Ron Raab Brief Biography/CV

Ron Raab
Brief Biography/CV
Ron Raab OAM, B.Ec. is President of Insulin for Life (IFL) Australia and
IFL Global .IFL obtains donated in-date, unopened
and no longer needed insulin and other supplies, which would otherwise
be wasted. These are then donated to countries in need.
Ron is a Past Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation.
He has more than 80 articles published about the Insulin for Life program and living with diabetes.
He has written and advocated extensively in favour of the low carbohydrate, low insulin, moderate
protein, healthy fats approach to the normalisation of blood glucose levels and diabetes
management and prevention. He was an invited speaker on this topic most recently at the Annual
Scientific Meeting for the Australian Diabetes Educators Society/Australian Diabetes Society
Melbourne 2014 in a joint society debate entitled: Carbohydrates – Victims or Villains in Diabetes;
and at the International Diabetes Federation Congresses in Melbourne (2013) and Montreal (2011).
Ron is a graduate of Monash University, Australia, in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics, and
has received a number of awards and honours for his activities relating to the life saving
activities of Insulin for Life. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) by the
Australian Government in 2008.
Ron Raab OAM B.Ec
President, Insulin for Life Australia and Global Co-ordinating Centre
Past Vice-President (2000-2006), International Diabetes Federation