5/2/2014 Minutes

OhioLINK Lead Implementors' Meeting
May 2, 2014, WebEx
Anita Cook, Presiding
Next meeting: Friday, August 8, 2014, at the State Library of Ohio
Action Items:
1. Please send agenda items and speaker/topic recommendations for the August 8th meeting to
Anita Cook
1. OhioLINK Staffing Updates
a. Two positions advertised
i. Collection Analyst – will assist the Deputy Director with statistics, contracts, and
ii. Coordinator, Member Services – communications, member support
b. Meg Spernoga will be retiring at the end of May 2014
2. Funding
a. Capital Budget for FY15-16
i. $12 million for OhioLINK, which is a 33% increase
ii. $2 million for the library depositories for capital improvements
3. OhioLINK Webinars
a. The next webinar will be on OhioLINK Discovery and A-to-Z, May 22nd at 10 a.m.
i. This will mainly be on OhioLINK’s role; how-to information will be covered by
EBSCO in a webinar in June
4. Lead Implementor Orientations
a. 2-hour session done on-site covering what lead implementors need to know
b. Contact Theda Schwing or Anita Cook to schedule
5. Electronic Theses & Dissertations
a. New version went live May 1, 2014
i. This release was largely related to ProQuest settings and options for schools
submitting to ProQuest
1. Local administrators have more control over ProQuest options
2. Updated publishing agreement, which will apply to new ETDs from today
3. Removed open access option on the ProQuest site because the ETD
Center is already open access
4. Removed copyright registration for now, but students can still contact
ProQuest or the U. S. Copyright Office to pursue this at the individual level
b. ETD Council has been formed
i. First meeting is May 19, 2014
ii. Emily Flynn is the OhioLINK representative
iii. 4 members from libraries and 4 members from graduate schools
c. Transfer of ETDs to ProQuest has begun again
i. OhioLINK is setting up the transfer school by school; Emily Flynn will be
contacting institutions
Electronic Journal Center
a. The EJC will be rebuilt
i. Meghan Frazer is taking the lead on this
ii. Currently working to define specifications
iii. More discussion and testing will be coming
b. Initial focus is on rebuilding the backend
i. Going from a flat file to an Oracle database
eResource Cataloging
a. Starting in April, OhioLINK staff are now doing cataloging for eBooks and eJournals
b. The OhioLINK local catalog that is contributing to the Central Catalog is the Serials
i. All of the holdings on Serials have been contributed to Central, including all of the
EJC titles
ii. Display of holdings
1. The institution is listed as “OhioLINK”
2. For eJournals, the holdings statement will refer to the holdings in the EJC
3. For eBooks, the holdings statement will say “no local holdings”, but the link
at the top of the page will take users to the EBC or to the publisher’s site
c. Records will be distributed as before to the DMS and Leads listservs
Load Profile Training
a. Scheduled for August 5-7 at the State Library
i. Work stations will be available
ii. 13 people are attending – Anita Cook has confirmed with these attendees
b. If you are still interested in Load Profile Training, contact Anita Cook. If there is enough
interest (12 people), then we can schedule another Load Profile Training in the fall
Innovative Issues
a. Reload of Local Catalogs
i. Youngstown State University recently reloaded their catalog in pieces in about a
ii. Kent State University will be reloading their catalog in one batch
iii. Please contact Anita Cook for scheduling if you plan to reload your catalog
b. GMD as a Match Point in the Central Catalog
i. OhioLINK will be talking to Innovative about removing the MARC 245$h from the
matching algorithm, and the DMS Committee will be discussing this at the June
ii. This will allow RDA and AACR2 records to match rather than create duplicates
c. IUG Annual Conference
i. May 7-9, 2014, Detroit
ii. Anita Cook, Emily Flynn, and Theda Schwing are all going – hope to see you if you
are also attending!
Next Lead Implementors’ Meeting
a. Will be in-person
b. Typically there is a speaker invited to present at the in-person meetings
i. In the past, speakers have been from vendors (EBSCO, Innovative, etc.) or member
ii. Anita Cook is looking for potential topics/speakers
1. There is a new INN-Reach director (Tim Auger) at Innovative
2. Others?
11. Information Sharing
a. Sierra/Millennium Updates
i. University of Dayton libraries will go live on May 6
ii. Ohio University is in preview for Sierra, likely going live in July
iii. Ohio Northern University is going live on June 16
iv. Central State Community College will go live on May 12
v. The State Library of Ohio is going live on June 19
vi. Youngstown State University is going hosted on May 27 then will switch to Sierra
on August 11
vii. Ohio State University will present on “Preparing for Sierra” and “Streamlining
Processes using Sierra DNA” at IUG Annual in Detroit
b. SearchOhio IP change
i. Firewall ports for port 443 and port 6601 need to be opened both ways, to and from
your local Innovative server to SearchOhio’s new server (
ii. If your site is running III locally, your network staff needs to open these ports.
iii. III needs to open the ports for hosted systems
iv. No changes are necessary in the Limit Network Access menu in INNOPAC
c. OhioLINK Resources
i. There is a full load of the Central Catalog to Discovery being done 5/2, to remove
unpurchased DDA records from Discovery
ii. The EJC is regularly updated by EBSCO
d. EGL-IUG will be having a planning meeting at IUG Annual – talk to Mark Strang (Bowling
Green State University) if you want to help