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For OEMs, integrators and providers of connected device solutions,
waylay is a cloud-native rules engine that allows visual wiring, debugging
and deployment of advanced automation and predictive maintenance use
cases. Unlike alternatives, waylay is an extendable, developer-friendly
platform that connects devices, SW applications and online services.
Open and extendable
Gone are the days of rigid fit-for-purpose
solutions that cannot evolve over time. In a
fast-moving world, applications require
adaptability and open integrations. Waylay is
a PaaS rules-engine built for developers that
require this flexibility and freedom.
Waylay is built by and for developers.
Leveraging 10+ years of experience, waylay
tackles the pain points in developing scalable
logic that is easily maintained over time.
Developers extend the platform at run-time
with custom sensors (input sources) and
actuators (output channels) by writing
snippets of JavaScript code. Waylay’s REST
architecture enables integration and
automation. Import/export features avoid
Powerful logic
Waylay empowers developers to build logic
that blends multiple sensor data streams
(sometimes called sensor fusion) with
software applications and online services.
This contextualizes and enriches applications,
and in many cases also increases accuracy.
Waylay is a web tool for visual wiring and
debugging of logic. A modular architecture of
reusable components and very compact logic
representation speed up development and
lower maintenance costs. Dashboard and
monitoring allow you to know what’s going
on, always.
Waylay is built in and for the cloud. Waylay is
offered as a pay-as-you-grow subscription
model. You get started without any CAPEX
On top, we take care of deployment
complexity and scalability. The cloud is device
agnostic: develop once and reuse across all
your devices.
Waylay’s always-on inference engine (the
intelligent kernel of the solution) provides
unprecedented flexibility and supports data
push and pull models, simultaneously.
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Sm art n o t i fic at i ons
S m a r t a ut om a tio n
Build smarter notifications leveraging
multiple data sources and notification
Leverage built-in event-driven and
cron job based automation.
S mart m ai n t e n anc e
S m a r t i nt egra tio n
Automate problem detection and
accelerate troubleshooting.
Tear down silos and build compound
Cu s t o m er c a r e
Get started with next generation customer care for
connected devices: both proactive and reactive,
leveraging inside and outside data sources.
S m art b ui l d i ngs
Move beyond visualization of historical data or
smartphone-enabled remote control. Save money and
time via automation and proactive maintenance.
M ac h i n e ry m a i nt ena nc e
Improve operational efficiency via remote monitoring,
troubleshooting and predictive maintenance.
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