Mediakit 2017 - SAZ

Mediakit 2017
SAZ Sports & Fashion
is the sport sector magazine that connects fashion and function wear.
The bridge between sport and fashion retailing, with latest trends and collections from the world of
active sports and sportswear. Always with its finger on the pulse, and always up-to-date and current.
Our Topics
Several times a year, SAZ Sports & Fashion provides readers with
crucial information from the world of textiles. New fibers, functional
fabrics, sporty collections on the one hand, and street wear and
sport-inspired fashion on the other – SAZ Sports & Fashion analyses
all aspects relevant for a successful product range in sport retailing.
News and stories, important background information, interesting
interviews – whether on business facts or fashion trends, SAZ Sports &
Fashion is informative and entertaining. Emotional stories, lifestyle
and innovative trends – the issues SAZ Sports & Fashion covers bring
sport and fashion to life, taking all dates within the industry’s calendar
year into consideration.
Our Readers
SAZ Sports & Fashion is aimed at retailers and decision-makers from
the sport and textile branch, and at all who wish to catch up on the
latest trends, whether at management level, product management,
purchasing or sales. In line with the companies who read our magazine,
SAZ Sports & Fashion stands for quality and new ideas. Fascinating
topics and a modern, unpretentious layout appeal to trendsetters for
whom textiles is more than just a job. Current opportunities for
advertising campaigns offer clients the chance to present trends and
products in a worthy, editorial context.
New topics, clear design, variable advertising opportunities.
Here’s how you could present yourself:
Premium Collection Page
The high-quality, editorial format of the pages will lend
your latest products a stylish, uniform editorial design.
Benefits: Its positioning at the beginning of the advertising
section, the uniform layout and separate index-entry ensures
maximum attention and significance.
Premium Collection
1/1 page products:
€ 1.500,-
Layout: Design by the publisher. Supply of materials and data
by client: 4 or 6 images per page plus accompanying text per
image. Length: je 150 – 200 characters (incl. spaces). Prior to
publication, you will receive a proof print free of charge.
Premium Collection Page
2/1 page products:
€ 2.600,-
Premium Collection Page
1/1 page products +
1/1 page action-/image (195 w x 247 h mm):
€ 2.600,-
Premium Collection Page – mixed collection page
Benefits: A mixed collection page offers you the opportunity
to present individual product images as part of an introductory price.
1 image with text
on a
mixed page:
Layout: Design by the publisher. Presentation of 4 products
from different manufacturers per page. Supply of materials
and data by client: one image plus text. Length: 200-300
characters (incl. spaces). Without proof print.
€ 350.-
Advertorial: Textile Function
For ingredient brands and tailoring, information on fibres, fabrics, functions and functional products.
Benefits: Technical look, lots of information: You can explain
and highlight your items. With text, images and graphics.
Layout: Design by the client or on request. Certain requirements specified by the publisher (see guidelines) regarding
content must be adhered to - Product presentations, not
classic advertisements.
Print Space 1/1:
195 w x 247 h mm
Print Space 2/1
across spread:
420 w x 247 h mm
1/1 page:
€ 2.000,-
2/1 page:
€ 3.700,-
Market Place: Collection Page
These pages, designed by the client, present collections and textile innovation. They are classified as advertorials.
Benefits: You can layout your product presentations according
to your wishes and fully implement your company’s CI.
Space for your
1/1 page:
€ 1.300,-
Das Layout: Design by the client. Certain requirements
specified by the publisher (see guidelines) regarding content
must be adhered to - Product presentations, not classic
Print space 1/1:
195 w x 247 h mm
Space for your
2/1 page:
Print space 2/1
420 w x 247 h mm
€ 2.300,-
Dates 2017
Fashion & Function 1/17
Preview ISPO
Fashion & Function 2/17
Fashion & Function 3/17
Update Funktion
Fashion & Function 4/17
Preview OutDoor
Fashion & Function 5/17
Fashion & Function 6/17
Update Funktion
ISPO 2017
Performance Days
OutDoor 2017
Performance Days
Sports fashion involves a lot of textile functions (functional materials, membranes, equipment etc.). Such issues play an important role
for SAZ Sports & Fashion. As circumstances require, such topics will be addressed in regular issues of SAZsport/SAZbike. Consult us for
any assistance.
Price list
Advertising Formats
Width x height in mm
(all formats incl. bleed)
b/w + 4c
2/1 page
450 w x 290 h
+3 mm trim on all sides
€ 8.990,-
1/1 page
225 w x 290 h
+3 mm trim on all sides
€ 5.270,-
1/2 page
vertical format 112 w x 290 h
horizontal format 225 w x 145 h
+3 mm trim on outer edges respectively
€ 2.740,-
1/3 page
horizontal format 225 w x 97 h
+3 mm trim on outer edges
€ 1.850,-
1/4 page
vertical format 56 w x 290 h
horizontal format 225 w x 72 h
+3 mm trim on outer edges respectively
€ 1.560,-
2/1 page
1/1 page
1/2 page
450 w x 290 h mm
225 w x
290 h mm
112 w x
290 h mm
1/3 page
1/4 page
225 w x
97 h mm
225 w x
72 h mm
225 w x
145 h mm
1/4 page vertical
56 w x
290 h mm
Further special advertising formats on request
Special Placements
Width x height/mm
3 mm trim respectively
Front cover flap
4 pages
€ 19.990,-
Front cover
225 w x 290 h
€ 8.490,-
Inside front
225 w x 290 h
€ 5.790,-
Inside back cover
225 w x 290 h
€ 5.390,-
Back cover
225 w x 290 h
€ 6.290,-
discount rate
2 pages 5 %
3 pages 8 %
4 pages 10 %
5 pages 12 %
6 pages
15 %
8 pages 20 %
10 pages 25 %
discount rate
3 times 3 %
5 times 5 %
8 times 8 %
10 times 10%
12 times 12 %
15 times 15 %
20 times 20 %
Further combidiscounts
Take advantage of our
attractive combination
discounts for additional
advertising in SAZsport and/
or SAZbike. We’ll be happy
to provide you with all the
necessary information.
Collection pages and advertorials do not qualify
for discounts or commissions
Technical Specifications
Format Print space Transfer of Digital Data
225 mm width x 290 mm height
195 mm width x 247 mm height
Printing process Sheet offset
Colours Euroscale
The following data types can be processed by us:
• PDF/X-3 (1.5) (printable)
• InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop up to Version CS5
• All fonts must be supplied.
• Colour range always in CMYK, never in RGB.
• TIF-Data (CMYK or grey shades) size always 1:1 at 300 dpi
• EPS-data (pixels) –> see TIF
• EPS-data (vectors) –> convert fonts into vectors (paths)
or embed into data.
• Apple: compressed data: Stuffit or ZIP
• PC: compressed data: ZIP
300 Pixel/inch; 118 Pixel/cm
on request
email [email protected]
Printing materialsper email, data carriers or FTP
Data formats Resolution Data- and In order to ensure that the advercolour control tisement resulting from the data you
supplied satisfies your expectations,
we require a binding proof of your
advertisement. In the case of missing
proofs We will not assume responsibility for colour deviation, incorrect or
inappropriate appearance of your
Additional costs
Changes to materials/data supplied
will be charged at cost price.
General Information on Publishing House
Publisher SAZ Verlag GmbH
Bayerstr. 16a
D-80335 München
Fon: +49-89-74 117-600
Fax: +49-89-74 117-129
email: [email protected]
Registered office Munich
HRB 58383
Vat-ID: DE 129456183
Postal address
Postbox 201552
D-80015 München
CEO Dr. Günther Götz
Advertising Manager
Kirsten Meuer (ext. number: -610)
email: [email protected]
Assistance/technical processing Max Siefert (ext. number: -609)
email: [email protected]
Fax direct: +49-89-74 117-129
Conditions of payment Instant 2 % cash discount, 30 days net
Bank Deutschland
Deutsche Bank
Account 4934766, BLZ 70070024
IBAN: DE72700700240493476600
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General terms and conditions apply (see SAZsport).