It is our custom to collect donations for a charity or social service project that
our Social Justice Team has identified as being in harmony with our mission
to be “…a force for compassionate social justice.”
October 19, 2014
If you wish your donation to go to this month’s cause, please write “Beyond
Our Walls” on your envelope or check memo line.
In October, donations will be used for two programs involving boys
incarcerated at the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles:
Holiday Party: Each year, UUSG hosts a party for teens who do not typically
receive visitors. If you would like to attend this year’s party, please contact
Jean Pierce at [email protected].
Ingathering Music
Ringing of the Church Bell
Call to Worship
Song of Community # 1013 “Open My Heart”
Words of Welcome & Congregational Greetings
At the sounding of the Rin Gong, please enter into Shared Silence.
Prelude Potter’s Wheel, Mary Grigolia
Chalice Lighting
Jump Start: “Changing One Life at a Time.” Jump Start is a one-to-one
tutoring and mentoring program operating in the Illinois Youth Center (IYC).
At its inception, the purpose of Jump Start was to help raise the literacy levels
of incarcerated youth. It soon became obvious that while the tutoring was
helping youth improve their literacy skills, the tutors also began serving as
mentors, bringing life experience, caring guidance, and dependability to boys.
* Song of Praise (please see lyrics on facing page)
Antiphonal Reading # 540 “The Peace of Autumn”
* Unison Reading of Our Covenant (please see words on facing page)
* Doxology (please see lyrics on facing page)
An important additional aspect of the program is the emphasis on improving
the life skills and the decision-making processes of the youth. UUSG member
Melissa Auer leads the program, which has more boys than mentors. To join
the program, contact Melissa with an email to socialjusticelead[email protected].
For All Ages
For people who would like to target their donations to particular causes, here
is the schedule for the remainder of our 2014 monthly collections:
November: Fisher House Foundation
December: Holiday Lights Fund
Pastoral Prayer & Silent Meditation
The “Change for a Change” jar at the front of the Sanctuary is a year-round
project that supports an organization chosen by students in our Religious
Education Program.
This church year, contributions to the “Change for a Change” jar will support
our Bridge family, Jasmine Cotton and her 4-year-old twin boys, Jahki and
Jahleel. Jasmine is earning high grades at DeVry Institute, where she is
pursuing a nursing degree. Her active sons are attending day care and
preschool. UUSG is partnering in this project with the DuPage Unitarian
Universalist Church.
Children & adult leaders go to religious education classes & activities.
Congregational Offering Peace Drum Song, Wil Schmid
Responsive Music Going Home, Wayne Gratz
Hymn # 1009 “Meditation on Breathing”
Sermon the Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates, “Fun With the Brain—Hypnosis
& Ministry”
Hymn # 1031 “Filled with Loving Kindness”
Unison Closing # 599 (Tegh Bahadur)
Please be seated for our Postlude and Benediction.
Postlude How Can I Stop from Singing, music Greg Gilpin, text adapted
from Quaker Song
Both Services
• Want to learn more about being a “For All Ages” presenter?
Contact Rev. Lindsay at [email protected].
• Want to share special music with the congregation? Contact our
Music Director, Tracy Rosenkrans, at [email protected].
• Would you like to greet or host? Sign up in the Common Room or
at or Questions?
Talk to our Hospitality & Fellowship Team at [email protected].
• Interested in learning more about our religious education program
and teaching the next generation of UUs? Contact our Church School
Administrator, Michelle Gibson, at [email protected].
Social Hour Hosts:
LRE Point Person:
the UUSG Choir, led by Bridget Kancler,
Tracy Rosenkrans, John Rosenkrans,
Andy Montgomery
the Facilities Team
Brad Lipman, Karen Laukaitis
Michelle Gibson
9:30am service
Worship Associate:
Nursery Caregivers:
Grades K-2 Teachers:
Grades 3-5 Teachers:
Thom Thomas
Don & Nancy Smith
Kerry Sapet, Euneta Weeks
Chung Liang, Jessica Littlefield
Wendy Mosier, Shawn Thornton
11:15am service
Worship Associate:
Nursery Caregivers:
Grades K-2 Teachers:
Grades 3-5 Teachers:
Grades 6-8 Teachers:
Grades 9-12 Advisors:
Doreen Christiani
the Montgomery Family
Veronica Norris, Euneta Weeks
Diane Handler, Chung Liang
Dawn Pokorny, Lyn Wilder-Dean
Kate Johnson, Kim McDuffee-Dotson
Nancy Christensen, Mary Jonke, Elba Karim,
Zia Karim, Laura Laughlin, Bill Pokorny,
Tom Zimmerman
INSIDE STORY: Enjoy the Harvest
Our Harvest Supper is this Saturday, October 25. The menu
will be the same as in previous years: soups, salads, breads,
and desserts.
This year’s speaker is Jason Bell, who will talk to us about
“Creating a Batavia Food Co-op.” There will also be a basket
for donations to support a green project.
Sign up in the Common Room or at
October 26, 2014: Guest in the Pulpit: Thom Thomas
November 2, 2014: the Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates: “Yet Another Election Day
Board of Directors
Board President, Bill Scown
V.P., Admin. Council, Dan Masini
V.P., Program Council, Debbie Leoni
Treasurer, Patricia Ward
Assistant Treasurer, Jim O’Malley
Team Leaders
Canvass: George Tattersfield
Communications: Open
Emergency Response: Hal
Schulman, Jeff Stibal
Facilities: Deann Alleman
Finance: Kevin O’Neill
Green Sanctuary: Ann Drover,
Nancy Goodfellow
Heritage: Pat Ward
Hospitality & Fellowship:
Kim Liang, Cindy Vacek
Lay Ministry: Mark Alleman
Secretary, John Towell
Director, David de Coriolis
Director, Jennifer Klein
Director, Cindy Vacek
Director, Dick Yingst
LRE: Jodi Brown, Jenny Montgomery
MAD: Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates
Membership: Bev Coe, Jill Brown
Ministries (“MOM”): Deb Brod
Nominating: David Tomell
Personnel: Bill Pokorny
Social Justice: Jean Pierce
Technology: Jeff Stibal
Worship: Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates
WOW Care Ministry: Glenda Peck,
George Tattersfield
Music Ministry
Music Director, Tracy Rosenkrans, [email protected]
RE Music Director, Sandra Anderson-Cordogan, [email protected]
Choir Director, Bridget Kancler, [email protected]
Sunday, October 19
• 8:15 am
• 9:45 am
• 11:15 am
• 12:30 pm
• 12:30 pm
• 7:00 pm
Monday, October 20
• 7:00 pm
• 7:00 pm
Tuesday, October 21
• 10:30am
• 7:30 pm
Wednesday, October 22
• 11:30 am
• 4:00 pm
• 7:00 pm
• 7:30 pm
Thursday, October 23
• 9:15 am
• 7:00 pm
• 7:30 pm
Friday, October 24
• 10:30am
• 6:30 pm
• 7:00 pm
Saturday, October 25
• 9:00 am
• 9:00 am
• 10:00 am
• 6:00 pm
Sunday, October 26
• 11:15 am
• 12:30 pm
• 12:30 pm
• 3:00 pm
Choir Warm-Up
Hospitality & Fellowship Team Meeting
Big Ideas Covenant Group
“New UUs” Orientation Program
Atheism, Humanism & Life Issues Study Group
Reiki Share
Senior Minister on Retreat through October 27
“Bible Study for UUs” Group
Facilities Team Meeting
Staff Meeting
Social Justice Team Meeting (off-site)
the Luncheonettes (off-site)
Heritage Team Meeting
UU Buddhism Meditation & Study Group
Simple Living Circle
“Feel Good in the Present” Group Meeting
Write Time Writers’ Group
Congregational Administrator’s Day Off
Church School Administrator’s Day Off
the Geezers Group (off-site)
YRUU Overnight Begins
Friday Flick: Rise Above the Mark
Congregational Administrator’s Day Off
Church School Administrator’s Day Off
Music Rehearsal
YRUU Overnight Ends
Music Rehearsal
Harvest Supper
Big Ideas Covenant Group
“New UUs” Orientation Meeting
Interweave Meeting
Mental Health Ministry Event
Learning more about…The Facilities Ministry takes care of our UUSG
buildings and grounds. They problem-solve, fix, coordinate, arrange,
maintain, & plan to provide facilities that are functional, safe, comfortable,
and attractive as a home for our thriving congregation. There are many roles
to fill on the Facilities Team, and your support is welcome. For more about
how to help, contact [email protected].
Note to Newcomers: Please look for our new WELCOME CENTER Table
in the Common Room. A Membership Team representative will be available
there during our Social Hour, between services, to answer any questions
about UUSG.
Building Task Force Seeks New Member-The BTF is exploring various
ideas about the possible expansion of UUSG grounds. If you are interested
in becoming a member of this team, please contact Cindy Vacek.
October Day of Service We will once again support Tri-Cities CROP Walk,
which takes place this afternoon at 1:15pm at the Batavia United Methodist
Church. To give to this worthy cause, go to
and make an online donation to one of the walkers on our team.
New to UUSG? Then join us for our next “New UUs” Orientation Program,
which begins today and continues on October 26 and November 2, 12:30pm3pm. We’ll discuss personal journeys, ways to get involved, UUSG’s history,
and what it means to be a church member. You are welcome to attend any or
all of the sessions. A light lunch is included.
Supporting NPR UUSG supports our local NPR stations and receives the
opportunity to advertise our church and major events on WNIJ (89.5FM) and
WNIU (90.5FM). Help us continue this publicity by writing a check today to
UUSG with “NPR” on the memo line. The Communications Committee will
match donations (up to an overall total of $125).
Lindsay on Retreat Our Senior Minister, the Rev. Dr. Lindsay Bates, will be
on her annual Silent Retreat October 20-27. In the event of an emergency or
urgent matter, you may call our Lay Ministries Coordinator, Mark Alleman,
at 630-863-3569 or Lay Minister Jim Jenkins at 630-677-2232.
The Luncheonettes Not a Motown group, though they are vocal. Not
“sitting in” at a lunch counter, though they do talk politics and social justice.
Mostly, this active friendly group is “just lunch,” sharing ideas, enjoying
being in community, and getting to know each other. Their next meeting is
Wednesday, October 22 at Andres’ Restaurant in Batavia (5 Webster St.),
11:30am-1:15pm. Please RSVP to [email protected].
Friday Flick: Rise Above the Mark With elections approaching, it is
important to recognize the responsibility of Illinois legislators in deeply
underfunding our public schools. It would take $5 billion in Illinois to fund
our schools to the point where 2/3 of students without special needs can
succeed. The film, which we’ll show on October 24 at 7pm, features
prominent spokespersons for education. Join us for this important discussion.
Thank you, Facilities Team, for Social Hour this morning! Thank you for
all the effort you put into providing such a wonderful gathering place for us.
We all feel that having our social hour is providing us with a place and reason
to come together and opportunity to be much more of a community. Your
work is so appreciated!
PPG Award This week's “Promoting Practical Goodness” Award goes to
Betty Bristol, whose involvement in our WOW (“Within Our Walls”) Team
is exceptional. Betty has volunteered for most every meal request as well
many outreach opportunities. She's a dynamic member of WOW and UUSG.
Photo Directory We’ll be taking pictures for the spring 2015 directory every
Sunday, beginning today and continuing through November 2. If you’d like to
have your family’s portrait in the directory, please sign up in the Common
Room or at You may have noticed that we’re
doing these photos just in time for the holidays. There is no charge for your
photo in the directory, but if you make a donation to the MAD fund, we’ll
email you a high-res version of the picture to print or post.
Getting to Know Each Other Circle Suppers are a great way to get to know
others! Participants will be grouped with different people for each of the four
suppers, which will be held in January, February, March, and April 2015.
Sign up in the Common Room or at by November 16.
Commit to Knit Fall is the perfect time to “Commit to Knit” (and crochet)
with soft, colorful yarn. Craft a scarf, hat, blanket, shawl, mittens, socks, or
stuffed toy for Knitting4Peace ( This group will meet in
the Common Room between services on 1st Sundays. For more information,
contact Katherine Lyons at [email protected].
November 15 Saturday Night Feverish Auction: Donate Now! Plan a
party – Give some tickets – Ask a chocolatier for a gift certificate – Purchase
an ad in our catalog – Contribute to a wine and cheese basket. Contribute
online – click on the disco ball at, or complete a form in the
Common Room. Questions? Contact Jean Pierce at [email protected].
We Need Greeters! Thank you to everyone who has signed up already—it is
much appreciated. Signing up in advance helps us be more welcoming, learn
each other names, and keep Lindsay's anxiety at bay. Sign up in the Common
Room or at
2nd Annual Women’s Retreat is now at full capacity. Register on the
waitlist ( if interested, and to help us gain insight
for next year! If you have registered, please turn in your payments as soon
as possible. Questions? Contact Samantha Mejia at [email protected].
Book Discussion Group Come join fellow UUSG members and friends
for a lively discussion of the book “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” on
Thursday, October 30 at 7:30pm. Sign up at or in
the Common Room. Questions? Please contact Eleanor Hamilton at
[email protected].
YRUU The YRUU Corn Maze overnight is Friday, October 24th at 6:30pm.
We will be going to Richardson Farm. The cost will be $15.00 per youth for
the Corn Maze. Please have youth bring extra spending money if they would
like to purchase food, zip lining or other activities. Permission forms and
money need to be in by today.
Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a program dealing with relationships, sexuality,
and decision making for our 7th, 8th and 9th graders. The OWL parent
meeting will be Monday, October 27th from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at UUSG.