Medium-Term Market Outlook for EU Candidate Countries and

Medium-Term Market Outlook for EU Candidate
Countries and selected European Neighbourhood
Policy Partner Countries
Enlargement and Integration Action Workshop and Training
JRC Institute
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, IPTS
Taking into account the major trends concerning trade and other
cross-border issues, the workshop will provide insights in the
developments and key driving elements of agricultural and food
markets in the EU Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries in
the perspective of the EU enlargement as well as for Neighbourhood
and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, e.g.
Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
Objectives, policy relevance
and content of workshop
The workshop will focus on:
(1) issues related to the adaptation and use of modelling tools
applied for analysis of production and market outlook as well as
policy impact issues;
(2) the results of such models and other expertise analysing the
impact of possible EU enlargements on the main agricultural markets
of Candidate Countries, the EU and neighbourhood countries.
The workshop will be complemented by one day training on the use
of modelling tools.
One of the expected positive implications for the EU is to improve
modelling tools and focus EU researchers on the analysis of regional
market developments in these regions.
Date, place and duration
25 -26 November 2014, Zagreb, 2 days
Deadline for application
1st September 2014
Target deadline for results of
30th September 2014
European Commission
Joint Research Centre
Enlargement and Integration Action 2013
For the workshop representatives from the national authorities
(Ministries of Agriculture) and the research community from EU
Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries as well as from selected
neighbourhood countries will be invited.
Participants profile
Country of origin of
The workshop is planned to attract high public attention, and a
sufficient number of representatives from European Commission
services (DG AGRI, DG ELARG, Delegations in the area) as well as
major international organisations present in the area (FAO, OECD,
SWG, the World bank, etc.) shall attend the workshop.
The audience will include senior experts in modelling and market
analysis of agricultural and food sectors as well as officials and policy
Focus on participants from:
 EU new Member State;
 EU Candidate Countries;
 EU Potential Candidate Countries;
 on an ad hoc basis European Neighbourhood Policy Countries and
The Commission reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis
the granting of reimbursement of expenses, depending always on
the available budget.
Participants may be entitled to reimbursement of their expenses in
case they are directly (explicitly) invited by the organiser in order to
contribute to the workshop's objectives or have been awarded a
travel reimbursement.
To apply please send your CV to: [email protected], subject: 2014-IPTS-A-1
European Commission
Joint Research Centre
Enlargement and Integration Action 2013