CRG minutes 7 May 2014 Final

Dementia & Older Adults Mental Health Clinical Reference Group
Wednesday 7th May 2014
Chair: Dr. Aryan Lawe
Present: Alison Kirby, Dr Andrew Crombie, John Chalmers, Bernie Kennedy, Gill
Thompson, Dr. Sree Mohana-Murthy, Jane Farrell, Renuka Sivalingam, Ally Tomlins, Katie
Whitewood and Graeme Markwell
Apologies: Dr Jeremy Isaacs, Donna Johnson, Eglionna Treanor, Jo Mcilmurray and
Maggie Conway
Introductions and apologies
Aryan welcomed Renuka to the CRG as the new Operational Lead for
Old Age Psychiatry
Conflicts of Interest Declaration
GT expressed an interest in the mapping of dementia training work as
Director of Sortified CIC. No other declarations were made.
Matters Arising
Minutes from last meeting (Wednesday26th February 2014) were agreed
as accurate.
Items for matters arising as highlighted action notes – executive summary
of action progress from 26th February 2014:
Deferred item due to apologies from JI relating to gap in the diagnosis
pathway for Parkinson’s Disease to next CRG
GM updated on the dementia population data by ethnicity and outlined
that data was taken from national studies and applied to the local
prevalence. To date there is limited research to suggest that BME are at
greater risk of dementia than any other ethnic groups. AC added that the
memory assessment service (MAS) collates data on ethnicity which can
be used to provide the local picture but would need the definition of the
data to ensure like for like data is compared. GM to provide definition/AC
to provide MAS data.
No comments received on the Five Year Out of Hospital programme.
The paper went to CCG board in March 2014 and was approved.
Acute CQUIN on dementia screening and the impact on Memory
Assessment Service (MAS) was discussed with AC outlining that at
Practice level the inclusion criteria is very clear on when a referral should
be made. If a referral doesn’t meet these criteria then MAS are sending
the referral back to GP. It was agreed to audit MAS to provide data of
referrals at GP Practice level, the wording used on the screening
document to be checked and establish whether this can be altered, data
from JI and to link with Dr Harold Lo who is leading on SGH
transformation plans for older people.
CRG minutes 7.5.14 v2.0 - FINAL
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HESL funding to be discussed in part 2 with Commissioners making a
decision on the allocation of this funding.
NICE quality standard 50 being reflected in future social care contracts
were updated by JC and taken into account when the Council is retendering the care homes framework
The local insert on dementia services has been circulated to the group,
with comments reflected in the re-draft of this document by the Graphics
Team at WBC. Outstanding information from ET on Wandsworth Carers’
Centre and from Sarah Rushton on advocacy services. Once this is
received this will be the final version to be signed off by Commissioners.
Dementia Action Alliance proposal for a local DAA has had first tier
approval and support form Councillors via the Cabinet Members’ briefing.
Agreement is to be made on which organisation leads the development of
the DAA and to gain further buy-in from wider stakeholder groups across
CRG Terms of Reference
AK updated members on the changes to the ToR. It was agreed that a
separate list for members on the CRG for 2014-15 be made available on
the CRG website. AT outlined that carers and families of people residing
in care homes were under represented in general and needed to be
targeted. All members agreed and a map to be produce outlining groups
currently involved in targeted consultations to outline the existing gaps
and to form an approach to include such groups in future work.
Performance Dashboard/Key Priorities for 2014-15
GT circulated a draft performance dashboard outlining all national
outcomes, local priorities and expected outcomes for OAMH and
dementia in 2014-15. Members were asked to send comments on the
formal, structure and content to GT
Highlight reporting
JI submitted an updated via GT as follows:
 St George’s Hospital (SGH) achieved 2013/14 National Dementia
CQUIN targets for staff training and carer questionnaires.
 St George’s Hospital did not achieve our CQUIN target for
dementia screening. However, our performance improved
significantly from January owing to the deployment of a temporary
band 6 dementia assessment nurse to the AMU and general
 SGH continue to develop our staff training programme in
 Results of the dementia carer’s questionnaire are being reported
internally and will be shared with external stakeholders as soon as
possible (following presentation to the Patient Experience
Committee on 4th June).
In Milandie’s absence, JC updated the group on social care work
CRG minutes 7.5.14 v2.0 - FINAL
Page 2
 The department has now merged with children’s and schools and
is called the Department of Education & Social Services. Office
moves have been taking place since Aril 2014 as part of the
estates rationalisation.
 Park Lodge care home has given notification to close with a team
dedicated to the transfer of residents to other care homes. Sir
Jules Thorn has alsogiven notification to close, with the same
team working with Park Lodge also planning the transfer of
residents to appropriate homes.
 Asked if ME could allocate a deputy to attend CRG
 That JC is retiring on 30th May 2014 and invited all members to
attend his retirement leaving celebration for tea & cakes in the
training room at 90 Putney Bridge Road from 3pm.
Memory Assessment Service update had been covered and discussed
significantly throughout the previous agenda items. In addition, AC and
AK highlighted the local priority target of holistic care planning being
delivered by the MAS. This to be added on to the performance
dashboard and communicated to other CRGs to avoid duplication and to
scope the future joined up working of care planning for people diagnosed
with dementia
The Behaviour and Communication Support service (BACS )has had 2
year funding approved to roll out the service to care homes for older
people in Wandsworth. A planning meeting has taken place to establish
which care homes will be included in wave 1 of implementation. A
communications plan to be developed to ensure care homes, GPs and
other groups including community adult healthcare and end of life care
are aware of this project and to establish any overlaps or links within the
care homes.
A GP education event on the BACS service and medicines management
for people with dementia/distressed reactions was well received and with
a high attendance.
GT updated the group on the progress of mid-term investments. A final
report will be available at the next meeting.
Dementia clinical nurse specialist roles in Primary Care has completed
consultation with people with dementia and their carers and families, with
methods to engage with Professional Groups being planned through a
clinical lead. The investment is also being discussed with procurement to
ascertain if this new provision needs to go to market and if it does the
procurement route and timescales involved.
Mapping of dementia training across contracted health, social care and
voluntary services in Wandsworth progress is as follows:
 Scope agreed, circa 300 + organisations
 Literature review conducted to establish what good practice looks
 Consultation and various engagement methods have been
employed by priority groups which include care homes, homecare,
Primary care and carers & families to extract the relevant
CRG minutes 7.5.14 v2.0 - FINAL
Page 3
data/information to inform the map and inform the future delivery
plan. The final event is on 16th May with carers and families of
people with dementia at Battersea Arts Centre
Data collation period will be end of May/beginning of June
GM informed the group that the Falls CRG were looking at consolidating
falls prevention and target groups at risk of falls which includes dementia.
BK outlined research funding secured by CSW and asked the group for
input on potential care home sites to deliver this research study to.
Meeting closed to commence Part 2 with Commissioners
Next meeting: 25th June 2-4pm in the Large Meeting Room, Wandsworth Department,
Building 14, Springfield University Hospital
CRG minutes 7.5.14 v2.0 - FINAL
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