Master!s Program Environmental Policy and Planning

Bewerberinfo WiSe 2014/15
Stand 4.4.2014
Master!s Program Environmental Policy and Planning
Information on the application for TU Berlin
Master!s program Environmental Policy and Planning is an integrated degree scheme of FU and TU Berlin.
Applicants have to address their application on the University they want to get enrolled at.
Deadline for applications for winter term 2014/2015 will be May 15, 2014.
Entry requirements according to regulations for admission:
You need to have a professional qualifying graduation from a German university, or an equal graduation from
another country. This graduation has to be in Environmental Planning, Political Science or another subject
relevant for this Master!s program, especially like Land-use Planning, Regional Planning, Urban Planning,
Social Science, Economics, European Studies, Law, Environmental Science and Geography.
Graduations will be approved when they contain at least 60 Credit Points (ECTS) in Social Science and are
attested when applying for the program. Additionally 30 Credit Points (ECTS) have to be related to environmental topics and can be contained in the 60 Credit Points in Social Science.
All applicants, which don!t have English as their first language and did not obtain their graduate in an English-spoken educational institution, have to attest their skills in English Level C1 according to the Common
European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR).
Application procedure at TU Berlin
1. Online - application
To apply at TU Berlin you have to use the TU-Portal: TU - Quick Access 136132 or
Please note that this Portal is actually for doctoral studies and non-consecutive Master!s programs – but you
are on the correct Homepage!
Follow the necessary steps of the online application.
After finishing the application please print the application as a pdf-file and sign it.
2. Additional documents to submit
Certificate of the first university degree:
! First professionally qualifying university degree (Bachelor, Diploma, Magister, Master, state examination
or an equivalent) together with a certificate of Credit Points yielded (Certificate of length of study, final
Bewerberinfo WiSe 2014/15
Stand 4.4.2014
grade, grades in the separate Modules) in an officially certified copy. International certificates have to be
translated, as the circumstances require (for further information look at TU - Quick Access 98063)
! Applicants, who can!t attest their first university degree, but almost finished a study program have the opportunity to show an ECTS-confirmation, handed by the responsible authority of their university. The confirmation has to contain the Credit Points already yielded, the final grade resulting from the Credit Points,
the standard period of study and maximum achievable ECTS-Points (further information at TU - Quick
Access 124265)
! Current certificate of matriculation, stating the count of semesters of the German university attended or a
de-registration certificate stating the academic semesters so far.
Certificate of language skills:
Certificate in English according to admission statute, Level C1 agreeable to the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR) as an official certified copy.
Further attests:
! CV and a motivation letter (2 pages) describing why you are interested in the master!s program environmental policy and planning. Please provide further information about your previous education and
higher education experiences as well as practical activities and trainings related to this environmental
study program, including documents/references which certify respective practical experiences and qualifications.
! Copy of the passport, showing the personal facts for international applicants or a copy of the identification
card for German applicants
Please send the application form together with all required documents to the following address:
Technische Universität Berlin
GKmE Environmental Policy and Planning
z. Hd. Dr. Jessica Reisert
Fachgebiet Umweltprüfung und Umweltplanung
Sekretariat EB 5
Straße des 17. Juni 145
D - 10623 Berlin
Further information about the Master's program Environmental Policy and Planning, for example, the study
and examination regulations and contact persons, can be found on our website (TU - Quick Access 135564).