Welcome to the Time Reporting System DTA Forum!

Welcome to the Time
Reporting System DTA
10/22/14, 8:30 to 10 and 10:30 to Noon, University
Conference Center, Ballroom B
Today’s agenda:
Communication Updates
Training: Current and Future Options
Website: New One on the Horizon!
Upcoming and Future TRS Enhancements
TRS and UCPath Integration Updates
Best Practices
Project Team
Functional SMEs – Payroll
Cindy Jones
Theresa Schumacher
Functional SME – Human Resources
Marion Randall
A&FS Project Director
Radhika Prabhu
TRS Project Manager
Jackie Velasquez
TRS Change Management
Jim Hewlett
Communication Updates
• All DTAs are now on the DTA email user list
• DTA email list used to communicate system
downtimes, best practices, and to communicate
answers frequently asked at the TRS Help Desk
• Are there things that you would like to see
communicated to the TRS DTA email list?
• We want to be sure that we are meeting YOUR
Training: Current and
Future Options
• Coming Soon! TRS DTA Online
• This training will be required for staff
who will be DTAs for their
department; will ensure that DTAs
have the tools they need to do their
jobs effectively
• No more having to wait for the
classroom training! Take the training
when YOU need it (Note that
PPS/OPTRS access and the DTA
Access Request form must still be
completed in order to become a DTA)
• Strongly recommended for current
DTAs as a “refresher”
DTA Online Training
DTA Training: Choose
Your Own Adventure!
Training: Scenario-Based
Simulations to Show
How Things Are Done
Interact with the
Training: Current and
Future Options
• DTA classroom training will still be available
periodically for staff who prefer in-person
training or want to practice “hands-on” in the
• Pre-recorded Employee and Supervisor
training still available for Biweekly/Monthly
Employees and Supervisors
TRS Website: New One
on the Horizon!
• New website to make it easier to find what YOU need!
• Website sections targeted to different types of TRS users:
• Employees
• Supervisors
• DTAs
• Website is part of the campus Content Management System
• Standardized “look and feel” with other UC Davis websites
• We encourage you to review and provide feedback to the TRS
Help Desk; are there other things that should be included?
TRS Website: New Look!
and DTAs
have their
own sections
Sections for
more about
TRS and
TRS tips
and tricks
Contact info
is easy to
Enroll in
the TRS
lists from
the home
Upcoming and Future
TRS Enhancements
• Open Items list is available on the TRS website
• Prioritization of system enhancements takes place
after discussion with end users, project
management team members, and A&FS/Payroll
management teams
• Some requested TRS changes are dependent on
other system changes (UCPath); more discussion
on this to follow later; not all items listed may be
implemented in the current system.
• This Open Items list contains items regarding
future enhancements for supervisors:
• Email opt-in for employee submission emails.
Upcoming and Future
TRS Enhancements
•The Open Items list also contains items regarding future
enhancements for DTAs:
– Add Optional Backup Supervisor to Employee
Assignment Report.
– Update new assignment email to include Title Code
and Employee Name.
– Ability to do mass EDLR submission at one time
– Allow DTA to view all authorized departments on
applicable DTA pages.
– Save Timesheet Identifier as part of original record
when it is changed for an employee timesheet for future
Upcoming and Future TRS
•This Open Items list also contains future
employee types to be included in TRS:
–Biweekly Exempt
–Resolve issues with Reclassifications that are
–Create Report to View Overtime
Compensation method (Pay, CTA)
•This list also contains additional overtime
compensation rules
– Skilled Craft Employees
TRS and UCPath
• TRS is the official UCD Campus time reporting
system for the UC PPS replacement system,
• TRS originally created by UCI in 2010 and also
used by UCLA, UCOP at this time. UC Merced is
currently implementing TRS.
• UC Office of the President will be the first to go
live with UCPath
• UC Davis is tentatively scheduled to go-live
with UCPath in Summer 2016
TRS Best Practices
• Use Timesheet Identifier for Work Study
employees to differentiate work hours
timesheet from timesheet with time off
• Use Comments field whenever necessary to
indicate more background information
• Make sure Overtime Compensation
selected correctly for your employees
• Set up Alternate Work Schedules
correctly (especially important for 9/80
schedule: 1st week is the 44-hour week,
2nd week is the 36-hour week)
TRS Help Resources
• Accounting website:
• TRS Help Desk: (530)752-7750 or
[email protected]
• We want to ensure your success in TRS!
Thank You for Your Time!