Premiere at the Glasstec - Fini Curve Line

A transparent foyer for the Mauritshuis
In the heart of Den Haag the Mauritshuis accomodates one of the world’s most famous art
museums. Built from 1633 to 1644 by Moritz
of Nassau the Mauritshuis is home to the royal art gallery of the Netherlands. Flamish and
Dutch masterpieces from the 17th Century
are on display in this renowned collection. The
museum underwent major reconstruction and
modernization work from 2012 to 2014.
The whole entrance area is now located in an
underground foyer on the forecourt, thus presenting the historical façade of the building in
all its architectural glory. To reach the foyer,
visitors can use either the tube-shaped glass
Bright and inviting
thanks to curved glass:
The new underground
foyer of the popular
museum Mauritshuis in
Den Haag
elevator or the stairway, which is partly constructed from curved glass. Finiglas have manufactured the glass elements of one of Den
Haag’s most popular tourist attractions, using
70 square meters heat-strenghtened low-iron
laminated-safety-glass. To further highlight
the curved glass elements of the Mauritshuis the whole construction is illuminated by
Premiere at the Glasstec Fini Curve Line
Coming this October the Glasstec 2014 in
Finiglas will exhibit the new “FINI CURVE
Düsseldorf will once again be the highlight
LINE” glazing. It is a 20mm thick, curved
of the glass industry’s calendar. Every two
fall-proofed glazing for balustrades and
years innovators and fabricators use the
parapets manufactured from low-iron,
showcase to present and discuss latest mo-
laminated-glass, with a three-meter arc
dels and developments. As a show within
length. The railing will feature LED-illumi-
the show, the “glass technology live” is al-
nations, making this a highlight for security,
ways a special highlight. With its internati-
elegance and modernity, all in one product.
onal panel of industry experts and a range
Modern architecture demands always new
of innovative products on display, the “glass
and improved solutions for individual re-
technology live” is the only place where
quirements, combining aesthetics and safe-
research, and development, and practical
ty. Curved glass is a refined material conjoi-
usage are really blending.
ning technical feasibility with engineering
sensibility in the most elegant manner.
We look forward to meeting you in person
from October 21st to October 24th in Hall 11
C22 at the Euroglas AG booth. Please contact Alexander Nagel (Phone 0049-(0)2594
/78905-139, [email protected]) or Andre
Wachsmann (Phone 0049-(0)2594 / 78905138, [email protected]) before the
show, to schedule an appointment.
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