15th December 2014

Cox Green School
15 December - 19 December 2014
(Week 1)
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Dates for Your Diary
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More Dates for Your Diary
Attendance News
Final reminder Year 9
Vaccinations Form
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‘Anything Goes’ Review
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Target Stickers
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Skiing Trip to Andorra
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Football Coaches Needed
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Squid - Paying for School Trips
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‘Turn Lepage’
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Committed to Achievement
Monday 15 December
Tuesday 16 December
Year 9 Boys and Girls DTP/Meningitis C Vaccination
9.15am - 1.25pm - Yr 9 Boys and Girls Vaccinations
1.45pm - 3.15pm - Christmas Lunch Concert, Community Centre
8.45am - 3.15pm Year 12/13 EPQ Research Day, Reading University
12.30pm - 7.30pm - Yr 11 The Scottsboro Boys Theatre Trip
3.30pm - 5pm - Year 10 Netball League Game @ Kidwells
Book swap - Break Times
Year 11 into Sixth Form Taster Lessons
12.45pm - End of Term 2
Year 11 Study Leave
Wednesday 17 December
Thursday 18 December
Friday 19 December
7.30pm - Christmas Carol Concert at St Mary’s Church
Year 11-13 Mocks all week and tasks moderated
Dates for your Diary
Spring 2015
Tuesday 6 January
Start of Student Term 3
Wednesday 7 January
Year 12 & 13 Theatre Trip—‘John’
Thursday 8 January
KS4 & 5 Presentation Evening
Monday 12 January
Year 10 Parents’ Evening
Thursday 22 January
Year 9 Options Evening
Monday 26 January
Year 9 Parents’ Evening
Monday 9 February
Year 8 Parents’ Evening
Friday 13 February
Term 3 Ends
Friday 13—Monday 16 February
Year 11 Trip to Bay of Naples, Italy
Monday 16—Friday 20 February
February Holiday
Saturday 14—Sunday 22 February
KS4 & 5 Skiing Trip, Italy
Monday 23 February
Start of Student Term
Thursday 5 March
World Book Day
Friday 13 March
Judging at Cisco
Friday 13 March
Red Nose Day
Thursday 19 March
BBC School Report
Wednesday 25 March
Year 12 UCAS Convention
Thursday 26 March
Rock Concert
Wednesday 1 April
End of Student Term and KS3 Rock Challenge
Friday 3 April
Good Friday Bank Holiday
Monday 6 April— Friday 17 April
Spring Holiday—Easter Monday 6 April
More Dates for your Diary
Summer 2015
Monday 20 April
Start of Student Term 5
Monday 27 April
Year 12 What Next Evening
Thursday 30 April
Leavers’ Concert
Monday 4 May
Early Bank Holiday
Tuesday 16 May
Year 8 Girls HPV Vaccination Part 2
Friday 22 May
Term 5 Ends and Year 13 Leavers’ Day
Monday 25 May—Friday 29 May
May Holiday. Spring Bank Holiday Monday 25 May
Monday 1 June
Start of Student Term 6
Thursday 18—Friday 19 June
Upper School Production
Thursday 25 June
Parents’ Information Sessions
Friday 26 June
Day of Sport
Wednesday 1—Thursday 2 July
Sixth Form Induction
Friday 4—6 July
Year 12 Biology Field Trip
Tuesday 7 July
Year 7 Transition Day and Evening
Wednesday 8—Thursday 9 July
Lower School Production
Thursday 16 July
Enterprise Day
Saturday 11 July—Saturday 18 July
Music Trip to Goslar
Friday 17 July
Term 6 Ends
Attendance News
Overall Attendance:
Persistent Absenteeism:
Best Forms’
Sixth Form
Yr 12
Yr 13
Ms Fonseca
Mr Hamilton
Mr Tooke
Ms Kiely/Ms Hall
Mr Slade
Mrs Weight
Mr Ames
Final Reminder for Year 9 Vaccinations Forms
All Vaccination Forms must be returned to the Office by
Monday 15th of December.
Vaccinations will be taking place on the Tuesday 16th of December.
If you do not give in your form you
will not be able to have a vaccination!
Please be reminded, any
medical appointments must be
backed up with one of the
A written note from a parent.
A phone call from a parent.
‘Anything Goes’
Cox Green School Christmas Production 2014
A sea-faring, successfully sung, sojourn
Picture by Karen Feetham
I have a confession to make…..I don’t enjoy musicals. I have been working with them most of my life. I
came to the Cox Green School Christmas production of ‘Anything Goes’, with some secret doubts.
What an amazing and joyous surprise! Catchy songs that echoed in my memory and mind, we all know a
Cole Porter tune. The entire performance was sharp, sassy and spectacular!
There were fabulous performances from Kayleigh Simmonds as Erma, who delivered her lines with a
perfect American twang and impeccable timing. Jack Tolhurst as “Moonface Martin” and ‘Reno
Sweeney’ played by Karmela Baumgart’s duet about friendship was impressive with comic delivery. Luke
Murphy as Evelyn Oakleigh, with his rendition of the gypsy song made me cry with laughter, which was
an uplifting experience.
This musical gave opportunities for lots of the cast to have their ‘moment’, with small solo and duet
numbers, which kept the audience engaged. All the cast were completely focused on the moment, with
exceptional performances from the younger, emerging Cox Green School students. I was particularly
impressed with Cormac Diamond’s interpretation as the Captain of the ship.
The set was impressive; the illusion of height was achieved with the brilliantly painted backdrop and
levels that illustrated perfectly the setting of the ship’s helm. Key props, expertly created by Cox Green’s
‘Mini Masters’, allowed the audience to be taken along with the story set at sea in the 1920s. The
costumes were exquisite and seemed to ooze class, which enhanced Leyan Yucel’s character as
Evangeline Harcourt.
The Performing Arts department have continued to build stronger performances year on year, and I can’t
wait for the next one. Congratulations to all those who were involved.
Target Setting Stickers
As part of our commitment to student progress and attainment, we are revising how student targets
are recorded. It is extremely important that all students are aware of their target levels for each
subject and they also participate in the process of setting out their own aspirational targets.
This term we have launched the target stickers which will be placed on the front of every students book
for all subjects.
This will act as a reminder to the students of their targets and progress in every subject.
As well as working with the students to explain the target setting process, it is also important that you
as a parent/carer also understand and appreciate the importance of this information.
A letter will be coming home from the students which will explain more and if you have any questions
relating to target settings please contact the school.
Mr R McAlaney
Assistant Head, Assessment, Recording and Reporting
Yik Yak
We have had a message from the local police an app which has become popular to
download which we would like to pass on to you all.
Across the Thames Valley Police area, a number of schools officer colleagues have had
a recent influx of calls about abuse and bullying involving students using the social
media app called Yik Yak.
For those that aren’t familiar, Yik Yak is an anonymous app which allows users to post short messages
which can only be seen by other users in the same geographical area. It’s described on their website www.yikyakapp.com as a bulletin board for your area.
Cox Green School has been Geofenced so that this app will not work within the school’s coordinates.
Skiing Trip to Andorra 14—22 February 2015
All outstanding payments to be made by as soon as possible please .
Football Coaches Needed!!
Any budding Roy Hodgsons or Bobby Robsons out there?
We are looking for Parent Football Coaches to help with one of our
teams to make Cox Green School even more successful than we
were last year.
If you are interested please send a message to the Sports
Department via the email [email protected]
This student-led group
Every Friday 2nd break
in the DAS
Come and join and take a
Mr Hawxwell
Worried about something?
What can you do?
Your SAFE Managers are :
Year 7/8
Ms Hawkins
Year 9
Ms Dsouza and Ms Shakeel
Year 10
Ms Noyes
Year 11
Ms Marouf
They can be found in the SAFE Office in Lower School or
you can talk to your tutor or another member of staff.
You don’t have to deal with it alone!
Payment for School Trips
Cox Green School operates a cashless payment system for school trips. To avoid delay and disappointment when paying for school trips with limited spaces, we advise parents to make sure they have access
to their child’s sQuid account, whether or not they use it to purchase lunch from the school.
If you do not have a sQuid account, please email the school
([email protected]), detailing the name of your child and tutor group
and requesting set up details for a sQuid account.
‘Turn Lepage’
Are you a student at Cox Green School?
Are you interested in journalism?
Are you interested in photo journalism?
Do you like telling stories?
Then we need YOU!
Please sign up to get involved at the main office by
Friday 19th December.
What are the benefits?
Building up your portfolio/C.V. f or the future
Getting to meet lots of different people
Telling stories about interesting and important things
Make a difference
Letters to Look Out for…
You may find the following letters hiding at the bottom of your son/daughter’s school bag…
Year 11 Careers Session on Thursday 18 December 13:55—15:00 (Selected Students Only)
Student Target Letter
Rugby at the Maidenhead Rugby Club — (Year 7 only)
Year 9/10 Football Goals Centre, Woodley, Thursday 11 December (Selected Students Only)
Year 10 Languages (Year 10 only)
Replacement letters can be downloaded from the school website, or collected from Reception.
Word of the Week
Students need to learn how to spell the word and learn its meaning. They can try to use the word
correctly in ANY written work in ANY subject to receive a positive stamp in their planner.
Defiant or swaggering behaviour
A pretence of courage; a false show of bravery
A disposition toward showy defiance or false expressions of courage
Students can also choose to use the Word of the Week outside of school – for example they can take a
screenshot using the word correctly in a text message, Facebook message or a tweet! The screenshot
must be emailed to [email protected]
The students are responsible for showing the Word of the Week in action and asking for stamps!
The more times they use it correctly the more positive stamps they will receive.
Extra Curricular Activities
Extra Curricular Activities - Break Times
(Activity name, room, teacher, year group)
Netball shooting | Old Gym |Miss Quinnell | All Years
Fitness | Fitness Suite | Mr Kilkelly |6th Form
Netball shooting | Sportshall | Miss Quinnell | All years
7.30— 8.00am
7.30— 8.15am
Fitness | Fitness Suite | Mr Kilkelly | Year 10 & 11
7.30— 8.15am
Chess Club | M6 | Mr Worrall | All years
Fitness| Fitness Suite | 6th Form
Cheerleading | Old Gym | Miss Perchard | All Years
Fitness/Circuits | Fitness Suite | Mr Kilkelly | Year 9, 10, 11
Basketball | Old Gym | Mr Worrall | Year 9 & 10
Fitness |Fitness Suite | Mr Kilkelly |6th Form
Extra Curricular Clubs and Activities - After School
(Activity name, room, teacher, year group)
Netball Practise | Sportshall/Courts | Miss Perchard/Miss Quinnell | Year 7 & 8
Street Dance | Dance Studio | Chrissy Sanders | All Years
Warhammer Club |IT2 | Mr Wright | Year 7-13
Hockey Practise |AstroTurf | Miss Perchard/Miss Quinnell |
Boys & Girls Rugby | School Field | Mr Slade & Mr Kilkelly |
Resistant Materials coursework support | T4 | Mr Hamilton
Rugby Club boys & girls| School Field | Mr Slade & Mr Kilkelly |
Extra Maths | M1-M5 | Various maths teachers | All year groups
Game Development | IT2 | Mr Wright | Year 7-13
IT Club | IT1 | Mr Burton| All years
CISCO Challenge | IT1 | Mr Burton | Year 7-9
Netball Practice | Sportshall | Miss Quinnell |All Years 9, 10 & 11
Football Practice | AstroTurf 3G| Mr O’Brien | Year 9
Trampolining | Old Gym | Tony Hull | All Years | Invitation only
Extra Maths | M1-M5 | Various maths teachers | All year groups
Football Practice |AstroTurf 3G | Mr Allen | Year 10 & 11
Football Practice Girls |AstroTurf 3G | Mr O’ Brien| All Years
Football Practice |AstroTurf 4G | Mr Slade | Year 7
Fitness | Fitness Suite
Cross Country Club | Offsite | Mr Morris/Mrs McKay | All Years
Geography | R6 | Miss Allen & Miss Gray | Year 10 & 11
Art GCSE Catch up | Miss Taylor/Ms Blinstrub/Ms Fonseca| A1 | Year 10 & 11
Art Mini Masters | A1, A2, A3 | Various Art teachers | Invite only Year 7-11
Extra Maths | M1-M5 | Various maths teachers | All year groups
Football Practice | AstroTurf 3G| Mr O’ Brien | 6th form
Badminton | Sportshall |Mr Slade & Mr Kilkelly | All Years
Closure of Highfield Lane Railway Bridge
As you will be aware Network Rail is in the
process of replacing the railway bridge outside
the school.
The latest information from Network Rail is
that the bridge on Highfield Lane will be
re-opened by the end of January 2015.
A pedestrian bridge will be available at all
Any further news or changes will be notified to
parents via the school newsletter. The map
shows the location of the road closure.
Library News
FREE Property Marking with the Police on Monday 15 th December at Woodlands Park
Our local PCSOs will be at Woodlands Park Community Centre to mark mobile phones, laptops, tablets,
push bikes, cameras, and power tools. Call in between 12.30 and 1.30pm on Monday 15th December
and get your FREE marking and other advice!
Welcome to Christmas Story-and-Rhymetime on Wednesday 17th December
Do you have young children under 5? Are you looking for something to do in the daytime? Then please
join us on alternate Wednesday mornings for our FREE Rhyme and Storytime! Our next event is on
Wednesday 17th December at 10.30am, then 7th January; the Christmas Tree is up and ready! Everyone
Introducing a FREE website from home with your Library Card!
Theory Test Pro is an online simulation of the UK’s driving theory test. It contains all the official test
questions licensed from the DSA. You can practice as often as you like! All you need from home is the
library website. Your library card barcode number is the Username and no PIN is needed. Or go to any
library and search there for free: www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/libraries_e-library.htm
Berkshire Book Award 2015 Shortlist now out!
The six most popular new books of 2014, as nominated by the teenagers in Berkshire are:
by Mary Hooper
Louder Than Words
by Laura Jarratt
Dying of the Light (Skulduggery Pleasant) by Derek Landy
Percy Jackson and the Greek gods
by Rick Riordan
Awful Auntie
by David Walliams
Ask for these for Christmas, or borrow them from the library. Start reading now to choose your
favourite! You can add reviews to the website, if you want to, at www.berkshirebookaward.org.uk .
There are 5 instead of 6 on the Shortlist this year, because the next group of nominations all tied. Happy