2014 NC WBO committee annual meeting report

JUNE 3-5, 2014, MEETING
Pace of Play. The NCAA Women’s Bowling Committee reviewed ideas to help speed up
the pace of play during championship matches, which is a goal the coaches association
supports. As this is a rules change year, the committee hopes adjusting a few rules will
produce an acceptable pace of play.
Legislative Items.
Nonlegislative Items.
National and Regional Advisory Committee Rosters. The committee reviewed rosters
and noted vacancies for 2013-14 that need to be filled.
2013 Committee Meeting Report. The committee approved the 2013 annual meeting
report as written.
Divisional Championships Committee Actions. The committee reviewed actions the
Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet and the Divisions II and III
Championships Committees took in 2013-14 relevant to the work of the women’s bowling
committee and took no action.
Sport Sponsorship. The committee reviewed the 2013-14 sport sponsorship list and noted
four to five potential institutions adding bowling in the upcoming year and at least two
schools that will be dropping the sport. Given the sport’s continued growth, the committee
NCAA Women’s Bowling Committee
Annual Meeting Report
Page No. 2
discussed the concept of developing a regional structure but agreed to take no action until
further research is conducted.
Score Reporting. The committee reviewed the online score reporting system and
expressed interest in exploring whether results submitted electronically via score sheets
could automatically populate in the online score reporting system (thus reducing the need
for schools to submit results twice). This continues to be something that the committee
believes would benefit schools sponsoring the sport. The committee intends to emphasize
to schools early in the season to report scores, and will note that a warning letter will be
sent if scores are not reported properly. After the warning letter, the next offense would
incur a fine. The committee also discussed defining a scrimmage for bowling, and possibly
allowing for a number of scrimmages that do not count toward score reporting results.
Committee members agreed to continue reviewing the idea.
Selections. The committee reviewed selection criteria and discussed adding tournament
finish to the primary criteria but did not make any changes at this time. The committee
believes that the right teams are being selected, and that adding tournament finish to the
primary criteria may be difficult due to the varied number of teams in tournaments, among
other factors. In regard to the selection announcement, the committee recommends that
broadcast information be sent to all sponsoring schools a week in advance to encourage
Review of 2014 Championship. The committee reviewed championship evaluations from
student-athletes, coaches, administrators, hosts, officials and committee members. Despite
a low response, feedback indicated favorable reviews for the host facility (Game of
Wickliffe in Wickliffe, Ohio), and the hosts (Greater Cleveland Sports Commission/MidAmerican Conference). As for the way competition was conducted, the committee was
pleased with the increase in interviews after matches but would still like to see more, along
with continued use of social media to promote the event and annouce and results. The
committee was pleased with the banquet and thought the student-athletes enjoyed the new
team-based presentations more than having a keynote speaker, as was done previously. The
committee also was pleased with the broadcast ratings, noting that they were at the same
level as Division I wrestling. The committee discussed the advantages and disadvantages
of adjusting the format to a modified alternating shot for the television session. The
committee noted that the championship finals would better fit the allotted broadcast slot if
the student-athletes alternate shots (as they do throughout the season and in other
championship rounds) instead of requiring them to complete each frame. The committee
approved to move to the modified alternating shot for the television session. The
NCAA Women’s Bowling Committee
Annual Meeting Report
Page No. 3
committee also continued to encourage the use of female commentators when possible and
would like to submit recommendations for both play-by-play and color analysts. Mr.
Tressel will follow up with the proper people regarding this recommendation. Finally, the
committee noted that the webcasts of the championship were very good.
Officials. The committee was pleased with the officials assigned to the finals. The
committee met with Dan Calandro, NCAA director of playing rules and officiating, in
regards to the Arbiter system that a number of other NCAA sports use to assign and
administer officials. The system also helps train officials through web-based programing.
Specifics of the program costs for officials were not available, but they could range from
$25 to $100 per year. The committee initially supported the program as a way to enhance
Future Championships/Growth of Sport. The committee approved a schedule
adjustment that allows for the number of matches to fall within the current rules on number
of matches per day. This adjustment has no effect on the number of matches in total; only
the number per day. The committee endorsed implementing automatic qualification
effective with the 2016 championship, pending approval from the management council.
Playing Rules.
The committee proposed several playing rules changes designed to
address pace of play.
The NCAA playing rules staff liaison informed the committee that a national search for the
next secretary-rules editor would be conducted in early July through August 2014. The
current secretary-rules editor’s term expires September 1, 2015. The liaison noted that the
incoming secretary-rules editor is appointed one year in advance to allow him or her to
shadow the current secretary-rules editor and become familiar with the role. The
committee reviewed the position’s job description and noted a new provison that precludes
future secretary-rules editors from being an active NCAA head coach or official. The
committee reviewed the selection team and a tentative hiring timeline.
The committee also reviewed a memorandum from PROP that provides guidance on the
two-year rules change process and summarizes options the committee has in the event rules
changes are proposed during the non-rules change year. The committee also reviewed the
most recent PROP directive regarding the recommended one-year implementation delay for
any rules change that has a financial or facility impact.
NCAA Women’s Bowling Committee
Annual Meeting Report
Page No. 4
Championship Manuals. Committee members reviewed the pre-championship manual,
host operations manual, participant manual and committee operations manual and
submitted revisions as appropriate.
2015 Annual Meeting. The committee identified Thursday-Friday, May 27-29, as dates
for its 2015 annual meeting.
Committee Chair: Amber Lemke, Stephen F. Austin State University
Staff Liaison:
Ryan Tressel, Championships and Alliances
Meeting Date: June 3-5, 2014
Joe Ambrose, Kutztown University of
Pennsylvania (portions of meeting via
conference call)
Keith Davidson, University of Maryland
Eastern Shore
Kevin Colon, Vanderbilt University (portions
of meeting via conference call)
Ron Holmes, University of Central Missouri
Amber Lemke, Stephen F. Austin State
University (Chair)
Mike LoPresti, Fairleigh Dickinson
University, Metropolitan Campus
Bill Straub, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Other Participants
Rick Barbera, Brunswick
Gary Brown, United States Bowling Congress (via conference call)
John Williamson, National Tenpin Coaches Association (via conference call)
Brad Woodward, NCAA
Ryan Tressel, NCAA
Ali Teopas, NCAA
Dan Calandro, NCAA
NCAA Women’s Bowling Committee
Annual Meeting Report
Page No. 5
Steve Mallonee, NCAA
Juanita Sheeley, NCAA