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Friday, February 20, 2015
LOCATION—Inglewood Room, 3rd
HJA Brown Education Center (PDSB
Board Office), 5650 Hurontario St.
February can be cold and bleak, but not when you are part of ELAN. Come learn with us
and satisfy that craving for new ideas, resources, and professional networking.
8:30— Registration & Refreshments
9:00— Welcome & Updates
9:30— Indigenous Film In the
English & Language Arts Classroom:
Jingle Dress First Dance
11:50— Lunch (Included with registration)
12:50— Exploring Literacy, Metacognition
& Self Regulation—Aideen Moss,
Provincial Literacy Lead
2:00— FNMI Writing Project Details,
Deb Keefe, ELAN Chair
James Buffin
Jules Koostachin (right) and
her mother Rita Okimawininew
Learning Blocks — Descriptions:
Indigenous Film in the English Language Arts Classroom
Jingle Dress – First Dance is a documentary that chronicles Jules Koostachin’s (Cree, Attawapiskat) six-year quest
to dance at a pow wow for the first time in a sacred healing Jingle Dress. Jules’ journey honors her mother who was
held against her will as a child for ten years in a Canadian Indian Residential School and her grandmother who didn’t understand that the horrific, abusive system was a deliberate tool of assimilation. Especially poignant was Jules’
choice of a non-First Nations person to witness her story. The wisdom of this choice resulted in an invitation for the
film to debut at the final Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings, Edmonton 2014.
Filmmaker James Buffin and Jules Koostachin will both be in attendance to screen excerpts from the film and respond to questions. This is a special opportunity to discuss issues currently faced by intergenerational survivors of
the Canadian Native Residential Schools and the creative process of the project.
For more info:
Exploring Literacy, Metacognition, and Self-regulation
Research indicates that metacognition contributes to successful learning and moves students toward becoming
independent, self-directed learners. This interactive session will provide
opportunities to engage with the adolescent literacy components of Metacognition and Voice and Identity. Participants will explore how developing metacognitive awareness supports students’ ability to self-regulate. Practical ideas for promoting metacognitive thinking in the classroom will also be included.
FNMI Writing Project Details—Call for Writers and Reviewers
The call for writers and reviewers for units and lessons to support the new FNMI English grade 11 courses will be
sent to ELAN members this spring. An overview of the application process, templates and timelines will be
provided at the end of our meeting today.
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