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NOVEMBER 2014 | VOL. 65 , NO. 11
Excellence Among Peers
W hat
does it take to produce a
work of art? Competing for
the project; winning the bid;
estimating the costs; designing the millwork according to the specifications; understanding the environmental impact on the properties
of the wood species; securing
adequate supply of the wood;
manufacturing the millwork;
fitting the millwork onsite;
and installing the millwork
with precision — all within
budget and on time! And
that’s only a fraction of what’s
Each year AWI recognizes
the best of the best woodwork
with a Standard of Excellence
Award. Awards are bestowed
on AWI Manufacturing
Members whose exemplary
projects have been featured
among the beautiful and
skillfully executed projects
in AWI’s official journal,
Design Solutions, within the
past two years. The choice
is difficult because all of the
2014 Overall Standard of Excellence Winner
beautifully photographed
projects featuring a wide
Gaithersburg Cabinetry & Millwork, Inc.,
Warrenton, VA
range of wood species and
Project: Fred W. Smith National Library
woodwork design have
for the Study of George Washington,
been honored with an
Mount Vernon, VA
Award of Excellence in
Photo courtesy of George Washington’s
the past two years.
Mount Vernon
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Garry Astles…
AWI President’s
Award Honoree
Someone very special to AWI was honored
at the AWI 62nd Annual Convention in
San Antonio.
AWI President Randy Jensen took the opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of
one of AWI’s leaders, “an AWI evangelist and
friend”. One of AWI’s most prestigious honors
is the President’s Award, which was conferred
on the President of AWI’s newest Capital Region
Chapter, Garry Astles of Northway Industries.
In introducing the 2014 honoree, Mr. Jensen
said, “This gentleman eats, sleeps and breathes
AWI. He has championed countless programs for
AWI, partnering his chapter with others to guarantee top notch events.”
Mr. Jensen added, “He has worked hard with the
Central Pennsylvania Chapter, left them strong,
and started up a new chapter, the Capital Region
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AWI Honors 11 Chapters; New England Nabs Top Award
AWI’s 21 chapters enable us to have a robust grassroots
outreach throughout the architectural woodwork industry.
Chapters are vital to our association.
“Running a
chapter is no different than running a
business,” AWI convention Master of Ceremonies Greg Lutz
said in announcing the chapters that attained “distinguished”
status in 2014, which is a record number. The chapters
recognized have done an outstanding job this year, growing
from nine in 2013 to 11 in 2014. Their accomplishments were
honored on October 24 by AWI members during the AWI 62nd
Annual Convention in San Antonio.
2014 AWI Distinguished Chapters
Carolinas Chapter
Capital Region Chapter
Great Lakes Chapter
Heart of America Chapter
Iowa / Nebraska Chapter
New England Chapter
New Jersey Chapter
Texas Chapter
Virginias Chapter
Washington Chapter
Wisconsin Chapter
Special congratulations go to the New Jersey and Virginias
Chapters, who are new Distinguished Chapters this year, and
kudos go to the brand new Capital Regional Chapter in its first
year of operation.
Mike McNulty (right), President of the
AWI New England Chapter, receives the
Chapter of the Year Award from Greg
Bednar, Chapter Services Coordinator.
2014 AWI Chapter
of the Year
“While all of our distinguished chapters have done
an exceptional job of promoting and creating the ‘AWI
Experience’ in their respective market, there is only one
AWI Chapter of the Year —
2014,” Mr. Lutz said.
The Chapter of the Year
is a most prestigious honor.
Each year, there is only one
selected, and it is the single
AWI members applaud the chapters for achieving Distinguished Chapter status.
chapter that has the most accumulated points in the AWI
Distinguished Chapter Program.
The New England Chapter took top honors among AWI’s
chapters, and Chapter President Michael McNulty accepted
the handsome award for display at chapter activities. The
chapter name also will be engraved on the Chapter of the
Year plaque at AWI National, recognizing their contribution
and achievement.
“The New England Chapter showed its commitment to
winning the coveted award as they consulted the GPS Manual
as a guide, tracked their points in the annual chapter D.R.I.V.E.
The Chapter of the Year
is a most prestigious
honor. Each year there is
only one selected.
program, and seized opportunities to earn extra points that
assured their place among Distinguished Chapters,” AWI
Chapter Services Coordinator Greg Bednar told NewsBriefs.
“The key to success is planning, structure, and customer service by dedicated and dynamic leaders,” Mr. Bednar added.
The awards were presented during the Final Evening
for Farewells concluding the 2014 AWI Convention on
October 24. z
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
Gary Astles... AWI President’s Award... (cont. from page 1)
Chapter.” Having received the chapter’s charter from the AWI
Board of Directors on December 17, 2013, Mr. Astles guided the
group on a fast track to achieve Distinguished Chapter status
within its first year of operation.
Mr. Astles guided the group
on a fast track to achieve
Distinguished Chapter
status within its first year
of operation.
On a Fast Track
Web site, where there is also an online
By November, 2013, the chapter had
“Community Discussion” forum for
defined its mission and goals; became
chapter members and the industry.
incorporated in the state of Maryland;
obtained a Federal ID number from
A Remarkable Year
the Internal Revenue Service; wrote
Whew! What an impressive start for
bylaws; created a Board of Directors;
creating a strong regional community
tapped into the AWI Education
of 21 architectural woodworkers and
Outreach program and organized its
suppliers in the Maryland and the
first event, “The Ten Commandments
Washington, DC Metropolitan area.
of Contract Management,” presented
“To get recognition from someone
on November 16 by Michael Davies,
I respect and admire immensely, our
Esq.; planned and organized a second
president Mr. Randy Jenson, and
event for April 29, 2014, “The New
from our AWI family in general, is very
QCP” with speaker Joe Sorrelli; progratifying. It puts a spring in my step!
moted the events to the industry in
For an immigrant to this great counMaryland and the DC Metro area; cretry it is especially rewarding. To be
ated a Facebook page, a Linked-In page,
Garry Astles accepts the 2014 President’s Award
by so many industry icons
and a Twitter account; secured insurance;
and strong members of our association is
and planned a third event .
simply wonderful for our fantastic volunteers at Capital Region
Not letting the grass grow under his feet, Mr. Astles then
AWI and, of course, for my outstanding employer, Northway
took the chapter to the next level with the launch of a Web site,
Industries,” Mr. Astles said. The chapter began positioning
A 20-year veteran of the architectural woodwork industry, Mr.
itself to realize its strategic goal to be the “go to” resource for
Astles is Sales Representative for Northway Industries. Prior
the design community in the region. The chapter’s outreach
to formation of the Capital Region Chapter, he served for one
included contacting organizations representing Architects,
year as a Director, one year as Vice President, and eight years
Design Professionals, Subcontractors, and others.
as President of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter. What next?
Since then the Capital Region Chapter has attracted new
More success, no doubt. z
members offering each company a high profile on the chapter’s
Convention Sponsors Make It Happen
AWI is grateful for the gracious support of its Annual Sponsors
whose year-long commitment to AWI contributes to the success
of the annual convention. Their generosity is supplemented each
year by Convention Sponsors.
AWI’s heartfelt appreciation is extended to each of the Convention
Sponsors represented here as well as to the Annual Sponsors
whose logos appear on page 6. Thank you! z
Excellence Among Peers... (cont. from page 1)
he AWI Manufacturing Members whose projects won them AWI’s top honors – a Standard
Excellence Award – are congratulated for their
outstanding projects that illustrate the quality of work which
AWI members produce.
Fetzer Architectural Woodwork
Comprised of 35,000 sq. ft. on six floors, this corporate
project had a short timeline and a tight budget. The logs of
Walnut obtained for the project were “So beautiful, in fact,
that we used the sapwood to maximize the width of each leaf
and accentuate the lovely dark and light contrasting grain,”
said architect Alan Gerencer at ZGF.
SOE Winner: Corporate
2014 Overall Standard of Excellence Winner
Fetzer Architectural Woodwork, Salt Lake City, UT
Project: Law Offices of Kirton McConkie, Salt Lake City, UT
Photographer: Richard Springgate, Park City, UT
Gaithersburg Cabinetry & Millwork, Inc., Warrenton, VA
Project: Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of
George Washington, Mount Vernon, VA
Photo courtesy of George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Gaithersburg Cabinetry & Millwork, Inc.renton, VA
Woods used throughout the 45,000 sq. ft. library include 27,000 sq.
ft. of quarter sawn American Sycamore, quarter sawn White Ash,
plus quarter sawn non-figured and highly figured Mahogany. “Every
aspect of the inner rooms adheres to an archival, museum standard
governing the veneers and hardwoods, substrates, glues and finishes
— all required by Mount Vernon to safeguard the books and objects
collections,” noted Richard Molinaroli of the design firm.
D&L Wood Products, Inc.
The luxury rental high-rise residential project features
high-gloss Eucalyptus wall panels for the ground floor lobby;
quartered Elm wall panels for the curved business lounge and
library; quartered Walnut for wavy wall in the party room; and
reclaimed barn wood for the fame lounge. There were numerous
intricate items produced for the project.
SOE Winner: Residential
D&L Wood Products, Inc., Crown Point, IN
Project: 500 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
Photographer: Mike Crews, Naperville, IL
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
Photo courtesy of SkillsUSA
SOE Winner: Hospitality
Central Wisconsin Woodworking Corporation, Wausau, WI
Project: Mile North Hotel, Chicago, IL
Photographer: Scott Nava, Chicago, IL
Central Wisconsin Woodworking Corporation
This was a hospitality conversion project into a new 5,000 sq.
ft. bar, coffee shop, market, restaurant, and lobby. The herringbone ceiling and fireplace wall in the lobby were made of
rift, quartered, plain and flat cut Walnut veneer with a color
variation from dark chocolate with heavy figuring to creamy
sapwood in a random pattern with a distressed natural finish.
SOE Winner: Education
Interior Woodworking Specialists, Redmond, WA
Project: University of Washington,
Husky Union Building, Seattle, WA
Photographer: Benjamin Benschneider, Seattle, WA
Interior Woodworking Specialists
This comprehensive remodel and renovation education
project features pivot panels, mural, wall and ceiling
panels, benches and casework of Eastern Elm veneer
and hardwood. The 22 tall, pivoting Elm panels lining
the sides of the 20-foot-high auditorium were the most
challenging aspect of the project.
SOE Winner: Healthcare
Lange Bros. Woodwork Co., Inc., Milwaukee, WI
Project: Promega Feynman Center, Fitchburg, WI
Photographer: Reed Andrew, Plain, WI
Lange Bros. Woodwork Company
In keeping with the nature theme of the space,
three different woods are featured through the
facility: Maple, quarter sawn Cherry and Walnut
trim. The stair treads and wood clouds (enormous structures lifted in place by wires to cover
the mechanicals and lighting that add a decorative element to the rooms) are among the most
impressive elements of this healthcare project.
Long-standing Members Recognized
50 Year Anniversary
This year, one member firm hit the fifty year golden anniversary mark in membership, having joined AWI in 1964.
Congratulations to:
Recognition was given
to the 25th Anniversary
members attending
the AWI convention
(l to r): Doug Mock,
Mock Woodworking
Company; Robert
Stout, RLS Commercial
Interiors, Inc.; and
Randy Lange, Lange
Bros. Woodwork Co.
Thompson Industries, Baltimore, MD
No matter what your
longevity status is, your
membership helps
AWI thrive.
How long have you been a member of AWI? No matter what
your longevity status is, your membership helps AWI thrive
as the voice of the architectural woodwork community. When
AWI flourishes, members benefit from enhanced programs,
publications and services. The AWI community grows and
becomes stronger.
A few of AWI’s members are celebrating very special anniversaries in 2014 and have contributed to AWI’s success
through their membership for many decades.
2014 AWI Sponsors
A.F. Johnson Millwork Company, West Des Moines, IA
Architectural Forest Products, Two Rivers, WI
Carocraft Cabinets, Charlotte, NC
Cassady Woodworks Inc., Dayton, OH
Lange Bros. Woodwork Co., Milwaukee, WI
Mock Woodworking Company, Zanesville, OH
O’Keefe Incorporated, River Falls, WI
Petersen Geller Spurge, Inc., Hudson, NY
RLS Commercial Interiors, Inc., Wendell, NC
Steve Ward and Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN
WoodByrne Cabinetry Inc., St. Louis, MO
YFI Millwork, Cape Neddick, ME
Note: Those not present at the AWI convention will receive their gifts in the mail.
Sustaining Sponsor
Level 2 Sponsors
Level 3 Sponsors
Level 4 Sponsors
AWI thanks its 2014 Sponsors
whose support helps AWI to
fund its programs, publications
and other services for members.
Visit to contact
our sponsors whenever a need
arises for their services.
Founding Sponsor
25 Year Anniversary
Another group of members have been a part of our association
for a quarter of a century. During the 2014 AWI convention,
they were recognized for their continued support. Company
leaders attending the convention were presented with a
25-year gold and ruby membership pin by AWI Executive
Vice President Phil Duvic.
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
Blankenship & McCain
Named Honorary Life
Members of AWI
AWI Honorary Life Member Awards are conferred on individuals who have contributed exemplary service to the association,
its members, and AWI’s Mission as deemed by his/her peers.
Two extraordinary people have been selected this year to receive
the distinction of Honorary Life Member of the Institute.
AWI’s 2003-2004 President, Jay Blankenship of Columbus
Cabinet Company in Columbus, Georgia, has provided service
and expertise to both AWI and the industry and was an active
member in the former Georgia Chapter. Mr. Blankenship joins a
renowned list of prior year recipients.
The other Honorary Life Member has dedicated more than 18
years to AWI and the industry, providing innovative ideas, superior leadership and living the mission of AWI. She has advanced
from receptionist to Senior Director of Operations, and has
worked with membership, chapters and countless AWI initiatives and committees. She has given more than just time…she
has made AWI her passion. AWI’s Teresa McCain also joins a
distinguished list of Honorary Life Members. z
Teresa McCain receives Honorary Life Member distinction from AWI
Executive VP Phil Duvic (left) and Master of Ceremonies Greg Lutz
while AWI members applaud her long-standing service to AWI.
2014 AWI Outstanding Supplier
Supplier Members are an important
component of our community of
members. One such member has
been singled out for his loyalty and support of AWI through continued
contributions to the association, the industry and his peers. The recipient
of the Outstanding Supplier Award has worked diligently with the New
Jersey Chapter and has always stepped forward to further AWI.
Antoni Jakubowski of Adservco Group was recognized during the
AWI 62nd Annual Convention as the 2014 AWI Outstanding Supplier.
The firm is an AWI Annual Sponsor and has been a national Supplier
Member since December 4, 2006. Congratulations and thank you for
your continued support of AWI.
Adservco Group is a Polish-American company specializing in
architectural woodwork engineering and drafting. In addition, it
provides consulting and assisting services to Manufacturers, General
Contractors, Architects, and Engineers for complex projects. z
Antoni Jakubowski (right), Adservco Group,
receives AWI Oustanding Supplier Award
from AWI Executive VP Phil Duvic.
Advanced Woodworking
Industries (AWI), LLC
Oakland Park, FL
16 Members Recognized for Safety
Without a safe shop, your most important
assets — human resources — are at risk.
When company leaders make safety an
important goal, company personnel make
it their goal. It takes a team to achieve
safety improvements.
Zero Lost Time Accident
Achievement Award
The AWI/Federated Zero Lost Time
Accident Achievement Award is presented to manufacturers in all categories with
no lost time accidents.
10,000 to 19,999 Hours
Woodtronics, Inc.
CFF - Central Florida
Orlando, FL
20,000 to 99,999 Hours
Antreasian Design, Inc.
Luttrell Architectural Woodworks, Inc.
Lyndan, Inc.
Mass Cabinets, Inc.
Vaughn Interior Concepts, Inc.
Victory Woodworks, Inc.
Wend-Wood, Inc.
Windsor Architectural Woodworking
Wright Architectural Millwork
Classic Woodwork Inc.
Sainte-Thérèse, QC, Canada
Goebel Fixture Company
Hutchinson, WI
Grizz Custom Cabinets, Inc.
Forest Hill, MD
Heritage Restoration and
Design, Inc.
Peoria, IL
Riax Contractors Corporation
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Buffalo, NY
SJS Architectural Millwork
Installation, LLC
Altamonte Springs, FL
Note: These new members joined
AWI in September 2014.
Use the online Directory of AWI
Manufacturing and Supplier
Members at for
contact information and access
to the Web sites of these and
other AWI members. The resource
is open 24/7 for use in seeking
manufacturers and suppliers of
architectural woodwork.
Stefan Smith (left), Gaithersburg Cabinetry
& Millwork Company receives A Best Safety
Achievement Award from Jack West, Federated
Insurance (AWI’s safety insurance partner).
On October 24 during the AWI 62nd
Annual Convention, time was set
aside to celebrate safety and 16 AWI
Manufacturing Members were applauded
for their safe workplace records.
Best Safety Achievement Award
The AWI/Federated Best Safety
Achievement Award is presented to the
manufacturing member firm with the
lowest incident rate in category hours.
10,000 to 19,999 Hours
Woodtronics, Inc.
20,000 to 99,999 Hours
Mass Cabinets, Inc.
More than 100,000 Hours
Gaithersburg Cabinetry
& Millwork Company, Inc.
More than 100,000 Hours
Fetzer Architectural Woodwork
Gaithersburg Cabinetry
& Millwork Company, Inc.
Nielsen Builders, Inc.
RCS Millwork, L.C.
Safety Improvement
Recognition Award
The AWI/Federated safety improvement
certificate of recognition is presented
to manufacturers in all categories that
reduce their incident rate from the
previous year.
20,000 to 99,999 Hours
Antreasian Design, Inc.
Fairfield County Millwork
Lyndan, Inc.
Wend-Wood, Inc.
More than 100,000 Hours
Fetzer Architectural Woodwork
Gaithersburg Cabinetry
& Millwork Company, Inc. z
The Architectural Woodwork Institute
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