How to Get Rid of Your Money Monster

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© 2013 Morgana Rae
“How do you get rid of your Money Monster?”
This question comes in a LOT!
And it can be one of the toughest parts of the process for many of my clients.
So I’m going to give you some TIPS, just in cast you’re feeling stuck here...
Some of you are going to find parts of this STRETCHY, CONFRONTING, and UNCOMFORTABLE (tip #5).
And I’m ONLY teaching you this because it’s been so damn effective for idealistic,
heart centered lightworker types like YOU.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
1. The worse your monster is, the better.
You want to have NO reason to keep it in your life. The Money Monster has
to be so bad that there’s no question of you wanting to get rid of it. It – your
Money Monster--exists to torture you and kill you and all that you care about.
That’s what it does. It is all bad, all evil, no good!
© 2013 Morgana Rae
2. Make SURE your monster is NOT a real
Especially not a family member. Because you’re not a sociopath, you’re not
built to kill a real human being. You won’t believe it, deep down. Instead, see
that your monster was BEHIND any person who hurt your or made you feel
scared or bad about yourself. Think of your monster as a puppeteer, BIGGER
than any one person.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
3. Do not feel sorry for your monster,
have compassion for it, or try to heal it.
It’s a killer. Your monster is not your shadow self, and it’s not there to
be loved or forgiven. That won’t work in THIS process,. Trust me, this is a
monster scam.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
4. Destroy it!
This can be a really icky concept for us nonviolent lightworkers (basically ALL
my clients!) and yet it is such a powerful, empowering, cathartic experience
to give yourself PERMISSION to get violent here.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
5. Common methods of monster eradication:
Crossbow, light saber, sword, machete, gun, knife, flame thrower, piranhas,
driving it over with a monster truck (I love that one!), throwing it off a tall
building into a fiery pit.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
6. Get rid of the remains. No bloody bits
or ashes to reconstitute later.
You’ll FEEL it if the remains aren’t gone. Most of clients don’t feel it’s totally
gone until this final step. I recommend sucking up what’s left with a Cosmic
Vacuum Cleaner, or melting it down with sulfuric acid.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
It’s the price of admission! It’s our way TO your new relationship with money.
That’s why I call it Alchemy. Alchemy is the transmutation of Lead into Gold. We need
the Lead (the monster) to get to the Gold.
This is DEEP work. It’s easier for some people than others. For most of us there’s real work
involved to create real change. Follow the pain. Go deeper than stories about money.
Look at the things that have really hurt in your life—the heart breaks, the broken promises, the disappointments and the failures. Use it all. And then obliterate the monster.
Here are some examples of real life people, just like you, who got rid of their monsters.
Use these stories for ideas and inspiration:
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Dear Morgana,
My Money Monster was “the Wretch” – an old, hunched, evil woman cloaked in dirty rag type
clothes who has been there all my life telling me (me, my mom, and obviously the women before us in our line) we were nothing and undeserving of anything good, especially not money
and true love.
“I look back and can’t
even believe how many
wonderful opportunities
I said no to.”
I look back now and see that she kept me from having
money and taking all those wonderful opportunities that
presented themselves to me over the years. I look back
and can’t even believe how many wonderful opportunities
I said no to.
Before this Money Monster concept, I scratched my head wondering why in the world I would
reject so many good things. Makes total sense now! So when I ran across Morgana’s Money
Monster talk, my inner ding went off!
© 2013 Morgana Rae
My method of destroying her involves seeing myself in a Star Trek type space ship, very, very
large, with the vast universe out there, and pressing a button that opens sliding doors in the
bottom of the craft. She’s sucked out into the Universe to be recycled into goodness and get
the help she needs, or whatever; it is not my problem any more. What a relief!
My Money Honey is more difficult for me. At first I cut out a picture from a magazine, but when
I look at him he looks a bit old for me. He is very rich, stately, smart, kind, but almost fatherly or
grandfatherly. He has knowledge about money handling that I would like to emulate. But the
whole romantic thing is like…hmmm. Not too appealing.
I like the idea of learning from women. So I see a wise Indian woman who is like my mom yet
definitely not my mom, a teacher, one who I have known before for eons. A wise woman. So
I’m not sure on that part. But I am reminding myself to regularly sit in silence going within and
continually cleansing inside to make sure “the Wretch” isn’t coming back.
— Trisha
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Thank you so much for this, Morgana.
My Money Monster was like a huge, ferocious bulldog-like character that stood in between
me and my desires and dreams, totally guarding them from me and not letting me get anywhere near them.
“I am learning to listen
to my Money Honey
and ask him what he
wants from me.”
He almost seemed like from an animation, so it seemed
fitting to shoot him, run him over with a steam roller, throw
him through a wood chipper, have the cosmic vacuum
suck up his remains, and then have sulfuric acid get rid of
any blood or remaining energy.
My Money Honey is smart, good looking, has great dark hair, a sense of humor, is sweet and
loving, adores me like crazy and wants everything for me that I want for me. I am learning to
listen to him and ask him what he wants from me so that we can move toward my desires and
© 2013 Morgana Rae
dreams together, and I am working on some suggestion that he has given me in his loving,
caring way.
I really like this journey so far and am enjoying my shifts in energy already.
Thank you so much!
—Ruth Ann
© 2013 Morgana Rae
I just love this work! My monster is a green slimy thing that is manipulative and trying to pull me
down into a pit with it. Yuck! So I’m going to hand grenade it now!
Oooo, yucky little green leeches are falling out of the sky every-
“I just love this
where. Ugh! But this wonderful hungry elephant wants to eat them
up for his lunch and now they are all gone, gone, gone! And he is
quite happy.
My Money Honey wears a top hat and sports a cane. He is quite a dancer… he especially
likes tap, but can do it all. He’s charming, funny, and oh so debonair. He can’t wait for us to
start dancing! Neither can I!
Thank YOU!
— Melissa
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Thank you, Morgana. This is a very powerful tool!
There was so much abuse and trauma in my life from childhood on: mental, emotional, verbal,
physical, and ultimately sexual; once at gunpoint and once at the point of strangulation. Additionally, the obvious and now hidden racism, racial abuse, cultural rejection, cultural thievery
and incidences completely related to money which created and instilled a sense of not being
worthy or capable of handling or having money.
“I was told that I was careless
and incapable of having and
handling money.”
I was told that I was careless and incapable of having and handling money; and that I would never
have anything as long as my butt points toward the
I was beaten for losing my abusive parent’s money on the way to the store. I was much too
young and too small to go to the store alone anyway, let alone have to carry this big case of
© 2013 Morgana Rae
empty pop bottles almost bigger than me. One time I dropped the bottles and stepped on
a deep sharp part of one of the bottles and cut a gash so deep in my foot that I bleed for a
very long time and was in unbelievable pain. I struggled home alone with no comfort of protection; an example of all the trauma in my life-time of trauma.
In retrospect, this is where my Money Monster was created.
Today, with your help, I gave it a description and destroyed all in the beautiful ability of my
imagination. It looks like those 9 foot tall Egyptian figures with an animal head, animal yet man
like, very muscular body and hairy, very hairy. He’s sneaky, cunning, manipulative. He’s tried to
convince me that I’m not worthy, deserving or capable of having and/or handling money.
Then my gorgeous, sexy, strong, sweet, joy-filled, exciting, wise, intelligent, integral, honest,
truthful, trustworthy, spiritual, fulfilling, lover, provider, protector African Mandingo-Zulu Warrior with Beautiful Chocolate Glowing Skin, dripping witty luscious perspiration after slaying
© 2013 Morgana Rae
the Money Monster, feeding it to the piranhas and pouring acid on any remains, totally and
permanently clearing me of any more Money Monster nightmares, events and beliefs; and
infiltrating my consciousness with the Beauty that He is as My Money Honey Lover, Provider and
Protector… continually arousing every fiber of my being with the commitment of unlimited
ever increasing, ever flowing, ever giving of Himself to me, eternally.
I Love My Money Honey, and He Loves Me!
— L.D.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
After hearing you today on Gail’s show, I remembered doing this before and attempted
twice to kill my Money Monster with the best of intentions both times. I also created my Money
“This time, I made sure
my Money Monster
paid for all the pain he
put me through.”
Honey. Both times it didn’t work and the Money Monster
came back and my Money Honey hit the road.
Today. I spent the better part of the day excavating all
the crap my Money Monster put me and my ancestry
through, and we dialogued about it for hours. He was an
a””” h”””! Needless to say, he had to go! This time, I made sure he paid for all the pain he put
me through, all the fear and drama I endured.
He actually told me how much fun it was to mess with me all these years and that I would
never be able to destroy him. I had to kill him twice and then go into meditation and step out
of my body etherically and take him to my spirit guides so that they could take him to his spirit
© 2013 Morgana Rae
guides and transmute him to light because he wasn’t gonna leave. Bastard! I then poured
acid over and over on any remaining bits or blood remaining.
Then, when it was over, I called my Money Honey to me and we had a reunion that was very
powerful. He was happy I was able to finally conquer my Money Monster and hopes he gets
to stick around this time. We danced to a beautiful song and he made my heart flutter.
I tried to ask him what he wanted me to do to so he would stay with me and he just put his
fingers to my lips to not speak. I guess he would rather bask in the moment of the reunion and
not talk just yet! Dreamy!
— Marjorie
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Hello, everyone! Thank you all so much for sharing. Reading all the amazing Monster death
stories not only make me laugh out loud, it also empowered me to go on the killing mission.
A bit about my Money Monster: Large hard blob of mess, bulging eyes, fat blog of a butt that
has been sitting on my chest for years. The blob of crap has not only been crushing my chest
“No longer will my
Money Monster
interfere with my joy,
love, desires, expansion
and all-around love of
this amazing world.”
but bringing others into my physical life that match his
energy: sucking, selfish, “It’s all about me, my needs, my
desires, and you are to give to me.”
Time to kill the bastard…. No longer will it interfere with
my joy, love, desires, expansion and all-around love of this
amazing world.
Out came my true powerful goddess from deep inside me.. I ripped that blob right out from
my chest.. Threw it to the ground and stood over him. “You will never interfere in my life again.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Enough with your mess… “I am a powerful goddess, and it’s time I reclaim her.
Out came my favorite weapon of choice… My super goddess Studded High Heels.
I stomped so hard on his ugly face… “I never want to feel or see you.” ... I stomped out each
eyeball with the power heels… smash, smash….. This is fun!
Then I stuck my heels into his chest, as he has been doing to me for years….
Finally, I stomped hard to his privates... Take that, you mess….
Never will you interfere with my eyes and what I see in the world. Never will you interfere with my
joy and thirst for life and expansion. Never will you interfere with my love and bring more garbage.
Finally, out came by super vacuum (diamond studded, of course). I cleaned up the mess, then
used the vacuum also on my heart and chest.. I needed to clean up the webs he had built up
there. My chest and heart love the feeling of cleansing.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
I then asked My Money Honey, ” Please come and find me. I am ready to give purely.” Off to
an amazing sleep I went.
Thank you again to everyone for the inspiration!
— Amy
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Thank you, Morgana!
“There were bits and
pieces everywhere that
kept coming back to life
and had to be thrown
into a pool of acid...”.”
My Money Monster was a huge drooling monster whose
large feet had been stepping on me since I was very
young. It wasn’t easy to kill, and required lasers to dissolve it
from the inside out. There were bits and pieces everywhere
that kept coming back to life and had to be thrown into
a pool of acid, but eventually it was done! I could feel the
empty space.
My gorgeous Money Honey showed up and we sat together watching sparks shoot up out of
the pool. I am looking forward to spending time with my new guy!
— Barbara
© 2013 Morgana Rae
This works, and fast!
I was almost 3 months behind in my car payment and low on cash. Saturday, I started by
stabbing the monster, but I didn’t notice any difference. This morning I was really angry at the
monster and my situation keeping my money from me. So I started using a shotgun and saw it
working as it squealed and writhed in pain and died, but I continued to keep shooting it after-
“Things began
changing this
wards. There was blood everywhere.
Things began changing this morning. I work on a marketing project
for an associate and he deposited $250 in my account.
I was 2 1/2 months behind in my car payment, so I let them know I could send them a small
amount from the money I received. The person on the line was very polite and told me I was
eligible for a program that would catch up all my payments. I was really worried my car would
be repo’d, but now I am paid up until June.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
I have a beautiful Money Honey I imagined, and now the money is all ours.
I can feel things changing and will keep my shotgun handy in case that ugly monster somehow tries to revive again.
Thank you so much, Morgana. Your info is life changing!
— A.P.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Hi Morgana,
I just love reading about all these disgusting & demonic Money Monsters here -- not because
I’m a masochist, but because these descriptions help me assemble my own image of that
filthy beast MM who has been a merciless
“These ‘righteous’ people create a hell
on earth for all those who do not have
the inner strength, self-confidence
and vision to withstand these
misleading, death-dealing messages.”
tyrant, a major killjoy in my life. I also love seeing all the imaginative, irreversible execution
methods described here!
I really resonate to those contributors here
who describe their MM as pious and suppos-
edly “spiritual” -- NOT! These “righteous” people create a hell on earth for all those who do
not have the inner strength, self-confidence and vision to withstand these misleading, deathdealing messages.
— Ann Barczay Sloan
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Hi Morgana,
I sent you a lengthy email about my Money Monster and Money Honey. What I will state here
is that I really believe deep down in what you have been saying. I had an abusive father and
buried many of my fears. I was always told that I would never be successful in life because I
wouldn’t do what my father wanted me to do. He wanted to control me and hurt me. I said
“What I did was take all that
frustration, anger, hurt and
resentment, and placed it in
my Money Monster.”
What I did was take all that frustration, anger, hurt
and resentment, and placed it in my Money Monster.
My Money Monster is pictured as a two-headed
beast. So ugly that if you looked at him for too
long a time, you would get sick to your stomach. I shot my monster until he was dead. Then I
through a lighted torch on him, until there was nothing left.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
I then turned around and saw my Money Honey. I fell in love with her instantly. She and I have
a nice relationship now. I ask her constantly what she wants from me for her to help me. She
told me she wants me to love her and not fear her. She told me she just wants me to lose the
fear and worry about lack and trust that God will deliver. She told me that I have to believe in
myself and know how good I am. She told me I am a very loving person and deserve everything life presents. I believe that to.
I love you for who you are and what you are doing to help others. I want to do the same thing
myself very soon.
Take care.
— Harry
© 2013 Morgana Rae
Finally, remember...
All of the positive aspects of money are completely separate from your Money Monster. The good stuff comes afterwards. To let go of the Money Monster it has to be
big enough, and bad enough, that you know you cannot ever have any hope of living your dreams if you keep this monster in your life. When it is big enough and bad
enough that you don’t want it and you cannot afford to keep it, then you’ll get rid of it.
Now I also want to address a question that
When your Money Monster is big
enough and bad enough that you
don’t want it and you cannot afford
to keep it, then you’ll get rid of it.
came in from a reader who keeps killing her
Money Monster, she’s not seeing results and
so she’s feeling scared.
So I think it’s really important to clarify
something here that will help this reader, and
© 2013 Morgana Rae
others of you out there: if you’re feeling scared the monster isn’t gone! Use your fear
and frustration, make that part of a bigger monster, and start over.
And I’m going to give you another tip: as long as you measure your relationship with
money — and this is going to be really counter intuitive and not what you expect — but
as long as you are measuring your relationship with money on your bank account you’re
still in a relationship with the monster, you’re still frightened, you’re still a victim, you’re still
not empowered!
The way you know
that your monster
is gone is that the
fear is gone.
So, yes, yes, we really want you to get fantastic financial results but they come after. They’re like the frosting. The way
you know that your monster is gone is that the fear is gone.
The fear is gone no matter what is going on in your life.
When you get rid of the monster, the fear is gone and then
© 2013 Morgana Rae
when you look at your situation, in partnership with your new money, your new personified money, what we call your Money Honey, no matter what’s going on you can look
at it without fear and it looks very different and you can see what you need to do next.
So as long as you’re tying your relationship up with your results, it’s kind of the reverse:
you won’t get the results that you want. That’s a fear-based, conditional relationship,
like, “What have you done for me lately, Money Honey”? And that doesn’t make either
relationship partner feel loved; you or your money.
So you need to separate the relationship from the results.
Separate the
relationship from
the results.
One of the most powerful concepts that I can give you,
which you may not understand until you get it, is that in this
new relationship with money; money is a relationship not a
number. Some clients start referring to dollars as “cash,” and
© 2013 Morgana Rae
their relationship as “money.” So separate the relationship from the results and then,
then, you can really communicate with your Money Honey. You can really get the
information that you need to change your results. That’s when the magic happens:
when the relationship is no longer based on fear and performance and results, that’s
when you get the results!
“I’ve begun referring to my financial wealth as simply ‘cash’; I no longer equate it with my
Money Honey. What he is constantly giving to me is fine and rare, pure and precious, that I feel
as if I am living the most wonderful dream I could ever have... True wealth is the sense of profound well-beingness that comes with knowing that we are loved for ourselves, just as we are...
And now, I have Money, too!”
— Rush Cole
© 2013 Morgana Rae
About Morgana
MORGANA RAE is an internationally acclaimed life coach, author, and transformational speaker, who is regarded as the world’s top Relationship with
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* Read some of Morgana’s client stories, in their own words, at
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about dynamic outer results.
The Financial Alchemy Workbook is amazingly helpful, and designed so that as we work with it, we can
also track our progress around change, and our results too.
I’ve been sharing startling and happy results via e-mail with Morgana since I started working with Financial Alchemy over two years ago, so I’m happy to write this review and share with you some of what’s
happened for me. I’m well into my 2nd workbook at this time. Results came quickly. I’m going back
into my books to share some of the money manifestations, and overall positive changes in my sense of
self. I do feel quite magical now in this work!
I had wanted music work closer to home. I do children’s concerts, which are wonderful to do, but
travel is tiring after awhile. I also (love teaching) teach piano. I asked Money Honey for more students
and a close to home and happy work place for teaching. I walked into a music school with a wonderful vibe, and was instantly hired. The school is a perfect fit for me. And though many apply there, I just
“happened “ to meet the owner at the right moment and it clicked instantly. And it’s less than 1 mile
from my home! I went in the first year from one student at my home studio to over 25 at the school. It is
indeed the “right and perfect” place for me.
© 2013 Morgana Rae
My husband suddenly lost his high paying job and within a week we received an unexpected financial
windfall of a lot of money-- enough to see us through a transitional year seamlessly. I’ll always remember him saying, “You’ll never believe what came in the mail!” I laughed because I did believe it-- a
great big check!
I also asked Money Honey for higher paying concert work, and went from an average fee of $500,
which is still very good, to just being booked for 45 minutes at $2,000. I asked Money Honey again for
gifts and financial surprises from the Universe, and got a repeat $2000 booking, which came in ON MY
I really believe in this work, and so am diligent in my use of the Financial Alchemy Workbook. I use it
daily. One has to do the work, for it to work. There’s definitely magic in it, lots of playful synchronicity in
the results, which I take as magic indicators. But it’s not hocus pocus. You have to let Money Honey in,
and let go of a lot of preconceptions. I’ve read spiritual-financial books for over 30 years.
This one is the most on-target and useful book I’ve ever experienced. And of course, it’s not just about
money. Much of this was about healing my own inner doubts about worthiness. And healing that is the
greatest gift there is. Thank you Morgana! My husband, after seeing 2 years of these results, is asking for
his own workbook!”
— Anna
© 2013 Morgana Rae