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The news of the sudden demise of our valiant social worker, S. M. Paramanathan , has punched an
indelible mark in the hearts of many Tamils living in Brisbane and other cities in Australia.
This is an irreparable loss to the Tamil community in Brisbane because of his humanistic love and affection poured on many people particularly to the members of Tamil Programming Group of Radio 4EB
FM 98.1. He placidly established
an unbroken cord with many organizations as he was instrumental in setting them up, particularly the
Hindu Temple in South Maclean, Sri Selva Vinayagar Koyil and Brisbane Tamil School. All those people
who came in contact of this great idol express their deep sadness and offer their heartfelt condolences
to his wife and members of his family, his relatives and friends.
“Thiruvalluvar”, the Bard of the Universal man in his Kurral couplet No.335 says,
“ Before the tongue stops functioning and the hiccough
Hasten to do acts that are good.”
This is what our idol Param had done while he was mingling with the youths and the recent asylum
seekers who would have praised him as their true and honourable leader.
Honour is the main theme in his life and he never follows any thing that others begin.
We now shed tears for his abundant mercy poured upon the needy souls. All his preplanned valuable
pieces of work is now interned with his bones.
In the early ‘80’s Mr. S.M.Paramanathan and the author became closer together because of their parents’ scholastic education which steered them to establish educational, recreational and broadcasting
services to Tamil community in Brisbane. Param was a great visionary, studious organizer filled with
strong passion in doing voluntary service to any group with a smiling face. Many a time he volunteered to perform any work at
Radio 4 EB FM station and earned an astounding praise from Station Manager.
He was twice elected to be a Board Member in the inner sanctum of
Radio 4 EB FM Board of Directors. The first was on 5th September 1990 when
Mr. S. M. Paramanathan, a member of the Tamil Oli Group was elected to the First Council newly
formed by the Management Committee to oversee the production of better quality programmes. He
was asked to oversee the Italian Group, the Samoan Group and the Dutch Group. As a Councilor he
participated in the Management Committee of Radio 4 EB.
The second time election took place on 19 th September 2010 when he was elected as a
Board Member in the position of Functions Assistant which he continued until his demise. He was also
asked to help in activities related to Fund Raising, Marketing and Radiothon. He satisfied the Board of
Directors in all these events without any dissent.
The Board of Directors have highly praised him for the immaculate jobs he had completed. Well done
Para! You have done it again. You will be remembered forever.
The following quotation gives us your presence in our hearts: Para, our peer says:-
I expect to pass through this world but once.
Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can
to any fellow creature, let me do it now---For I shall not pass this way again. “
Cover Photo
Slovenian Broadcaster
Maksim Vergan
I hope memberships continue to come in as to date only 11 groups have the minimum number of
members required to maintain the current airtime held. If anyone needs any assistance in this area
then contact the 4EB Office. The focus this week is the finalisation of the raffle being drawn at the dinner dance and of course we are looking forward to a great night with Fortunato. The Annual Dinner
dance will also feature a Filipino Dance performance.
There are many projects underway for the improvement of services at 4EB but the most visible change
will be the new car park. Construction is commencing in coming weeks with the development of the dirt
car park into a secure carpark with shelter.
Also, it is time to think about those long term members and volunteers who have been supporting the
station for many years. Nominations for a Certificate of Appreciation are welcome up until the end of
August. Details have been circulated to Convenors. All certificates will be presented at the 4EB AGM on
the 21st of September.
There have been a few changes recently with staff as our producer Ellie is taking off to Korea at the end
of July for 12 months and this means the program ‘Where are you from?’ will not be broadcast once Ellie leaves. Also, Sandra from reception has a fractured foot and we do not expect to see her back at
4EB until August.
Peter Rohweder
Station Manager
Radio 4EB (EBAQ)
Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland Ltd
P.O. Box 7300, East Brisbane, 4169
Studios & Office: 140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169
Phone:07 3240 8600
Fax:07 3240 8633
Studio: 3240 8686
[email protected]
Website: www.4eb.org.au
Jason Hagen - 4EB Training Coordinator/Editor.
4EB is glad to welcome our new Broadcasters and Panel Operators. 9 new
Broadcasters were inducted on the 1st of July and 10 new Panel Operators
joined the ranks of 4EB. I would like to thank all that have contributed to
this months newsletter, if you would like to submit anything for the next
newsletter please email it to us. The next deadline is the 14th of August. If
anyone needs training with the OB Van, Studio Telephone, Portable Recorder, Digital operations or anything else, don’t be shy come and see me or
email me: [email protected]
Don’t forget the Brisbane EKKA is on Wednesday the 13th of August and it’s
a public holiday, so please take this into account if you have a pre-recorded
program. Have fun at the dinner dance this Saturday.
For more information on training visit the 4EB website and click on the
Training Link.
Happy Broadcasting,
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Out and about with the OB Van
World Refugee Day was held at the Annerley Soccer
Grounds on Sunday the 6th of July.
This Festival has been going for quite some years now and
4EB has been a regular attendee with the OB Van. This year
we were situated right next to the World Dance tent and the
Anti-Discrimination tent. Plenty of wonderful music on one
side, and lots of video activity on the other.
4EB was represented by Peter Rohweder, the station manager, he did the setup and assisted with video filming for the
Antidiscrimination Campaign. Natal Edward who is involved
with the “Where are you from?” Digital program, was there
signing up new members for the proposed new African program.
Irene Tavutavu was there doing a lot of talking as usual. As
you can see from these pictures, the amount of stalls with
food , craft, kids entertainment and information were all very
well received by the huge crowd that attended.
If you were not there, you missed a great day.
Born in a refugee camp in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia),
Sophia Turkiewicz arrived in Australia as a young child
with her Polish-born mother, Helen. They came as part of
the first wave of European immigrants to come to Australia
after the Second World War. Sophia grew up in Adelaide,
South Australia, where she completed an arts degree at Adelaide University and became a primary and high school
teacher before being selected for the first intake of full -time
students at the newly created Australian Film & TV School.
Since graduating in 1978 in Directing and Screenwriting Sophia has worked in the film and television industry as a freelance drama director. Her credits include the feature film
Silver City, which was released internationally in 1984 and
won 3 AFI awards, as well as Best Film at the 1984 Sydney
Film Critics Awards. Sophia was a special guest on Women’s
profile talking about her latest movie “Once my Mother” She
is pictured here with Melissa McArdle (left)
Boondall wetlands
Brisbane’s natural area
By: Dina Hanhan
In our program we spoke about wildlife places in Brisbane. I have visited
Boondall Wetlands and took a lot of beautiful pictures and studied the history of its origins in order to write the article and broadcast about the topic. It is indeed a beautiful place and others should know about it.
Boondall Wetlands is known for its diverse wildlife: it has ducks, possums,
green frogs, butterflies, a variety of birds, flying foxes, and more.
Boondall Wetlands lies on the edge of Moreton Bay between Nudgee Beach
and Shorncliffe. Brisbane City council manages more than 14.000 hectares
of parkland including 7500 hectares of bushland and wetland reserves.
One of the most beautiful things is to walk along the tracks and to watch
the wildlife from a distance. As well as staying in the area until sunset to
observe the changes in nature that accompanies the tides. This place humbles you and reminds you of how young we stand in front of thousands
years old land that has a unique nature and forms of life.
4EB and Global studios use Senheiser 421 microphones, here is a rundown on adjusting the Roll-off
Filter. When a directional microphone is spoken into
from a close distance, the lower frequencies are over
-emphasized. If this effect is not desired it is possible
to counteract or compensate for it by means of a roll
-off filter. From the diagram showing the influence of
the roll-off filter, it can be seen that in position M
(music), the frequency response curve is not altered
in any way. In position S (speech), however, the frequencies below 500 Hz are reduced by approximately 6 dB/octave. Between the positions M and S, the
frequency response can be altered in three defined
steps. See Figures 4 and 5. I have found that the
best sound for our use is a flat frequency response
where the switch is rolled totally to the right– Jason.
Radio 4EB is now using social media to reach an even bigger multicultural audience. Click the LIKE button on Radio 4EB and also the language program you
enjoy listening to. Show your support and get the latest news and information by
staying in touch through Facebook as well as our Webpage...4eb.org.au
4EB Women’s Luncheon
Once again this quarterly event was a great success with over 30 ladies attending a fun filled afternoon on Saturday 21st June.
Our guest speakers included Jo Pratt from BEMAC who gave us an insight to the happenings right
next door at the Qld Multicultural Centre. Melisa McArdle informed the importance of having hearing
checks and where hearing tests are available.
Krishna from the Telegu group gave us some advice on Dental Hygiene and Sarah Lio-Willie provided some information on the use of Social Media to promote our programs.
Studio d'essai is a new Radio
Men’s Stories can be heard on
show about electronic music that
spans space and time. It is broadcast at 10 pm every Thursday on
Global digital radio.
Global Digital every Friday afternoon
from 4.30. The show is hosted by Tim
Easton and features conversations
with men from all walks of life and
the music that inspires them.
One of the biggest festivals to be held in Brisbane annually, was held over two days at Musgrave Park.
Despite competition from other activities at South Bank, the crowd was bigger than ever.
Activities on stage included International guests ,TV celebrities plus local bands and artists. If you were
not content to sit and watch or take part in the dancing, there were plenty of Food Stalls, Greek wine
bars and Greek grocery stalls to visit. There was even a huge children 's entertainment area. In the
Greek Club, you could sample different foods, attend cooking demonstrations or attend one of the many
4EB were delighted to be in attendance at our old spot, right outside the church entrance, and many
thanks to Donna Tagamotu from the Niuean group, Lucy Stewart from the Maltese group and Ivan Hlupic
from Slovenian group for manning the site Whilst our Greek committee members were involved in many
of the community stalls.
How do we involve our youth in Radio?
Well here is a perfect way for the students from Ethnic
schools to utilise their language ability in an environment different from School and Home.
Yes bring them to the radio and let them create some interesting young views for your listeners. Your listeners are not
just the older generation, so this is a perfect way for them to
be involved.
Don’t forget, these kids also have parents, aunties, uncles
cousins and grandparents out there listening.
Here we have Angelica Orfanos Student Brisbane Sate High
and Agapi Kalligeros Student of Loreto College, both students
from the Greek Ethnic School of St George, they were guests
on the Monday morning Greek program with Angelos.
The Board and Staff wish
Dutch Convenor Lenie a
speedy recovery, and we hope
to see you back at 4EB soon.
4EB joins in on the School holiday
fun !
The Hut at the DJ Sheriton Park Inala is the location of an on-going Community Garden Project. The project is an initiative of The Inala
Youth Services and the Western District Youth
Justice and supported by Bunnings Oxley and
Radio 4EB. 4EB chipped in and lent a hand on
the 11th of July, during the School holidays.
Samoan Independence Day
4EB would like to thank our sponsors, please support them.
In August, our adventurous station manager, Peter, will be driving
3000 kilometres to raise money for Variety - the Children's Charity.
He will be driving with his three brothers in his father's car through
regional Queensland and NSW for two weeks.
They have to raise $8000 in tax deductible donations for the Variety
Charity before the end of July. If successful then they will spend 10
days on the road continuing to fundraise for the charity whilst driving
through regional towns until they reach Sydney on the 17th of August.
Tax Deductible donations can be given directly to Peter or just follow
the link below.
There will soon be some 4EB stickers on the car as well!
4EB Dinner Dance
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Convenors Meeting
THINK ! Membership Renewal on Radio 4EB
Congratulations 4EB’s New Panel Operators !
Nicolle / Dutch
Laki / Greek
Nika / Slovenian
Roja / Persian
James / Oxygen
Vanesa / Slovenian
Marina / Slovenian
Nik / Slovenian
Meggy / Slovenian
Griffith University Coverage of
Queensland Rugby Union
Premier League on
Global Digital.
Every Saturday afternoon you can catch
all the action of the QRU on Global. It
came about from a partnership formed
by Griffith University, QRU and Global
Digital. The broadcast team include
Joshua Wells, Tori Zeidler,
Arna Leah Bullivant and Nick Feldon. The
team is gearing up to bring you ball by
ball descriptions of each match every
Saturday afternoon. The Broadcast commentary team is produced by Maksim
Catch the game Live every Saturday
3.15pm on Global Digital.
Studio Four News
It’s been busy in our production studio over the last
couple of weeks
with 4EB saying Bon Voyage to one of our production
gurus Ellie Freeman. Ellie is heading off to Korea to
teach English so we thought we’d send her off with
some Vegemite so she won’t get homesick. Ellie joined
4EB in March of 2012 and has been a real asset to the
station as a producer and also presenter of “Where
are you from?”
Niyi Adepoyibi our other production guru celebrated
his birthday on the 3rd of July. Happy Birthday Niyi !
We would like to thank our Production staff for all the
work they do for us behind the scenes for 4EB and
Global. Thank You !
Thai Ambassador visits 4EB
On Sunday 13 July 2014, Mr Maris Sangiamponsa, Thai Ambassador to
Australia travelled from Canberra to visit the Thai community in Brisbane. He also visited the studios of 4EB to give an hour long interview
to the Thai program. He ensured the Thai community members in Brisbane, that Thailand is on the road to recovery with the Road Map policy.
Details included reconciliation and the election of an interim government.
World Cup Fever Hits 4EB
It has been a great and exciting time over the
month of July watching some of the football games
on television.
As many of you have heard Silvia in the office
cheering for Argentina and making bets on who
she thought the winner this year would be.
It was a very nice time for all of the staff to get
involved in the events and everyone had their own
opinion on the teams and individual players.
We shared the fun, the cheers and the disappointments of the season.
Ina and Cess from the Dutch group provided a delicious cake which we were honoured with their
company, unfortunately, Wolfgang and Marianne
from the German group were not able to join us.
To the Germans, congratulations. well played, well
deserved winning.
We will meet in Russia in 2018
4EB FM is a not-for-profit community radio station that is formally known as the Ethnic Broadcasting Association
of Queensland Limited (EBAQ), Radio 4EB FM was formed by a group of Brisbane residents interested in creating
an ethnic radio station with broadcasting commencing in 1979.
The station has made its mark as one of the most successful ethnic community radio stations in Australia with over
4800 members in more than 50 cultural groups from around the world.
The success of the station is due to a combination of more than 700 volunteers, a small but dedicated team of staff
and state of the art technology to broadcast information, entertainment and education out to listeners.
The Radio 4EB signal range is from Northern NSW and the Gold Coast sweeping up the coast through Brisbane,
Toowoomba and all the way up to Gympie, informing our listeners of the many local events, services and
activities within our communities.
Program Guide for Global Digital
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