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Each of these tasks are
linked through the use
of Academic Language
and an analysis of the
student’s own teaching.
Each task requires the
creation and submission
of authentic artifacts
(i.e., lesson plans,
instructional materials,
video recording of
teaching, student
assessments with
teacher candidate
Each task requires a
detailed, thorough
examination of the
teacher candidate’s own
teaching effectiveness
through written
Plan a learning sequence of 3-5
consecutive lessons (or 3-5 hours
of teaching in a block)
 Provide assistance by helping teacher
candidate identify class for edTPA
Creation of instructional materials
 Provide assistance in helping teacher
candidate identify focus student(s)
Copies of student assignments and
Feedback on student work, for
selected students
Unedited video recorded
The edTPA shares a number of key constructs with Educator Effectiveness models
that are being implemented in Wisconsin. As with the Educator Effectiveness models,
the edTPA asks pre-service teachers to reflect on their planning, instruction, and
assessment of their students, with a focus on student learning outcomes.
 Provide assistance to teacher candidate in
distributing, collecting, and record keeping of
the video permission forms
 Provide assistance in securing video
equipment, if necessary
 Provide assistance in video recording
 Continue to provide feedback and formative
reflection opportunities for teacher candidates
discuss their teaching effectiveness
Wisconsin edTPA Website:
Created by Lori Kroeger (UW Oshkosh) & Kayla De Vares (UW- Milwaukee), August 12, 2014.