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Page 10, Johnson City Press
Johnson City Pediatrics
301 Med Tech Parkway, Suite 180
Johnson City
It’s important to get the best care for
your children when they are at their
youngest and most developmental stages.
Our readers have chosen Johnson City
Pediatrics as the best in the area.
“We just want to thank the community
and the readers for this honor,” Practice
Administrator Suzi Reynolds said. “We
strive every day to provide the best care
possible, and this recognition lets us know
we are on the right path.”
At Johnson City Pediatrics, the physicians and staff are committed to the wellbeing of children and providing them with
the highest quality of medical care. Their
team would like each child to have the
opportunity to develop to his or her maximum ability, and that philosophy drives
the team in maintaining their standard of
The group’s physicians, Michelle
Bullman, M.D, FAAP, Jodi Gage, M.D.,
FAAP, Trevor Gage, M.D. , Chris Ledes,
M.D., FAAP, April Lowery, M.D., FAAP,
Bryan Prudhomme, M.D., FAAP, and Jill
Wireman, M.D., FAAP, are there to enthusiastically provide sound, sensitive, and
conscientious care. Their combined experience represents over 67 years.
Johnson City Pediatrics is passionate
about the prevention of childhood illnesses
as an effective way to achieve optimum
health for the children of our community.
They are dedicated to providing every
child with immunizations recommended
by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Physicians and staff are equally devoted
to effective communication – keeping both
the patient and parents informed. They
make every effort to thoroughly explain
recommended tests and treatments and
answer any questions that may arise concerning the child’s well-being.
“We are more than just doctors here,”
Ledes said. “As parents ourselves, we love
to build relationships with our patients
and enjoy watching them grow from
infancy to their teenage years and
The clinic features an on-site licensed
lab which allows the convenience of
obtaining diagnostic studies at the time of
the visit and providing fast, accurate
results. This is most appreciated when
children are sick, and waiting on tests
from outside sources might further
increase anxiety for families.
Historically, Johnson City Pediatrics has
been selected as one of the few pediatric
offices in the country to pioneer research
in studying subjects such as childhood
fever and encephalitis. Locally, their
founding physicians started the Neonatal
Intensive Care Unit at Johnson City
Medical Center Hospital many years ago,
and they are thrilled that it has flourished
and blossomed into one of the state’s perinatal centers.
For more information about Johnson
City Pediatrics, visit their location at 301
Med Tech Parkway, Suite 180 in Johnson
City, or give them a call at 423-794-5540.
Johnson City Pediatrics
wants to thank our
patients for voting us
the Reader’s Choice
Best Pediatrician!
301 Med Tech Pkwy.
Suite 180
Johnson City, TN 37605
Gay Whitt School of Dance
Friday, October 17, 2014
210 Headtown Road, Jonesborough - 423-753-3171
106 North Main Ave., Erwin - 423-735-0920
in Boones Creek.
In 1993, Ms Gay was given the opportunity to place a dance studio with Sportsnet
Gymnastics in Johnson City. This studio
operated with a full enrollment until the
owners relocated to Nashville. In 2003, the
Erwin Studio was reopened in downtown
Erwin across the street from the original
studio building.
Robin Bailey Beals, the Jonesborough
Studio Director, has been a dance student
of the Whitt School since age 11. She has
traveled the world with the Up with People
Organization as a dancer, dance captain
and producer. She graduated from ETSU
with a degree in exercise physiology and
is on the staff at the Wellness Center in
Johnson City.
Gay Whitt continues to celebrate her career as a dance educator
A Tradition of Excellence and Grace in Dance Education Since 1955
Gay Evans Whitt, affectionately known
as “Ms Gay” to thousands of dancers and
parents over the past 58 years, began
studying dance at the age of 8 with Reece
Toohey. She progressed rapidly and began
teaching in 1955 in Kingsport and Johnson
She continues her work as a dance educator and choreographer with a full load of
classes each year since 1955. “Ms Gay”
always dreamed of having her own studio
and in 1971 this lifelong dream was realized by the opening of her first dance
studio in Erwin. Her Jonesborough Studio
was opened in 1972. Over the next several
years, these two original studios were followed by a dance program at the
Greeneville YMCA and a branch studio
Erwin Studio
106 North Main Avenue
Erwin, TN 37650
(423) 735-0929
*At the Cradic Building
Jonesborough Studio
210 Headtown Road
Jonesborough, TN 37659
(423) 753-3171
Thank you for voting us
The Readers Choice ~ Best Dance Studio
We are so proud of our school and our students!!!
*At the Bradshaw BuildingEntrance at 112 Gay Street
Friday, October 17, 2014
Zak’s Fine Furniture
from doctor’s offices to college
campuses and even a fitness
The store has a furniture
repair department where
leather or fabric can be mended
and wood can be refinished.
“Most of the time we work on
our own furniture, items we
sold, or furniture that’s under
warranty. But we do have some
people bring other items in,”
Scott said before adding tonguein-cheek, “We have a wood
repair technician who is so
good, if it’s not sawdust, he can
restore it.”
The digital age also has
changed how the business
“You can’t just put an ad in
the newspaper or on television
anymore,” Scott said. “The new
generation, the Millennials,
they aren’t watching television.
They’re streaming, they’re on
YouTube and social media like
Facebook. They don’t respond
to traditional marketing.”
And the influence of that
generation is slowly changing
the style of what’s most
Northeast Tennessee is typically
about two years behind trends
in larger cities like Atlanta. And
Scott said he’s noticed the new
generation is leaning more
toward contemporary styles
instead of the traditional
furniture that’s been popular in
the past.
Zak’s serves not only East
Tennessee, but also Southwest
Virginia, Kentucky and Western
North Carolina. In addition to
its main location, Zak’s
Furniture also offers scratchand-dent items at Zak’s
4524 North Roan Street, Johnson City
Six years ago, when Scott
Bowman, president and CEO of
Zak’s Furniture, became the
new leader of the business his
father Nile Bowman founded,
he was ready for change, and
so was his father. The senior
Mr. Bowman retired while his
son moved his family from
Atlanta back to Johnson City.
But, that was just the beginning
in an industry where change is
necessary to meet public
Zak’s began as a way to
diversify the offerings at
electronics store his father and
uncle co-owned.
“They started to dabble a
little in furniture,” Scott said.
In 1968, Zak’s was officially
born - focusing solely on
furniture. Since its inception,
changes included building
locations, and a migration
presented in a warehousestyle concept to fine furniture
and mid-range priced furniture
displayed in a regional home
furnishings campus.
whatever the market has been
doing,” Scott said. “Originally,
if you bought furniture with us,
you’d pick it up from our
showroom floor. Now we can
deliver it to you from one of
our distribution centers. And
we even can help you design
your home.”
The design department
services are free to Zak’s
Furniture customers. They
specialize in residential design
but have worked on various
commercial projects ranging
Clearance Center on Pickens
Bridge Road and discount
furniture at Zak’s Attic on North
Eastman Road in Kingsport. It
also operates its own separatelybranded mattress store, The
Sleep Shop at Zak’s, which is
housed alongside the main
“We really strive to be the
leader in mattress sales,” Scott
Everything that’s for sale in
the showroom is kept in stock
so when a purchase is made, the
customer isn’t kept waiting for
their furniture. That’s just one
distinguishing characteristic of
being a locally-owned and
operated business.
“My competition doesn’t have
the owner sitting in the store.
They have a manager. Owners
tend to look at things
differently,” Scott said. “When
a customer comes to Zak’s, I
take service personally. It’s not
just a sale; it’s our image. We go
the extra mile.”
Part of going the extra mile
means that some staff work
solely as customer service
“They don’t work in the office,
and they aren’t sales people,”
Scott stressed
stressed. “Because when
people call in for service, they
want to know they’re being
taken care of. Instead of
focusing on marketing, we like
to focus more on the service
aspect. We want repeat
customers. We advertise, but
we like the word-of-mouth
advertising the best.”
Continuing in the tradition of
his father, Scott believes in
giving back to the community.
Zak’s contributes to schools,
churches and organizations not
only financially, but also
through donations of store
items to be used in silent auction
Johnnson City Press, Page 23
Zak’s received Reader’s
Choice Awards in several
categories, including Best
Furniture Store, Best Interior
Design, Best Mattress-Bedding
Store, and Best Place to Work.
In addition to that honor, Zak’s
has also been chosen by industry
trade magazine “Furniture
Today” for the past four years
in a row as one of the top
independent furniture retailers
in the nation, according to
Business hours are from 9
a.m. to 8 p.m., MondaySaturday, and 1 to 6 p.m.,
Sunday. For more information,
visit www.zaksfurniture.com