Cairngorms NP and Monadhliath

Cairngorms NP and Monadhliath
Cairngorms National Park and Monadhliath. Also includes the Ben Alder area
hills between Loch Ericht and Loch Laggan.
General Summary for Thursday, 29 January, 2015
British Mountain Summary:
Based on forecast chart for noon 29 January, 2015
Widespread upland gales and snow. Most snow will fall on western
mountains where there will be lengthy whiteout as showers follow one
after another. Fewest showers easternmost mountains in Scotland and
across east and south Wales.
Headline for Cairngorms NP and Monadhliath
Periods of upland gales. Snow, mostly toward west.
Detailed Forecast for Thursday, 29 January, 2015
How windy? (On the
Westerly 35 to 45mph, but there may be a lull for a few hours in the afternoon.
Effect of wind on
Considerable buffeting across the hills, making walking/skiing difficult on higher
areas. Severe wind chill.
How wet?
Snow showers, most frequent west of A9
Clusters of snow and hail showers, particularly west of A9. East of the A9, showers
occasional, but still the risk of 1 or 2 hours of almost constant precipitation, giving
whiteout and small risk thunder.
Cloud on the hills?
Occasionally clearing
Higher summits rarely clearing, but cloud frequent above 800 to 1050m, and near
precipitation typically 500 to 700m - the lowest bases in these ranges toward the west.
Chance of cloud free
Sunshine and air
Bright sunshine from time to time, most often Deeside.
Visibility sometimes excellent, but frequently appalling or near zero where in snow and
How Cold? (at 900m)
-6C, tending to rise slowly through day.
Freezing Level
Close to or below freezing from glen level up; slight thawing lowest slopes afternoon.
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Cairngorms NP and Monadhliath - Looking Ahead
Friday 30 January
Saturday 31 January
How windy? (On the
North or northwesterly, in the range 25 to
Northerly; in the range 40 to 60mph;
although there may be a lull for a few hours.
Effect of wind on
May well result in considerable
buffeting and wind chill, particularly
Very difficult walking across the hills
and severe wind chill.
How wet?
Intermittent snow
Frequent snow and hail
Areas of snow showers and perhaps,
particularly on Cairngorms, snow constant
over 2 to 4 hours (giving whiteout).
Snow and hail showers, sometimes one
after another giving (together with blowing
snow) periods of whiteout - extensive
Cairngorms and Lochnagar. Least
precipitation southernmost Cairngorms NP
(north of Glen Garry).
Extensive, particularly Cairngorms
Cloud base will vary, and may break off
some summits, particularly southern
Cairngorms NP. But often covering higher
areas, and in precipitation as low as 500m
- perhaps widely so northern Cairngorms.
Rapid changes in cloud base. Few glimpses
of the summits (mostly likely southern
Cairngorms NP; intermittently cloud below
400-700m, lowest Cairngorms and
Chance of cloud
free Munros?
Sunshine and air
Occasional sun, mainly southern summits
in Cairngorms NP.
Visibility often very good but appalling,
perhaps near zero where in snow and
Glimpses of sun, mainly southern
Cairngorms NP.
Sometimes the air very clear, but sudden
changes to appalling or near zero where in
snow and cloud.
How Cold? (at
Freezing Level
200m to 400m; dropping through the day.
Cloud on the hills?
Planning Outlook
All mountain areas of Britain from Friday, 30 January, 2015
Frequent upland gales and on most mountain areas snow through until the end of the weekend. On Sunday most snow will
become confined to N Scotland and N Wales. Next week, relatively little precipitation, and later in the week from the
northwest, freezing levels will rise slowly. Nevertheless, it may well be late in the week before there is significant thaw.
Forecast issued at 12:10 on Wednesday, 28 January, 2015
The production of the Scottish forecasts is fully funded by the Scottish Government through the Mountaineering Council of
Scotland with the support of sportscotland. Forecasts are issued daily by 16:30 and are kept under review and amended as
necessary. However, expected conditions can still change after issue. © Copyright Geoff Monk & Associates, 2015.
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