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February Big Events
The Presbytery of the Miami Valley
will be meeting at Sugar Creek on
gathering will end around noon.
There will be a lunch following the
meeting—reservations requested.
All hands are needed to be a part
of our Sugar Creek “Welcome”. We
can find a job for you! Contact
John or any Staff member of your
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Presbytery website.
We are more than 10,000 Christians who live in the
Miami Valley of Ohio and are members of 53 congregations
called: "Presbyterian Churches." We hold beliefs that are
central to the Christian faith - namely that Jesus Christ is the
Son of God and that, through Jesus Christ, salvation is
offered to all persons. We believe that the Bible is God's
word to us, recording and conveying God's acts in human
history and giving instruction for how we should live. We
believe that the Church is where God's people worship,
learn, work and are in fellowship together.
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Issue 2
February 2015
Rev. Dr. John J. Skelly,
Interim Pastor
Jessie Fleeman,
See you then.
Ash Wednesday Communion Service
February 18 at 7:30 pm
Lent begins on Wednesday, February 18 this year,
and Sugar Creek will offer a communion service at
7:30 pm that evening. [See page 8 for more details.]
Connecting in Christ’s friendship
Growing in God’s grace
Serving where the Spirit sends
4417 Bigger Rd, Kettering OH 45440-1698 ~ 937/298-3743 ~
Where’s the Creek?
Then a cloud overshadowed them, and from the cloud there came a
voice, “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!” 8Suddenly when they looked around, they saw no one
with them anymore, but only Jesus. 9As they were coming down the mountain, he ordered them to tell no
one about what they had seen, until after the Son of Man had risen from the dead. 10So they kept the
matter to themselves, questioning what this rising from the dead could mean. Mark 9:7-10
When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.
Luke 9:51
The creek flows on…
Full on Epiphany is turning toward Lent. The light of the Jerusalem Gate is still in the distance. And a hill
outside its walls is hardly visible. Meanwhile, in the day to day of congregational life, Commissions plan, staff
is busy, the Elders conduct the “business of ministry” in Session, and the Deacons look after us.
The Annual Meeting has been held. God has worked in the discernment of the Nominating Committee and in
the hearts of those “called forth” as leaders, and others called to specific tasks. The congregation has confirmed
those so chosen through their election. I give thanks to God for each one of our community of faith who
together serve Christ in the ministry at Sugar Creek.
“The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,
A fountain ever springing!
All things are mine since I am his!
How can I keep from singing?”
As February dawns, the season of Epiphany races toward its conclusion. Jesus will be bathed in the light of
God on the mountain; God is present; Jesus is the “beloved Son”; the disciples experience the ultimate “God
Sighting”. But the moment is fleeting. The lectionary Scriptures, and the Church year, carry us further along.
Epiphany has served as a “call” to us to follow Jesus. As Gandalf says to Bilbo in Tolkien’s The Hobbit; “I'm
looking for someone to share in an adventure.” Epiphany is the invitation from God through Jesus to share in
an adventure of discipleship. As the Church year turns to Lent, we begin to move from invitation to formation.
We are on our way! We will learn from Jesus’ words and actions. We will observe the disciples’ reactions. We
may even see ourselves in their responses to Jesus. We are on a faith quest. Each day we learn, we grow. Each
day we grow, we push forward in faith. As my faith grows through this change of “church seasons”, I find
power in the U2 song, “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”
Blessing for the adventure of faith journey…
We remember those hospitalized/had surgeries:
Kris Martin’s mother, Virene MacCagno;
Karen Nitsch’s father, David Pina; Sherry Baker, Cindy McCullough, and Marylou Somogyi.
We celebrate with Denise and Bob Manley in the birth of a granddaughter, Hazel Lorelei
Manley, born on January 21 weighing 9 lbs 9 oz.
(We made every effort to note member births, deaths, weddings, and hospitalizations through January 15th. If we have omitted someone, please
notify the office, so we can make a correction.
Dear friends,
Thank you so much for remembering me with cards, calls and prayers during my illness. What a
wonderful, caring church.
Love to all,
Ann Grimes
My Dear Friends,
Thank you for the prayers, cards, and special notes during my illness. It just takes a little longer for elderly
people to heal.
My love,
Dorothy White
Dear Sugar Creek Friends,
Thank you for your generous donation of $400 to the House of Bread. Your tax deductible gift will be
used directly towards our mission of helping individuals and families.
In 2014, we served over 122,000 meals prepared in our kitchen by staff and volunteers working together
to create the most nutritious menu possible. We provide meals every day in our dining room, and also
prepare meals for community groups that offer job training and evening meals to people in need. Our best
wishes for joy and peace during this New Year. Thank you again for your generosity.
Melodie Bennett, Executive Director
February Birthdays
Mary Gilbert
Feb 1
Michael Stewart
Feb 3
Rosemary Baty
Feb 4
Jean Wright
Feb 6
Amanda Gouge
Feb 8
Yvonne Martin
Feb 8
Alicia Nitsch
Feb 8
Kristin Brunn
Feb 10
Mark Brunn
Feb 10
Joyce Hapner
Feb 10
Robert Baty
Feb 12
Seth Ford
Feb 13
Pamela Shively
Feb 15
Hunter Dobbins
Feb 16
Katie Kelleher
Feb 16
Marty Neitman
Feb 16
Barbara Burson
Feb 17
Jason Tolman
Feb 18
Tish Lamb
Feb 19
Terry Mundhenk
Feb 19
Nancy Bennett
Feb 20
Emily Brown
Feb 24
Ben Randall
Feb 24
Michelle Gouge
Feb 24
Jeannette Myers
Feb 24
Jack Moore
Feb 25
Zachary Gentry
Feb 25
Audrey Case
Feb 26
Greyson Mauntel
Feb 26
Rebecca Lamb
Feb 28
Justin Bauser
Feb 29
(We make every effort to note birthdays. If we have omitted someone, please notify the office, so we can make a correction.)
Please make the following changes in your new 2015 Membership Directory:
Jack Moore [email protected]
Kemp Prugh [email protected]
Children’s Ministry News
Weather Alert
Please remember that if the Kettering Schools are closed on a Thursday due to
inclement weather, all activities for t.y.p. will also be cancelled. If the weather becomes
dangerous after 12:00 noon, please note that a cancellation will be shown on WHIO TV
(Channel 7), or you can call the Church office (298-3743).
GYD ~ Growing Young Disciples
Our rotation system on Sunday morning for elementary age children in February is based on the Biblical
Story of “The House on the Rock”, focusing on what a strong faith looks like and how it withstands the
storms of life. The rotation leaders for February are Pam Schultz (cooking) and Drew Statt (games and Bible
The Preschool and Kindergarten GYD classes will be focusing on Mary, Joseph and how Jesus grew and
taught in the Temple. The February leaders are Leah O’Malley and Tish Lamb.
t.y.p. Dates to Remember in February
To begin our Lenten season together, on February 19th Stanley Aultz will be leading
the children in making crepes. Stanley and Lois have always been generous in their
teaching of crepes to the children, and tying it into Lent. Spiritual practices during the
Lenten season for the children will include prayer and forgiveness.
The dates that the children’s choirs will be participating in Worship are as follows:
February 15 Angels Sing
February 19 Salt & Light need to stay till 7:30 pm to rehearse with Chancel Choir
February 22 Salt & Light Sing with Chancel choir
4th, 5th & 6th Grade Lock-In
Friday, March 6, is the date for the 3rd annual Lock-In for the current 4th, 5th and 6th graders. This is for our
students plus ONE additional friend that they would like to invite. A signed release form will be required for
each child to participate, and the cost per child is $15.00. The fee includes dinner, snacks, cosmic bowling
and breakfast the next morning. Our time together will focus on prayer and random acts of kindness. More
details and forms will be available at the t.y.p. registration table and on Sunday morning beginning February
15, and please see Wendy for any questions.
Vacation Bible School ~ G-Force…God’s Love in Action
G-Force is our theme for the upcoming VBS 2015, where children will discover that they can use God’s
power in their lives to help them Move! Act! Care! Follow! And Share! Please mark your calendars now for
the week of June 8-12 for an exciting week of exploring how to use their whole selves to follow God in new,
active ways! Registration will begin on Palm Sunday, March 29 and the cost per child (4 years of age through
the 5th grade) will be $7.00.
There will be many opportunities for everyone to move out of their comfort zone and act on God’s call to
care for the children who will be coming to G-Force. Please follow your heart, and share your time and love
the week of June 8!
Youth Ministry News
Souper Bowl of Caring - February 1
Our youth will hold soup pots at church doors on
Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday, February 1, 2015.
They will join young people in churches across the country to collect money for those who are hungry and
hurting. This year donations will be split between House
of Bread and Daybreak (a shelter for homeless teens and young adults.) Please
support the youth of our church in this effort to “love our neighbors” by dropping your dollar in the soup pot on Sunday, Feb. 1.
EPPIC SNAC Super Bowl Gathering (6-8:30PM) at the Schultz home [3850 Polo Trace
Ct., Bellbrook 45305]
EPPIC SNAC at Sugar Creek 6-8:30PM
EPPIC SNAC goes bowling at Woodman Lanes (6-8:15PM) cost is $10 for 2 hours of
bowling, shoe rental, pizza and pop
EPPIC SNAC at Sugar Creek 6-8:30PM
Youth in grades 7-12
April 10-12, 2015
Unmasked: Recognizing Jesus
Kirkmont Center in Zanesfield, OH
July 5-10
Students completing grades 8-12
in the 2014-2015 school year
Braxton County, WV
Adult Opportunities During Lent
Lenten Devotionals
Beginning Sunday, February 15, devotionals for the Lenten season will be available for all ages in the
Commons. There will be choices for adults, children and families, including an interactive calendar and
“fish box” for One Great Hour of Sharing. We will be encouraging the children to bring back their boxes on
Palm Sunday, March 29, the day of the Jerusalem Marketplace.
Forty Days of Fruitful Living
Christian Nurture is planning an all congregation “read” utilizing the book “Forty
Days of Fruitful Living…Practicing a Life of Grace” for the 40 days of Lent. The book will
be available beginning February 8, and the cost is $12.00. There will also be small
group opportunities on Sunday mornings to discuss the book, which will begin on
February 22. This daily devotion book will open your heart to the joys of a life rich
with meaning, relationship and contribution. Its focus is on receiving God’s love, loving
God in return, growing in Christ, serving others and giving back. Sign-ups to purchase
the book and to participate in a small group is available in the Cove beginning Feb. 8.
Lenten Film Festival
Beginning Sunday, February 22, there will be five Sundays of opportunity to view a film and “unpack”
its meaning together. This Lenten Film Festival will feature films and documentaries that focus on a theme
such as transformation, forgiveness, love and grace. Please join us each Sunday at 2:00 pm in the Youth
Room and enjoy snacks that will be provided. Please RSVP in the Cove beginning Feb. 8 if you are
interested in participating . This was a very successful Lenten study many years ago and the Christian
Nurture Commission is excited to bring it back to the congregation! Please watch the bulletin for details on
films and dates.
Midweek Bible Study: Wednesdays with Soup and Scripture will be offered
on Wednesdays in the Knox room from 11:30am-12:30pm beginning February 18—March
25 and will be led by Pastor John. It will be a blend of lecture, video, questions and some
answers, and discussion based on the following Sunday’s Gospel Lesson. Sign up in the Cove
for this exciting midweek Bible Study!
Retirees’ Lunch Bunch  2015
The following is a list of restaurants that the Lunch Bunch will visit during February—March
2015. Lunches start at 11:30 am on the second Tuesday of each month.
Feb 10 First Watch (Town & Country)
Mar 10 Scrambler Marie’s (9600 Springboro Pike)
All retirees are invited to join us for fun, food and fellowship. Each month a sign-up sheet will be placed in
the Cove so you can sign up for that month’s restaurant. If at any time you need a ride, please put “ride”
beside your name on the sheet. For questions please contact Joyce Kemp at 299-9236.
The Deacons Are Ready to Help. The Key Deacon is the Deacon who is primarily responsible for attending
to the needs of the hospitalized members/friends of the congregation. Also, when the pastor is away, the
Key Deacon (along with the on-call pastor) is available to assist with any other special needs or concerns. The
Transportation Deacon is available to meet any church-related transportation needs. Key Deacon for
February is Abby Elton (648-0180). Transportation Deacon: Debbie Ellington (513-217-1194).
Healing Touch Sessions are available at the church on the second Thursday of the month.
For more information, or to schedule a time, please contact Lois Milligan (513-855-4178).
Discovering Stephen Ministry
During the month of December Stephen Ministry classes covered Module 9—
Confidentiality, Module 10—Telecare: the next best thing to being there and Module
11—Using Mental Health Professionals and Other Community Resources. And for our
first class of 2015 we skipped to Module 25—Providing Spiritual Care. A weekend
“retreat” in the middle of January covered Modules 13 and 14—Dealing with Depression
and Helping Suicidal Persons get the help they need. “Ministering to Those Experiencing
Grief” and “Ministry to the Dying and Their Family and Friends” were the final two
Modules (12 and 19) presented in January.
As our Stephen Ministers study, share and practice the skills for the ministry of caregiving they are
seeking God in their own lives and growing as faithful disciples. Let us pray with and for our Stephen
Ministers in this important endeavor:
“With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that
by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith. We pray this
so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God
and the Lord Jesus Christ” (2 Thessalonians 1:11-12)
Your Stephen Leader,
JoAnne Riddell
Ash Wednesday Service
Ash Wednesday got its name from a worship tradition called the “Imposition of Ashes.”
In the ceremony, the worship leader makes the sign of the cross (“imposes the cross”) on
the forehead of the worshiper, saying something such as “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you
shall return” or “Remember your baptism and be thankful.” The ashes themselves are the remains of palm
branches, ground to a very fine black powder. This ceremony is a way of remembering we are mortal and
dependent on God’s grace, as we begin this season of soul-searching self-examination. Taking part is completely voluntary, and all are welcome. Our service will be Wednesday, February 18 at 7:30 pm, and it will
include communion.
Flower Calendar 2015
These are the following dates still open for February through December 2015:
Feb. 1, 8; March 22, 29; April 12; May 10, 17; June 14, 28; July 5, 12, 26; Sept. 13, 27; Oct. 25; Nov. 15,
22. The cost of the Sunday morning flower arrangement donation is $28.00. For the convenience of our staff
and volunteers, we are asking that all flower donation requests be prepaid. Call the church office (298-3743)
to reserve your spot.
February 2015 Calendar
Feb. 4
Feb. 9
Feb. 11
Feb. 21
Feb. 18
Feb. 25
10:00 am
7:00 pm
9:30 am
11:30 am
9:30 am
9:30 am
PW Board Meeting (Joyce Kemp 299-9236)
Deborah Circle (Tish Lamb 435-6692)
PW Crafts (Janice Simmons 298-4519)
Dorcas Circle (Dorothy White 253-4767)
Naomi Circle (Denise Manley (433-5619)
PW Crafts (Janice Simmons 298-4519)
Knox Room
Knox Room
Murphy’s Grille
Knox Room
The Deborah Circle will meet Monday, February 9, at 7 pm in the Knox room. Join us for an
evening of learning, prayer, fellowship, and refreshments.
The Naomi Circle will meet Wednesday, February 18, at 9:30 am in the Knox room to discuss
chapters 9 & 10 of Fearless by Max Lucado. All are welcome.
Laurie Elder
Although Laurie Elder passed away on October 2, 2014, her memory will remain at Sugar Creek Church
for years to come. Many things were told about her at her Memorial Service on October 11th, but one aspect
of her personality that was not mentioned was her creativity in composing amusing lyrics for church related
songs and in putting programs together for special events at Sugar Creek. The following lyrics were written
by Laurie down through the years for special events at Sugar Creek Church.
The following “Song for Vision” for Sugar Creek Church is to be sung to the tune of “God, Whose Giving
Knows No Ending,” on #422 in our blue hymnal.
Verse 1
We’re connecting in Christ’s Friendship
And we’re growing in God’s grace
Serving where the Spirit leads us
In this very time and place.
Lead us forward towards your kingdom
Take our doubts, remove our fear
Your disciples, we implore you
Give us vision, bright and clear.
Verse 2
For two centuries you have led us
Like a parent, showing love
Like a friend who stands beside us
In our midst, within, above
So connecting in Christ’s friendship
Ever growing in your grace
Serving where the Spirit leads us
Your commission we embrace.
The following lyrics were written by Laurie for Vacation Bible School one summer. It was to be sung to
the tune of “Twist and Shout,” played by the Vacation Bible School band combo. Laurie played her guitar
with this band while singing the song she wrote.
1.Well, shake it up, chefs, now
(Shake it up, chefs)
Twist and shout
(Twist and shout)
Twist and Shout
2. Well, shake it up, chefs, now
(Shake it up, chefs)
Twist and shout
(Twist and shout)
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, chefs, now
(Come on chefs)
Come on and work it all out
(Work it all out)
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, chefs, now
(Come on chefs)
Come on and work it all out
(Work it all out)
Hey Scraps, you’re lookin’ fine
(Lookin” fine)
Raccoon extraordinaire
Chef Wendy says “Be ready now”
(Ready now)
Believe with all your heart
(All your heart)
You know you got me cookin’, now
(Got me cookin’)
With the news you share
(News you share)
Come on and serve your neighbor now
(Serve your neighbor)
Come on and do your part
(Do your part)
(Instrumental interlude, then) ahh – ahh – ahh – ahh
Pieces of the Past (Cont.)
3. Well, shake it up, chefs, now
(Sake it up, chefs)
Twist and shout
(Twist and shout)
4. Yes, Jesus, he’s the Master Chef
(Master Chef)
Forever and a day
(forever and a day)
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, chefs, now
(Come on chefs)
Come on and work it all out
(Work it all out)
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it chefs, now
(Shake it up chefs)
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, chefs, now
(Shake it up chefs)
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, chefs, now
(Shake it up chefs)
With Jesus as our guide
(He’s our guide)
We’ll always find our way
(Find our way)
Ahh – ahh – ahh – ahh
This third set of lyrics were written by Laurie one autumn during the annual pledging campaign at
Sugar Creek Church. This “Stewardship Version” should be sung to “Here, I Am, Lord,” which is #525 of our
blue hymnal.
1. Every autumn as leaves fall
We receive the giving call
Stewardship for one and all
That time is now!
3. I bake pies for the church bazaar
I drive the youth group in my car
I sing in choir – I’m their star
I do my part.
I cannot give God 10 percent
I’ve got a mortgage, I pay rent
I’m sure that’s not what our God meant
When God said “tithe”
I’m on the Session, Deacons too,
I tell the Pastor what to do
And yet God tells me I’m not through
God wants my heart!
Here am I Lord
Where’s that pledge card?
I have heard you calling day and night
I will give Lord
If You lead me
It is you who shows me what is right.
Here I am Lord
Where’s that pledge card?
I have heard you calling day and night
I will give Lord
If You lead me
It is you who shows me what is right.
2. I have a smart phone that is new,
And cable TV costs lots too
My 401 k’s in the loo
And college looms
But when I think about my days
I’m filled with gratitude and praise
God never ceases to amaze
I must respond!
1st Sunday in Lent
12pm Staff Ministries
6pm MVC-FH
6:30pm GS-t.y.p. room
6:45am Man in the Mirror-CAL 4:15pm t.y.p.-FH
7pm AA Mtg.-KNX
9:30am PW Crafts-FH
7:30pm Chancel Choir-CR
11:30am Soup & ScriptureKNX
6pm SM Training-KNX
7pm Session-KNX
4:15pm t.y.p.-FH
7pm AA Mtg.-KNX
6:45am Man in the Mirror-CAL 7:30pm Chancel Choir-CR
9:30am Naomi Circle-CAL
11:30am Soup & ScriptureKNX
7pm Compassionate FriendsFH
7:30pm Ash Wednesday
4:15pm t.y.p.-FH
7pm AA Mtg.-KNX
5:30pm Youth Ministry
Prayer Team-YR
7:30pm Chancel Choir-CR
Hosting Presbytery
LEGEND: GROUPS: CF = Compassionate Friends; PW = Presbyterian Women, t.y.p. = Thursday Youth Program, EPPIC = Youth Fellowship, GS = Girl Schouts, SM = Stephen Ministries; YMPT = Youth Ministry Prayer Team.
ROOMS: CAL=Calvin Room, CO=Commons-new entryway, CR=Choir Room, CV= Cove, FH=Fellowship Hall, KNX=Knox Room, S=Sanctuary, YR=Youth Room.
10am Worship/GYD/Salt &
Light Choir
11:15am ReVive-KNX & CAL
11:15am Holy Chaos-FH
2pm PW Silent Auction-FH
SCRIBE Deadline
6:30pm GS-t.y.p. room
10am Worship/Communion/
11:15am ReVive-KNX & CAL
11:15am Holy Chaos-FH
6pm EPPIC SNAC - Bowling at
Woodman Lanes
9:30am PW Crafts-FH
10am Staff Ministries-KNX
6pm SM Training-KNX
11:30am Lunch Bunch @
First Watch
6:30pm Girl Scouts-t.y.p.
7pm Deborah Circle-KNX
12 Healing Touch 13
11 6:45am Man in the
10am Worship/GYD
11:15am ReVive-KNX & CAL
11:15am Holy Chaos-FH
5:30pm VBS Planning Mtg- 6:45am Man in the Mirror-CAL 4:15pm t.y.p.-FH
7pm AA Mtg.-KNX
10am PW Board Mtg-KNX
7:30pm Chancel Choir-CR
7pm Deacons-KNX
6pm Stephen Ministry
7pm Commissions
6:30pm New Mentor
10am Worship/GYD
11:15am ReVive-KNX & CAL
11:15am Holy Chaos-FH
6pm EPPIC SNAC Super Bowl
Gathering-Schultz home
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