New Member Education Packet - SUNY College at Old Westbury

Questions or concerns may be discussed with Jamie Dresher, the Assistant Director for
the Center of Student Leadership and Involvement (CSLI).
During your NME Program:
The former new member must submit a discontinue form
in person in the Center for Student Leadership and
Involvement. This form can be obtained from Jamie
When your Program
Is Complete:
*New Members come to the CSLI Office
Friday, April 10
All New Member Programs are completed.
All New Members must (individually) stop in to the office
by 5pm the next business day after initiation wearing
letters, to sign additional completion paperwork.
This New Member Education Program Proposal must be completed and sent
by email to [email protected] no later than 2 weeks prior to your
intended start date.
The New Member Education Program Proposal will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of
CSLI. Proposals must be emailed to [email protected] as a word
document (not a pdf). You may attach other documents from your national office with
this packet.
The New Member Educator and President will be notified via Old Westbury Email within 2
business days of submission – the email will either indicate that the New Member Education
Program Proposal is approved, or that the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement
requires revision of the proposal. If the New Member Education Program requires revision,
the New Member Educator will either meet with the Assistant Director of CSLI to review and
revise the Program Proposal, or supply a revised proposal addressing the AD’s
Completed New Member Education Program Proposals will consist of the following:
Proposal must be completed exactly as outlined, using the following form.
It will include the exact times and locations of each activity. Every event/activity will
take place on campus. If your chapter is proposing travel to another location, you must
submit documentation from your National office describing the purpose of travel for each
activity. Documentation must be on official letterhead and be sent directly to Jamie Dresher
at [email protected] or P.O. Box 210, Old Westbury, NY 11568-0210. New
Member Education Programs that include travel will NOT BE APPROVED without this
The only permitted participants in any/all new member education activities are current SUNY
Old Westbury students and active chapter members. Any alumni wishing to attend must
have their names submitted and approved at least one week before the event to the
Assistant Director of CSLI.
Proposal will include, in detail, exact descriptions of each activity. Every event, program,
and activity must be described in detail, showing that it follows the expectations and
educational goals of the New Member Education Program.
New Member Education can begin after the Mandatory Anti-Hazing Seminar on Friday,
February 13 at 2pm in Student Union 311. All New Members must attend this
meeting as well as the New Member Educator and President – please tell your
New Members. Exceptions will only be granted if there is a class conflict – and a make-up
meeting will be scheduled by the Assistant Director. There will be no New Member
Education activities held before these workshops. If your organization is choosing to start a
process much later in the semester, please schedule an Anti-Hazing Seminar with the
Assistant Director. You may start the process at any time during the semester as long as
paperwork is handed in 2 weeks prior and is approved and an Anti-Hazing Seminar is held.
Each day must include at least 2.5 hours of uninterrupted study, lab use and/or tutorial.
This means that outside of NM activities and classes, a NM should be able to find at least 2.5
hours a day to study. PLEASE NOTE that Library Hours are not encouraged by CSLI as being
effective for this.
There will be at least one PASS DAY per week. This will be the same day every week – your
chapter can pick the day. On this day, every week, there are NO NEW MEMBER ACTIVITIES
(this includes meetings and library/study hours). Designate the same day each week with
All New Member Education activities will end by 11PM every night.
You may not exceed a new member program of 6 weeks (42 days) and ALL NM
PROGRAMS MUST END ON April 10th. You may start a process at the end of March if
you choose; it must still end by 4/10.
New Member Education Permissible Activity Examples:
Instruction in the History & Philosophy of the Organization
 The role of fraternal organizations in higher education
 Relationship of chapters to national or regional groups
 Financial responsibilities
 Scholarship
 Alumni relations
 Chapter management
 Brotherhood/Sisterhood
 Group behavior & communications
 Leadership and life skills
 Respect for self and others
Community Service Programs
 Funding-raising events for non-profit organizations and charities
 Academic tutorials or study groups
 Volunteer mentorship of underclassmen, youths and children, etc.
Cultural Programs
 Enhance inter-cultural knowledge & understanding
 Speakers, workshops or seminars that promote these ideals
 Social events that exemplify inter-cultural harmony & respect for others
Social Programs & Recreational Activities
 Dances, athletic/non-athletic games, social events that promote a sense of friendship and
group camaraderie
 Periodic required business meetings of the new member class, where attendance at such
meetings is a reasonable requirement and does not interfere with class, study, or sleep time,
and is intended to promote group development, accomplishment of legitimate projects, and
teach group leadership and organizational skills.
Note: COMMON SENSE should prevail. If in doubt, consult with the Center for Student
Leadership and Development.
Create a day-by-day calendar of events. Please indicate times, locations, dates and thorough
descriptions of all events. We should have the opportunity to have a complete understanding of
all aspects of your New Member Education Program.
You will be held accountable for all information that is in this packet as to being accurate and
honest. If any information is found to be inaccurate you can be held judicially accountable.
Name of Organization: ________________________________________________
President Printed Name: _______________________________________________
New Member Educator Printed Name: ___________________________________________
Email: [email protected] Phone Number: ______________
F 2/13
Description of Activities/Events
Student Union 311
Anti-Hazing Seminar – all NM, New Member Educator, and
President must attend.
Sa 2/14
Su 2/15
M 2/16
President’s Day – No classes
Tu 2/17
W 2/18
Th 2/19
F 2/20
Sa 2/21
Su 2/22
M 2/23
Tu 2/24
W 2/25
Th 2/26
F 2/27
Sa 2/28
Su 3/1
M 3/2
Tu 3/3
W 3/4
Th 3/5
F 3/6
Sa 3/7
Su 3/8
M 3/9
Tu 3/10
W 3/11
Th 3/12
F 3/13
Sa 3/14
Su 3/15
M 3/16
Spring Break
Tu 3/17
Spring Break
W 3/18
Spring Break
Th 3/19
Spring Break
F 3/20
Spring Break
Sa 3/21
Su 3/22
M 3/23
Tu 3/24
W 3/25
Th 3/26
F 3/27
Sa 3/28
Su 3/29
M 3/30
Tu 3/31
W 4/1
Th 4/2
F 4/3
Sa 4/4
Su 4/5
Easter Sunday
M 4/6
Tu 4/7
W 4/8
Th 4/9
F 4/10
Center for Student Leadership and Involvement (CSLI)
Student Union Building, Room 309F
[email protected]