Nominees for 2014 Annual General Meeting

Joanne Redburn
Vice President
Ben Taylor
Jade McLuckie
Joanne Redburn
Stephen Loadsman
Nicole Donaldson
General Positions
Julie Aldridge
Deanna Bentley
Nicole Donaldson
Tamara Cross
David Hoey
Stephen Loadsman
Jade McLuckie
Ben Taylor
I am a Mum to three boys, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, HeartParent and recently at the age of 45 I
became a “Zipper Kid” to close an undiagnosed ASD.
Our family’s first contact with HeartKids was when our son was diagnosed with Dilated
Cardiomyopathy in 2004.
In 2011, I joined the HeartKids Queensland Board as a Director. I have found it both rewarding and
challenging, helping to form the policies which have seen HeartKids Qld go from strength to
strength. I am a member of the HeartKids Qld Fundraising and Marketing and the Finance and Risk
Subcommittees. I am also a part of the working group for the 30th Anniversary Gala Event. My
family and I regularly participate in a volunteer capacity to assist with the running of events or to
help with fundraising for HeartKids Qld.
I joined the Board so I could contribute back to an organisation which helped my family. HeartKids
Qld provides a variety of support to many families along their journey and I would like to continue
working with the HeartKids Qld staff and volunteers to make sure that we support as many families
we can in whatever capacity we are able to. I constantly see the real difference HeartKids Qld makes
to families and I am proud to be a part of that!
2014 AGM – Nominations and Profiles
Nicole was born with Tricuspid Atresia and multiple Septal Defects. Throughout life she has had
many operations and procedures. Nicole’s family were foundation members of HeartKids (then
known as Heart to Heart) in 1984. Whilst Nicole may still require more surgery she has been able to
proudly achieve many goals including working full-time, preparing to begin her PhD and travelling
Nicole is a Special Education Teacher trained in teaching students who are blind and vision impaired
or hearing impaired. She is currently the Acting Head of Special Education Services in a High School
teaching students with a range of disabilities. She is on the Board of Directors for World Access for
the Blind Australia; The Convenor of the Australian Braille Authority Qld Forum and is part of the
Executive as Political Advocate for South Pacific Educators of the Vision Impaired.
Nicole was appointed Secretary of HKQ in 2011. She is committed to ensuring that other heartkids
are able to achieve their personal dreams and goals and she believes that this is more likely to
happen when families and parents are provided with high levels of support. Nicole fully understands
that growing up with a heart condition is challenging (both for the individual and for the family) but
she completely believes that any barrier or hurdle can be overcome with appropriate advocacy and
My name is Deanna Bentley. I am 36 years old and I am a mum to 2 beautiful children, Jaydn (11) &
Kodi (almost 2). Kodi is my heartkid. She was diagnosed with Transposition of The Great Arteries at
a 30 week scan. We live in Townsville and had to relocate to Brisbane for 6.5 weeks while we
waited for Kodi to be born and have her surgery, which was at 6 days old.
I studied Psychology at university, however I did not complete my degree as I put it on hold when I
had my first child. I have worked in the insurance industry for the past 15 years. For the past 5
years I have worked as an Insurance Assessor in Townsville. I have a Certificate IV in Financial
I found Heartkids by chance on Facebook prior to relocating to Brisbane and found wonderful
support from both Heartkids and other heart families alike. With help from Heartkids Qld we
have built a community of heart families in North Queensland have a strong support network and
have formed some wonderful friendships. I believe a strong support network is an essential part
of a family’s CHD journey.
In the past 22 months that I have been involved with Heartkids I have become incredibly
passionate about spreading awareness about CHD and about Heartkids. I have been heavily
involved in fundraising activities in our local area, as a team we have raised over $6,500 this year.
We have arranged with local schools to hold free dress days, day care centres to hold wear
coloured clothes days, numerous bbq’s, a pie drive and a fundraising day at a local business. We
have raised awareness of CHD and Heartkids by way of newspaper stories and radio interviews.
In the coming year we are holding a trivia night, further free dress/ coloured clothes days and
bbq’s and hope to do further work with the media.
I would love to continue to be a member of the Heartkids Qld board as I am passionate about
Heartkids QLD and about having a support network for the children affected by CHD and for their
families. I would like to be able to be a voice for our families in North Qld. Being from a regional
area I know how different it is being a parent of a child affected by CHD in a regional area compared
to a city area and I would love to help improve information, services and support for families
throughout regional Queensland.
2014 AGM – Nominations and Profiles
I am currently employed as Financial Controller in a superannuation and funds management
business, MAP Funds Management Ltd, in Brisbane. However, I am on a career break (maternity
leave) and seeking new challenges in the meantime.
I am a Chartered Accountant (ICAA) with over 15 year’s experience in various public and commercial
accounting roles both in Australia and abroad. I developed a good understanding of corporate
governance due to my involvement with board matters at MAP and presenting and attending the
monthly audit committee meetings for the past five years that focussed on a variety of finance,
audit, remuneration and risk management issues.
My experience at MAP preparing board policies such as risk management, board governance, fitness
and propriety, conflicts of interest etc, which were all mandatory, have been the ideal preparation
for me to fulfil a non-executive board position and contribute in the not-for-profit space. I am also
determined to complete further risk management and governance study and have applied for a
scholarship with the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA) to undertake a Graduate Diploma in
Applied Corporate Governance.
I am seeking this volunteer board role as I am passionate about community service, particularly a
children’s charity as I am now personally invested after having my own child. I would also like to
achieve success by contributing to a well-known and successful organisation with my strategic
influence and financial focus. I also see this is an opportunity for me to remain current and relevant
in my profession while I am on a career break and have the time to commit to a volunteer position.
David is currently Director, Marketing & Admissions and Director, Student Services for Endeavour
Learning Group, the largest private educator of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.
He has 12 years’ experience in various senior education management roles with particular expertise
in digital marketing, events management, sponsorship, business development, brand development,
social media and retail management.
Prior to ELG, David was Manager, Marketing & Community for the Australian Institute of
Management – Qld & NT encompassing management of a substantial volunteer committee structure
across Queensland and the Northern Territory and a program of more than 300 regional and
metropolitan events.
David has held internal positions on the Australian Institute of Management’s Management
Excellence Awards and Membership Committees of the Board. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism
and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from the University of Queensland.
Stephen is a Heartkid parent as his daughter, Mia, was born with Tetralogy of Fallot in 2008 and
underwent a successful corrective procedure at 7 months of age. During this challenging time
Stephen and his family had the fortune of experiencing the fantastic work of the HKQ family support
workers and volunteers.
Stephen is a Partner in PwC’s Consulting practice and joined the HKQ Board in 2012 and is Chair of
the Finance & Risk Subcommittee. In his professional career he is passionate about providing high
quality services to his clients enabling improvements to their business.
2014 AGM – Nominations and Profiles
Stephen is committed to bringing his experience and expertise to HKQ to enable further growth and
improved business practices. Stephen is passionate about increasing the awareness of the HKQ
brand and achievements with his business and personal contacts.
I myself have a son, almost two years of age now that was born with heart problems.
Archibald is the third child of my partner, Charmaine Thomas, and my second child.
Even though Archie was born at the Mater and our close proximity to the hospital, we were in a
room with two families, one from Emerald and the other from Townsville, we could see the
support needed to all families that have been affected by heart disease. Both the families had
been away from their homes for up to 4 months, and it was great seeing that Heartkids was able
to offer the support that a lot of families need at such a time that should be full of joy and
I myself am an engineer by trade, but have been in the customer service field for the last 8 years. In
my last position as a Store Manager with Woolworths I was lucky enough to be able to get our area
group to part take in a fund raising effort for the month of February with HeartKids QLD in which
we raised just under $10,000. It was hoped that we would be able to make it yearly event, but I
have since left the company. My new role within Suncorp has a very similar place in their efforts in
being able to help the local community throughout fund raising as well with their community
program called “Brighter Futures”.
As far as back ground for myself, I am currently the Vice-President of Boccia Australia, an
organization that is the Australian Federating body for the sport of Boccia, a sport similar to
Bocce, but for people that suffer from disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy
that are primarily in wheelchairs (Our oldest boy has got CP). In my time there I have been able to
rewrite our constitution, in readiness to be able to apply for a National Sport Organization status
with the Australian Sports Commission. I have also implemented a new website and other policies
and procedures in moving Boccia forward.
I feel I would be able to offer a lot of my skills and effort into HeartKids QLD and I look
forward to your thoughts too.
Joanne is a proud member of Heart Kids Queensland Inc. Her heart kid, Maddison, was born in 1996
with TGV, a whole in the heart and a malformed value. Maddison has been the fortunate recipient
of Heart Kids Queensland’s invaluable activities and programs, having attended the last Heart Teens
Camp and received a makeover for a segment on the Today Show.
In her professional capacity, Joanne provides legal, governance and strategic advice to not for profit
organisations on a daily basis.
More specifically, Joanne is the legal practitioner director in her own legal practice (NFP Lawyers),
providing legal advice and support to a diverse range of not for profit organisations throughout
Australia. Some of the more recent work Joanne has been involved in has been advising not for
profit boards on directors duties under the ACNC, transitioning incorporated associations to
companies limited by guarantee, tax and DGR endorsements and advising on intellectual property
protection strategies.
She also is a director of NFP Management Solutions, a company establish by Joanne to provide not
for profit directors, managers and staff with advice and support in effectively managing and
2014 AGM – Nominations and Profiles
operating their not for profit organisations. Joanne has created The NFP Toolkit to assist not for
profit organisations in ensuring they comply with the various regulators relevant to their sector.
More recently, Joanne has been involved in, amongst other things, conducting a workshop for not
for profit senior managers and directors to assist in the implementation of the changes to the
privacy legislation, conducting an introductory governance workshop and presenting updates on
the not for profit reforms at annual general meetings
Joanne is an experienced director, having sat on an Audit and Governance Committee of a not for
profit organisation and currently a director of a not for profit organisation.
Together with her personal connection to Heart Kids Queensland and her professional expertise
Joanne would bring to the Heart Kids Queensland Board a wealth of experience to enhance and
add value to the strategic decision making of the current board.
My name is Ben Taylor and I am currently the President of the Board of HeartKids QLD. I have really
enjoyed being your president and with the board and staff we have accomplished a lot this year.
However it has meant that I have not been in a position to get out, support and fundraise as much as
I had liked, so I have decided to take a small step back and have been nominated for the role of Vice
President for 2015. I would be honoured to serve the members of HeartKids QLD in this role and I
put my support behind nominee Dr. Joanne Redburn for the role of President.
For those that do not know me, I am an electrician, I have a diploma of management and I currently
work for the Queensland Electrical Regulator, but most importantly I am the father of a HeartKid.
Over the past couple of years I have been involved in various HeartKids QLD fundraising events such
as the Broncos 50:50 program, Westfield Givability days, ‘cuppa for kids’ and ‘sweetheart day. I am
also the current leader of the HeartKids Dads support group who have raised money by completing
the Bridge to Brisbane as well as supported HeartKids by assisting in the recent office move.
I know from personal experience the impact that HeartKids QLD has on families that are in hospital
and are in need. That is why I have such a passion to see HeartKids QLD thrive and support as many
families as possible. Without the support of HeartKids, many of our HeartKid families would really
struggle to survive. Additionally, during my time as President I have become increasingly aware of
the need and desire for more out of hospital assistance. HeartKids QLD has moved forward this year
with the establishment of regional support group leaders all over the state. On a higher level, the
issue of out of hospital support and access to required services has been raised with the HeartKids
federation. The result is that there is now a HeartKids Australia “advocacy committee” working on
gathering the supporting information required to contact the appropriate federal Minister.
I am proud of the work that has been accomplished this year, of which none would have been
possible without the dedication, energy and selflessness of our current Board members. I believe
that Dr. Joanne Redburn is the right person to lead HeartKids QLD as we move forward and strive to
be a more recognised charity. I know that I have the drive, energy and desire to continue to assist
HeartKids QLD in supporting HeartKids and their families in my role as your Vice President of the
I apologise as I will not be in the country for the AGM, but I thankyou in advance for your attendance
and support at the AGM. I ask for your support of Dr. Joanne Redburn as President and for your vote
so I may be Vice President.
2014 AGM – Nominations and Profiles