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Intelligent and innovative:
GUTEX Implio® –
The Window Integration System
for GUTEX Thermowall® ETICS
Install windows in exterior insulation systems
and have certified performance!
GUTEX Implio®
Fensteranschlussprofil –
A c-channel that tightly joins window
frames with reveals to deliver reliable
protection against wind and
driving rain.
GUTEX Implio®
Laibungsplatte – Ecological wood
fibreboard that lines the reveal, providing
insulation. Comes pre-rendered for your
convenience and savings!
biodegradable adhesive
strip removes after render
work has been
GUTEX Implio® Keilplatte –
Tapered to allow runoff, this ecological wood fibreboard ledge insulation
comes with cement-free membranecovered surface.
Integrated bead
with mesh eases
render work.
GUTEX Implio® provides you with many advantages: Advanced wind and driving rain protection
Cross-trade premium solution
iWDVS® certification provides system performance assurance
Effective protection against building damage
Fast and easy
The System and Its Components
Obtaining reliably tight joints in ETIC systems usually is a
formidable challenge. And the performance of the entire
system depends on the tightness of the joints. Window
joints, however, are particularly complex and critical.
GUTEX Implio® Laibungsplatte
GUTEX Implio® Keilplatte
GUTEX Implio® Fensteranschlussprofil
Typically, windows are a building element where up to four
different tradespersons are likely to be in play, including
window contractors, architectural blinds installers, plasterers, tinsmiths or masons. This increases the potential
of failure in what is already building envelopes’ weakest
GUTEX Implio®, a precision-engineered integral system
with quality-built components, leaves nothing to chance.
GUTEX Implio® Dichtkleber
GUTEX Implio® Fensterbankdichtband, -Ecke
GUTEX Implio® Bordprofile
GUTEX Implio® Storekasten
GUTEX Implio® Sunshade Housings
The Problem:
Today, outdoor architectural blinds housings
are metal and installed by either the window
contractor or sunshade installers. The plasterer
or tradesperson who clads the façade has the job
of integrating the metal housing into the ETICS.
Common practice for convenience and want of
a better alternative involves gluing some
type of board onto the housing. Understandably, neither the contractor nor
the insulation system manufacturer
is willing to pick up the warranty
under such circumstances. And this,
of course, conflicts with the interests
of architects and homeowners.
Our Answer:
GUTEX Implio® Storekästen are housings
for architectural blinds and are integrated
components in GUTEX external insulation
composite systems. Installed by the façade
contractor, the GUTEX Implio® casings
are manufactured from ecological softwood
fibre and fitted with aluminium mounts to
accommodate, without thermal bridging, most
of the sunshades that are commonly available
on the market.
iWDVS – a designation sets new standards.
In recent years, demand to significantly increase
the energy efficiency of buildings has led to building
envelopes becoming complex high-tech elements.
Every stage, from the idea to realisation and from the plan
to maintenance and care, requires a great deal of
careful consideration to ensure the accord of
the entire system. For this reason, it became
necessary to establish a design network
that would facilitate cooperation between
companies and across trades, in order to
improve performance through advanced
system solutions. The organisation bears
the name iWDVS in Germany. Participating
companies are dedicated to providing innovations
that encompass all the key details and component features
that affect products’ capabilities to integrate into exterior
insulation systems and the processes by which they
integrate. The “i” stands for innovative, integration and
interdisciplinary. And the good news is all products
with a iWDVS designation have been tested in
their installed respective systems and certified
by a qualified institute (e.g. ift-Rosenheim).
Thus, homeowners, architects and tradespersons finally have assurance that not only
components, but also entire exterior wall
insulation systems will perform exactly as
You too can benefit from the excellent qualities of
GUTEX‘s ecological wood fibre insulation:
Cool in summer
Warm in winter
Pleasant indoor climate
Protection against noise
Protection against fire
Quick installation
Qualified assistance
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GUTEX is an exclusive iWDVS®-network partner
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