What is to Come part 7

What is to Come part 7
Lord, I don't understand why I am wearing a black sequined evening gown and yet dancing so
gracefully with You as if I were at a ball of sorts.
"Because the whole world shall mourn and you shall mourn with them, but have deep inner joy
which the world cannot take away from you. We will dance through the times to come, as My
judgment falls upon this nation and the world. We will behold it with one eye, while beholding
Heaven with the other.
"As things come to a close here in America and around the globe, you will draw closer and
closer to your heavenly home land. I know Clare, you sense in your spirit, that time is short and indeed it is My Love. Soon, I will be taking you away with Me forever and ever and ever. I
will lavish on you all My gifts of Love and we will live happily ever after."
Oh, Lord - that is so precious and exciting and my inner man trembles in hopes that it truly is
You and truly will come to pass soon.
"What have I told you about doubting? And trusting?"
I guess I have no experience to compare it with, to hold on to… it is so far away from my
experience. It's too good to be true.
"He smiled, "Yes, My Love, I know well how you feel, but it is true Clare, just as surely as I AM.
It is true and I know it's beyond what you can imagine - and that delights Me even more
because I love to see you surprised and overwhelmed with My loving provision for you."
So, the world will mourn but we will have one eye in Heaven and one on Earth.
"That's right."
Lord, how can I be happy knowing what mankind is suffering on this Earth and how You suffer
with them? I really question this, as well as…
"Coming back to help?"
"You are going to enter into My Rest - you have labored and now you are going to rest. I have
not called My Bride to be any part of this judgment that is coming. I am not removing you so
you can watch from Heaven and suffer. Is that clear?"
"I'm not. Your job is done here until I return. I will come to you for comfort, but I will not
expose you to the horrors of earth. I cannot and I will not."
Lord, can I question Your wisdom on this?
"Why not, you always do! Why should today be different from another day, hmmm?"
Well, this is no laughing matter but you are making me laugh.
"We can have fun together, sometimes, even when it is hard and heart wrenching for us both."
"In My Divine plan, I have limits to what each one must undergo. I have purposes and I have
limits. My love, do not question. Just accept. Just receive the gift of freedom from the
alienation and troubles of this world."
Lord my gut feels funny.
"It's unbelief Clare."
I rebuked it.
"My Love, many think it's heroic virtue to come back and be present for the chastisement. They
don't know what they are talking about. My angels have been prepared for what is to come, they
alone will be a part of what is to happen."
But what about our prayers from Heaven when we see You praying…surely we will pray too?
Our children! How can we not respond to that?
"There will be times when you will pray for them, but your knowledge will be so far above what
it is now, that even then, what you pray will be for their best. No longer will you be
dramatically tied into them, rather you will see them as I see them - as a part of humanity that
must be purified from sin. It will not lessen your affection but it will change your perspective to
one of seeing from Heaven."
So I won't be pulled into an emotional whirlwind?
"Exactly. You will love them…from a distance and yet, as their mother. It will all make sense to
you then My Love. It truly will."
So we will not be returning during the Tribulation or get to see all the things going on here on
the Earth.
"No. You will not. You will touch in from time to time, to give them courage but you will not be
a part of the drama…rather more like an apparition that speaks encouragement, but not
engaged in the painful realities. You see, your reality is going to be so much more different. In a
sense, it will be impossible for you to get emotionally involved on the same level you are on
now, in your body, on Earth. Your whole world and reality will be so different.
"I know it is hard for you to grasp this concept…although I do see a little light breaking
through." He smiled. "You see, things are so different in Heaven, even now you cannot compute
how you will react or see Earth from Heaven. It is the true reality, what you are in now is only
a mist. When you've been distanced from it… well, there's just no way for Me to explain it, you
have to experience it My Love. But , you can take My word for it, will you?"
Well, I do have a peace about it now that I rebuked that unbelief. I have a deep peace, Jesus ,
that You are speaking the truth to me, and that it shall be asY have said. I thought about Fatima
and the warnings Jesus’ Mother gave the world, all of which have now come to pass.
"Yes, very much like My Mother experienced. In her apparitions around the world she came as
a messenger to bring hope and exhortation as well as warning. But in no way was her reality
immersed in yours. She was still in Heaven, her true reality, but she was permitted to return and
exhort. That's what I mean."
A lot of people don't believe in her apparitions, even when there are photographs, conversions
and healings that seem to testify that this is a holy event. In looking at the fruits, they testify to
something extraordinary and that You are with her.
"A lot of people will have a lot of surprises. You have chosen to go deeper, to look without
prejudice, that is how you discover truth. There will be unequivocal signs in the sun, moon, and
stars that she is My Messenger and the spouse of the Holy Spirit."
"Your viewpoint doesn't make you Catholic, it makes you an impartial observer basing your
opinion on the facts.
"Moving on. There are many who will be disappointed that they cannot come back and be a
part of the drama. To you I say: please, take My word for it, you would only get in the way. You
would suffer what was intended for the reprobate. You have proven your love for Me and I will
not have you go through these things with those who have shown scorn and contempt for Me.
"However, you will get your chance when we return together. Then you will have your
assignments and all will be new, full of expectations and opportunities for you to use your gifts.
Oh, the plans I have for you, My Bride -they are so exciting! So wonderful! And you will be
fully equipped to do all that is in your heart that you have longed to do.
“Yes, you will be perfectly equipped. Your music will flourish, your playing will be nothing less
than perfection, and the anointing will bring hearts to Me, to heal and restore. You see, that is
what you are all expecting, you're just getting ahead of Me by thinking it will be during the
"You will all have the opportunity to do everything that is in your heart and so, so, much more
that I have planned for you. No longer will you labor and see no results because of the hardness
of hearts. No, hearts will be wide open to receive all that you have to give.
"Oh, REJOICE MY BRIDES!! Rejoice! Great is your reward, and great shall be your
assignments. Rejoice! Look forward to this. Yes indeed, you will dance in the black dress, one
eye on Heaven and one on the Earth, but your reality shall be in My Arms, not in sackcloth and
"Well, are you satisfied now, My Love?"
Oh yes Lord, I believe I am. I believe in You Jesus, You speak only the truth and I have come
to understand that You truly are preparing us for what is to occur very quickly.
"Thank you My Love, thank you for receiving. My heart leaps for joy that finally you have
settled this question in your heart, and you truly have heard the voice of your Shepherd. And I
have told you I will never cease to work in you to bring you into the reality of My faithful voice.
It is I who will do these things, and all that I need from you is what you just gave Me.
“Thank you My Love, thank you ever so much for believing in Me. I adore you Clare, I have
spoken My words through you and I will continue to speak them until the day you come Home
with Me."
Maranatha Lord!!! Come quickly!