Preview of next CEH Strategic Plan

Preview of next
CEH Strategic Plan
Ten years ago the Committee to End Homelessness set ambitious goals. We’ve made
significant progress, and we’ve learned a lot. We’ve housed 37,000 people who were
homeless, and we’ve made great strides addressing the needs of families, youth and the
chronically homeless.
We’ve managed not to lose ground through a major recession and two wars, but we
know that isn’t enough.
Individuals and families still find themselves in crisis. And those crises sometimes lead to
homelessness. Our ten years is nearly up, and remain committed to making
homelessness rare in King County, and if one becomes homeless it is brief and one-time.
By January 2015, CEH will develop and adopt a new vision and plan.
Our full CEH membership met in June at our annual conference, and the Interagency
Council met in August to begin to develop the new strategy.
Here are some highlights of our emerging vision and plan.
What’s new is:
 A focus on creating income and employment strategies for homeless people
 Housing people quickly and moving them swiftly through the system, making
room for others
 Changing public policy, influencing the systems that often deliver people into
homelessness, including foster care, prisons, mental health facilities and hospitals
In doing this work over time, we’ll create a system that:
 Is flexible and adapts as community needs change
 Involves more active engagement with our partners throughout the region
 Relies on solid data to ensure accountability and inform our strategy
 Has a relentless focus on ending disparities
And we’ll continue to increase affordable housing options, especially for our must
vulnerable, working with both the public and private sectors.
We invite you to join us to ensure that we make homelessness in our
county truly rare and brief for all.