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The Pitti Immagine shareholders approve the 2013 Financial Statement and name
the Board of Directors. Gaetano Marzotto is reconfirmed as President, and four
new members join the Board of Directors: Francesco Barberis Canonico, Andrea
Lardini, Claudio Marenzi and Toni Scervino.
Today, February 27 2014, the shareholders of Pitti Immagine unanimously approved the financial
statement for fiscal year 2012-2013 (ended on September 30 2013 with a turnover of approximately 32.9
million Euros and after-tax profits of slightly less than 30 thousand Euros), as well as the operating budget
for the current fiscal year (from October 1 to September 30 2014).
On a motion from Stefano Ricci, president of the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana (CFMI), the majority
shareholder in Pitti Immagine, and in agreement with the other partner, Sistema Moda Italia, the meeting
then resolved on the composition of the Board of Directors for the 2014-2017 three-year term:
- Francesco Barberis Canonico (new member)
- Leandro Gualtieri (confirmed)
- Andrea Lardini (new member)
- Claudio Marenzi (new member)
- Gaetano Marzotto (confirmed)
- Raffaello Napoleone (confirmed)
- Franco Penè (confirmed)
- Laudomia Pucci di Barsento (confirmed)
- Monica Sarti (confirmed)
- Toni Scervino (new member)
Later, on a motion from the president of CFMI, the meeting confirmed Gaetano Marzotto in his position, as
president, and nominated Leandro Gualtieri and Claudio Marenzi as vice presidents of the company.
Mr. Ricci warmly thanked the board members for the excellent work they have done on behalf of the Pitti
trade fairs and the Italian fashion industry, with special gratitude to the outgoing members – Lavinia
Biagiotti, Alfredo Botto Poala, Emanuele Castellini, Maurizio Corneliani, Brunello Cucinelli, Ferruccio
Ferragamo and Mario Totaro – for their dedication and wholehearted participation in the company’s affairs.
Finally, along with his best wishes to the new Board for the future, Mr. Ricci expressed his satisfaction over
the four new members, prestigious Italian entrepreneurs with profound knowledge of the international
fashion market: Francesco Barberis Canonico, creative director of Vitale Barberis Canonico, the oldest and
one of the most famous Italian textile mills located in Prativero near Biella; Andrea Lardini, president and
sole administrator of Lardini, strongly rising manufacturers of men’s clothing, situated at Filottrano in the
province of Ancona; Claudio Marenzi, CEO of Herno (with headquarters at Lesa on Lago Maggiore),
president of Classico Italia and Sistema Moda Italia, to which he has already given a strong boost during
the early months of his presidency; and Toni Scervino, sole administrator of Ermanno Scervino, based near
Florence and one of the most successful names in Italian women’s fashion in the past ten years.
Florence, February 27 2014