Retirees Letter - GCC/IBT District Council 3

GCC/IBT Local 546M
February Retiree Luncheon:
Wednesday, February 19, 1:00 PM
at Hometown Buffet, 1930 Snow
Road, Parma.
Next Membership Meeting:
Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 10:00 AM
at the Pipefitters’ Hall, 6305 Halle
Drive, Valley View.
Wednesday, March 19, 1:00 PM at
Hometown Buffet, 1930 Snow
Road, Parma.
Wednesday, April 16, 1:00 PM at
Hometown Buffet, 1930 Snow
Road, Parma.
Due to scheduling, the May 18
Membership Meeting will be held
at the Union Hall on W. 25th and
NOT at the Pipefitters Hall.
The annual Retiree Christmas
Luncheon was held at Hometown
Buffet on December 18. The turnout
was smaller than in past years. We
missed the presence of some longterm attenders Joe Petkac and John
and Sandy Stoika who departed from
us in 2013, but all were happy to gather
again for another year. Attending this
year were: Paul Albright, Bill & Jane
Haney, Bobby & Rose Hintze, Larry
Jelinek, Walter Kalix, Al & Lillian
Kautz, Stan Otcovsky, Erhart &
Renee Schliwa, Chuck & Eleanor
Schmook, Christ Steimle, Jim
50-Year Pins Presented
Local 546M, as it does each year,
presented 50-Year Pins to 19 retired
members who were initiated into the
Union in 1963. This year, three of the
recipients were present at the
September Membership Meeting to
receive their pins and the recognition
of the Local for their years of service
and loyalty to the Union. The three
recipients were: Bob Hintze, retired
from Emerson Press, Leonard Oliveri,
retired from the Plain Dealer and John
Urasek, retired from Foote Printing.
Each made a brief statement to the
membership. Brother Urasek, sadly
commented on the smaller attendance
than he remembered in the past.
The other 16 recipients who were not
able to be present, had their 50-Year
Pins sent to their homes. They are:
Edward Cox (Danner Press)
Gary Furst (Bedford Litho)
Thomas Guzan (National Can)
Thomas Helm (Danner Press)
Carmella Iannucci
William Kauffman (Davies Can)
Stanley Kocienski (Central Litho)
Paul Litvin (Continental Litho)
Stan Maciag (Danner Press)
Willie Miller (Central Litho)
Rose Norman (Avery Dennison)
Local 546M RETIREE
are held the
3rd Wednesday
of each month at
Hometown Buffet
1603 Snow Road, Parma
All are welcome!
L. Wayne Page
John Sangregorio (Plain Dealer)
David Schambs (Danner Press)
Eugene Sydell
Virginia Ward
Members initiated into the Union in
1964 will receive their 50-Year Pins at
the September 2014 Membership
Members are able to select either the
GCIU 50-Year Pin (while supplies last)
or the GCC/IBT 50-Year Pin, both of
which are shown above.
New Luncheon
A number of recently retired
members have joined the monthly
Retiree Luncheon held each month at
Hometown Buffet on the 3rd
Paul Albright (Oak Printing)
Paul Korcuska (Franzen Graphics,
previously Continental Litho)
Howie Pfeiler (Franzen Graphics)
The luncheons are an opportunity for
retirees to maintain and renew old
friendships, meet other retirees and
keep in touch with the Union. If you are
recently retired or even if you retired
years ago and would like to renew
friendships, you are welcome to join
other retirees at the luncheons.
Retiree News
Retirees at the July luncheon were
pleased to have former Local 546M
President Ron Sabo join them.
After over 30 years serving on the
Allied Printing Trades Council, for
many years as Secretary-Treasurer,
Chuck Schmook decided to step
down and “retire” at the young age of
82. Chuck and his wife Eleanor still
travel the country in their RV. This past
summer they took a 3 month trip
through the West, visiting one of their
daughters in California. Chuck
relinquished his Allied duties to another
retiree, Howie Pfeiler, who recently
retired at the advanced age of 62 from
Franzen Graphics.
Former Graphic Arts Institute Director
Joe Tokich made a surprise visit to the
union office this summer with his
grand-daughter Sophia. Sophia had
the opportunity to visit his old office and
observe and operate a rotary phone.
Joe is now a healthy looking 82.
Orange Blossom Press retiree Billy
Carter participated in this year’s First
Annual Labor Day Festival singing in
one of the groups that entertained
festival attendees. Billy is a musician
and has produced a number of CDs of
his own work.
area, as well as some grade schools,
to entertain residents and perform
tricks. Larry says Snoopy is the
smartest dog he’s ever known. The two
also participate in competitive rallies
where Snoopy has won titles at rallies
sponsored by both the AKC and the.
APDT. Larry is also active as the
organizer of the Retiree Luncheon.
Retirements in 2013
Mike McGinty - Plain Dealer
Len Muhlbach - Plain Dealer
Jeff Shawke - Avery Dennison
Greg Krupa - Associate
Gary Rovny - Avery Dennison
Dave Opincar - Avery Dennison
Richard Barczyk - Associate
Raymond Curry - Beacon Journal
Bill Saepic - Plain Dealer
Upcoming 125th
Local 546M is the outcome of a long
history. Over the years, different locals
of the old Lithographers, Pressmen,
Photoengravers and Bindery workers
unions in northeast Ohio have merged
together. Each has left its own mark on
Local 546M. The year 2015 will mark
the 125th Anniversary of the earliest
beginnings of our Local. The following
are the known dates that the
constituent locals were chartered:
Akron Pressmen Local 42 (IPPU): 12/3/1890
Cleveland Pressmen L. 56 (IPPU): 6/19/189
Cleveland Lithograhers SA 6 (LIPI): 9/18/1892
Cleveland Assistants L. 45 (IPPU): 8/11/1898
Cleveland Photoengravers L. 24 (IPEU): 8/26/1902
Cleveland Lithographers Local 6 (ALA): 1/14/1915
Canton Pressmen Local 544 (IPPU): 9/27/1955
Cleveland Local 6L (LPIU): 1/1/1965
Cleveland Local 6L (GAIU): 9/4/1972
Cleveland Local 546M (GCIU): 7/1/1983
Retiree Billy Carter (above) at the Labor
Day Festival held August 31st in Euclid.
For the past 4 to 5 years, retired Oak
Printing pressman Larry Jelinek and
his dog Snoopy, a 12 lb, 5 year old
Italian greyhound and therapy dog
have been visiting nursing homes in
the Berea and Middleburg Heights
These dates were taken from
charters in possession of the Local. A
few charters are missing: Newspaper
Pressmen Local 5N, Bookbinders
Local 24-136, Warren Local 419M,
Akron Lithographers Local 20, Akron
Bookbinders Local 5. If anyone has
one of these charters or who knows the
dates the charters were issued, please
contact Chris Farrand at the Local.
In Memoriam
The following members passed
away during 2013.
Robert Nash
Richard M. Kiehl
Jacqulin Minton
Jack Poldruhi
Joseph G. Petkac
James L. Stanis
Carl Pogalies
Vern F. Carr
Walter Runevitch
Richard Barney
Edwin R. Schulz
John A. Horvath
Harold Weisman
Richard L. Elek
Michael Kosir
Jerom Borso
Gust Kessopulos
John Stoika
Thomas N. Reed
Albert J. Reimer
Willie Townsell
Lynn Miller
Charles Kopf
William Weikamp
Alice Condello
Thomas Virostek
Michael G. Tynal
Vincent J. Stark
Paul Armstrong Jr.
Samuel Brumpter
Robert Pischulla
Clifford E. Fowler Jr.
They were considered by us
efficient workers, faithful in the
performance of their duties and
obligations to their fellow union
members, useful citizens, and
honoured members of our union.
It is but a just tribute to the
memory of the departed to say that
in regretting their removal from our
midst we mourn them as persons
who were in every way worthy of
our membership, respect and
We sincerely sympathize with the
family of the deceased for their loss,
and we join with them in mourning
their passing.