner Post
Linhart Limousin of Leon, IA
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Junior Beat
The ice is fun to play with according
to two-year-old Peyton Schmalshof
of Avon, IL. Her family attended the
Linhart Private Treaty sale near Leon.
ILA Junior advisor Brenda Anderson
presented Bailey Walrod of
Moorland, IA the 2014 Wendell Butler
“Outstanding Junior Herdsman”
Dusty Morris of Ash Grove, MO with
his daughter Ryleigh discuss the
October 30th American Royal Show
in Kansas City.
Five-year-old Truett Vermillion of
Kincade, KS was all smiles as he
showed his heifer to a reserve division
championship at the American Royal
Junior Show in Kansas City.
Caitlyn Ochsner, daughter of Kevin
and Julie Ochsner of Kersey, CO
won the NFR Experience National
Anthem Contest for an opportunity to
sing at the National Finals Rodeo in
Las Vegas, NV. She was nominated
by the Greeley Stampede rodeo
committee and entered in the Rodeo
Committee Division. There was
also a Youth Division for 15 years
and under and an Open Division.
Congratulations, Caitlyn! Photo by
Tom Donoghue, Las Vegas Events.
Kyle and Kevin Linhart are satisfied
with their family’s sale near Leon
November 9.
Sarah Al-Mazroa, daughter of
Paul and Darla Millhollin of Peru,
IA received her FFA American
Degree on November 1, 2014.
She was among the one percent
of FFA members who were given
their American Degree at the FFA
convention in Louisville, KY.
She is the first member of the
Winterset, IA FFA Chapter to have
achieved this prestigious honor.
Wi l e y F a n t a o f S t a r b u c k , M N
congratulated Rebecca Church
of Hastings, MN for exhibiting the
champion Limousin female at the
Minnesota Beef Expo junior show.
Wiley took reserve champion honors.
The Iowa Limousin Junior Association
Board of Directors for 2015:
Katie Walrod, Hannah Al-Mazroa
(Secretary), Kaitlyn Boyer, Sarah AlMazroa (Vice President) and Bailey
Walrod, (President), Not pictured:
Mara Anderson, Aaron Linhart, and
Nick Duckett.
will donate a heifer for the 2015
Corner Post fund. The 9th Annual
Corner Post will feature the pick
of the entire 2014 fall-born heifer
calves from the Linhart program.
We appreciate the generous donation of the Linhart family!
It will be auctioned off during
the National Limousin Sale January 13, 2015 at the NWSS in
Denver, CO. All proceeds from
the sale will benefit the Corner Post
Fund, which facilitates additional
activities and scholarships for Limousin junior participants.
For further information about
contributing to the Corner Post
Fund, contact Bret Begert at
806/375-2345 or Kaye Kaufman
in the NALF office or by e-mailing
her at [email protected]
ILA Secretary/Treasurer Grant
Anderson awarded Katie Walrod of
Moorland with the 2014 ILA college
Tatum Nearmeyer of Monroe, IA
bought her 2014 show heifer from Bob
and Mary Bosch. Father Todd is the
2014 Iowa “Commercial Producer of
the Year”.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Iowa Juniors who attended the 2014 Iowa annual meeting in Afton.
Natalie, Dale, Jill and Clayton Schowe of Warrenton, MO attended the Heart of
Missouri Sale and purchased heifer.
Drew Abbas of Alexander,
IA looks very happy with his
purchase of one of the highselling heifers from Bob and
Mary Bosch at their Private
Treaty Sale.
The champion drive at the Minnesota
Beef Expo junior Limousin show.
Going for Purple
Hannah Bond of Nevada, MO
purchased her show heifer from the
Double A sale.
Double the trouble or double the
fun. I assume both at different times.
Holden and Harmon are the sons of
John and Melissa Linhart of Leon, IA.
Scholarships Available to
Heartland Juniors
Two scholarships are available
to Heartland Limousin Association
juniors. Application forms can
be obtained by contacting Dean
Summerbell, HLA Executive Secretary at 612/963-3799 or sending
an email to [email protected]
The “Leonard Wulf Memorial
Scholarship” will be awarded at
the Heartland banquet February
10, 2015. This will take place at
the IA State Fairgrounds in conjunction with the Iowa Beef Expo.
Scholarship winners will be
required to complete a 3-5 day
work study with a farm/ranch or
industry related company. The
winner will also need to write
a short article about their experience for the Heart Beat. The
$500 scholarship will be awarded
to the selected candidate, upon
acceptance to a school or college,
and will be given directly to that
Applications must be received
by February 1, 2015. The HLA
board will then review the applications at their winter meeting and
the winner will be announced.
The “Ron and Carolyn Holland” scholarship will be awarded
to a deserving junior member at the
end of the school year. Applications for this scholarship can also
be obtained by contacting Dean
The money from this scholarship will be given out for the four
years that the student is in school;
$500 per year for a total of $2,000.
This is a limited time scholarship
and we appreciate the generosity
of Ron Holland who funded this
Applications must be received
by June 1. 2015. The HLA board
will review the applications at their
summer meeting and the winner
will be announced.
Editor’s note: Jodie Beach of Van
Meter shares the experience of her
daughter winning the Supreme
Champion title for her heifer at
the Madison County Fair this year.
This article was originally printed
in the November, 2014 issue of
Wallaces Farmer magazine.
“He’s a good looking steer?
What breed?”
“Limousin and she’s a heifer!”
If I had a nickel for every time
I heard that exchange between my
daughter and a curious onlooker
over this past year, I would have…
well, a couple of bucks. I was only
getting a nickel, after all.
My daughter, Olivia Vesey of
Van Meter, IA, found the Limousin
heifer, which she renamed Kevin,
last October at the Magness Production sale in Miami, OK. During
Olivia with Kevin in the Christmas
the auction, Olivia was outbid
several times before she finally
bought one.
The heifer, originally named
MAGS Art Class, was now to be
called Kevin because she always
wanted a friend named “Kevin.
Eight months later and 12 cattle
shows in five different states and
countless hours of rinsing and
blowing brought us to the Madison
County Fair in Winterset, IA. The
dynamic duo of Kevin and Olivia
were privileged enough to make
it to the supreme drive. The judge
has a tough job ahead of him; there
are quality heifers in Madison
As the judge makes his way to
Kevin, I watch Olivia’s face. Her
eyes grow wide and she takes in a
deep breath. His hand does up, a
quick smile broadens Olivia’s face,
and Kevin takes the “Supreme”
slap like the champ she is!
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Missouri News ...
MLBA Members Have Busy Spring Schedule
Members of the Missouri Limousin Breeders Association have
several sales, meetings and field
days coming in the next few
months. Please mark your calendars for these important events.
March 21 – Pinegar Limousin
Herdbuilder XXI Sale – Springfield
April 18 – MLBA annual meeting, banquet and benefit auction
– Lebanon
April 19 – American Pie Sale
(joint HOM and MLBA sale) –
May 7 – Wies Limousin Ranch
Online Sale – Wellsville
May 16 – Brown Land & Cattle
Production Sale – Diamond
June 12-14 – MLBA Field Day
– Sedalia
Commercial Producer
Nominations for Commercial
Producer of the Year are due by
March 1, 2015. This award recognizes the accomplishments of
commercial cattlemen who use
Limousin genetics. Nomination
forms can be obtained from Ben
Bennett at [email protected] or you can call him at
The MLBA is currently advertising monthly in the Missouri
Cattleman magazine. In addition,
they have placed ads in the Heart
Beat newspaper. They have used
both the NALF ads and the regional ad featuring Jackie Moore with
Joplin Regional Stockyard.
Banner ads can be run on the
MLBA website. Contact Dennis
Alt at 913/558-7966 for informa-
He sells at the
Black Hills Stock
Show, Rapid City, SD
February 6, 2015
Rick and Verna Bryant of Wagnoner, OK won the Heart of Missouri Association
raffle of a rifle. President Mark Hayden presented the rifle to the Bryants at the
Heart of Missouri Sale in Lebanon.
tion on the website ads. Be sure to
check out the updated MLBA website:
Spring Sale and Banquet
The 2015 MLBA annual meeting, banquet and benefit auction
will take place April 18 at the Mills
Center, just across the drive from
the livestock barn in Lebanon,
MO. The evening will begin with a
social hour at 5:30 followed by the
complimentary dinner sponsored
by the MLBA at 6:30 p.m.
The American Pie spring sale
will take place Sunday, April 19.
Field Day
The 2015 MLBA Field Day
will be held in conjunction with
the Missouri Cattlemen’s Show
June 12-14, 2015 at the Missouri
State Fairgrounds in Sedalia. Entry forms will be available on the
MLBA website in April/May. The
Open Show will take place Saturday, June 13. The Junior Show
will be held Sunday following the
MCA Junior Show.
SYES Activator 66A HOMO Pld/Blk
4/28/13 Sire: Wulfs Xclusive 2458X
BW 2 WW 69 YW 108 MA 28 SC .7
John 605/448-5725, Paul 605/448-5775
Warren 605/237-2127
Junior Advisors
If you have questions or suggestions for the junior program,
please contact Brooke Edwards
at 660/441-7717 or [email protected] or Paul Junkans
at 573/498-6134 or [email protected]
In the News
Justin Oberling, Adams County cattleman of Plainville, IL was
featured in the December 6, 2014
edition of the Iowa Farmer Today.
He is the son of Limousin breeders
and Heartland Limousin Association members Jamie and Michelle
Oberling. His sister, Ashley,
served on the NALJA board of
Justin is the fourth generation of
Oberlings to be in the cattle business He farms with his father and
grandfather. They attend auctions
within a 200 mile radius and have
done so for more than 50 years.
One of his biggest challenges
for the new livestock operator
is his age. Oberling is only 24
years old. He attended Lake
Land College for two years and
finished his four-year degree in
ag production at the University of
“My hope is to sell cattle, machinery and real estate,” Oberling
says. “While I still have a bit to
go, I am using all my knowledge
and contacts to build a foundation
for this goal.”
In Memoriam
Charlotte Henderson
Charlotte Henderson, 88, of
Mexico, MO passed away November 9, 2014. Services were
held November 14 at the Pickering
Funeral Home in Mexico. She is
the mother of Limousin breeder
and Heartland board member Mike
Henderson of Wellsville, MO.
She was born in Centralia in
1926, married Walter Henderson
in 1959, attended William Woods
College, St. Luke’s School of
Nursing in St. Louis and the University of Missouri and the University of Pennsylvania. Charlotte
spent 45 years of her professional
life in nursing. In the 50’s she was
a school nurse of the Mexico Public Schools. She often described
herself as a wife, mother and registered nurse, in that order.
Charlotte was a member of the
Olivet Methodist Church where
she served in many capacities, she
was a 4-H leader, a member of the
Skinner Skippers Extension Club,
and the Missouri State Nursing
Women’s Guild.
She is survived by her son,
Mike (Heather) of Wellsville,
three daughters; Elizabeth of
Kansas City; Cheri (Greg) Bohr
of Thompson and Amelia (Kurt)
Olschner of Fort Collins, CO; nine
grandchildren, and many other
relatives and friends.
Doug Orton of Smithville, MO enjoyed
his elk hunt at Bray Ranches in
Redvale, CO. This was Doug’s first
elk hunt and he said he saw more elk
at this ranch than he’s ever seen on
previous hunting trips.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heart of Missouri Limousin Sale Draws Big Crowd
A large crowd of buyers gathered
at the LaClede County Fairgrounds
in Lebanon, MO for the annual
Heart of Missouri/Fullblood Cattle
Drive sale October 12, 2014. Col.
C.K. “Sonny” Booth auctioned off a
total of 73 lots to buyers from several
surrounding states. Rain dominated
most of the preceding week but despite overcast conditions, a dry day
was welcomed by the consignors
and buyers.
Heart of Missouri Association President Mark Hayden of Rogersville welcomed
the crowd to their sale in Lebanon October 12.
Dennis Alt, Double A Limousin of
Shawnee, KS purchased the highselling lot at the Heart of Missouri
Sale consigned by Ed Pinegar of
The top-selling lot was AUTO
Zest 263Z, a 9/3/12 black, polled
50% Lim-Flex daughter of Connealy
Consensus 7229 out of MAGS
Manuella, and bred to AUTO Road
Miles for a November calf. Double A Limousin of Shawnee, KS
purchased the heifer consigned by
Pinegar Limousin of Springfield,
MO for $10,000.
Circle R Ranch of Jacksonville,
FL purchased AUTO Arella 423A, a
9/19/13 black, homozygous polled,
75% Lim-Flex daughter of MAGS
Y-Axis out of MAGS Manuella
consigned by Pinegar Limousin for
AUTO Belinda 201B, a 1/20/14
homozygous black, double polled
69% Lim-Flex daughter of AUTO
Will Power 160X out of AUTO Forever 219X sold for $7,000 to Jason
Wright of Webb City, MO. She was
Jim Green of Dixon, MO purchased
the high-selling pair from Buck Ridge
Limousin at the Heart of Missouri sale.
consigned by Pinegar Limousin.
Buck Ridge Limousin of Rogersville, MO consigned the top-selling
pair. Jim Green of Dixon, MO purchased HBRL Your Lady 162Y, an
8/23/11 homozygous black, homozygous polled daughter of AHCC
Westwind W544 out of AUTO
Secret Dawn 836R along with her
8/30/14 bull calf out of MAGS Zodiac for $5,500.
Vorthmann Limousin of Treynor,
IA purchased AUTO Xulla, an
8/18/10 red, homozygous polled
75% Lim-Flex daughter of Wulf’s
Sirloin 3172S out of SBLX Ulla
9163U consigned by Pinegar Limousin for $3,500. Her 4/10/14
heifer calf out of AUTO Grand Am
was purchased by Bryant Farms of
Wagner, OK for $1,900.
AUTO Ambrosia 629Z, a 9/24/12
homozygous black, homozygous
polled daughter of DHVO Deuce
132R out of AUTO Breeze 235X and
bred to AUTO King James 162Z was
purchased by Maple Lane Farms of
Enon Valley, PA for $5,400.
James Lucas of Roff, OK purchased the high-selling Fullblood
female for $4,900. AUTO Reddie
649A, a 9/18/13 red, polled daughter
of ENGD Unbridled 832U out of
AUTO Poppy 649A was consigned
by Pinegar Limousin.
Bruce and Cynthia Swaim of
Grandby, MO purchased the Buck
Ridge consigned pick of the flush.
The mating of EXAR Denver 2002B
out of AUTO Exceptional 282S
brought $5,500.
1 Pick of the flush.........................$5,500
26 Open females.............................3,220
6 Pair...............................................3,715
25 Bred females..............................4,132
15 Bulls............................................3,700
73 Lots ..........................................$3,703
Sale Management: KK Seedstock
Sale Consultants: Grassroots
Consulting, Bill Helton
Missourians Jeff Miller of Alva and Jeff
Potts of Seymour were volume buyers
at the Heart of Missouri Sale.
Rod Carver of Noble, OK purchased
two Fullblood females at the Heart of
Missouri/Cattle Drive Sale.
Ed Pinegar of Springfield, MO
appreciated Scott Edwards purchase
of a female consigned by Pinegar
Limousin at the Heart of Missouri
Mark Hayden of Buck Ridge Limousin thanked Bruce and Cynthia Swaim of
Grandby, MO for their purchase of his pick of the flush consignment.
Ed Pinegar of Springfield, MO
thanked James Lucas of Roff, OK for
his purchase of a Fullblood female
consigned by Pinegar Limousin at the
Heart of Missouri Sale.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Nebraska News ...
Cattlemen’s Classic Limousin
Events in February
The 24th annual Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic will be held at
the Buffalo County Fairgrounds
in Kearney. The Limousin portion of the Classic will take place
February 18-19, 2015. The annual
meeting and benefit auction will be
held Wednesday evening followed
by the show and sale on Thursday.
The schedule for the Limousin
sale and show is similar to last year
with the show at 10:00 a.m. and the
sale at 4:30 p.m. Further details
concerning the annual meeting
will be posted on the Nebraska
Limousin Association website.
Please contact a board member
and let them know what you will
be donating for the auction. If
you are unable to attend, please
leave your bid with a member of
the association. We appreciate
your support of the NE Limousin
Other features of this year’s
Classic are the Replacement Heifer
Pen of 5 Sale Friday, February 20,
the Supreme Row judging Saturday, the 21st, and the junior show
on the 22nd. In addition, there are
a variety of junior events scheduled including a Youth Education
tour, a judging competition, and a
“Blow-n-Go” showmanship contest. There will also be a Premier
Heifer Selection on Saturday evening. This will be for all juniors
that purchase heifers during the
sales at the 2015 Classic. This will
take place just before the selection
of the Supreme Female and Bull.
Limousin representatives for
the Classic are Dan Hunt of Oxford and Jamie Watts of Fairfield.
We appreciate their service to the
Classic and to the NE Limousin
For more information about the
events at the Cattlemen’s Classic,
go to or
call Ronette Heinrich, manager, at
Red Carpet
Limousin Sale
Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015
Show: 9:30 am
Sale: 2:45 pm CST
at the Sioux Empire Farm Show
W.H. Lyons Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls, SD
Selling 15 Registered
Limousin & Lim-Flex Lots
Breeding-Age Bulls & Registered Females
Sale Reps: Matt Bruner & John Bruner (605) 482-8202
Sale-Day Phones: Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson 605-730-4214
Consignors: Bruner Limousin, Winfred, SD
Devitt Limousin, Brandon, SD
Lura Limousin, Delavan, MN
Dustin & Lauren Mohrhauser, Delavan, MN
Nielsons Limousin, Arlington, SD
Nolz Limousin, Mitchell, SD
ROM’N Limousin, Arlington, SD
Symens Brothers Limousin, Amherst, SD
Jenna, 10, Adeline, 7, and Houston, 4, children of Dan and Melinda Hunt of
Oxford, NE, are having fun exploring and climbing trees on the farm.
Summer Youth Tour
This summer, 14 youth from
across the state of Nebraska who
had purchased a steer or heifer at
the 2014 Classic enjoyed touring
Sweetwater Cattle Co., Darr Feedlot and K Farms-Keiser Feedlot in
Gothenburg, NE.
They also had the opportunity to
learn more about the beef industry
concerning animal health and feed
options. The young people all
received several prizes throughout
the day.
Megan Amos, daughter of Jim
and Kennetha Amos of Stapleton
was among the participants in this
year’s summer tour.
NE Cattlemen Beef State
Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation announced the creation of a
$10,000 scholarship to be awarded
to an outstanding junior, senior or
graduate level student. Students
must be a resident of NE and be
enrolled in a NE college or university pursuing a beef industry
related degree.
The scholarship will be awarded
in the spring of 2015. For more
information, contact Jana Jensen,
NCF Fundraising Coordinator at
308/588-6299 or [email protected]
Congratulations, Larissa
Nebraska Governor Dave
Heineman and Department of
Agriculture Director Greg Ibach
announced the selection of the
members of the 2014-2015 Nebraska Agricultural Youth Council
(NAYC). The council is comprised of college-aged students
from throughout the state who
exhibit a passion for agriculture
and promote the industry through
educating others.
Congratulations to Larissa
Wach, daughter of Loran and
Nancy Wach of Wauneta for being
selected. She was one of 21 youth
chosen for this year’s council.
The council is beginning its 44th
year, and the new council members
will coordinate several agricultural
learning experiences for Nebraska
youth throughout the year. This
will include visits to elementary
classrooms to discuss where food
comes from, taking urban youth to
experience farms and what a day in
the life of a farmer is like, and visiting with high school students from
across the state. The council will
also coordinate a five-day summer
conference for current high school
juniors and seniors.
Questions on page 3.
1.) Bob and Steve Yackley
2.) Onida, South Dakota
3.) Bob served as president of
NALF from 1985-86.
4.) They were involved in five
grand champion Pen of Three bulls
and five grand champion Carloads
at the NWSS in Denver. Some of
these were in partnership (YKCMC-LIL and Yackley-CMC)
and other were under the Yackley
name. The years ranged from
in Time”
Do You Know the Answer?
Black / 62.5% Lim-Flex
sire ... MAGS With Rythmn
dam ... RRDC 288 Y
BW: -0.7; WW: 46; YW: 88; MA: 22;
REA: -0.13; MARB: 0.38
Double Polled / Black / 12.5% Lim-Flex
sire ... E&B 8021 In Focus 0302 / dam ... RRDC 221 X
BW: 0.2; WW: 47; YW: 92; MA: 30; REA: -0.60; MARB: 0.65
Double Polled / Double Black / 75% Lim-Flex
sire ... MAGS With Rythmn
dam ... RRDC 356 Y
BW: 0.1; WW: 46; YW: 91; MA: 22;
REA: 0.03; MARB: 0.23
Double Polled / Double Black
87.5% Limousin
sire ... MAGS With Rythmn
dam ... RRDC 845U
BW: 0.9; WW: 48; YW: 87; MA: 26;
REA: 0.37; MARB: 0.09
Double Polled / Double Black / 37.5% Lim-Flex
sire ... RRDC 15Y / dam ... RRA Dixie Erica 9770
BW: -1.8; WW: 52; YW: 92; MA: 28
Featuring 130 coming
Limousin & Lim-Flex
Double Polled / Double Black / 37.5% Lim-Flex
sire ... MAGS With Rythmn / dam ... E&B Lady 8021 In Focus 10
BW: -0.4; WW: 51; YW: 103; MA: 32; REA: 0.27; MARB: 0.06
For a complimentary catalog, call, text or email...
Randall O. Ratliff
615.330.2735 • [email protected] •
Roger Comeau, Owner: 785.434.4686
Mike Smith, Manager: 785.737.6053
100 SW 9th Street, Plainville, KS 67663
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
In Memoriam
South Dakota News ...
Limousin Breeders Travel to Rapid City for BHSS
The South Dakota Limousin
Association will hold their annual
meeting, banquet and benefit auction Thursday, February 5, 2015
at the Ramkota Hotel in Rapid
City. This event will take place in
conjunction with the Black Hills
Stock Show and Sale.
The Social will start at 6:00 p.m.
followed by the banquet at 7:00
p.m. Please contact a member of
the SDLA board of directors to
let them know what you will be
donating for the auction. If you are
unable to attend, please leave your
bid with a board member. We appreciate your support of the South
Dakota Limousin Association.
Show and Sale
The Black Hills Limousin Stock
Show and Sale will take place
Friday, February 6, 2015 at the
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in
Rapid City. The show will begin
at 8:00 a.m. followed by the sale
at 1:00 p.m. MST.
We hope to have a large contingent of Limousin enthusiasts at the
show and sale. If you are unable to
attend the 57th annual Black Hills
Stock Show, you can watch the sale
on DV Auction.
SD Breeders Advertise
The South Dakota Limousin
Association inserted a full page,
full color glossy insert ad in the
November 26, 2014 issue of The
Cattle Business Weekly. The association received matching funds
from NALF to place the ad.
Contact any board member if
you would like more information
on the SD Limousin Association or
the Limousin advertising. Officers
are Glenn Treftz, president; Amanda Radke, vice-president; Tim
Barnaud, secretary; and Warren
Symens, treasurer.
2015 Red Carpet Limousin Sale - Sioux
Empire Farm Show - Sioux Falls, SD
Bull Consignment: ROMN Birthmark 107B April 2014
ROMN Xpect More x ROMN Justice daughter
Heifer Consignment: ROMN Black Betty 15B April 2014
DHVO Trey x ROMN Made to Order daughter
2015 Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo
- Rapid City, SD
ROMN Bread N Butter 101B March 2014
ROMN Unbelievabull x Wulfs Wagon Train daughter
*look him up in Denver*
... And Don't Forget to Stop By our Pen "In The
Yards" in Denver
... And Remember to Mark Your Calendars for
our Annual "Where Class Meats Carcass"
Madison, SD
20129 450th Ave., Arlington, SD 57212 • [email protected]
Adam, Michelle, Greyson & Palmer Nielson
605-203-0733 • 605-203-0732
Robert “Cookie” & Mary Nielson 605-203-0903 • 605-203-0904
4 miles west and 7.5 miles north of Arlington, SD
In Memoriam
Dugan Stewart
Dugan Stewart, 75, of Philip,
SD, passed away December 15,
2014. He was a long-time Limousin breeder in South Dakota.
Services were held December 20,
2014 at the American Legion Hall
in Philip.
He was born in Oklahoma
and moved to South Dakota in
1953. He graduated from Murdo
High School in 1957. He married
Charmaine Wheeler in 1958 and
they made their home at the Rafter
Cross Ranch north of Philip for
48 years.
Dugan was a member of the
Western SD Buckaroos and the
SD Limousin Association. He
was a sponsor of the International
Limousin Congress tour in June
of 1992. Limousin breeders from
all over the world spent time at
his ranch looking at the cattle and
enjoying a western style barbecue
meal. Dugan was also a breed
representative for many years to
the Black Hills Stock Show.
He enjoyed spending time with
his family, raising cattle, attending
Limousin shows and sales, and
fishing and hunting.
Dugan is survived by his wife,
Charmaine of Philip, sons Richard
(Diane) and Steven (Beth) of Philip, a daughter, Tina of Ft. Worth,
TX, six grandchildren, two sisters,
and a host of other relatives and
Sharon Jakober
Sharon Jakober, 67, of Aberdeen, SD passed away October 1,
2014. Services were held October
6 at the Good Shepherd Lutheran
Church in Aberdeen. She was the
wife of Limousin breeder Glenn
She was born in Aberdeen and
spent her entire life in the area.
Following secretarial training at
the Aberdeen School of Commerce
in 1965, she took employment
with the SD Department of labor,
for which she served for nearly 50
years. She retired in June of 2014.
Sharon and Glenn were married
in 1968 and purchased land in 1972
in rural Lincoln Township where
they built their home and started
raising Limousin cattle. Sharon
was an active “4-H mom” when
their son, Christopher, was in the
organization. She enjoyed video
recording each livestock show.
These tapes were great teaching
tools as well as a source of entertainment. She was also active in
the church and the Dakota Midland
Hospital Auxiliary.
She is survived by her husband,
Glenn of Aberdeen, son Christopher and his wife, Shane of CA,
mother Alice Mohr, brothers Milo
(Cindy) and Rodney (Sheila)
Mohr along with many friends and
HLA Banquet
February 10, 2015
Des Moines, IA
Brian Darrington, IA
Courtney Dohrmann, MN
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
& Happy
New Year!
Charles & Nancy
Call anytime or come by the ranch to visit.
The coffee’s always hot!
Dan & Melinda, Jenna, Adeline & Houston
“Certified Level 4 Johne’s Test Negative.”
10329 Hwy. 136, Oxford, NE 68967
(308) 473-8521 or (308) 991-3373 Dan
[email protected] •
Watch for us at Denver “In the Yards”
21, 2015
{the third Saturday of March}
Sale will be Broadcast Online
TOMV Blazer 429B
Dbl Black, Dbl Polled – DLVL Xerox x (HC Overtime 972)
BW: 86 WW: 726
EPDS: CED 15 BW 0.1 WW 51 YW 87 MA 27 SC 1.1 DOC 39 CW 27
REA .67 YG -.14 MB .06 $MTI 48
45 Bulls - Reds/Blacks
All Polled, Scan Data, F94L Myostatin Tested
20 Bred Females
AI’d to DLVL Xerox & SYES User Friendly
Family Owned and Family Operated
Tom and Rita Vaughn & sons
9741 142 Ave NE, Cavalier ND 58220
Tom – 701 520 0110
David – 701 520 2556
Craig – 701 520 1624
e-mail [email protected]
Sires Represented:
DLVL Xerox, DLVL Young
Gun, WULFS Wagon Train,
TREF Zion, ROMN Zander,
SYES User Friendly,
SYES Work Horse
plus many more.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heartland Sale Reports
Double A Hosts “Buy the Numbers” Video Sale at the Farm
Dennis and Nancy Alt along with
Cole Abele hosted their 2nd annual
“Buy the Numbers” video auction
sale under the giant tent at the farm
near Nevada, MO in nearly perfect
weather on November 1, 2014. A
good crowd enjoyed a great BBQ
supper after which Col. Chisum Peterson banged the gavel to open the
auction of the 44 lots of high quality
Limousin bulls and females.
The theme of the sale, “Buy the
Numbers, does not just refer to
EPDs. The numbers that they concentrate on are style, performance,
structure and predictability. They
believe that these things are paramount in their business, their success
and the success of their customers.
The top-selling lot was WLR Hell
on Wheels, a 3/29/12 homozygous
black, homozygous polled Lim-Flex
50% daughter of SS Incentive 9J17
out of MAGS Phantoms Prize. Glendenning Limousin of Lebanon, MO
paid $15,000 for ½ interest and no
possession in the donor cow.
Dennis Alt thanks buyers Rachel, Grant, Ty and Deanna Jones of LaMonte, MO
for attending the sale and purchasing several lots.
session in PBRS Uptown Girl 48U
sold to Mike Byrum of Sheldon, MO
for $8,000. She is a 3/6/08 black,
homozygous polled 50% Lim-Flex
daughter of DHVO Trey 133R out of
Summitcrest Gaybird 4P38.
Diamond Hill Cattle Co. of Nichols Hills, OK purchased DALT
928A, a 9/15/13 double black,
homozygous polled 25% Lim-Flex
daughter of Connealy Consensus
7229 out of PBRS 187T for $5,250.
The top-selling bull, owned with
Jones-Benson and Graven Cattle
Co., was TYEJ-TNGC Formula One
321, a 3/17/12 homozygous black,
homozygous polled 50% Lim-Flex
son of CALO Brickyard 902W out of
TYEJ Gretchen321W. A&D Farm &
Ranch of Sarcoxie, MO purchased
½ interest and full possession for
Brad Guinn of Nevada, MO
purchased DALT 923A, a double
black, homozygous polled 25%
Lim-Flex son of SAV North Dakota
7451 out of PBRS Uptown Girl 48U
for $6,000.
Volume buyers of the auction
included Jacob Duncan of Nevada, MO; CMC Limousin of Mc-
Brad Guinn, Jericho Cattle Co. of
Nevada, MO purchased a high-selling
bull at the Double A sale. Dennis
Alt and Cole Abele appreciated his
confidence in their program.
Donough, GA; Graven Cattle Co. of
Lebanon, MO and Jones Brothers of
LaMonte, MO.
19 Open females...........................$3,779
13 Bred females..............................4,885
10 Pair..............................................4,015
2 Bulls..............................................7,000
44 Lots...........................................$4,305
Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson
Sale Management: KK Seedstock
Sale Consultant: Grassroots
Dennis Alt thanked Terry Graven
of Lebanon, MO for his volume
purchases of Double A females at
their sale near Nevada, MO.
Counsil Family Limousin of
Madisonville, TX purchased DALT
918A, a 9/13/13 double black, homozygous polled 25% Lim-Flex
daughter of SAV North Dakota 7451
out of PBRS Uptown Girl 48U for
One-half interest and no pos-
Dennis Alt and Cole Abele appreciated
George Hubbard of Miami, OK who
purchased a high-selling female for
Magness Land & Cattle.
Black Hills Stock Show Champion Female 2011 bred by Bar JZ sold to
Wulf Limousin
Females for Sale at Private Treaty
25 Registered Limousin/Lim-Flex Young Cows
10 Registered Limousin/Lim-Flex Bred Heifers
34 Registered Limousin/Lim-Flex Open Heifer Calves
Service Sires: Wulfs Zane, Wulfs Zero Turn, Wulfs Xerox, WZRK Titus Temptation, LVLS You
Da Man, SYES Bar JZ Palaldin 41Z, DLVL Xerox 023X, SYES Agronomy 262A, TMCK Alfalfa
35X, Bar JZ Wideload, Bar JZ Magistrate 713Y, Bar JZ Overload 107Z.
Excellence in Polled Genetics
Bar JZ Ranches
Nathan and Rebecca Hunt of Frohna, MO thanked Rhad and Leah Baker from
Fulton, MO for their purchase of a Hunt consigned female at the Double A sale.
Founder Member
Don, Peg & Seth Zilverberg 605/852-2966
Holabird, SD 57540 • [email protected] •
Stop by
Denver & c
sales in
SL Buckmaster
Mags Y So Tangled x SL Suki
Consigned to Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic
SL Black Chrome
Mags Y So Tangled x SL Suki
Consigned to Iowa Beef Expo
SL Braveheart
SL Grand Slam x Sl Suki
Consigned to Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic
SL Knockout’s Big News
Mags Xyloid x SL Angels Knockout
Consigned to Iowa Beef Expo
JCKS 417b
Mags Xyloid x SL Angel’s Scarlet
Straight Limousin
Jay & Lori Straight • Jackson
2173 Morgan Ave. • Logan, Iowa 51546
(712) 648-2180 – Jay (712) 592-1350
Jordan & Shane Muxfeldt – (712) 592-0188
2153 Morgan Ave. • Logan, IA 51546
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heartland Sale Reports
Linhart Fall Harvest Private Treaty Sale Fetches $5,145 Average
Linhart Limousin of Leon, Iowa
hosted their 6th annual “Fall Harvest
Private Treaty Sale” at the farm
November 9, 2014. Sunny skies and
pleasant temperatures greeted the
large crowd of buyers who traveled
from several states to bid on the
Linhart offering. When the final
gavel came down, 78 lots had sold
into 17 states.
The top-selling lot was EF Bill
Me Later 492B. Circle R Farms
of Jacksonville, FL purchased the
1/1/14 black, homozygous polled
75% Lim-Flex daughter of MAGS
Y-Axis out of MAGS Sheila for
Charles Linhart thanked Rhad Baker
of Fulton, MO for his purchases at the
Linhart sale.
Rachel Booth of Miami, OK
purchased CELL 4218B, a 1/27/14
black, polled 69% Lim-Flex daughter of EF Xcessive Force out of
Sennett Heather 448P for $15,000.
Hallie Linhart of Leon, IA purchased CELL 4206B, a 1/27/14
black, polled 69% Lim-Flex daughter of EF Xcessive Force out of
Sennett Heather 448P for $15,000.
CJSL 4209B, a 1/27/14 black,
homozygous polled 63% Lim-Flex
daughter of MAGS Xukalani out
of CJ’s MS Arrowhead 456P was
purchased by Jerry Blankers of
Lynden, WA for $13,000.
LLJB 4027B, a 1/28/14 homozygous black, homozygous polled
50% Lim-Flex daughter of SAV
Prosperity 9131 out of MAGS
Fulton, MO; Pinegar Limousin of
Springfield, MO; Junkans Limousin
of California, MO; and Darrington
Farms of Underwood, IA.
30 Open females...........................$6,493
9 Fall females................................3,888
39 Bred females..............................4,379
78 Lots...........................................$5,134
Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth
Sale Management: MC Marketing
Sale Consultant: Grassroots
Charles Linhart appreciated the
purchases by Ed Pinegar of Pinegar
Limousin and George Hubbard of
Magness Land & Cattle.
Andy Schmalshof of ATAK Limousin
Avon, Il, purchased the high-selling
bred female.
Wassail was purchased by Schurr
Limousin of Plainview, TX, for
CJSL 4005B, a 1/17/14 red,
polled daughter of CJSL Windfall
9072W out of DJ Westcoast Girl
was purchased by Magness Land
& Cattle of Platteville, CO for
The top-selling bred female was
CELL 3133. The 3/13/13 double
black, double polled 50% Lim-Flex
daughter of SAV Thunderbird 9061
out of CJSL Wonderful 9084W was
purchased by ATAK Limousin of
Avon, IL for $8,500.
The volume buyer was Brehm
Farms of San Antonio, TX purchasing nine head. Other multiple
buyers included Baker Limousin of
Charles Linhart thanked Gene and
Vicki Brehm of San Antonio, TX who
were the volume buyers at the Linhart
Private Treaty Sale.
The Van Zantens
(Bill, Jo Ann, and
daughters Kirsten
and Miranda)
purchased a highselling open female
at the Linhart sale.
Jerry Blankers of
Lynden, WA was a
consignor in the sale.
Bruce and Gary Schrag, Blazin
K Limousin of Mound Ridge, KS
purchased bred females at the sale.
Brad Dohrmann of Dodge Center, MN
and his daughter Courtney purchased
an open heifer from the Linhart sale.
Radke and Nolz Hold
First Ever Private Treaty Sale
Dave and Peggy Nolz along with Amanda, Scarlett and Tyler Radke held their
first Private Treaty Sale.
South Dakota Limousin breeders
Tyler and Amanda Radke and Dave
and Peggy Nolz of Mitchell held
their first Annual “Fall Female Sale”
October 26, 2014. The set of females
is the culmination of 35 years of
breeding and is the first time that
they have offered heifers from their
replacement pen. The Limousin and
Lim-Flex heifers were deep-sided,
heavy-muscled and stacked with
high performance EPDs.
The top-selling Limousin bull
was ANLZ Twenty Below 24B, a
2/6/14 black, polled 56% Lim-Flex
son of MAGS Xualani purchased by
Bushy Park Farms of Mitchell, SD
for $3,500.
Bushy Park Farms also had the
final bid on the top-selling female,
ANLZ Miss Lily 44B, a 1/20/14
black, polled 56% Lim-Flex daughter of MAGS Y-Axis.
2 Yearling bulls.............................$3,125
13 Open heifers............................$2,583
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heartland Sale Reports
Bullis Creek Disperses Mature Red Angus Herd
Rob and Brenda Brawner of
Wood Lake, NE held a spring bred
mature Red Angus cow dispersal
at their ranch November 3, 2014.
Several Bullis Creek customers
also consigned cattle. The blustery
day brought rain, sleet, and snow
flurries to the area. However, buyers
warmed up the video auction with
vigorous bidding.
Mature Red Angus cows brought
from $2,800 to 3,200. Bred Heifers
averaged over $3,000 and open
the Brawners, Jess Axline of Loudon, IA sold black hided commercial
Lim-Flex heifers bred to an Angus
bull for $2,500 a piece, also to the
Gordon Ludens of Viborg, SD
was the high bidder of $3,100 on the
only steer in the offering. He bought
a purebred Limousin son of LFLC
Eric and Shannon Ravenscroft, 3 Bar
Cattle Co. of Nenzel, NE were the
volume buyer of 28 Lim-Flex females
offered at the Bullis Creek Sale.
Rob Brawner welcomed buyers to
his sale.
Mark and Marion Nutter, Sandhills
Limousin of Thedford, NE attended
the Bullis Creek Sale.
yearling heifers were in the $2,000
range. There were a few Lim-Flex
open females on the sale. Logan
Winters of Lincoln consigned five
March heifers weighing around 550
lbs. and brought $1,800 a head.
A group of 16 black, bred LimFlex females brought $2,500 each
from Eric and Shannon Ravenscroft
(3Bar Cattle Co.) of Nenzel, NE.
The Ravenscrofts also purchased
seven red, bred Lim-Flex females for
$2,800 each. Another customer of
Brenda Brawner thanked Gordy
Ludens of Viborg, SD for his purchase
of a Bullis Creek steer offered on their
Windfall 56W out of LFLC Dakota
Belle 602U.
The Brawners will hold their annual bull sale selling both Limousin
and Red Angus bulls in Burwell, NE
April 20, 2015.
Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist
Broadcast auctions: DV Auction
Once again the Black Hills Stock Show and Iowa Beef Expo are just around the corner.
We feel we have some of the best bulls that we
have raised heading to Rapid City and Des Moines.
There is something for everyone.
So whether you are looking for
power and growth (Yrlg EPD’s up to 117),
calving ease (BW EPD as low as -3.5),
or style (Several proven champions)
we feel we have the right bull for you.
See them all at
Venner Family Limousin
Jim & Becky Venner
3891 Taylor Ave. Breda, IA 51436
Home: 712-673-4491 • Cell: 712-830-8381
[email protected]
JBV Wind Talker 316A
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heartland Sale Reports
Bosch Farms Private Treaty Sale Has Great Support
In what has become a part of the
Thanksgiving week-end tradition,
buyers from Iowa, Wisconsin,
Kansas, and Minnesota made their
annual trek to Indianola, IA Saturday, November 29, 2014 to attend
Bob and Mary Bosch’s annual
open house and private treaty Limousin Sale. This was one of their
largest crowds of buyers to attend
the sale and actively participate in
the bid-off of the 2014 bull, steer,
and heifer production.
Dale Shearer of Davenport, IA and Roger and Ann Vorthmann of Treynor each
bought a high-selling heifer from the Bosch sale.
Iowa Limousin Association President William Long and his three sons Emmet,
Peyton and Riley of Afton, IA purchased a bull from Bob Bosch.
Bob Bosch thanks Emily Puck for her
The high-selling female was
RMKR Bombshell 459S. This
3/29/14 black, double polled
daughter of WLR Direct Hit out
of RMKR Why Not Me 965W
was purchased by Emily Puck of
ter of Wulf’s Yankee K689Y out
of RMKR Miss Heritage 364L
was purchased by Drew Abbas of
Alexander, IA for $5,100.
RMKR Bewildered 477B, a
4/10/14 black, double polled
daughter of RMKR Unforgettable
847U out of RMKR Southern
Sky 809S brought $3,800 from
Vorthmann Limousin
of Treynor, IA.
Two bulls brought
$4,000. Glen Roberts
of Corning, IA purchased RMKR Broken
Arrow 475B, a 4/9/14
black, double polled
son of DLVL Xerox
023X out of RMKR
Xquisite 019X.
Butler Limousin of
Lacona, IA also paid
John, Joanna, and Justis Moser of
Morris, MN purchased the second highselling heifer consigned by Brian Hait at
the Bosch Private Treaty Sale.
Muscatine, IA for $6,000.
Another WLR Direct Hit daughter, BHAT Breanna 420B, consigned by Brian Hait of Carlisle,
IA, was sold to John Moser of
Morris, MN for $5,600. There
was active bidding on this 3/19/14
black, double polled show heifer
prospect out of JWB.
RMKR Bridesmaid 432B, a
3/24/14 red, double polled daugh-
$4,000 for RMKR Bugle Boy 436B,
a 3/30/14 black, double polled son of
Wulf’s Yankee K689Y out of RMKR
X Wife 005X.
Chet Butler of Butler Limousin
also purchased RMKR Beach Boy
449B, a 3/2/14 black, double polled
son of Mr Tom 711T out of RMKR
Miss Serenity 623S for $3,900.
Volume buyers were Glen and
Mary Lou Roberts and Richard and
Rita Gerking of Bronson, IA each
purchasing four lots.
26 Lots...........................................$3,438
ROM’N Limousin Hosts
Online “Spooktacular” Sale
Robert “Cookie”, Mary, Adam
and Michelle Nielson of ROM’N
Limousin, Arlington, South Dakota
held their annual “Fall Spooktacular
Online Sale” October 28, 2014.
They offered an elite set of Limousin
show heifer and steer prospects. The
cattle were available for viewing on
their website and sold at CW Cattle
ROMN Blonde Bombshell 10B
Bob and Mary Bosch appreciated the
support from Chet Butler of Lacona, IA
who bought two bulls from the Bosch
Richard and Rita Gerking of Bronson,
IA were volume buyers purchasing
four lots from the sale.
David Bryant of Hewins, KS
had the final bid of $4,750 on the
top-selling lot, ROMN Blonde
Bombshell 10B. She is a 3/6/14 red,
double polled daughter of ROMN
Unbelievabull 141U.
Another popular lot was ROMN
Baby Got Back 19B, a 4/2/14 double black, double polled daughter
of ROMN Xpect More 100X. She
was purchased by Kent Waitt of
Sheridan, IN for $4,000.
ROMN Bubblicius 18B
Waitt also purchased ROMN
Bubblicious 18B, a 4/22/14 black,
homozygous polled daughter of
ROMN Xpect More 100X for
The show prospect steer, a
4/17/14 black, double polled son of
ROMN Xpect More 100X brought
$2,750 and was purchased by Ashlyn
Ochsner of Kersey, CO.
7 Open heifers..............................$3,328
1 Steer...........................................$2,750
ROMN Baby Got Back 19B
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heartland Sale Reports
Champions at
Edwards Limousin Has “Fall Online Sale”
Edwards Limousin of Higginsville, Missouri held their first ever
“Fall Online Sale” sale October
26, 2014. Emmett and Debbie Edwards along with their sons Scott
and Shaun offered a select group
of fall and spring born open heifers
as well as several elite embryo lots.
The 15 lots sold into 10 states.
The top-selling lot was SEEE
Brown Sugar, a 1/2/14 red, double
polled daughter of SEEE Zip out
of SEEE Wild Wings. She was
purchased by Katie Vogel of Tiffin,
OH for $5,400.
Dave Byers of Kingsport, TN
had the final bid of $4,800 on the
second high-selling female, SEEE
Aphrodite. She is a 12/2/13 double
black, homozygous polled daughter of MAGS Yellow Paper out of
MAGS Wellrounded.
SEEE Avery, a 9/15/13 homozygous black, double polled 50%
Lim-Flex daughter of Connealy
Consensus out of Carrousel’s
Ed and Rita Anderson and Jeral and Darcy Hahn of Wellsville, KS were buyers
of females at the Edwards online sale October 26. Scott, Dalton, Debbie and
Emmett Edwards thanked them for their purchases.
Dawn and Travis Vermillion with their
family Timber, Truett, and Cody were
buyers at the Edwards Online Sale.
Pina Colada sold to Diamond Hill
Cattle Co. of Nichols Hills, OK
for $4,700.
ATAK Limousin of Avon, IL
purchased the flush out of MAGS
Alicia for $4,400.
Also buying a flush out of
AUTO Mabelline was J&K Cattle
Co. of Chatham, LA for $4,100.
2 Right to flush.............................$4,250
12 Open heifers..............................3,183
1 Bull................................................3,000
Sale Management: MC Marketing
Thank You
The Ak-Sar-Ben Junior Limousin Show was held on September
28, 2014 in Omaha, NE. Wes Hudson of Harrison, AR served as the
judge for the show.
The grand champion female was
LLJB Adalida 3226A, a 3/24/13
daughter of MAGS Xyloid exhibited by Alexa Montagne of Elk
Point, SD.
Taking home the reserve grand
champion banner was Olivia Vesey
of Van Meter, IA with MAGS Art
Class 454A, a 3/26/13 daughter of
DHVO Deuce 132R.
to those who attended & purchased calves at our
Open House & Private Treaty Sale November 29.
Many new & repeat buyers along with our family,
friends & neighbors made the day memorable. Our
“Blue Crew” outperformed themselves again this year!
Bob Ecklund
Bruce Walrod
Chet Butler
Dennis Sleiter
Drew Abbas
Glen Roberts
Hannah Al-Mazroa Jake Al-Mazroa Joanna Moser Craig Puck
Lost Grove Cattle Co Myron Leonard
Richard Gerking Brent Pacha
Roger Vorthmann Tatum Nearmyer
Tim Pacha
William Long
Bosch Farms
Bob & Mary Bosch, Indianola, IA
[email protected]
Bob Bosch (515) 491-9163 cell
Brian Hait (515) 229-4030
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heartland Sale Reports
Wulf Cattle “Generational Genetics Females Online Sale”
Wulf Cattle of Morris,
Minnesota held
their 1st “Generational Genetics Females
Online” auction November
25, 2014. The
sale was broadcast on DV
Auctions with
C.K. “Sonny”
Booth serving
as the auctioneer. All of the cattle
were located at the Sandy Ridge
Ranch in Atkinson, NE.
When the final gavel came down,
the cattle sold to 18 buyers from nine
states and one Canadian province.
The volume buyer on the sale was
Edwards Ranch of Beaver, UT.
Some of the females sold as individual lots while others were sorted
into packages. The cattle were bred
to many of the most popular young
and proven sires of the breed including Wulf’s Xtractor X233X, Wulf’s
Xclussive 2458X, Wulf’s Australian
had the final bid on this female for
Schaefers Farms of Orient, SD
purchased the top-selling Angus for
$3,500. Amen Wendys Lass 240, a
1/27/10 daughter of SAV Bismarck
5682 out of Amen Wendys Lass 748.
T359A, and Wulf’s Apostle T343A.
The top-selling lot was Wulf’s
Unity 8257U, a 4/30/08 double
black, double polled daughter of
Hunt Mr. Jock 44J out of Wulf’s
Mrylene 332M. She was purchased
by Ken Schlimgen of LaCrosse, WI
for $5,400.
The top-selling Lim-Flex was
Wulf’s Teressa 7188T, a 4/20/07
red, polled 65% Lim-Flex daughter
of Wulf’s Regency R202R out of
Miss Wulfette 9154J. Butch Jochim,
Diamond V Ranch of Selfridge, ND
Selling at the 2015 Iowa Beef Expo
KTBO BANDIT 5B 2-25-14 Black/Polled
Sire: Wulfs Yankee Mgs: Wulfs Wisdom
BW 2.7 WW 63 YW 109 MA 34 SC .9 DC 35 RE .63 YG .01 MAR .21 $MTI 56
Sire: DLVL Xerox Mgs: Meado West Keen
BW1.1 WW 50 YW 86 MA 22 SC .5 DC 28 RE .45 YG -.11 MAR -.01 $MTI 45
Sire: Wulfs Yankee Mgs: Meado West Keen
BW 2.1 WW 53 YW 94 MA 32 SC .7 DOC 22 RE .33 YG .07 MAR .24 $MTI 54
JASB BANNER 7B 2-27-14 Black/DP
Sire: Wulfs Zero Turn Mgs: Mr Syes Ransom 202T
BW 3.7 WW 61 YW 103 MA 24 SC.7 DC 27 RE .62 YG -.07 MAR.05 $MTI 51
*Homozygous polled tests pending
Jason, Amy, Kaitlyn, Konrad, and Kacey Boyer
3188 Mormon Trail, Weldon, IA 50264
641-340-5963 • [email protected]
58 Limousin bred females...........$3,005
12 Lim-Flex bred females..............2,808
22 Angus bred females..................2,800
Total: 92 Females.........................$2,930
Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth
Sale Consultants: MC Marketing,
Grassroots Consulting, Joel Edge
ATAK Limousin
Holds Inaugural Sale
ATAK Limousin of Avon, IL held
their inaugural “The Plan of ATAK”
sale December 13, 2014. Andy
and Adam Schmalshof along with
their families welcomed the crowd
who attended their first sale. They
are a family-owned and operated
seedstock program located on the
western side of the state. They
started raising Limousin and LimFlex cattle in 1985 and have grown
to nearly 125 producing, registered
The top-selling lot was AUTO
Poppy 421Z, a genetic opportunity
giving the owner the right to flush
and purchase embryos. Etherton
Farms of Dawson, IL purchased
the right to flush the 9/27/12 double
black, double polled 67% Lim-Flex
daughter of AUTO Cruz out of
MAGS Manuela for $5,250.
Linhart Limousin of Leon, IA
bought five embryos sired by TMCK
Hydraulic 17Y to AUTO Poppy
421Z for $3,875 and London Limousin of London, AR purchased six
embryos by EF Xcessive Force for
Omega 8 Limousin of Bedias, TX
purchased ½ interest and full possession of MAGS Ginger, a 2/16/10 red,
homozygous polled 50% Lim-Flex
daughter of LJC Mission Statement
P27 out of MAGS Parker for $5,600.
Six embryos out of MAGS Ginger by EF Xcessive Force and EF
Zen were purchased by Englewood
Farms of Lexington, KY for $2,475.
Flush rights with a guarantee of
six embryos to a bull of the buyer’s
choice from TMCK Asti 027A, a
David Linhart of Leon, IA purchased
the top-selling set of embryos.
2/23/13 homozygous black, homozygous polled 42% Lim-Flex
daughter of TMCK Hydraulic 17Y
out of COLE Miss Production 108Y
were purchased by Magness Land &
Cattle of Platteville, CO for $10,000.
Fifteen straws of EF Zen, a
1/13/12 son of CJSL Windfall
9072W out of EF Trend Setter 206T
were purchased by Red Wing Cattle
Co. of Arnprior, Ontario for $10,000.
EF April Fool 789A, a 4/1/13
homozygous black, homozygous
polled 38% Lim-Flex daughter of
DA Traveler 004703 out of KYLD
Luvly 1Y was purchased by Massey
Limousin of London, KY for $4,600.
Volume buyers at the sale were
Straight Limousin of Logan, IA
who purchased eight bred heifers.
5 Genetic Lots...............................$8,435
20 Bred heifers...............................3,280
12 Open heifers............................. 2,500
5 10-Month old bulls.......................2,750
Total: 42 Lots ...............................$3,596
Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth
Marketing Team: MC Marketing, R&R
Marketing, Grassroots Consulting
Kent Flesner,
Flesner’s Wagon
Wheel, IL
purchased three
head on the sale.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Highlights from the
A great crowd of buyers attended the Heart of Missouri sale in Lebanon.
HLA Executive Secretary Dean
Summerbell checks his phone with
Neil Brawner at the Bullis Creek Sale
at the ranch near Wood Lake, NE.
Judge Brigham Stewart of
Washington, KS congratulated
Cody Heavin of Springfield, MO for
exhibiting the champion female at
the American Royal Open show in
Kansas City.
Heartland members Bob and Elaine Yackley of Onida, SD; Herman and Judy
Symens of Sisseton, SD and Dean and Bev Summerbell of East Bethel, MN
enjoyed the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV.
Rick and Susan Little of Eldon were consignors to the Heart of Missouri Sale.
Harley and Lori Vaughn of Conway, MO, friends of the Little’s, attended the sale.
A snowy day in Iowa for the Iowa
Limousin Association tour. The
Limousin steers at the Roberts farm
near Corning still looked impressive.
Mark Smith of Grassroots Consulting
had several phone bids for the Linhart
Private Treaty Sale.
How could Roger Vorthmann refuse
to buy breakfast rolls decorated
by Maria Long. What he did not
know was that his wife, Ann, was
bidding him up. Roger’s $55 bid finally
Dave Linhart and Dennis Alt share a
lighter moment at the Linhart Private
Treaty sale.
MLBA Board members Nathan Hunt
of Frohna, MO and Dennis Alt discuss
the upcoming events in Missouri at the
Heart of MO Sale in Lebanon.
Rhonda Withers of Cowetta, OK
purchased the Fullblood heifer
donated by Jim Brown of Urbana, MO
in support of the Fullblood Alliance
Scholarship Program.
Lunch time at the Heart of Missouri Sale in Lebanon.
Dennis Alt appreciated the volume
purchases from Jacob Duncan of
Nevada, MO.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
XXI International Limousin Congress Tours Argentina
The XXI International Limousin Congress was held in Argentina
November 2-9, 2014. There were
140 delegates representing 15
countries attending this year’s conference. The Argentine Limousin
Association was the first Limousin
association formed outside France.
The International Limousin
Council (ILC) was created in
Limoges, France in 1973 by 24
national associations of Limousin
breeders. Their primary objective
was to have a central base for the
exchange of information. Since
then, 12 other national associations have joined the ILC. Every
two years the Council meets with
breeders at a host country.
This year the delegates enjoyed
the hospitality of the breeders
from Argentina. Participants
visited ranches and cattle events
in Buenos Aires, Rosario and
the Cordobo areas. The opening
ceremony was held at the French
Embassy. Delegates viewed the
National Livestock Market in Buenos Aires where daily auctions are
conducted, selling over 140,000
Members of the United States delegation to the International Limousin Congress
in Argentina were: Back Row – Jerry Effertz, Velva, ND: Robert “Cookie”
Nielson, Arlington, SD; Ken Ferda, Medford, OK; Larry Lee, Velva, ND; and Joe
Epperly, NALF Assistant Executive Director. Front Row – Norma Effertz, Mary
Nielson, Brittany Barrick, NALF Director of Registry & Performance; Rebecca
Ferda, and Margie Lee.
head a month. They also attended
the National Show and sale of
Limousin cattle in Cordobo.
Attendees were bused daily
to a variety of Limousin ranches
where breeders showed the best
associations provided updates on
Limousin technical programs.
“Development and incorporation
of molecular breeding values in
United States Limousin selection
tools” was presented by Joe Epperly, NALF Assistant Executive
Participants from the United
States were Jerry and Norma Efferts, Velva, ND; Robert (Cookie)
and Mary Nielson, Arlington, SD;
Ken and Rebecca Ferda, Medford,
OK; Larry and Margie Lee, Velva,
ND; and Joe Epperly and Brittany
Barrick representing NALF, Denver, CO.
The 2016 ILC will be held in
Ireland August 20-28 and the United States will be hosting the 2018
International Limousin Congress.
of the Limousin breed in Argentina. Everyone enjoyed generous
portions of Argentine beef and
extraordinary hospitality. The
Congress also included a technical workshop in Rosario where
Thanks for yo
Double A Ope
Dennis Alt - 913/558-7966
22286 W. 74th St. • Shawnee, KS 66227
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Wisconsin News ...
Change for Wisconsin
Banquet and State Sale
The date and possibly the location for the annual Limousin
Association of Wisconsin banquet,
benefit auction and state sale will
change from the first weekend in
Members of the board of directors will meet and set the location
and date. Details will be printed
in the March/April issue of the
Heart Beat.
We hope that we will have
Reid Mitchell, Spring Creeks Cattle
Company’s newest addition, enjoys
the love shared by this sisters.
Lily Mitchell of Boscobel, WI exhibited
the grand champion Limousin heifer
at the World Beef Expo in West Allis,
board of directors to make your
reservation for the dinner, provide
a list of donations, or leave a bid if
you are not able to attend.
We appreciate our members
who have generously donated
items in the past and we look
forward to another fun-filled auction. The money raised from this
event goes to support our junior
and senior association activities
throughout the year.
UW-River Falls beef management team visited Spring Creeks Cattle Company
in early November. They
were interested in learning
about how they got started
in the Limousin business and
why they chose the breed.
Bob, Matt and Bart enjoyed
sharing their thoughts on the
another great crowd of
Limousin enthusiasts join
us for the banquet and
benefit auction. We look
forward to seeing breeders,
their families and friends
from across Wisconsin as
well as surrounding states
who will come to take part
in this annual event.
Please contact John
Franseen, president, or
any other member of the
This photo of Limousin cattle enjoying the
sunset was captured by Luke Johnson, Luke
Johnson Photography of Rhinelander, WI. This
picture was taken in the pasture of Limousin
breeders Rick and Jeanie Pitts of Crandon, WI.
Limousin Production Sale
Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 • 1pm
SYES Backcourt 887B HOMO Pld/Dbl Blk
3/13/14 Sire: SYES Bar JZ Paladin 41Z
BW 2 WW 51 YW 89 MA 23 SC .6
SYES Bountiful 271B Het Pld/Red
4/8/14 Sire: CHTT Work Time 4925W
BW 2.7 WW 47 YW 82 MA 22 SC .9
WASY Bakers Man 629B HOMO Pld/Red
3/26/14 Sire: SYES Xerox 464Z
BW .3 WW 55 YW 92 MA 29 SC .5
SYES Backstage 466B HOMO Pld/HOMO Blk SYES Beyond Belief 368B Homo Pld/Blk
3/3/14 Sire: DLVL Xerox 023X
4/7/14 Sire: Wulfs Xclusive 2458X
BW 4.1 WW 72 YW 115 MA 25 SC .7
BW -1.8 WW 45 YW 84 MA 20 SC .7
SYES Best Buy 316B HOMO Pld/Het Blk
4/14/14 Sire: Wulfs Xclusive 2458X
BW 1.7 WW 60 YW 104 MA 28 SC .8
SYES Backdrop 171B HOMO Pld/Het Blk
3/1/14 Sire: DLVL Xerox 023X
BW -2.1 WW 60 YW 82 MA 19 SC .7
Miss SYES Trail 36B Pld/Blk
4/12/14 Sire: Wulfs Yukon Trail 8084Y
BW 3.3 WW 45 YW 80 MA 27 SC .7
Miss SYES Yahoo 174B HOMO Pld/HOMO Blk Miss SYES Xclusive 420B Homo Pld/Red
4/6/14 Sire: LFLC Yahoo
4/4/14 Sire: Wulfs Xclusive 2458X
BW 5.6 WW 58 YW 106 MA 20 SC .7
BW 2.5 WW 62 YW 95 MA 22 SC .7
Videos available
on DVAuction
SYES Ballgame 917B HOMO Pld/Red
3/14/14 Sire: SYES Bar JZ Paladin 41Z
BW 1.6 WW 41 YW 78 MA 18 SC .7
JSUT Bombadier 713 B Dbl Pld/Red
4/9/14 Sire: Wulfs Urban Cowboy 2149U
BW 1.7 WW 54 YW 85 MA 23 SC –
80 Yearling Bulls
10 Two-Yr-Old Bulls 100% Polled
60% Black
20 Females
10 Fancy Open • 10 Bred Females
Your Guarantee of Predictable Genetics
P.O. Box 155 • Amherst, South Dakota 57421
John: 605/448-5725 • Paul: 605/448-5775 • Warren: 605/237-2127
Office: 605/448-2624 • Fax: 605/448-5786
email: [email protected] •
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
A History of Service
Fullblood Limousin Alliance Meets
Members of the Fullblood Limousin
Alliance (FLA) met Saturday afternoon,
October 11, 2014 in Lebanon, Missouri.
The meeting took place in conjunction
with the Heart of Missouri/Cattle Drive
Sale held October 12.
The FLA was formed about 10 years
ago to promote the acceptance and use
of Fullblood Limousin genetics within
our breed and in the commercial cattle
industry. The association has been busy
attending shows and sales as well as advertising in Limousin publications and other
beef cattle magazines. They have set up
booths at the Tulsa Farm Show, the Ozark
Empire Farmfest, and one of the largest
shows in Louisville, KY.
Members of the junior association are
given the opportunity to receive $1,000
I go before you ...
Isaiah 45:2
Herman & Judy Symens
605/698-4870 • Sisseton, SD
[email protected]
Congratulations to Margie and the late Harris
Mosher for being the first family to be inducted
into the Fullblood Limousin Alliance “Hall of
Fame”. Harris and Margie played an important
role in the progression and promotion of
Fullblood cattle.
to buy a Fullblood heifer to show. In the
past the FLA has given juniors $250 for
showing in the AALF each summer.
Items discussed at the meeting in October included the upcoming Fullblood
show, a sale, nominations for board
members, and ideas for promotion. The
Fullblood show will be part of the Ozark
Ken Ragsdale,Rockin R Ranch of Rolla,
MO purchased the Fullblood Junior fund
raiser basket. Sarah Delight and threeyear-old Dixie Rose Bishop of Cabool, MO
appreciated Ken’s generous support.
Empire Fair in Springfield, MO the
week of July 23-August 1. The exact
date of the show will be published at
a later date.
This year there will not be a Fullblood sale in conjunction with the show.
Stephen Haynes of Bowling Green, KY
is planning on hosting a sale in his area
next fall. Other Fullblood members are
invited to consign cattle to that sale.
The date will be announced later.
Nominations were taken for officers
and board members for 2015. Ballots
were mailed out and the results will
be given when all ballots have been
received and counted.
Laura Ray has been doing a wonderful job promoting the Fullblood
Alliance on Facebook as well as on
the new and improved website www.
The next meeting is scheduled for
January 24, 2015 in Sikeston, MO. The
place and the time to be announced.
Members of the Fullblood Alliance Board of Directors: FR: Joe Latendresse (Treasurer),
Connie Crockett (Secretary), David Holley (Vice President), James Lucas (President): BR:
Rod Carver, Ty Heavin, Billy White, Stephen Haynes, and Betty Anglani.
Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
4th Annual Treftz Limousin Production Sale Reds & Blacks • 50% Homo Polled
Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015
1 pm. CST at Aberdeen, South Dakota
Selling 50
Registered Bulls
40 Yearlings • 5 Falls • 1 Two-Year-Old
10 Registered Open Heifers
TREF Back Draft 870B BW 81 WW 739
3/18/14 - Dbl Pld - Red - PB
CF Jim Dandie x Richmond Xander SRD 22X
CE 8 BW 1.1 WW 55 YW 91
MA 25 CEM 3 SC .4
TREF Big Easy 566B BW 105 WW 846
2/27/14 - Homo Pld - Red - PB
TREF X-Pressway 170X x TREF Well Done 566W
CE 8 BW 4.5 WW 59 YW 92
MA 23 CEM 4 SC .5
TREF Brave Heart 207B BW 98 WW 818
3/16/14 - Het Pld - Blk - 75%
CF Jim Dandie 216U x JBAK Montana 680M
CE 8 BW 1.8 WW 52 YW 84
MA 25 CEM 2 SC .5
TREF Black Out 427B BW 98 WW 687
3/7/14 - Homo Pld - Blk - PB
CF Jim Dandi 216U x TREF Rifle 906R
CE 8 BW 2.8 WW 46 YW 87
MA 25 CEM 3 SC .5
TREF Battle Ground 186B BW 89 WW 755
3/31/14 - Pld - Red - PB
Richmond Xander SRD 22X x Wulfs Guardian
CE 6 BW 2.7 WW 52 YW 82
MA 22 CEM 3 SC .3
TREF Bentley 425B BW 82 WW 712
2/19/14 – Het Pld - Red - PB
TREF Zeus 232Z x RPLF Platinum 936P
CE 11 BW .7 WW 44 YW 84
MA 21 CEM 6 SC .8
TREF Buck Shot 725B BW 97 WW 818
3/3/14 - Dbl Pld - Red - PB
TREF Zenith 570Z x ROMN Tow Truck 111T
CE 13 BW 1.6 WW 56 YW 89
MA 20 CEM 7 SC .7
TREF Block Buster 341B BW 90 WW 757
Sires represented: Richmond Xander, TREF Ujoint,
TREF X-Pressway, JYF 145X, RUNL Stetson, ROMN Tow
Truck, VL Yes Man, CF Jim Dandie, TREF Zeus, TREF
Zenith, ROMN ZingRay, Wulfs Quarterback, Gendarme.
3/20/14 - Homo Pld - Red - PB
Richmond Xander SRD 22X x ROMN Justice
CE 8 BW 3 WW 56 YW 89
MA 24 CEM 4 SC .5
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Treftz Limousin
Glenn Treftz 605.226.2542 • cell 605.380.0014
12510 370th Ave., Wetonka, SD 57481
Email: [email protected] •
70 two year old and long yearling bulls sell!
February 23, 2015 at the Ranch
Catalogue and videos available at
Kelly and Norma Yorga
(H) 306-263-4432
(C) 306-642-7023
(F) 306-263-4473
[email protected]
Box 14, Flintoft, SK S0H 1R0
Jeffrey Yorga
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Vol. 23 • Issue 1 • Jan/Feb 2015
Heavin, Clason Exhibit Champions at American Royal
Cody Heavin of Springfield,
MO had a banner day at the American Royal Junior and Open shows
in Kansas City October 30.
Heavin exhibited AUTO Usually
Yours 290A, a 9/2/13 daughter of
MAGS Usual Suspect out of AUTO
Rebecca 292S and was selected
grand champion Limousin female in
both the junior and open shows.
Judge Varner selected AUTO Alfie
479A, an 11/10/13 daughter of MAGS
Xylopolist out of AUTO Rebeca 292S
also exhibited by Cody Heavin as the
reserve grand champion female.
Stewart then chose VL Bombshell
402B, a 1/11/14 daughter of EF
Xcessive Force out of VL Xclusive
exhibited by Koryn Clason of Beaver
City, NE his reserve grand champion
female. She was the Division I
There were a total of 13 bulls that were
paraded in front of Judge Stewart who
selected AUTO Lucky Strike 118B, a
3/14/14 son of LH U Haul out of AUTO
Lucky 246W exhibited by Pinegar
Limousin his grand champion bull. He
was the Division I champion.
In the junior show, 21 head of
females were evaluated by Judge
Shawn Varner of Council Bluffs,
IA. Varner chose Heavin’s heifer
his grand champion.
Reserve grand champion honors went
to MAGS Alibaba, a 9/5/13 son of
CJSL Windfall 9072W out of MAGS
Xeromas exhibited by Magness Land
& Cattle of Platteville, CO. He was the
Division II champion.
In the open show, Judge Brigham Stewart of Washington, KS
evaluated 40 head of Limousin females. He selected AUTO
Usually Yours exhibited by Cody Heavin his grand champion
female. She was the Division II champion.
Limousin Show & Sale
T H U R S D A Y, F E B R U A R Y 1 9 TH, 2 0 1 5
Royal Ice
T H U R S D A Y, F E B R U A R Y 1 9 TH A T 7 P M
There will be over 140 head featured at
the Classic on Thursday.
Breeds include Angus, Simmental,
Charolais, Gelbvieh & LIMOUSIN.
This bull sired by MAGS Y-Axis sells at the Classic. This ¾ bull was the Champion Limousin Bull at the
Nebraska State Fair, where he also captured the 3rd award in the Supreme Drive over all breeds.
This photo was taken just one week after being weaned.
308.627.6385 | [email protected]
A complete sale listing can be found at www.necattlemen or follow us on
Limousin.indd 1
12/15/14 11:59 AM
Since 1973, Bruner Limousin has raised
Limousin cattle representative of
what the breed was founded on. Our
goal has been to keep the integrity of
the breed while continuing to improve
on the genetics we raise. Our genetics
have enough eye appeal to compete at
all levels, however their true value is
realized in the pasture and on the rail.
Through the generations, we have seen
the fads come and go. However, we have
held to our convictions of raising calvingease cattle that pack on the pounds.
“Master BRUN” genetics are synonymous
with reliable Limousin that perform
under the toughest conditions Mother
Nature dishes out. We raise both RED and
BLACK Limousin with 98% being polled.
calving-ease, fertility and docility with
the performance-oriented cattle for the
profit-minded cattlemen.
That’s Bruner Limousin.
22289 442ND AVE.
[email protected]
Master BRUN Anapolis
Master BRUN Jager
The long-term use of high-accuracy and trait-leading sires
has resulted in predictable genetics.
(Fall 2014 NALF Genetic Evaluation)
• Focus Dams - 14 Cows by 9 Sires
• 1# YW Bull - Master BRUN Jager 687M
• Master BRUN Bulls have 4 of the 6 top YW EPDs
• 2014 Ave. EPDs for Master BRUN Yearling Bulls
CED: 14.05 - Top 10%
BW: 0.53 - Top 25%
YW: 109 - Top 3%
CEM: 9.6 - Top 10%
40 Yearlings - 10 Coming 2-Year-Olds
Last Saturday in March • WInfred, SD
As a fourth generation progressive seedstock supplier, we recognize
the intrinsic value of heterosis to our commercial customers. Our
extensive cattle feeding operations continue to reinforce the value of
reliable, known genetics with end product merit, backed by more than
30 years of data collection.
Registered Limousin,
Lim-Flex & Angus
Feeder Calf Procurement
Value Added Branded
Beef Opportunities
Feedlot & Carcass Data
Source & Process
Bull Selection Index
Bull Retirement Program
Breeding to Feeding
Dairy Beef Program
Selling approximately 425 Limousin,
Lim-Flex & Angus bulls, 50 registered females
If you are searching for the right combination
to improve your cow herd and expand your
marketing opportunities, we encourage
you to consider Wulf Cattle.
Photo by
Amy E Photography
26406 470th Ave. / Morris, Minnesota 56267 / Office: (320) 392-5802
Fax: (320) 392-5319 / Office E-mail: [email protected] /