4.04: Bedrooms and Bathrooms Voice Activity
After studying EACH page of EACH tab of lesson 4.04, you will be able to:
 identify and describe your house.
 List and describe the objects in different rooms of the
1. Record a voice activity describing your house or
apartment. Is your house or apartment large or
small? What color is it? How many bathrooms
and bedrooms do you have? Describe what you
can find in at least three rooms.
For example, you can use, "En mi casa hay..." or
"La cama está en el cuarto."
2. Submit a written version of your description.
3. Record your responses and submit them to your
Example provided on the next page. Please, create your
own original sentences, based on the real information
about your house or apartment. Make sure to look at the
sentences and listen the pronunciation of the words in
the Vocabulary Flashcards on Page 2 of the LESSON tab of
Lesson 4.04.
Mi casa
Mi casa es pequeña. Mi casa es (color) . En mi casa hay
tres cuartos y dos baños.
NEXT, describe and list the items in at least THREE
different rooms of your house of apartment.
En mi cuarto hay …
En el cuarto de mi hermano /hermana hay…
El / La (appliance or furniture item) está en …
En la cocina hay…
En el baño hay..
La sala es _____.