Twins held for attacking friend

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Monday, 2nd February 2015
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Smuggling suspect
on trial for forgery
AN Egyptian man accused
of being part of a gang of
international car smugglers is on trial for fraudulently taking out loans
using fake identities.
Police believe the 45-yearold was a member of the
gang, which was run by a
Jordanian man and allegedly
smuggled 30 cars out of the
The defendant has been
accused of forging a salary slip that stated he earned
BD2,600 a month working
in the King Hamad Univer-
sity Hospital. He then allegedly
took a BD28,557 loan from a
local bank to pay for a Toyota Land Cruiser, according to
High Criminal Court documents.
He reportedly paid two instalments before smuggling
the vehicle out of the country
through the King Fahad Causeway in December 2012 to be
sold in Jordan.
The defendant, who is at
large and is being tried in absentia, is also said to have
spent BD6,216 using two credit
cards, which he took out using
forged identities.
A bank employee told prosecutors the defendant stopped
paying his instalments after two
months and fled with the car.
“He said he wanted to take a
car loan of BD28,557 for a Toyota Land Cruiser, but he only
paid two instalments of BD340
each month before he stopped
the payments,” said the Indian
“He also took two credit
cards worth BD6,216 in total. We have five other similar
cases in the bank.”
The investigating detective
told the Public Prosecution that
30 cars have been smuggled
into Saudi Arabia by a gang operating in Bahrain.
“I have been investigating
similar cases where a gang
took out 30 cars out of Bahrain through the King Fahad
Causeway,” he said in his statement.
“It included Egyptian and
Asian men and a Jordanian man
whose job was to smuggle the
vehicle into Saudi and then to
n The latest winners in NBB’s Al Watani savings account draws have been announced. Salman Ahmed Jassim Ali, Sajida Al
Bayati, Abdulla Ahmed Abdulrahman Dowaisan and Mohammed Anwar Ramzan have each received cheques for $121,212.12
from the bank’s domestic banking general manager Abdulaziz Al Ahmed at a ceremony held at its Manama headquarters. Above,
the winners with NBB officials.
Twins held for attacking friend
TWO brothers are in the dock for allegedly violently attacking their friend over a
BD4,000 debt.
The Bahraini twins allegedly followed
the 53-year-old man, also Bahraini, pulled
him out of his car in Manama and beat him
in front of his wife.
The 36-year-old men, who both work as
security guards, were earlier released on
bail and did not appear for their first hearing in the High Criminal Court yesterday,
where they are facing assault charges.
One of the brothers told prosecutors
they attacked their victim, who they have
known for seven years, because he owed
them BD4,000.
He said four of their friends also joined
the attack in March last year, which left
the victim with 30 per cent permanent
“My brother and I confronted him about
the money he owed us, but he started
shouting at us and said he did not have
the money and pushed me,” he said in his
statement to prosecutors.
“My brother then slapped his head and
I pushed him to the ground and he fell on
his head.
“Four other people then started to kick
his head.”
However, it is understood the other four
men have not been implicated in the case.
Meanwhile, the victim told the Public
Prosecution he lost consciousness after
being hit with a crutch five times.
“I tried to protect my head by using my
right arm, but I was struck by the crutch,”
he said in his statement to prosecutors.
“They then hit me five times with the
crutch on my jaw and my mouth, and I was
bleeding a lot.
“My glasses fell to the ground and they
broke it by stomping on it. I fell to the
ground and they started pounding on my
“I then passed out and woke up at the
BDF Hospital.”
The victim’s wife described how she
helplessly watched as her husband was
brutally attacked.
“I was driving my husband home and
the two men, who have been his friends
for seven years, came and pulled him out
of the car,” said the 32-year-old Bahraini
“We owed them BD4,000 but I previously gave them my Toyota Land Cruiser
to cancel our debt.
“However, they continued to harass us
and on that day they pulled my husband
out of the car and viciously beat him in
front of me.
“They used a crutch to hit him and also
kicked his head as he lay on the ground.
“I then took my husband with a relative
to the BDF Hospital where he received
treatment for months.”
The trial was adjourned to March 4 for
the defendants to attend the hearing.
“The suspects took out
auto loans before giving it to
the Jordanian man to smuggle out of the country.”
The defendant has been
charged with forgery and
theft, and has had his trial adjourned to March 4 to attend
the hearing.
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AD with new qrcode
Top Al Wefaq
official is
freed on bail
A SENIOR opposition political
society official sentenced to six
months in jail for disrupting
Bahrain’s elections has been released on bail.
Al Wefaq National Islamic Society’s consultative body
head Sayed Jameel Kadhim alleged on Twitter in October that
parliamentary candidates were
being bribed to take part in the
The Lower Criminal Court
on January 15 found him guilty
of disrupting the elections and
ordered him to pay a BD500 fine
in addition to serving his jail sentence.
He was then arrested the following day and his lawyer Abdullah Al Shamlawi lodged an appeal against the conviction at the
High Criminal Appeals Court.
Mr Al Kadhim appeared at his
first appeal hearing yesterday,
which was adjourned until February 15 for a ruling.
Judges yesterday released Mr
Kadhim on BD500 bail pending
the buildingmaterials.pdf
outcome of his appeal. 1 11/11/14