January 2015 - Jellies Aquatic Masters of Monterey

JAMM December Calendar (See Page Two below for news and info)
(PG=Pacific Grove High School 615 Sunset Drive, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. It’s located just north of the gym.)
Sunday Monday
Day Off 5:30-7 AM-PG
5:30-6:45 PM
Day Off 5:30-7 AM-PG
5:30-6:45 PM
Day Off 5:30-7 AM-PG
5:30-6:45 PM
Day Off 5:30-7 AM-PG
5:30-6:45 PM
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG
5:30-7 AMPG
7:30-9 AM-PG
5:30-7 AMPG
7:30-9 AM PG
5:30-7 AMPG
Day Off
5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM
5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG
5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM
5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG
MBSC SwimA-Thon at
MPC (see
Page Two for
more info)
5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM
5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG 5:30-7 AM-PG
5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM 5:30-6:45 PM
5:30-7 AMPG
7:30-9 AM PG
PAGE TWO (aka News Blast)
Feeling fast, fit and fantastic after the Holidays? Probably not so much, right? Maybe more like fat,
slow and hoping for improvement... The pool feels really good after the holidays’ many rich meals and
extra drinks of high-calorie beverages. FYI: The PGHS pool was declared best-maintained pool on the
Monterey Peninsula by the State inspectors at the end of 2014. It’s sparkling clean every time we jump
in, and a comfortable 80-81 degrees. Combine that with a top-notch swim workout designed by oru own
Olympic coach Mark. What are you waiting for? Come on down, the water’s fine! We’d love to see you
again. And again. And then join us for a cup of coffee when you can after practice. It’s great!
Thank you for renewing your USMS (if you’ve remembered to do so).
If you have not renewed, please do the following:
Please go to http://www.usms.org/reg/ to renew or register. Club abbreviation is JAMM. The cost to
renew or register this year is $57.
**JAMM Annual Fee is also due:
$20 cash only please. Please pay at pool to Christine or Coach Mark.** Money pays for website
management and supplemental coaching when Coach Mark is away.
Monthly coaching fee payable to Mark Temple (10% discount for military) is $65 for 12 or fewer
workouts, $100 for unlimited. Pay Coach Mark directly, please. He will take cash or check.
AM and PM workout times all at the usual times except for the Swim-A-Thon on January 24,
which is tentatively cancelling JAMM Saturday January 24 workout at PGHS.
Soooo.... About that Swim-A-Thon.... Here’s the deal: MBSC is Monterey Bay Swim Club, now in their
41st year of providing swim lessons and competitive swim coaching for kids 6-18 years old. The parents
of MBSC hire coaches (Mark, Rachel, Riley, and others you’ve seen on deck when Mark is away) and
the parents pay for pool time, pool time that we share. When we need to scrunch into a few lanes it’s
because the kids are entitled to preference of lanes because...their parents have paid for it. The Swim-AThon is one of three fund-raising events MBSC holds each year, and we should really try hard to
contribute to their effort.
Each youngster says has to swim for 200 laps and get pledges for donations on a per-lap basis. You
donate 5 cents a lap, 25 cents, 2 dollars, whatever you can imagine, and then see how they do. When
they’re done, you pay a tax-deductible donation to MBSC. Or you can just pay a flat fee and not even
bother to make the kid tell you how much they’ve swum. Consequently, you are then a really good
citizen, helping to pay for pool time.
Pool time is very expensive and we are extremely fortunate to be subsidized by MBSC. Otherwise, our
fees would be nearly double per month. Really. Shake out your piggy bank and help out the club.
Christina, Dylan, Sedona, and Connor all swim at 6 AM. Make their day and donate to their Swim-AThon effort. Some of our members are parents of MBSC kids as well. Like Sarah, who usually swims in
the evening M&W. Or Doug (Sedona’s dad). Or Victoria (Dylan’s mom), or Jenny who has two
young’uns learning to swim and compete.
LOOKING AHEAD to February: Beginning on February 5, JAMM workouts on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings only will be cancelled until May. Monday and Wednesday will continue as usual.
PGHS begins swim team practices February 5 and will take up any room not used by the PG Adult
School swimmers in the pool T&Th evenings. Also, beginning on February 5, we will be required to
switch lane lines to Short Course Yards alignment after our practices due to SCY preference by the
PGHS swim team. It’s arduous, but will end in May when the the high school swim team season ends.
Mark prefers the longest swim course available to train swimmers in, which consequently introduces the
need to move lane lines back and forth.
Elizabeth Caraker, who crashed hard just after Thanksgiving, is doing well on her crutches now and has
been getting in for some nonweightbearing swims, which she says have been feeling good. Thumbs up,
Elizabeth. Continued healthy recovery to you.
Plans for High Altitude Swim Camp in Santa Fe starting July 3 and finishing July 10 are proceeding
apace. John Nelson is herding Jellies in the right direction. It’s not too late to commit! We have one large
house that sleeps 10 filled (with one swimmer still wobbling on the fence at this point in time, trying to
decide if he wants to go or not). Camping is available, as are rooms at area hotels, of course. Two cars are
driving there, and at least one car will be a shared rental. At least one barbecue dinner special event is
being planned, with shared meals at the house on an elective basis. Eric is cracking his knuckles in
anticipation of some great cooking he plans to do.
Equipment available from Christine:
Speedo Strokemaker paddles: Green $12.95. Yellow $15.95
Sporti parkas without embroidery $69
Nose clips $1
Swedish goggles $4
JAMM team swim caps $5
Pull buoys? Please let Christine know if you are interested in owning your own.
This Calendar and News Blast is also posted on our web page: www.jelliesaquaticmasters.com
Contact Christine for further info: [email protected]