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The Village
News of Worthington Christian Village
Vol. XXV No. 2
October 2014
come through monthly support, supporting an Auxiliary
event, bequests, memorials, one-time offerings, to honor
an event or individual, large or small, each dollar has
he comment and question were simple and heartfelt. impacted the lives of those who Worthington Christian
“I love Worthington Christian Village. How can I Village has had the honor of serving.
help?” This person had a family member who we had the
privilege of serving. Thankfully those are words we hear As we get closer to the end of the year, it is always a
often and we are always happy to let people know how good time to consider a gift to the Village, your church,
they can help and be involved in this ministry.
and other organizations that you love and support. We
hope you will prayerfully consider a gift to Worthington
Worthington Christian Village has been so blessed over Christian Village.
the years as God has raised up people who have recognized
the value of this ministry, have prayed about how they Here are a few ways in which you can bless the Village
can help, and then have followed through as God has led financially:
A Gift of Cash
The opportunities to help are many. Here are a few…
This is the most common donation as people share a gift of
cash, a check or a credit card donation. If you itemize your
deductions on your tax return, gifts of cash may reduce
This will always be our first and most important request. or eliminate a portion of your tax responsibilities.
From the beginning, we have petitioned God for His
wisdom and direction each and every day. We always want Appreciated Securities
to be following God’s leadership and stay focused on why If you have stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have
we are here. We know with faithful prayer warriors, our increased in value, you could consider transferring the
needs will be met and this ministry will remain strong securities to the Village. When owned for more than a
year, securities used to fund a gift can be deductible for
and vital.
income tax purposes at full fair market value, not at just
their original cost. You can also avoid capital gains tax
would be due if the donated securities were sold.
What a joy it is to see the many people who faithfully give
of their time and talents to serve our residents. We have Securities that have gone down in value can be sold with
more than 250 regular volunteers and that number does the proceeds going to the Village. This can also create
not include groups of people who come in for special some additional tax benefits.
Opportunities ...
projects. That said, there is always room for you!
Retirement Accounts
Assets that are being held in your retirement account may
Share your resources
be a practical resource for making a gift now and/or as
There are those who give to our Benevolent Fund and part of your overall estate plan. If you are over the age of
other special projects that have kept the Village going 70 ½, you may want to consider making certain gifts
for twenty-nine years. We cannot meet our obligations
without this continuing support. Whether the gifts have
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directly from your Individual Retirement Account. Giving
in this way assures that these funds will never be subject
to income or estate taxes. The laws that govern these types
of gifts have not yet been renewed for gifts made in 2014.
All of the “experts” are predicting that the provisions will
be renewed soon. You will want to check with your tax
to you or others, a gift through your will or living trust,
gifts of retirement plan assets, and gifts of life insurance
are all ways that you can help.
If we can provide more information on any of these
ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact Randy Richardson,
Executive Director/CEO. Also, you will want to check
with your tax advisor and your estate planner regarding
any potential tax or estate benefit.
We are thankful for each one who prays for the Village and
Other Assets
gives of their time, talents, and treasure. Please prayerfully
You may own real estate or certain other properties that consider the opportunities available to help and serve our
could also be good choices for charitable gifts.
residents. With your help, we can continue to make a
difference in the lives of some amazing senior adults.
Future Gifts
Remembering to include Worthington Christian Village
in your request for Memorial Donations, charitable
Thank you for giving!
remainder trusts and gift annuities that can provide income
Heartland Bank has Joined the Village!
We are happy to announce that Heartland Bank has joined Worthington Christian Village in providing banking services
to our residents and employees. For more than 28 years, Huntington Bank provided those services through a satellite
branch here at the Village. Late last year, Huntington let us know that they were “changing directions and priorities”
and were no longer interested in serving our residents at the Village. We were certainly sad to lose that relationship with
Huntington but are looking ahead to a long-term relationship with Heartland.
Heartland Bank started in Croton, Ohio and has been slowly
building their presence in Central Ohio. They are truly a
community bank and are committed to great customer
service and making a difference in the communities they
Heartland Bank will be at the Village each Monday from
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you are at the Village, or at a
Heartland Bank location, join us in welcoming Heartland
Bank to Worthington Christian Village.
Visit our Booth at the
International Conference on Missions!
The International Conference on Missions (formerly the Missionary Convention) will be
held in Columbus this year and Worthington Christian Village will have a display in the
Exhibit Hall. The dates are November 13-16 and our booth number is 723. If you are
attending the conference we hope you will stop by and say hello ... and have a piece of
Worthington Christian Village chocolate!
Memorials and Honor Gifts
If you would like to give a memorial or an honor gift for a loved one, and/or special
occasion, please send your gift to Worthington Christian Village, 165 Highbluffs Blvd.,
Columbus, OH 43235. Thank you for your contribution!
Memorials through August 2014
Harley Budd
Mary Budd
Bob Hildreth
Cleo Gambrel
Raffaella Carrocce
Glenn Bucher
Ramona Huff
Kenneth Huff
Rufus Clay
Kenneth Huff
Harold Rummer
Raoma Rummer
Jennifer Huff Clayma
Kenneth Huff
Marilyn Sampson
Millie Baldridge
Robert Batterson
Letty Belknap
Martha Bennett
Dick and Bonnie Brown
Robert and Martha Buchan
Mary Bullock
Jeffrey and Nancy Byron
Dick and Marcia Childs
Cindy and Dave Collins
Avanel Conley
Jim and Vivian Cook
Mary Cowgill
Helen Davidson
Mary Davila
John Dunham
Lynn and Sherrill
Pat Engelbach
Joe and Barbara Favret
Cleo Gambrel
Nancy and Dean Godtel
Mavilee and Mike Hagins
Beth Haney
Dee Hildreth
Bob and Linda Howe
Harold Howe
Alice Ingram
Ruth Johnson
Louise Kennedy
Ellen Kramer
Susan Latham
Roma Lawrence
Laura Fisher
George and Mary Hubbard
Everett Fox
Jim and Martha Bratton
Robert and Martha Buchan
Mary Bullock
Dick and Marcia Childs
Clint and Charlene Friedley
Ben and Carolyn Heskett
George and Mary Hubbard
Lorraine McNutt
Barbara and Michael Murray
M. Alexis and Robert Murray
Jack and Marilyn Redden
Raoma Rummer
John and Martha Strahan
Leslie Van Schoik
Rex Gambrel
Helen Davidson
Cleo Gambrel
Marge and Bob Hanna
Dee Hildreth
Kerry and Jane James
Tom and Angie LaVigne
Richard Savage
Gene Wyant
Jerry Wyant
Roger Wyant
Marilyn Sampson cont.
Mary LeRoy
Jean Lowery
June Lowry
Jean McCarley
Jim and June Milliken
Richard and Karelyn Milliken
Carol Pacey
Dorothy Pfefferle
Helen Quail
Jack and Marilyn Redden
Patricia Ringle
Norma Robinson
Don and Margie Ross
Raoma Rummer
John Sampson
Virginia and Garth Schoettger
Ruby Schubert
Roberta Selby
Flo Sies
Ginny Smith
Kim Solomon
Anita Timmons
Louise Tyler
Leslie Van Schoik
Robyn and Scot
Dorothy Waggoner
Bridge Group at WCV
Virginia Wolfel
Sally Blatt
Norma Zelnik
John Alston
Karen and Matt Lieser
The Miller FamilyBill and Charlotte
Frank and Kim
Michelle and Bill Jr.
Barbara and Anthony
Honor of Dee and Bob
Cleo Gambrel
Honor of Dr. William H.
Dorothy Mackey
Honor of W.J. Stebbens
Dorothy Mackey
Honor of the Wilterdink
Wendy West
Oscar and Jo Stephens
Raoma Rummer
Glen Wheeler
Fairfield Christian Church
Bob Wientjes
Donna and Bud Castle
Dee Hildreth
Harold Howe
Alice Ingram
The Village Voice is published
Worthington Christian Village, Inc.
165 Highbluffs Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43235
Randy Richardson, CEO/Executive Director
Emily Bird, Marketing Director
Our Summer Of Fun!
Our Lunch Bunch group enjoyed a picnic on
one of our mild summer days at Blendon Woods
Metro Park.
Dr. Bob B
atterson ta
king a mo
ment to p
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ing in fron
choik pos
er gard
utiful flow
of her bea
Natalie Teubner and Margaret Blanton
knitting afghan squares in Knitting
We spent a great afternoon at Huntington Park watching
the Clipper’s play baseball.
Rosalie Stark took a trip to
Highbanks Metro Park for
an afternoon picnic with the
Assisted Living and Health
Marge, Jane and Viva posed together for a picture that the
Care Center residents.
Village plans to use for marketing materials!
Rosemary Martin having a good
time shucking corn!
The Clintonville Community Band played for
us in our Courtyard as a part of our Summer
Concert Series.
The 15th Annual Auxiliary Golf Classic ...
Thanks One and All!
ith all the rain we have had this year, the Golf Committee
was praying for good weather as this type of event is “rain
or shine.” Well, the rain held off untill the teams were finishing
up their last holes. It ended up being a great day for golf!
On Friday, June 20th, 2014, several teams of golfers gathered at
Clover Valley Golf Club for a 9:00 a.m. shotgun start. The Golf
Classic concluded with a casual lunch followed by the award
presentations. The overall winning team with the lowest score
(59) included Tim Getz, Terry Hahn, Jay Denton and Dale
Mickey. Congratulations guys!
More than $6,500 was raised to benefit the residents of
Worthington Christian Village. Heartfelt thanks go out to our
Golf Committee, our many sponsors, and all those who took the
time to golf.
A Special Thanks to all
Golf Classic Sponsors
FrieNd oF the Village
Huntington National
Howard, Wershbale & Co.
McDaniels Construction
St. Joan of Arc Catholic
award SpoNSorS
American Data
Blackhawk Golf Course
Bob Evans
City Barbeque
First Watch
Gooseneck Tavern
Macaroni Grill
Marie Scramblers
Max & Erma’s
Old Bag of Nails
Raising Caines
Rusty Bucket
Skyline chili
Spaghetti Warehouse
hole SpoNSorS
Edward Jones
Merry Milk Maid
Food SpoNSorS
Jack & Marilyn Redden
Sara White
A Special Word of Thanks to Denny Hartman
vents like the Golf Classic do not happen without a whole
lot of work and planning and for the last nine events,
Denny Hartman was the “go to guy.” Denny worked with
his committee each year to try and make each and every Golf
Classic better than the last and Denny accomplished that
This was Denny’s last Golf Classic as he and his wife will be
spending the majority of their time at their house in Florida
(some of us are a little jealous).
A big thank you goes out to Denny for his many years of service
to the residents of the Village. We are going to miss you!
Denny Hartman encouraging people who attended the
Voluneer Dinner to participate in the Golf Classic.
Worthington Christian Village
165 Highbluffs Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43235
Columbus, Ohio
If you would like your name removed from our mailing
list, please call 614-846-6076 or send an e-mail with your
name and address to [email protected]. Thank you.
You will not want to miss
The Worthington Christian Village Auxiliary
Holiday Craft & Gift Show
November 1st (Saturday)
9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
selection of homemade crafts and gifts
Delicious homemade goodies at our Bake Sale
Lots of Nuts and Candies (We kickoff our annual sale!)
An “Opportunity Auction”
And don’t forget our Lunch Counter. Take a break from
your shopping or pick up food to take home!
All proceeds from the Holiday Craft & Gift Show will go toward
projects to benefit the residents of Worthington Christian Village!