Streamer Pro and FM

Streamer Pro and FM
People First
The new wireless FM technology
through the Streamer Pro delivers a
convenient and direct connection to
the most discreet hearing instruments.
People First is our promise
to empower people
to communicate freely,
interact naturally and
participate actively
Welcome to
a new world of communication
Streamer Pro with discreet FM. Streamer Pro
offers children and teenagers a chance to wear small,
stylish hearing instruments without losing much-needed FM. Rather than connecting to the instruments themselves — thereby drawing unwanted attention — the
FM receiver plugs into the Streamer Pro giving children
and teens a discreet solution to enhance learning and
reduce listening effort.
Our paediatric audiological mission is to ensure a better
future for every child with hearing loss. We will deliver
solutions, tools and techniques that optimise auditory
and cognitive habilitation, embrace the complexities
of growing up with hearing loss and empower you to
adapt solutions to each child’s developmental stage on
their journey towards adulthood.
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The ConnectLine
Streamer Pro with FM
Oticon ConnectLine — helping children fit in
Children and teenagers with hearing loss want to use today’s
gadgets to feel connected — not only to people but also to their
environment. They want to video chat with family and friends,
hear and communicate on their mobile phones, listen to music,
watch TV, follow media presentations at school and play computer games. As a performance enhancer for Oticon instruments,
the ConnectLine system helps children participate in all these
activities and feel a part of the world around them.
Integration for true participation
As a fully integrated solution comprising the Streamer Pro,
TV and phone adapters, audio cable and microphone, the
ConnectLine system helps children, tweens and teens get on
the same wavelength as their peers when it comes to communication, entertainment and education.
In control with the Streamer Pro
Once the various elements in the ConnectLine system have
been wirelessly paired with the Streamer Pro, children can
use this device as a remote control. For example, activating
the ConnectLine phone adapter offers a hands-free opportunity to hear and take landline calls — even while watching TV.
NEW Extra personalisation via
ConnectLine App for iPhone
Downloading Oticon’s unique ConnectLine App for
iPhone® will connect the Streamer Pro with an iPhone
4 or later model. This turns the iPhone into a cleverly
personalised, discreet and easy to use remote control
for the individual ConnectLine elements. The iPhone
also doubles as a remote volume control and program
changer for the hearing instruments.
Mighty ConnectLine microphone
This lightweight and discreet microphone picks up the
wearer’s voice, reduces background noise and sends the signal directly to the child’s hearing instruments through the
Streamer Pro. Ideal for one-to-one
communication in places like the car, shopping
centres, restaurants, parks and playgrounds,
it is easy to use and effective up
to 15 metres away.
Dakota is loving
hands free
“It’s very exciting to have
the Streamer Pro. I can
listen to my iPod without
taking out my hearing
aids and I can also call my
friends without actually putting my ear to the
Streamer Pro 1.2 App supports iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4.
”Made for iPhone” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPhone, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is
not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPhone may affect wireless performance.
Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Audio in/out
Streamer Pro — the gateway to a world of communication
TV action
Sending all sound details directly to the child’s hearing instruments, the lightweight plug-in TV adapter helps children and
teens get more out of educational or entertaining programmes
- all at the touch of a dedicated TV button. The child can set the
volume at their own preferred level while the family listens
at theirs.
An essential FM boost
FM is easy to use by attaching a receiver to the Streamer Pro,
which gives children and teens the opportunity to choose the
most discreet hearing aids without compromising on
Mobile support
Mobile phones are at the top of the youth communication chain
and the Streamer Pro will keep them there. Pressing the phone
button will transmit the caller’s voice to the hearing instruments,
turning them into a wireless hands-free headset.
NEW iPhone as remote control
The new ConnectLine App for iPhone allows children and teens to
use their iPhone as a remote control for communication devices.
Landline calls
ConnectLine makes it easy for children to use landline phones,
making sure that no calls are missed and that they can answer
the call with one easy push of a button on Streamer Pro.
The audio signal will then be sent wirelessly from the phone
adapter to both hearing instruments — making it easier to chat
with friends or family!
Music and more
Rather than having to remove their instruments and wear headphones, children and teens can wirelessly connect the Streamer
Pro to their mp3 player or computer. The sound will be streamed
directly to both hearing instruments.
Easier communication
Clipped onto a parent or a friend, Oticon’s ConnectLine microphone
creates a personal, private Bluetooth connection between the
child and user — up to 15 metres away. Wherever noise and distance can make it harder for children and teens to hear — whether
in the car, in restaurants or out shopping — the ConnectLine
microphone can make one-to-one communication easier.
Easy Tele loop system access
Streamer Pro’s built in Telecoil means children and teens can
activate the system in places like theatres and lecture halls
without having to draw attention to their hearing instruments.
Personalised remote control
For image-conscious tweens and teens, being able to adjust
the volume or change to another program with the Streamer
Pro as a personal remote turns the focus away from their
hearing instruments.
Computer-based fun
Video chatting or enjoying music and videos via their computer puts hearing impaired children and teens on the same
wavelength as their peers. Streamer Pro’s solution is plug and
play — either directly via a mini-jack cable or wirelessly over a
Bluetooth connection.
Overcoming noise and distance
with the ConnectLine microphone
Making a difference
In background noise or at a distance, children and teens can
benefit from improved signal quality. Worn on their companion’s
clothing, the ConnectLine microphone makes it easier to listen in
adverse conditions.
While making dinner, parents want to be able to chat with their
child who may be watching TV in another room. It is also extremely important that parents feel confident that their child can
hear them clearly when at the park or at the shopping centre.
The benefits of the ConnectLine microphone
in a nutshell:
 ConnectLine microphone improves speech understanding
in noisy environments
The ConnectLine microphone can make all the difference in oneto-one communication when distance and noise are challenging.
 Easy connectivity — simply push a button for a wireless link
to Streamer Pro
 Discreet modern and intuitive design that is easy to clip on
Fun with friends
When it comes to socialising, tweens and teens want to be where
the action is. With a friend wearing the microphone, they can
exchange gossip one-to-one in a local café, and feel more confident in group situations.
 Robust, private Bluetooth connection up to 15 metres
 Noise reduction to emphasise the wearer’s voice
 Cost-effective connectivity
 Easy to charge for 8-hour functionality
Streamer Pro with FM
— the bridge to easier learning
Keeping up with confidence
FM solutions often make children and teens feel unnecessarily
self conscious when FM receivers are physically attached to the
hearing instruments, making them larger and more visible.
Solving this concern, Oticon’s FM receiver attaches to the Streamer
Pro, allowing children and teens to experience the benefit of
discreet instruments and FM at the same time. Furthermore, this
arrangement offers an economical solution, since only one receiver
is required for a binaural benefit with Streamer Pro.
*The use of the Streamer Pro is not recommended for children under the age of 3.