LED Lighting

LED Lighting
Petroleum, Parking, and Building Mount Applications
Leading the LED Industry Since 1992
Superior Quality of Light,
Reduced Energy and Maintenance Costs
LED Canopy Luminaire
LCN Series
A low profile, flush mount lighting solution engineered around energy efficient
LED sources. The form minimizes visual clutter while providing extraordinary
thermal management to ensure optimal LED performance. Instant-start LEDs are
compatible with inverters and battery back-up emergency lighting systems
LED Cooler Light
CL Series
With an ultra-thin profile, and easy installation, the light virtually disappears
behind the cooler door mullion. Offers adaptable configuration options by using
a single power supply per multiple lights. Dimming capable, and compatible with
motion sensors, inverters and battery back-up emergency systems.
L E D Wa l l S c o n c e
LWS Series
Combines bold fins with rounded edges to complement a wide variety of
architecture, while providing excellent thermal management to ensure optimal
LED performance. Micro-lens system produces IESNA Type 3 distribution.
Luminaire is classified as full-cutoff with 0 lumens produced at or above 90⁰.
LED HighBay Luminaire
LCN Series
The fixture weighs a compact 15 pounds, and provides easy installation in both
new construction and retrofits using versatile suspension and pendant mount
features. An ideal solution for 1-to-1 fixture replacement in HID retrofits.
Available with multiple voltage options and LED packages.
Arieta™ LED Area Luminaire
AR Series
The sleek profile creates an aesthetic, unobtrusive form while delivering an
industry leading financial payback. Redefines the traditional shoebox luminaire
while presenting a universal mounting design that easily retrofits with no pole redrilling. Two housing sizes available to meet multiple lumen packages.
ECobra-head™ LED Area Luminaire
EC Series
Uses the latest LED technology, and offers a low cost housing design and superior
optical performance, providing a great value and short payback. Tool-less entry
and removable power door for easy maintenance. Patent pending internal heat
management system assures long LED life and minimal lumen depreciation.
High Performance, Precision Optical Systems,
with an Industry Leading 10-Year Warranty
HighBay Lighting
Higher Visibility and Improved Safety
Petroleum Canopy Lighting
Security Lighting
Parking Lot Lighting
Cooler/Refrigerated Display Lighting
Leading the LED Industry Since 1992
Leotek Electronics USA Corp.
is globally recognized as a
pioneer in light-emitting
millions of LED products
installed worldwide, Leotek
offers a substantial history of
proven performance.
Leotek | San Jose, CA
The company manufactures innovative LED lighting products for applications
encompassing street lights, parking lots, traffic signals, service stations, convenience
stores, supermarkets, and retail sectors. Leotek LED lighting products significantly
reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as compared to traditional
lighting sources.
Leotek is committed to developing emerging solid-state technology that offers
greater longevity and environmental viability than traditional lighting sources, while
reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.
Please visit www.leotek.com for more information.
Universally Recognized Standards of Quality
Please visit Leotek Electronics USA Corp. at www.leotek.com
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