Planning and Design Study on the Redevelopment of Queensway

For Discussion
C&WDC Paper No. 7/2015
Central and Western District Council
Planning and Design Study on the Redevelopment of
Queensway Plaza, Admiralty – Feasibility Study
Recommended Development Scheme
The purpose of this paper is to seek Members’ views on the proposed
redevelopment of Queensway Plaza and the adjoining area in Admiralty (‘the Study
Site’) (Plan 1).
The Planning Department commissioned the ‘Planning and Design Study
on the Redevelopment of Queensway Plaza, Admiralty – Feasibility Study’ (‘the
Study’) in January 2014. The main objective of the Study is to investigate the
planning, architectural and engineering feasibility in redeveloping the Study Site for
commercial uses, including Grade A office and retail uses, and to make
recommendations to upgrade the existing public realm with convenient pedestrian
connections to Central and Wan Chai.
The Study Site primarily covers the Queensway Plaza and its adjoining
Government land encompassing Drake Street, Tamar Street, Rodney Street and
Admiralty Garden. About 30% of the Study Site is constrained by the existing MTR
station box and associated underground structures (Plan 2). After examining the
structural feasibility of development directly above the MTR station box in
consultation with relevant bureaux/departments and MTR Corporation Limited, the
Study proposes to delineate the eastern portion of the Queensway Plaza (with a site
area of 6,220m2) as the development site, while the existing walkway portion (with a
gross floor area (‘GFA’) of about 2,100m2) will be retained with enhancement to its
exterior and rooftop.
Two initial options have been formulated for the Study Site and preliminary
assessments were carried out to evaluate the broad feasibility of each option (Plans 3
and 4 and Appendix A). Taking into account the respective merits of each option, a
Recommended Development Scheme (‘RDS’) has been drawn up.
The RDS proposes the development of a commercial tower (suitable for
both Grade A office and hotel uses cum dining facilities) atop a four-storey podium
with four levels of basement for retail/dining and other ancillary uses with a total
non-domestic GFA of 93,300m2 (i.e. a plot ratio (‘PR’) of 15) (Plans 5a-d). A
generous landscaped entrance plaza will be created along Queensway to present the
new development as well as to provide a suitable growing environment for an existing
Old and Valuable Tree (‘OVT’) (Brachychiton discolour 澳洲蘋婆 Ref: LCSD
CW/132), which will be preserved in-situ together with some of the adjoining
vegetation. The indicative parameters of the RDS are summarised as follows:
Recommended Development Scheme
Site Area (m2)
Non-domestic PR
Non-domestic GFA (m )
Building Height
50 storeys
Grade A office
hotel/dining facilities
(Podium Floors)
Retail/eating place,
elevated landscaped plaza, terraced gardens,
refuse collection point (G/F), tower lobby
Retail/eating place,
loading/unloading (‘L/U’) area, car park
Land Uses
Recommended Development Scheme
Public Open Space (m )
(Ground Level)
(Other Levels)
Car Parking Spaces
Treatment of OVT
Treatment of Taxi Stand
Total 3,145
In line with the requirements under Hong
Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines
OVT retained in-situ
At-grade taxi stand retained in-situ
The key design features of the RDS are highlighted below:
(a) provision of about 80,000m2 for Grade A office development (with the
flexibility to include some hotel floorspace) to help meet the
traditionally strong demand in the Central/Admiralty area;
(b) provision of about 13,000m2 of retail/dining floorspace to meet the
high demand for eating places in the locality1;
(c) a building height not exceeding 203mPD, safeguarding the views to the
Victoria Peak ridgeline as viewed from the Tsim Sha Tsui strategic
viewing point;
(d) re-provisioning of about 1,370m2 open space on ground level including
a generous at-grade landscaped entrance plaza for the development
with the OVT preserved in-situ (Plan 5a). In addition, about 1,775m2
open space will be provided at the terraced garden (directly accessible
from ground level and horizontally to each level of the retail podium),
an open-air elevated landscaped plaza (at the main walkway level) and
the podium garden forming an open space network within the
development. A total area of 3,145m2 open space is proposed, which
is some 85% greater than the existing Admiralty Garden (about
(e) provision of a ‘green link’ connecting the future development to Chater
Garden via the preserved Queensway Plaza walkway and its roof-top
The management agents of the commercial developments surrounding the Study Site have been
consulted in the course of the Study. There is a consensus that more eating places should be
provided within the proposed redevelopment to cater for the needs of nearby office workers.
open space and to Harcourt Garden via the re-provisioned landscaped
pedestrian walkway along the eastern side of Drake Street (Plan 5a);
(f) provision of new vertical connection points with barrier free access
between the Admiralty Station concourse level, ground level and the
main elevated walkway level (Plan 5b);
(g) re-provisioning of all affected public facilities including a newspaper
stand and a refuse collection point (‘RCP’) within the Study Site; and
(h) improving the general streetscape (Plan 5c) as well as the traffic
arrangement of the Admiralty West public transport interchange (‘PTI’)
and Admiralty East PTI by respecting the recommended traffic
improvement measures under the ‘Traffic Study for Admiralty –
Feasibility Study’ completed by the Transport Department in 2012
(Plan 5d). All existing bus routes and green minibus routes will be
retained within the Study Site. The taxi stand will be retained at
Subject to Members’ comments, the design of the RDS may be further
refined prior to the carrying out of detailed technical assessments. Details of the
implementation programme will also be formulated at the later stages of the Study.
The findings and recommendations of the Study will serve as a basis for subsequent
Outline Zoning Plan amendment and land disposal.
Members are invited to offer comments on the RDS.
Plan 1:
Plan 2:
Plan 3:
Plan 4:
Plan 5a-d:
Appendix A:
Study Site
Structural Constraints
Option A: Commercial Beacon
Option B: Contextual Synergy
Recommended Development Scheme
Summary of Initial Options
Planning Department
January 2015
Appendix A
Summary of Initial Options
Option A:
Commercial Beacon
(Plan 3)
Option B:
Contextual Synergy
(Plan 4)
Building Height
At 203mPD, respecting the
ridgeline as viewed from
Tsim Sha Tsui
At 185mPD, maintaining
the stepped building height
profile in the area
Main Land Uses
Composite Grade A office/
hotel (about 330 rooms)
tower atop a 7-storey
Non-domestic PR
retail/dining podium
(including 3 basement
Public Open Space
Treatment of OVT
Treatment of
Taxi Stand
Other Common
Features of Both
Initial Option
Grade A office tower atop a
8-storey retail/dining
podium (including 4
basement floors)
Total of 2,820m2 on
various levels including a
Total of 2,290m2 on
various levels including a
main at-grade entrance
focal point elevated
landscaped plaza
OVT retained in-situ
OVT transplanted
within the Study Site
At-grade taxi stand
retained in-situ
Taxi stand relocated to
basement connecting to
MTR concourse level
Re-provisioning of Public Facilities
PTIs retained in-situ
RCP and newspaper stand re-provisioned within the
Study Site
Pedestrian Connection
Creation of a multi-level pedestrian network including
a ‘green link’