Focus Curriculum for the Month of March

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Focus Curriculum for the
Month of March
Grade 2: In Chapter 7, we will
Ms. Wolff’s Classes :
2-104: Ms. Ortega
learn how to count the total value of
2-125: Ms. Larrea
a group of coins and tell time on
both digital and analogue clocks.
[email protected],
Aprenderé sobré como hallar el
valor total de una centidad de dinero
y a decir la hora usando relojes
analogicos y relojes digitales.
ESL Support: In Chapter 7, we
• Do not forget to review completed
will emphasize vocabulary
homework and sign homework sheets
daily. 2nd grade homework is
Grade 2: coin, cent sign, penny,
always on the back.
dime, nickel, quarter, dollar, minute, • Visit our school website at
for any school updates
a.m., p.m.,
We will work on finding helpful
vocabulary in tricky word problems.
• Let your child count your change for
you before you pay. See if they can
make change 2 different ways!
• Ask your child to tell you the time at
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