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“Hazard Yet Forward”
“ESA challenges each
young woman to develop
her unique abilities
through a strong sense of
self in a community that
embraces religious,
cultural, and ethnic
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Elizabeth Seton Academy Newsletter
Fall 2014
Friday, Sept. 26th -The 22nd Annual Pops on the Heights
Scholarship Gala was a rousing success and Elizabeth Seton Academy students were there! Celebrating music with Boston Pops
Orchestra, with illustrious conductor Keith Lockhart it was an
evening to remember. A smash performance by Chris Isaak and his
band was a thrilling experience for the ESA students who were given
the opportunity to attend by tickets donated from Kara Cleary of
the Barbara and Jim Cleary Scholarship Fund.
For the second year, our students had the ability to visit the BC
campus, hear the celebrated school band The Screaming Eagles and
dine on a delicious boxed dinner while listening to one of the best
symphonic orchestra performing their fantastic repertoire.
In This Issue
-Pops On the Heights,
The Lion King, Guess
Who’s Coming to Dinner
-Campus Ministry: BC
High Boston Bowl Social
-ESA Developments
-National Honor Society
-Sophomore and Senior
Retreats 2014
-ESA’s Women of
Yesterday Alumnae
-Ways to Support ESA
-Annual Autumn Auction
Save The Date
Susana Viasus ‘17, Theology teacher and Campus Ministry Director, Mae Ba,
Caitlin Darcy ‘16, Johanna Thermitus ‘16, Vice Principal of Mission
Effectiveness, Patricia Bulman, Meghan Forde ‘16, Katherine Pinzon ‘16,
Margarita Vargas ‘16
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Michaela Lenane ‘15, Stefania D'Amato ‘16, Caitlin Darcy ‘16,
Margarita Vargas ‘16, Jamie Moore ‘16, Alaina Shaw ‘15, Katherine
Pinzon ‘16, Calista Preval ‘16, Sashalis Mercado ‘15, Makayla
Coleman ‘16, Tehya Hubbert ‘16, Kaitlyn Gutierrez ‘16, Tara
Murphy ’16
Amy Do ‘15, Thao Pham ‘15, Shanel Coombs ‘15, Jayda
Henderson ’15 and English teacher, Christina Brown
Shanel Coombs, Huong “Amy” Do, Jayda Henderson, and
Thao Pham enjoyed an evening of Boston’s finest theater on
Friday, October 3rd, when they accompanied their English
teacher, Mrs. Brown, to see Malcolm-Jamal Warner (“The
On Thursday, October 2 one hundred members of the Elizabeth
Cosby Show”) appear at the Boston University Theatre in the
starring role of Dr. John Prentice in the Huntington Theatre
Company’s new stage adaptation of Guess Who’s Coming to
Dinner. The sold out performance of this classic American story
kept these senior honors students spellbound and on the edge of
Seton Academy community were treated to a performance of
their seats. The Boston Globe declared that Warner’s
"The Lion King" at The Boston Opera House by the Marilyn
portrayal of Dr. Prentice had “wit and weight.” The experience
Rodman Theatre for Kids Program. The school traveled to the
Opera House for a live theatre experience. According to the
provoked lively discussion and students expressed surprise that
a play set in the 1960s could have such relevance today. It was
a night to be remembered.
foundation Rodman Ride for Kids, “The Marilyn Rodman
Theatre for Kids program endeavors to broaden the horizons of
B.C. High Boston Bowl Social
at-risk youth and foster a lifelong appreciation of performing arts
by exposing kids to live, professional theatre.”
It has exposed over 50,000 kids to the world of theater. They
have established many partnerships within the Boston theater
community. Their passion for performing arts has lent them
tremendous growth within the past few years and they are only
getting bigger with time.. We are extremely lucky to be able to
give our girls such a once-in-a-lifetime experience with this
vastly generous gift.
Through programs such as this, we can expose our girls to the
ESA girls and some B.C. High friends
Sept. 12, 2014
culture of the arts. It creates a deeper appreciation and interest
Friday, Sept. 12th—ESA students of all grades and Campus
in creative expression. Our mission is to educate and service our
Ministry Director, Mae Ba attended the Boston College High School
girls not only in the classroom, but outside as well through
experiences just like this. To learn more about Elizabeth Seton
Boston Bowl Social in Dorchester, MA. This was a special
opportunity for the girls to have some fun and socialize with other
same sex, Catholic high schools in the Boston area. It was a
Academy and our programs, please visit us at our Open House on
successful night of bowling, pizza, and arcade games! Big thanks to
Saturday, November 22 from 1-3.
B.C. High for the invitation!
Soccer and Success
ESA girls are passionate about their education, but they
are just as passionate about having fun. There are 20
students on the soccer team this F all and it has been
nothing but hard work and dedication from these girls.
They have put in so much time and effort for the game,
and for themselves. Our Soccer coach, Mr. Scott Souza,
has taught them how to work together in a healthy,
competitive environment, and show them what being a
team is all about!
Malaika Saint Juste ‘15
09/05—4pm, Chapel Hill Chauncy
09/12—3:30pm, Ursuline JV
09/16—3:30pm, Woodward
09/18—3:30pm, Newman
Team Players:
Maya Alexander ‘16, Alexia Andre ‘17, Christie Angrand
‘17, Niessa Casseus ‘16, Jolanda Coombs ‘17, Shanel
Coombs ‘15, Caitlin Darcy ‘16, Sheila Duplan ‘18, Ellen
Feeney ‘18, Casey Flynn ‘18, Jaydah Henderson ‘15,
Meghan Hernon ‘18, Nadia Lilly 16’, Caitlyn McGrath
‘17, JaydahLee Monteiro ‘17, Celia Quinn ‘17, Malaika
Saint-Juste ‘15, Geneveive Santilli ‘18, Savannah Spivey
18, Margarita Vargas ’16
09/22—3:30pm, Boston Trinity Academy
Congratulations to all the girls who have put in so much
09/25—4pm, Covenant Christian Academy
09-29—3:30pm, Newman School (Home)
Go Bobcats!
10/06—4pm, Montrose
10/08—3:30pm, Concord Academy
effort to be successful, and to participate in ESA’s team
Basketball coming soon!
10/10—3:30pm, Commonwealth (Home)
10/15—4pm, Waldorf
10/17—4pm, Covenant Christian Academy
10/20—3:30pm, Boston Trinity Academy
10/22—3:30pm, Commonwealth
10/24—3:45pm, Waldorf (Home)
10/28—3:30pm, Woodward
Soccer Girls: Genevieve Santilli ‘18 and Jaydah Monterio ‘17
ESA Developments
Robotics Club
Elizabeth Seton Academy now offers
dual enrollment with Wentworth
Institute of Technology and the
Center for Community and Learning
Partnerships. This provides the opportunity for
qualified students to take college level courses, free of
charge and earn credit toward future college degrees.
This will offer the ESA student the option to develop
academically and prepare themselves for college as they
experience a college level course in a college environment.
The encouragement of science, technology, engineering
and math careers are strongly supported by ESA. We
have also partnered with Wentworth to start a Robotics
Club. This fall, the students work on the Wentworth
Campus with esteemed faculty and staff. This program
allows our students to further prepare for college level
research using the latest technology.
Sophomore & Senior Retreat
Elizabeth Seton Academy has been in partnership
with the Emmanuel College dual enrollment
program for the past four years. The opportunity to
experience a Catholic mission driven higher
education environment has been one that the ESA
student greatly benefits from. The development of
time management, academic support and self
advocacy are skills that will follow the ESA student
into her college career.
On Wednesday, October 14th, these four girls were
inducted into ESA’s National Honor Society. The
candlelight ceremony recognizes the achievement,
perseverance, and strength of each girl, to strive for
greatness today and in their future academic years.
-Michaela Lenane ‘15
-Anh Hoang ‘’15
-Han Nugyen ‘15
-Takayla Isler ‘15
-Jadis Venay ‘16
Existing Members: Amy Do ‘15, Shanel Coombs ‘15,
Katherine Pinzon ‘16, Jamie Moore ‘16, Maya Alexander
‘16, Meghan Forde ‘16
Class of 2015 with homeroom teacher, Fred Freitas, Campus
Ministry Director and Theology teacher, Mae Ba and English
teacher, Erin Smith.
Building a Sisterhood
ESA not only embraces religious, cultural, and
ethnic diversity, but we believe in love, acceptance
and the strength of friendship. As an all girls
Catholic school, we build a sisterhood. We teach
values and morals that can be used in everyday
lives. The girls are kind, they care for each other,
and listen to one another. This builds a spirit that
can’t be broken. Throughout the year, each class
has a scheduled retreat where the students, faculty
and staff participate in reflection and prayer
exercises that build a deeper, emotional connection
with one another and the Catholic tradition.
Makaylee Stanton ‘17, Kaitleigh Couturier ‘17, Amanda
Brock-O’Bryan ‘17, Celia Quinn ‘17, Campus Ministry Director
and Theology teacher, Mae Ba.
ESA’s Women of Yesterday
Congratulations to Helen Baker ‘06,
Congratulations to Caitlin McDonough ‘09, she
who is now Helen Baker Swanson! She
graduated from the University of Massachusetts
tied the knot on September 19, 2014.
Boston in May 2014 and is now attending The
She also recently graduated from the
University of Maryland School of Social Work
University of Massachusetts Boston in
studying Clinical Mental Health.
May 2014!
Congratulations to Ceferina Murrell ‘08 on
Congratulations to Kristina Clasby ‘11,
her new position in Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s
not only is she a full time student at
Office of Women’s Advancement. She will be
Framingham State University, she also
visiting ESA on October 22, 2014 to speak
became a Teaching and Administrative
about her professional and personal growth
Assistant for the University’s English
as an ESA alumnae.
Language Program!
Congratulations to Talisha Heap ‘07, she is in
Congratulations to Alyson Wuschke ‘05, in
the process of applying to a master’s program
April 2014 she became the Security Project
Manager for G4S Secure Solutions, Inc. She
works on security projects in the U.S. and
For any further information on Alumnae
Events or any interest in volunteering for
ESA, please contact Elana Aurise at
617-296-1087 ext. 15
to study Education! She is currently working in
hospitality but her future goal is to become a
Ways to Support ESA
Become a sponsor for one of our girls: Provide the
tuition assistance she needs to get her college bound
and become her mentor.
Donate directly: Send cash or a check to our school at
2220 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester MA, 02124.
Don’t forget to visit
www.esaboston.com to
donate through our
Use your company as a tool: Most companies match
your donation for non-profit organizations. Take
advantage for a good cause! Review your companies
matching gift guidelines.
Spread the word!
Attend our upcoming annual fundraisers: Cocktails,
prizes, and a chance to donate to our independently
funded school.
It doesn’t hurt to share a
helping hand for education.
Your donations not only pay for student’s books and
financial aid assistance but also for scholarships, extra
curricular activities, and the privilege of small class
2014 Annual Autumn Auction
Our honored guest, Father Peter Casey,
will give a special blessing!
Join your friends for a fun evening with a
buffet dinner, raffle prizes, silent and live auctions, and more!
We look forward to seeing you!
Mission Statement
Elizabeth Seton Academy established in the
spirit and values of Saint Elizabeth Ann
Seton, is a private, Catholic, all girls college
preparatory high school that provides a
nurturing community for learners.
ESA strives to prepare each student to
become a young woman of faith by
fostering a deeper understanding of the
Catholic tradition, its truths and values.
ESA Stands For:
ESA educates young women by developing
their potential as scholars, instilling in
them a sense of social responsibility, and
empowering them to become leaders and
Professionals of tomorrow.
ESA challenges each young woman to
develop her unique abilities through a
strong sense of self in a community that
embraces religious, cultural and ethnic
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Newsletter By: Elana Aurise
Photos Taken By: Dr. John Sweeney