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407 East Phase 1
September 2014
OF 407 EDG
Steven Hankins has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer
of the 407 East Development Group.
Steven has been with Cintra since 2010 and has extensive
experience on large transportation projects, including working in
Utah building Interstate 15 in advance of the 2002 Salt Lake City
Winter Olympic Games.
Steven spent the past 13 years in Texas, but has now moved his
family — wife Jennifer and three sons aged 17, 13 and 10 —north to
Toronto to see the Highway 407 East project through to completion.
“The project is at the halfway point and we are still on track to
reach completion by December 2015,” Steven says. “We
understand that there have been some challenges, and we are
sympathetic to the residents in Durham Region. We are committed
Steven Hankins has been appointed CEO of the 407EDG. He brings
extensive experience on large transportation projects to the Highway
407 East Phase 1 project.
to continue communicating with the municipalities and residents to
ensure there is a free flow of information.”
Upcoming Public Information Centre
The sixth Public Information Centre (PIC) for the Highway 407 East
Phase 1 project will take place Tuesday, October 14 at the Abilities
Centre, 55 Gordon Street, Whitby, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and at the
Brooklin United Church, 19 Cassels Road, Whitby, from 5 p.m. to 8
p.m., on Wednesday, October 15.
The PIC will present information on the Community Value Plan.
Community Value Plan
The Community Value Plan (CVP) was initially developed by MTO
as part of the EA process. It established initiatives for incorporating
in the Project a broad range of historical, social and natural
environmental features that reflect the values and interests of
communities through which the Project will pass, as well as other
stakeholders, such as First Nations.The CVP includes project-wide
and site-specific landscape features, such as vegetation screening,
and general restoration/enhancement of natural areas; gateway
features at the entrance to local communities; local and aboriginal
heritage commemoration through architectural enhancement of
The next Public Information Centre for the Highway 407 East Phase
1 project will take place October 14 in Whitby and October 15 in
bridge structures, themed signage/plaques and the establishment
of special commemorative sites; trails; and wildlife crossings.
407 EDG will be completing the design of the CVP elements and
constructing them.
The CVP will be showcased during the PICs on October 14 and 15
407 East Phase 1
Construction Update
Highway 407 East is starting to take shape — about half-way done
— but with that comes the inevitable inconveniences caused by
road closures.
In early September 2014, Highway 401 was shut down between
midnight and 5 a.m. over three nights to facilitate the installation of
concrete girders that will carry Lakeridge Road over Highway 401.
We recognize this is only a snapshot of the inconvenience that has
been caused to some residents because of the construction activity,
but we are more than half way done — the December 2015 finish
line is in sight. We ask for your continued patience over the next 16
months as we work to complete the project on time, and remind
everyone that traffic updates are available at www.407eastphase1.
The new alignment of Highway 401 at Lakeridge Road is visible in this aerial
shot. This section will also include the interchange with the West Durham Link,
which will connect Highway 401 with Highway 407 East.
NEW: Our website has been updated to make it easier to find information on traffic disruptions and road closures in your
area. For more information, go to:
Special thanks to the OPP for their assistance in safely closing Highway 401 for overnight stretches in
early September as massive concrete girders were put into place. The girders, as long as half a football
field, will support the overpass that will carry Lakeridge Road over Highway 401.
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