2015 NM Legislation - Diocese of Las Cruces

New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops
Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Most Reverend Michael J. Sheehan, STL, JCD
Diocese of Las Cruces, Most Reverend Oscar Cantú, S.T.D.
Diocese of Gallup, Most Reverend James S. Wall
Most Reverend Ricardo Ramirez, Emeritus
2015 Legislative Agenda
The proposed legislation in which the Catholic Bishops of New Mexico have taken a position and are
Support late term abortion ban
o To have a bill proposed that would restrict late term abortions (after 28 weeks).
o Fetus
o New Mexico is one of only 8 states that have no restrictions on abortions.
o After 20 weeks abortions are more dangerous to women than natural child birth.
o People come from out-of-state and out-of-country to have abortions in NM.
o Currently, there is no sponsor for this bill however Representatives Alzono Baldonado,
Larry Larrañage or Don Tripp may with encouragement be willing to sponsor.
Support parental notification for a minor to have an abortion
o Bill proposed for parental notification before a minor could have an abortion with judicial
bypass is being sponsored by Alzono Baldonado
o Teen sexual abuse is high in NM without parental notification, an abuser could be the one
to bring a teen for an abortion.
o In other matters of health care, parents are to be notified.
o 75% of Americans support this law including a majority of Democrats and republicans.
Support women’s right to know
o Requiring abortion providers to inform a woman about the medial risks of an abortion,
the available options.
o Currently, abortion providers are not required to give the medical risk and a woman may
have an abortion on her initial visit.
o Informed consent and initial consultation are required for all other invasive medical
procedures, abortion should be held to the same standard.
NM ranks 50 with the highest poverty rate of all 50 states. The following initiatives will provide
support to the least in our communities.
Support constitutional amendment to fund early childhood education with monies from the Land
Grant Fund.
o Constitutional Amendment regarding the distributions from Land Grant Permanent Fund
to use 1% of the fund for early childhood development including prenatal care.
o Senator Michael Padilla has introduced SB 301 and a Senate Joint Resolution SJR 5 for
this amendment.
o Important to voice support to the Senate Finace Committee members
 Senator John Arthur Smith Chair
 Senator Carlos R. Cisneros Vice Chair
 Senator William F. Burt Member
 Senator Pete Campos Member
 Senator Carroll H. Leavell Member
 Senator Howie C. Morales Member
 Senator George K. Munoz Member
 Senator Steven P. Neville Member
 Senator Nancy Rodriguez Member
 Senator Sue Wilson Beffort Ranking Member
o Please note opponents to this amendment: Pete Campos; Carlos Cisneros, George Munoz,
John Arthur Smith
o For more information visit http://www.investinkidsnow.org/
Support capping interest rate for all loans at 36%.
o Currently, pay-day loan companies can charge up to 500% in interest.
o There are no regulations for pay-day loan or title loan companies are there are with
Support an Increase to minimum wage without exemptions.
o Though there may be an increase in the minimum wage statewide, there usually are
exemptions with not specifications for restaurant and agricultural workers.
Support tuition scholarship tax credit
o An organization or individual could give a scholarship to a child eligible for free lunch
program for tuition to a private school and the tuition would be tax deductible.
• Oppose repeal of the law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a New Mexico driver’s
o Defend and keep current law allowing drivers’ licenses for undocumented people.
 Supporters: Michael Sanchez; Mary Kay Papen.
o Humanitarian issue-while children maybe US citizens their parents may not yet they need
safe means of transport.
o Ensures people are tested to proper driving skills and insurance.
Oppose reinstatement of food tax which will greatly impact the poorest in our communities.
Visit http://www.nmlegis.gov to learn who your state representative and
senator are and to follow the proceedings of this legislative session.