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Volume XXXVIX, Issue 5, Feb. 1, 2015
From Jeremy’s Desk...
One of the greatest gifts we ministers can receive upon arriving at a new church
is the church’s most recent membership photo directory. Few things prove to be
more valuable to us than the pictures, names, and contact information of our
new church members. In fact, I remember during my first three months at Clayton 1st, I would go home every night and study those photo directories religiously. I would study the faces, memorize the names, and peruse the contact
information. I even thought about making flash cards with your pictures on
them to help me get to know my congregation faster.
But do you know what the problem with church photo directories is? They have
a very limited shelf life. Almost from the moment they hit the presses, they’re
outdated because new members join, some church members move, certain
contact information is no longer correct, and people change their appearance.
So, as grateful as I am for my library of old church photo directories, one thing
is clear: It’s time for a new church directory!
So here’s what’s going to happen: From Tuesday, March 17-Sunday, March 22,
Lifetouch will be taking our portraits in our Fellowship Hall downtown for our
new directory. Each family that has their picture taken will receive a complimentary 8x10 portrait.
You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a sitting starting this Sunday, February
1, after both of our church services. Our church administrator, Mia Sharpton,
will be available to schedule your appointment as well as answer any questions
you might have. If you don’t see Mia in person to sign up, you can go to our
website at www.claytonmethodist.com starting next Monday and click on the
Lifetouch icon to be directed to the Appointment Setting pages. Or, you can call
Mia at the church office Monday-Thursday to set up an appointment. If you can
volunteer to help sign folks up, please contact Mia.
I can’t wait until our new directory is ready because now instead of using it as a
nightly study guide, I can enjoy it for what it really is: A family photo album. And I
hope you realize that our church’s family photo album won’t be complete without you.
Pastor Jeremy Lawson
Healing Service
Our monthly
Healing Service will be
held on Thursday, Feb. 5, at
6 p.m. in the
February 1: Jesus the Teacher
February 8: Jesus the Healer
February 15: Jesus the
UMM Valentine
Rabun Area UMM invite you and
your valentine to the Valentine
Banquet at the Dillard House on
Monday, Feb. 9. The cost is $22
pp; purchase tickets from Larry
McDonald or Trey Sharpton.
Your Service
Can you assist with FaithBuilders on
the service? Call Mia at the church
Wednesday? Call Jeremy Noffsinger at office.
706-782-4426, ext. 228
Could you teach or help with Kids ConWould you enjoy welcoming people to nect or Kids Worship ? Call Jeremy
the Connections service or bring break- Noffsinger at 706-782-4426, ext. 228
fast snacks on Sunday morning before
Wed. Night Supper
This coming Wednesday, join our Honduras Mission Team for supper and meet
“Papa” Everth Rubio, and his wife Flora,
who are our mission team’s hosts in Honduras. They are in the States for a time
with our Honduras liaisons, and we are
honored to have them visit with us here in
Rabun. Clayton First’s Honduras Mission
Team will prepare ham, green beans,
sweet potatoes, and rolls with dessert. As
usual, supper begins at 5:45 p.m. in the
Family Life Center. Offerings beyond the
cost of the food will go towards this year’s
Honduras mission trip
2015 Membership Directories Are In!
Please pick up a copy of our new Leadership-Membership Directory
located in the narthex of the Sanctuary, at the Connections information table, in the hallway outside the Fellowship Hall or at the church
office. Only one copy per household, please. This directory contains
our resident and non-resident membership as well as our church’s
budget, committees, and information about some of our ministries.
Also, would you please forgive Mia for choosing Barney
Purple as the cover color for this year’s directory?
Church members, classes, small groups,
or ministries who would like to hold a
WNS fundraiser, contact Mia at the
church office to set a date on the calendar.
Taste of Chocolate
Feb. 15 -1:30 till 3 p.m.
in the Family Life Center
Hosted by ADK to raise funds for
education scholarships-Tickets are $5 and may be purchased
in advance from Rabun County
teachers and administrators.
Library Corner
submitted by: Mildred Whittaker
The following book has been purchased
for the Claudia Lee Henson Memorial
Library: Love in a Headscarf by Shelina
Zahra Janmohamed. When Shelina Zahra
Janmohamed opted for the traditional
arranged route to finding a marriage partner, she never suspected it would be the
journey of her life. During 10 long years
of matchmaking aunties, countless mismatches and outrageous dating disasters, Ms. Janmohamed discovers more
about herself and her faith – including
the fact that sometimes being true to her
religion means challenging tradition. This
book is in the Nurturing for Community
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The Administrative Council will meet in the Upper Room of the FLC on Monday, Feb. 2, at 6 p.m.
The UMW Executive Board will meet Feb. 2 at
noon in the Senior Room.
Youth to Winter Jam
Winter Jam 2015 is just around the corner! This
annual high powered, multi-talent Christian concert has been a favorite with our teens and
chaperones for years! The concert is in Atlanta
on Saturday, Feb. 7, and since it ends later in
the day, the Youth (and some chaperones!)will
come back to the FLC for a lock-in before arising
in time for worship on Sunday.
Your Prayers
*Allan White
*Jack & Marquez Martin
*Mark Walker
*Jackie Crisp
*Anita Deal
*Linda Craft
*Betty & Wayne Martin
*Dick & Susie Jones
*Ed Singleton
*Taylor Marchman
*Mary Frances Bailey
*Lewis Reeves
*Gene Nolte
*Pat Jarrett
*George & Vickie Trogdon
*Emmilyn Rivers
*Annette Findley
*Jerry Krivsky
Reid Underwood
Sherry Roach
Buck & Geneva Carlton
Rev/Mrs Charles Sineath
Janet Ann Lawler
Michael Thomason
Lauren Cunningham
Hugh & Marion Poplin
Dorothy Wall
Ava Wilson
Kathryn Gurtler
Frank Sr. & Gloria Lastra
Belinda Long
Sam Hagerman
Fred & Doris Hatterick
Richard Randel
LeeAnna Gonzalez & family Ronnie Rider
Jack Young
Barbara Gray
Carmen Gladstein & family Angela Pavelka
Virginia Wates
Diane Hardy
George Sieferman
Fairy Mae Smith
Barbara Alexander
David Phenix
Tom Brown
Russ Wilkerson
Donald Hamilton
Bill Griffin
*Bev & Ed Perry
*Ruth Mullinax
*Butch Thurman
*Lou Luke
*Mildred Whittaker
*Jim Greene
*Marlee Price
*Barbara Treanor
Gayla Hunnicutt
David Cantrell
Leisa Wall
O’Rourke Family
Lynette Burroughs
Sylvia Paul
Melvin Howard
Michael Holcomb
Jill Wilson
Richard Burch
Boyce Speed
DeDe Austin
Sara Curry
Wayne Rich
Bill Halker
Boyce Speed
Continue to pray for our President, nation, and armed forces – *Cpt. Will Lesley, Michael Keasler, Kevin Dobson, Matt Waterfield, Michael Abercrombie,
Edward Berg, Jason Hale, Steve Townshend, *John O’Brien, Joseph Porter,
Jason Britt, William Wedenfeller, Russell Hartley, Major Ryan Sanders, Cpt.
Drew Deal, Lt. Eric Deal, Kirk Kilby, CW2 James Johnson, *Tommy Adams,
Andrew Kovacs, PV2 Coryn Ramey, PV2 Sarah Jane Guest, Cpl. Nathan Ramey,
Sgt. Brian Fink (USMC), Justin Farmer (USMC), 1Lt. Scott Curtin, Levi Brown,
Michael Henderson, Tommy Dotson, Will Littrell. Ebola virus victims and
their families. Persecuted Christians. Peace on Earth.
Missionaries: Dr. Chris Hena; Jonathan, Maggie & Patrick Hunter
UMW FUNDRAISER GOING NUTS! One pound bags of shelled, halved, mammoth pecans are still available from Duvall’s showroom on Hwy. 441 and the
church office. The cost for a bag is $11. Thanks for your support!
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Happy Birthday!
Feb. 1-Baron Heinemann
Feb. 1-Patricia Jarrett
Feb. 1-Allison Webb
Feb. 4-Larry Bickerstaff
Feb. 4-Rev. Carol Cook
Feb. 4-Erin Scott
Feb. 5-Lou Ann Duncan
Feb. 5-Marshall Hoffman
Feb. 5-Vickie Trogdon
Feb. 6-Vaughn Rogers, Jr.
Feb. 6-Allegra Perry
Feb. 7-Mike Randel
Feb. 7-Patricia Smith
Happy Anniversary!
Feb. 2-Rod & Lynn Hickox
Will you uphold Clayton First
United Methodist Church with
your prayers, your presence, your
gifts, your service, and your witness?
Your Presence
Attendance on Jan. 25, 2015:
Connections Service
Traditional Service
Kids Programs:
9:30 Kids Connect
11 Kids Worship
Total in Worship
Adult/Youth Sunday School
Peyton Elyse Pearse,
Justin & Nicole Pearce’s baby girl,
was baptized at the 11 a.m. worship
service on Jan. 25.
Donna Jeane Lovell
the newest, beloved addition to the
Middleton family
was baptized at the 11 a.m. worship
service on Jan. 25.
Your Gifts
Memorial Fund
John Curry
by Bob & Pat Thrasher
John Curry
by Mildred Whittaker
Our Church’s Mission Statement:
We are an open community of
faith, cultivating disciples and ministering to the spiritual hunger and
other needs of all peoples, in the
spirit of Christ.
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Clayton First UMC
P.O. Box 703
Clayton, GA, 30525
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 703, Clayton, GA 30525
71 South Main Street
Education Building/Fellowship Hall:
91 South Main Street
Family Life Center/CLC:
205 Ministry Mountain Drive
Clayton, GA 30525
Office: 706.782.4426
Rev. Lawson’s cell: 404.304.3574
E-mail: [email protected]
Website claytonmethodist.com
The Spirit
Assistant Pastor and
Dir. of Youth & Children’s Ministries
Dir. of Music
Dir. of Creative Learning Center
Financial Secretary
Church Secretary
Building Superintendent
Organist, Pianist
Church Calendar
Sunday, Feb. 1
9:30 a.m.-Connections Praise & Worship Service and Kids
9:30 a.m.-Adult Study Group-Education Bldg. (downstairs)
9:45 a.m.-Wesley Seekers Adult Class-Fellowship Hall
Upper Room Adult Class-Upper Room of FLC
10:45 a.m.-Life Group I (Adults)-Senior Room of FLC
Children’s Sunday School/Nursery-FLC
Youth Sunday School-Henson Memorial Library
11 a.m.-Traditional Worship Service-Sanctuary
and Kids Worship-Fellowship Hall
5 p.m.-Youth Group- Super Bowl w/RGNS
Monday, Feb. 2
12 p.m.-UMW Executive Board Meeting-Senior Room
5 p.m.-Handbell Choir Practice-Education Building
6:15 p.m.-G/S Troop Meeting-Education Building
6:30 p.m.-Choir Practice-Education Bldg
7 p.m.-Emotions Anonymous-Education Bldg.
Tuesday, Feb. 3
8 a.m.-Men’s Emmaus Reunion Group-Senior Room
10 a.m.-Worship Meeting-Upper Room
4 p.m.-NGCP Play Practice-Fellowship Hall
6 p.m.-Connections Band Practice-FLC
6:15 p.m.-Brownies Troop-Fellowship Hall
6:30 p.m.-Tiger Scouts-Education Building
Wednesday, Feb. 4
10:30 a.m.-Gospel of Luke Bible Study-Upper Room
3:30 p.m.-FaithBuilders-FLC
5:15 p.m.-Wed. Prayer Group-Senior Room
5:45 p.m.-Wed. Night Supper w/Honduras Team-FLC
Thursday, Feb. 5
6 p.m. Healing Service-Sanctuary
6 p.m.-Girl Scout Leader Meeting-Fellowship Hall
Saturday, Feb. 7
10 a.m.-NGCP Practice-Fellowship Hall
11 a.m.-Youth Meet at FLC for Winterjam in Atlanta
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