Herr Prof. Dr. Michael Farle

Fachbereich für Physik
Johannes-Kepler-Universität Linz / Auhof
Im Rahmen des Physikkolloquiums spricht
Herr Prof. Dr. Michael Farle
Fakultät für Physik, Universität Duisburg-Essen
“Nanomagnets: „Miracle“ building blocks for
innovations in medicine and energy saving“
Magnetism in structures with dimensions on the few - nanometer scale have been the
center of many investigations ranging from topics in spin-torque and spin-injection
dynamics and interactions in biomedical applications to the creation of new types of hard,
soft or multi-functionalized materials. Such nanostructured “building blocks” offer new
exciting possibilities to create new artificial materials. In biological and medical
technologies magnetic hybrid or functionalized particles find applications in site-targeted
therapy, diagnosis, cell separation and water purification. For innovations in electromobility
and wind harvesting new lightweight motors and generators are needed which require the
design of new types of permanent magnets – again based on magnetic nanoscale building
The talk will give an introduction to the state of the art and address the challenges for
tailoring the properties of such building blocks. New functionalities can be obtained based
on the intelligent combination of magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
Work performed within EU- networks SyntOrbMag, REFreePerMag, IMAGINE and DFG, SFB 445.
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Datum: Do, 18.06.2015
Zeit: 17:15 Uhr
Ort: HS 8