January 29, 2015 - Amana Colonies Today

Amana, Iowa, Thursday, January 29, 2015
Amana Church news
The early (German) Repentance Service will be
in the Middle Church Sunday, February 01, 2015,
starting at 8:30 AM with Elder Peter Hoehnle
Opening Hymn: “Spar’ deine Busse nicht” No.
947 Seite 937 Testimony: Christian Metz, Homestead, January 13, 1863
Scripture: Luke 15: 1-10
Psalm 51 Closing Hymn: “Sieh! Heir bin ich, Ehrenkönig” No. 922 Seite 911
The late (English) service will start at 10:00
A.M. with the following hymns:
Opening Hymn: “Repent Today, Repent” No.
Closing Hymn: “Chief of Sinners Though I Be”
No. 192
The Wednesday evening prayer (Nachtgebet)
service will be held at 7:00 P.M. in Middle. Please
note, in the case of extreme weather Nachtgebet
will be canceled.
Visitors are welcome to join us in worship
at all Amana Church Services. Childcare
available at the English services.
Congregate Meals
We all look forward to Spring with joy and enthusiasm. As of Feb, 1st there are only 48 days
until Spring. We know how swiftly time passes
amd with that thought in mind...it won’t be long
and Spring will be here.
We have some delicious sounding menus for
the month of Feb. We would love to see some
new faces when we gather at the Amana Church
every Monday. We get together for fellowship
around 11:00 and our lunch is served at 11:30.
Each meal comes with a beverage of your choice
and bread and butter for a cost of $5.00.
Feb. 2nd Orange Chicken, Sweet Potatoes,
Pinto Beans, Canteloupe, Chocolate Cream Pie.
Feb. 9th Hearty Beef Stew, Crackers,
Fiesta Corn, Mandarin Oranges, Ice Cream
Feb. 16th Porkloin & Gravy,
Steamed Baby Red Potatoes,
Broccoli &Carrots, Pecan Pie.
Feb. 23rd Baked Pork Chop,
Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy, Brocolli,
Angelfood Cake w/Strawberries.
Just call Anne Freshour @622-3781 by noon on
Friday to make your reservations, or if you have
any questions.
College Credits in High School
On Monday, January 26th, at 7:00 p.m. in the
High School commons, CCAHS will host an evening devoted to information regarding college
credit in high school. With the new Kirkwood
Center at the University of Iowa opening next
fall, there will be more and more opportunities to
get postsecondary credit while still in high school.
This can literally save you and your family thousands of dollars in tuition or certification costs.
Course choices can range from welding to philosophy and anywhere in between. To explain the
process and answer questions will be Jon Weih,
Director of the Kirkwood Center at The University of Iowa and Laura Goddard, University of
Iowa Admissions representative.
Amana Society, Inc.
Nominating Committee 2015
The Amana Society, Inc. Board of Directors has
appointed Emilie Hoppe, Jack Hoehnle, Brent
Neubauer and Bob Zuber to serve on the 2015
Amana Society, Inc. Board of Directors Nominating Committe.
Any Class “A” stockholders intersted in running for the Amana Society, Inc. Board of Directors are encouraged to submit their names for
consideration prior to February 20th, 2015, either
by contacting the committee members directly or
by sending a summary of relevant experience to:
Nominating Committee, c/o Amana Society, Inc.,
PO Box 189, Amana IA 52203.
Amana Sanitary
District Meeting
The monthly meeting of the Amana Sanitary
District will be held at 4:30 p.m. Monday, February 02, 2015 in the Amana Sanitary lift station.
Want to try your hand at public service? There
is an opening on the Amana Colonies Land Use
District Board of Trustees. At their February 9,
2015 meeting, the Board will appoint someone to
fill this position until the next Trustee election.
At the time of the next election, the unexpired
part of this open seat will be on the ballot.
Interested parties must be a resident elector
of the Amana Colonies Land Use District. Applications are available at www.aclud.org or at the
ACLUD office at 4304 220th Trail, Amana, and
must be received by the Land Use Administrator
by February 6, 2015.
Please contact the administrator at [email protected]
southslope.net or 622-3840 with any questions.
CCA Kindergarten Round-up
All parents in the Clear Creek Amana School
District who have children who will be five years
old on or before September 15, 2015 and are
planning on sending their children to school in
August, 2015 are asked to call the elementary
school their child will be attending. If your child
will be attending the new elementary in Tiffin,
you should call the Clear Creek Elementary in
If you reside in Iowa County, please call 6223255. If you reside in Johnson County, please call
828-4505 (Clear Creek Elementary) or 626-3950
(North Bend Elementary).
If you are not sure which school attendance
area your home is in you may call any of the
numbers for assistance in determining which
school your child will be attending.
If you know of someone who lives in the Clear
Creek Amana School District, and has a child
who will be five years old by September 15, please
ask him or her to call the Clear Creek Elementary School at 828-4505, North Bend Elementary
School at 626-3950 or the Amana Elementary
School at 622-3255.
Kindergarten Round Up for the Clear Creek
Amana Community School District will be on
Wednesday, March 25. More information about
Kindergarten Round up will be mailed from your
child’s future attendance center closer to that
Food Bank
Anyone wishing to donate to, or in need of the
services provided by the Food Bank at the school
in Middle Amana please contact TJ Croco at 319430-9181 or Colleen at 319-622-3255.
The Amana Society Bulletin is published by
the Amana Print Shop for the Amana
Society Inc.
and distributed free of charge to readers as a
public service to the Amana Community.
On-line at : amanacoloniestoday.com
No. 48
Winterfest Thaws the Big Chill
Hopp Wins Freezer 5k
We have lost track how many times Nathan
Hopp has won the Amana Freezer 5k, but it’s
been a few and once again this year, the tall West
Amana native breezed through winning the race
with a cool 16:05 time and besting the second
place finisher by a full 2 minutes.
The Amana Colonies Trails Inc. board members who plan and run this event with help from
On the Run Race Timing, the Amana Meat Shop
and a bevy of volunteers, were thrilled with the
turn-out. A whopping 305 racers and walkers
competed in the Winterfest event that’s over
three times the number that competed in the
first event 11 years ago. The weather was a huge
help – it was 40 degrees and sunny at race time
Saturday morning.
Race winners: Nathan Hopp, West Amana,
16:5; Steven Culpepper, Hiawatha, 18:20; Justin Hajek, Marion, 18:46 and Karol McLaughlin,
Chicago, 18:49.
Overall male winner: Nathan Hopp. The overall female winner was Emily Burmeister of Marion with a time of 20:55. For a complete listing of
all racers and their times go online to fitnesssports.com/ Jan.races/ FreezerRun for details.
Two more Amana runners won their age brackets. Olivia Wilson of Amana won the female 14
and under division with a time of 24:01. Ursula
Williams of Middle Amana won the female 60
and over division with a time of 31:36. Both of
these age groups had more then ten competitors
in the division. The oldest competitor was walker Charles Hoehnle of Homestead who is 76.
Great weather made for a strong turnout at
this year’s Winterfest. Enjoying the sunshine
and 40 plus temperatures, folks gathered early at
the Market barn and came out in force for other
Winterfest events, reports Amana’s new event
coordinator Elly Cutler.
The Communal Breakfast the Middle Amana
Communal Kitchen was a sell-out, while the new
event, putt-putt mini golf at the Festhalle welcomed over 260 players.
Dozens lined up to heave a ham, saw logs,
hammer nails and toss wreaths. With the warm
weather, the pork chop slap shot didn’t start
until it could be moved to the shaded “ice rink”
as the ice in the mini-rink was too soft, but that
didn’t diminish the fun at the Market barn where
the Amana Fire Dept. did a brisk run in their famous open fire chili selling out by mid-afternoon.
Local David Eckman commented, “Wow, this is
really good chili – it has heat but not too much
Like many locals after lunch the Eckmans
were heading down to Millstream Brewing Co.
to see the first ever Kubb (rhymes with boob)
tournament. Ron Heitmann and Louis Caspers
have been instrumental in bringing this event to
the Amanas and they both setup the playing area
in the brewery warehouse and gave mini-workshops as the day progressed on Saturday. While
they only had a couple of teams sign up to compete, they did succeed in getting lots of folks to
try their hand at the sport. Played with wooden
blocks in several shapes and sizes, the game is
a little like horse shoes crossed with lawn darts,
though no large body-impaling spikes are thrown.
Standing around enjoying a nice cold beer while
tossing objects about in the perfect comfort of
the warehouse appeared to be a very nice way to
spend an hour or two on Saturday and indeed the
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News & Notes from page 1
event proved popular.
Also popular was the best beard contest with
the good folks from KHAWK Radio providing
the color commentary. And so was snow globe
making. Who knew that a “make your own snow
globe” event would draw such a crowd? But the
Amana General Store was busy all day as a result, as was the Amana Meat Shop where folks
met with Gloria Alexander and learned how to
make Amana’s traditional New Year’s pretzel.
With the good weather and strong turnout for
events, many of the local businesses reported
that this was their best Winterfest ever and eagerly await what events can be added to next
year’s Winterfest.
A post-festival wrap up meeting will be held
Tuesday, February 3 at 8:30 a.m. at the Amana
Colonies Visitor Center for all those interested,
Cutler noted.
The Year 2014 in Weather: It was Cold
As the East Coast braves a big storm and Iowa
sails through January without so much as a
blizzard, it’s time to look back at the year 2014
According to Iowa Department of Agriculture
state climatologist Harry Hillaker, 2014 was actually Iowa’s 6th coolest year in 142 years. Indeed it was the coldest year Iowa has experienced
since 1917. The average temperature for the year
was just 45.4 degrees which was 2.7 degrees cooler than the 30 year average.
February 2014 was the coldest month of the
year. July and November were below average cold
– with record-breaking cool temps compared to
July and November of previous years. The highest temperature recorded in the state was a mere
97 degrees – unusually low. That was measured
on May 7, believe it or not. At no time did anyone
experience 100 degree heat in Iowa in 2014.
As Hillacker said, “Day after day, week after
week, month after month, 2014 was just cooler
than usual.”
The state’s lowest temperature was minus 29
recorded two days, January 8 and again on February 11, in Elkador, Iowa.
The persistent cold weather through winter
resulted in deep ground freeze. Soils under sod
froze to a depth of three feet in many areas and
under roadways to a depth of nearly 5 and ½ to 6
feet resulting in hundreds of water main breaks
across the state. Farmers reported that the deep
freeze meant that soils were not ready for planting on time. Soils in northern Iowa did not thaw
until the 3rd week of April. Delayed planting was
Zuber’s Homestead Hotel
“Home Plate” Lunch 11:00 - 2:00
Monday - Thursday
New in January - one each week:
Grilled Roast Beef and Smoked Gouda sandwich
Turkey and Oven Dried Tomato sandwich
Wisconsin Cheese Soup bar
Ham and Bean Soup
Chicken Pot Pie
January 29, 2015
Essence of Life
Life is about choices….
Make Essence of Life Hospice
your choice for hospice care!
(Located right here in the Amana Colonies)
3207 220th Trail, Middle Amana
Call for a free informational packet on hospice care.
Stop in and check out our winter
specials! 20% off all clothes.
Vickie Brackney
Looking or Listing?
Let me help you with your
Home Buying or Selling needs.
Send me an e-mail
or give me a call!
mobile 319.330.4955
[email protected]
2751 Oakdale Blvd., Ste 3 • Coralville, Iowa 52241
Village Custom Glass
Window and Screen Repair
4312 F Street, Amana
Phone 319-622-6690
or 319-929-2570
Al Dubberke, Owner
300th Anniversary Dinner
Program to be Shown Feb. 19
Did you miss the November 15th 300th Anniversary dinner? Wish to see and hear the program again? Here’s your chance to experience
the song and entertainment presented at the
Amana Church 300th anniversary dinner in November.
Thursday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Amana Heritage Museum auditorium the 20-minute video,
“300 Years - 12 Generations” will be shown along
with a video of the Amana 300th Anniversary
Choir performing a selection of Amana hymns
and songs under the direction of Kristie Yoder.
The video contains a portion of Peter Hoehnle’s
talk sharing a few historical anecdotes of a telling and light-hearted nature.
“300 Years - 12 Generations” features 262
photos of Amana residents, their children and
grandchildren today, photos of Amana today and
yesterday. The work of over 20 Amana photographers contributed to the video set to contemporary music by Ted Wendler and Matt Maher and
classic pieces by Felix Mendellssohn and Johann
“One goal of the video was to include photos
of as many people, as many families as possible.
They are the story,” commented Emilie Hoppe,
video editor.
The video of the Amana 300th Anniversary
Choir and Peter Hoehnle’s talk was taken at the
November 15 dinner by Lynn Reihmann and
Mike Shoup. That evening the 28-member choir
performed songs written by E.L. Gruber, Christian Metz, Glenn Wendler, Guy Wendler and
Janet Zuber, including “Ronneburg, du Feste
Burg!” and “Amana Meine Freude.” The entire
program at the museum will last about 45 minutes.
High school/trade school students,
are you interested in a career in the
construction trades??
We have an opportunity for you!!!
Work as an “independent contractor” helping
restore a Historic Amana Building and gain
valuable experience and training from a long
time professional stone and brick mason, as
well as a former builder of industrial control
panels/aircraft tech/hands-on home owner.
Lets face it, we’re just a couple laid-back
old guys with bad backs that need some
help with the heavy lifting.
If interested call Dan at 319-360-0670
or William at 622-3240 before 10:00 AM
Electronic version readers of the Bulletin may connect to websites
or e-mails by moving your curser over most of those items and clicking.
Page Three
January 29, 2015
The First Amana HS Softball Team -1946
Barbara Graichen Klingman,
Bertina Trimpe Eckman,
BettyAnn Shoup Waters, Wilma Roemig Jones, Ruth Meyer Ehrman,
Marie Meyer Ruegstter
Assisted Living Apartments
Meals Provided
v Housekeeping Services
v Wellness checks
- Medication management
v Activities
Shoup Reihmann
Mary Jane
Seifert Wendler
Have you been wanting to get those old family photos out of the shoe box and into some kind
of order? These cold January evenings and the
Amana Heritage Society’s new Family Album
Photo Project are your opportunity. As part of
our ongoing Amana genealogy project, we want
tocreate a photo archives of Amana families to
complement our genealogical records and files.
We invite you to call or e-mail to schedule an
appointment to bring your old and new family
photos to the museum. We will sort through
them with you and scan selected photos. All
photos will be returned to you and you may
have a copy of the digital scans if you want.
One of the primary goals of the project is to
identify people in the photos, so any identification you can make in advance would be very
Contact Lanny or Kelly at the museum to
make an appointment or with any questions at
319-622-3567 or [email protected]
Ehrle Wendler
Kolb Lastuvka
Winter Garden Webinar Feb 12
Iowa County Extension will host the second
session of the Winter Garden Webinar series on
February 12 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Iowa
County Extension office. The program will cost
$5 to attend and are open to anyone who has an
interest in local food systems.
The topic is In the Community: Hear how
Master Gardeners are teaching in community
gardens and growing produce for food banks.
Master Gardener coordinator Jennifer Daugherty will highlight projects in Southeast Iowa.
The last session will be held March 12. For
more information on the webinar series or the
Master Gardener program, please contact Pam
Henry at Iowa County Extension at 319-6681052.
Units Available
Call Tanya Powell for a tour 622-3131
“Experience the Comfort and Security of
Retirement Living in the Amanas”
Library news
The Amana Library will close during bad
weather. If school has a late start the library
will open at 10:00. If school is closing early, the
library will also close at that time. If school is
cancelled, the library will be closed for the day.
The library will follow the same schedule as the
school during bad weather. When weather is not
safe to travel, please call the library 622-3192 to
make sure we are open before heading out.
Stay in touch when you’re away ,
read the Bulletin on-line at
The Amana Print Shop
, new classroom technology and other
materials for the Amana Elementary School
and the Amana Community Library
Next Pick-Up is Feb. 07
Our Hours are: Mon. - Thurs. 8-4:30 Fri. 8-2 or by appointment
Phone 319-622-3912
1119 26th Ave in Middle Amana
Display ads start at $7 per column inch,
to the nearest 1/2 inch
Classified ads are
$6 for the first
25 words, $1 per
5 words thereafter, as determined
by “MS Word”
word count
Ask yourself - What is the real cost of my
copies? Rent? Monthly Payments? Sevice
contract? Toner? Driving 20 miles? Think
you’re not spending too much? You are!
Give us a call and discover how much
time & money you can save on B/W orders of 50 copies using real ink. The more
you need the less per copy you pay.
Rubber Stamps
Forms, Business Cards
Promotional Items and more!
PO Box 89 Middle IA 52307
email: [email protected]
(319) 929-2240
Thank you for your support!
and Wrecker Service
Denny Healy, Owner • South Amana
$25.95 Oil change
Up to 5 qts. oil and filter
Grease & Oil • Batteries • Shocks • Brakes
Fuel Injection Cleaning & Repair
Tune Ups • Turn Rotors & Brake Drums
Call 622-3166 Night: 319-642-7493
Serving the Amana & Marengo area for over 50 years.
Page Four
January 29, 2015
Feathers in the wind
The woman at the front counter told us to go
through the blue door. It was almost like some
saying from Alice in Wonderland, but we went
I thought I knew the layout of the Amana
Meat Market, but obviously I was mistaken because it seems like a warren of hallways and
Even after going through “the blue door” I
was uncertain where to go next since all I saw
was a staircase to my right, a door to the outside
ahead of me, and a room with people whom I did
not know (or thought I did not know).
Suddenly Sue Lockhart’s head popped out of
the room on my left and I knew I must be in the
right place because she told me I was and I, being gullible, just followed instructions. (Sue and
Lisa have this way of leading you around and
you follow without question.)
All the while Charlemagne followed behind
me never saying a word. (Good grief, he even
worked at this meat market and knew his way
around, but he never spoke!)
So began our adventure in learning how to
make New Years Pretzels at the Amana Meat
Market during Winterfest.
Gloria Unkel Alexander was in charge. Pardon me while I digress here, but wasn’t Gloria
that shy, little girl in my class in school? What
happened that she became that she became first
a hair dresser, then a mother of five children,
the head cook of the school, able to handle food
events in the community and the AAG, knows
how to run the computer as if it is attached to
her, etc.? What happened that she became SUPERWOMAN and I just watched in awe?
She began not only by having printed recipes, but even explanations of where the shape
of pretzel came to be. She went to a mixer that
would have made Martha Stewart proud.
Mixing all the ingredients together all the
while explaining what she was doing while I
just stood in silence. Either Sue or Lisa must
have thought my silence was sort of strange
since they brought me a chair to sit on and one
of the Moser “boys” offered me a beer.
With a casual “flip” of a long rope of dough
Gloria fashioned the dough into pretzels. She
then showed us still another way of twisting the
dough so that it would look even nicer when it
had been baked.
I was certain that we would have to knead
the dough and then wait an eternity to have it
rise, but Gloria and her elves had made dough,
placed it into containers and had already let it
rise the first time. All we had to do was twist
the dough into pretzel shapes and let the dough
rise a second time.
Again I thought this would take forever, but
Gloria, Lisa and Sue were not at all concerned
and went into still another room to wash up the
mixing items. Meanwhile the rest of us talked.
Soon the pretzels had not only risen, but were
in the oven ready to be baked. I had no idea that
it took such a short time to bake, but who was
I to argue. I have had little success with yeast
dough and still was in awe as to the efficiency to
these women.
Charlemagne frosted our pretzels and even
put some ”glitter like sugar” over the top of one
of the pretzels so that our granddaughter, Rose,
could pretend it came from that fairy like cartoon she had been watching. (Opas and Omas
sort of “loose” their senses when it comes to their
As soon as we were done we were presented
these really nice boxes with which we could
place our warm, fresh pretzels in and off we
went, through the “blue door.”
I must have regained my senses at that point
because as I was walking through the door I
saw all these kitchen supplies that I “knew” I
You see I have been moaning over the fact
that the “Kitchen Sink” had closed and I was
convinced that I would never find the supplies I
needed again unless I went to Martha Stewart
herself. I was (should I say, “am” wrong.) because there were two rooms of items of items I
could easily spend time looking through.
I have come to one conclusion that does not
please me in the least. I (and others like me)
can spend hours and hours working on crafts
only find that they are sold at yard sales or cut
up, but when someone cooks or bakes those are
the memories that seem to linger for long periods of time.
My mother has been dead over 16 years, but
long before she died she stopped baking, yet I
still remember those New Years Pretzels and
can never tell those women in Middle how much
they mean to me.
I think, also, of how women used to make
birthday cakes for one another because. Quite
frankly, who else would make the cakes for them
(even though they baked them for their children
and husband)?
I think that is one custom that perhaps we
should bring back…birthday cakes for the mothers and grandmothers who seem to be overlooked on their special days.
In the meantime, if you can, watch Gloria at
work and perhaps pick up some pointers.
Six Appeal Vocal Band Returning
to Clear Creek Amana
Clear Creek Amana is pleased to announce
that Six Appeal is returning to perform at the
High School Performing Arts Center on Thursday, January 29 at 7:00pm. Six Appeal is a high
energy a cappella group from the Twin Cities
The event is being sponsored by Clear Creek
Amana F.A.M.E. (fine arts and music enhancers).
Advance tickets for the concert can be purchased
at select Clear Creek Amana High School home
athletic events and also via email at [email protected]
gmail.com .
The concert will begin at 7:00 pm in the PAC.
Tickets for the concert are $10 in advance or
$15 at the door for adults and $5/$8 at the door
for students. All tickets are general admission,
doors open at 6:30 pm. More information can be
found at ccaschools.org . The school is located
in Tiffin on Highway 6, just 10 minutes west of
Coral Ridge Mall. Proceeds will go to support the
arts at Clear Creek Amana.
Six Appeal uses a cappella singing to span decades of classic oldies, current chart toppers, and
catchy original tunes. Featuring vocal dexterity
and adventurous song selection, the 2012 National Harmony Sweepstakes Champions explore
all genres with a far-reaching repertoire that will
surprise and captivate any audience regardless
of the setting. This “Vocal Band” is one of the
busiest touring a cappella ensembles in the country. From coast to coast, the group has become
known for their vivid musical style, unmatched
energy, and playful charm.
Opening for Six Appeal will be Take Note, a
young women’s a cappella group from the University of Iowa. They are a popular vocal group
on campus and around the community!
Thank you
Bob and I would like to express our thanks to
friends and family for the many letters, cards,
flowers, food, memorials and phone messages we
received following the sudden death of our son
Josh. It was such a comfort to know he touched
so many lives in his own way.
Your support helped us cope at this sad time.
Acts of kindness have been endless; our gratitude
will be as well. This community and its people
deserve to be recognized for being truly amazing.
There is so much to say, our family will be forever
With our heartfelt thanks
and endless gratitude,
Thank You
Pam & Bob Bern
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Call 622-3641 for Reservations
Friday night - Salmon & Catfish
Wednesday night - Steak
Thursday night - All-you-can- Eat
Broasted Chicken
(Closed Monday Feb. 2, thru Thurs. Feb. 5
for painting--Sorry for the inconvenience)
Patches Drywall and related services. Family
owned and operated. 319-936-7065.
WM Designs & Restoration has openings for
painting, handyman, and window repair projects.
Call 319-929-9985.
Hometown Lawn Care in Homestead is servicing & repairing lawn mowers, snowblowers, and
other small gas engine devices until mid-March.
Pick-up and delivery available! Call to arrange
appointment between 8 AM & 4 PM Mon-Fri.
For rent
One bedroom apartment for rent in Middle Amana. Call 602-284-3487
Available now! Retail and/or office space. Contact
or Terry Roemig 622-3916 or 622-3227
Room for rent in South Amana, $200. Call Larry
Hertel evenings at 622-3424
For sale
For Sale:Hay, large round, net wrapped bales.
Alfalfa, grass, red clover. Call 319 846 2825
Classic Ethan Allen 80 inch sofa. Cream, loose
back pillow, 3 cushion. Pristine condition. $300
Rose Wheeler Amana 622-6762.
Amana Society New Class “A” Stock. 563-332-8462
Help Wanted
Expert Janitorial: Part Time Mornings in
Call 319-261-2288 ext. 2 Ask for Kandi.
Wanted to buy
1964-1965 Amana HS year book. Mine were all
damaged and I would like to have just the one
from my senior year. Please contact Pam Kelly at
[email protected] or call. Thank you.
BUYING All ANTIQUES; Toys, Furniture, Crocks,
Paintings and Weird Items “any condition”. Please
call 319 270 1251 or 319 538 8668.
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