NORTHERN+STAR - Benedetti Wood Concept

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J'a6rizio Benedett i and his team nave heeri contracted. aver the yast year and. a nafJ
to v arnish the exterior 6rignt work on. the 76 :Meter :M.y Northern. Star. The first
time :J1iaaasked. J'a6rizio to v arnish, ne had. aver 160 mts of cay raiis to work on, ne
was ahie to (ay three coats on in two weeks this was inc(umng strippinq
ayyroxi~ate(y 40 meters arid.6ui(aing 't'Y 8 coats, .J\.[soI had. asked. his team to
reYt;.olle'rhe rubber in between the 6utt joints so we couid' the v arnish. in the
J'a6rizio and. his team were able to compiete the work to a very nign standard.
J'a6rizio is very rneticulous aboui the finisn and. will. not Ieave the j06 to it is to his
One tning the crew and. I noticed was how clean. tney kept the boat, everyaay
J'a6rizio would. get his team to go around. and. make sure the decks were cieari of
rubbish. and. dust also makinp sure a(( areas were yrotectea yroyer(y 6efore startinq .
.J\.notner adv antaqe is J'a6rizio is a yrofessiona( carpenter, The 'Benedetti.fami(y
nave a (arge w orkshop in 'Porto Santo Stefano, Tuscarrq, Ita(y where tney can
yroauce nign quaCity items and. ship worldwide.
I 'Ro6 :Maguire wouid. nave no yr06(em recommendinp
hirn. all' the best far the future.
'Ro6 :Maguire
Cyt: Nortnern
Fahrizio Benedetti. and. wish.