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2015 Forecast
According to a Trulia survey conducted in November, 2014,
consumers are as optimistic about the housing market as at any point
since the housing recovery started. Nearly three quarters-74%-of
respondents agreed that home ownership was part of achieving their
personal American Dream.
Consumers also think real estate will improve in 2015, especially
selling. This bodes well for sellers. Still, it is important to remember
that, despite this optimism, barriers remain to homeownership. Saving for
a down payment is still the highest hurdle, followed by poor credit and
qualifying for a mortgage. Not having a stable job has become
considerably less of an obstacle thanks to the recovering job market.
While apartment construction is breaking construction records, single
family starts and new home sales are not much better than half of normal
levels. They will improve in 2015, but not much. This is especially good
for sellers of existing homes.
As the rebound effect fades and fundamentals take over, the
recovery gets slower and the market starts to look more similar from one
year to the next. The good news is even though the recovery remains
unfinished, the housing market is becoming more stable and more certain
for sellers and buyers.
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Thought for the month:
“Leadership isn’t just about having a powerful position.
Anytime you use your influence to affect the thoughts and actions of others,
You are engaging in leadership.
So you can be a leader as a parent, spouse, friend or citizen.”
Ken Blanchard
This month, let’s revisit the issue of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
(GFCIs). A lot has changed in the last few years. GFCIs work by constantly
comparing the differences between the amperage supplying the plug and the
amperage leaving it. If there is any difference, the plug assumes that difference
is entering you and it trips.
GFCIs have been in this area since 1977 and, originally, were required only
in the garage and outside. Now, they must protect ALL plugs in kitchens and
baths, including under the breakfast bar, at the spa tub motor and the garage
CEILING outlet. The GFCI can be a plug or breaker. Plus, any plug by a pool or
hot tub should also be a GFCI type.
Many people don’t know that a GFCI can protect MANY plugs “down the
line” in a circuit. It is common to find a GFCI in the garage that protects the
bath and outside plugs too. It is important to occasionally TEST the device by
pushing the test button to see if the “reset” button pops. They do wear out, and
are easy to replace.
Most people know this, but
as a reminder: DO NOT plug your
refrigerator/freezer in the garage
into the GFCI plug. If it trips, you
will lose everything.
Lastly, if you live in a newer
home with GFCI protection at the
garage ceiling, be sure to carry a
house key. If the GFCI trips
because of a storm while you’re
away, your garage opener won’t
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