VIE Program - Air Liquide

VIE Program
Company Discovery Program
VIE mission
(Céline, Japan)
«In 2009, after graduating with a degree in Process
Engineering and an additional year of project management,
I wanted a change of scenery: professionally, culturally
and humanly. At the beginning, my job was to deploy
the Group’s IMS (Industrial Management System) locally.
Working with department heads, I did a study for each
business, devised an appropriate action plan and set up
internal and external audits. Professionally, this was an
exceptional experience that ended with a full-time job at
Air Liquide’s head office as the coordinator of projects
seeking to optimize the cost of equipment and products.»
Why choose a VIE?
(Gauvain, Morocco)
“I was looking for challenges and did not want to remain in
France. A VIE offer at Air Liquide was just the springboard
I was looking for and after six months in Morocco, I am
absolutely satisfied with the opportunity that was given
to me and with the kind of projects I am being asked to
do. I am in contact with the Group’s subsidiaries that fall
within our procurement scope, and my work gives me
the opportunity to be an active contributor to AL Maroc
targets. But more than anything else, I am learning every
day how to adapt to a way of living and thinking that are
different from mine.»
For more information please contact:
Denmark & Norway: Carina Brinch, +45 43 55 51 25,
[email protected]
Finland: Tommi Heikkinen, +358 401 807 899,
[email protected]
Sweden: Eva Knutsson, +46 40 38 11 10,
[email protected]
[email protected] • • • • •
World leader in gases, technologies and services
for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 80
countries with close to 50,000 employees. Air Liquide
ideas create value over the long term. At the core of
the company’s development are the commitment
and constant inventiveness of its people.
Choose a VIE
The “Volontariat International en Entreprise” (VIE) gives
graduates a unique opportunity to carry out a remunerated
professional assignment for an extended period of time
from 6 to 24 months. This international experience comes
with real responsibilities and puts the participants on a
fast track to a promising career.
Choose Air Liquide
The 30 annual VIE positions offered by Air Liquide come in
many forms, in terms of geographical location, business
activities and function performed. It is by showing
autonomy and accountability that the VIE participants
learn to manage their project within a team.
What is the contribution of the Air Liquide
The VIE program is part of a comprehensive strategy
for international development. With the VIE, Air Liquide
demonstrates that it places great importance on the
development of younger generations.
Air Liquide’s presence in 80 countries offers VIE candidates
a variety of possible VIE destinations. In addition, during
the VIE mission the participant will gain expertise in the
local activities of their subsidiary without losing focus on
the Group’s global issues.
Desired profile
Legal requirements of the program:
What is the process?
Interview with Group Talent Acquisition and the operational
• Apply on our career page at
• Interview with Group Talent Acquisition and the
• Native from the European Economic Area
(see list page 2*)
• No more than 28 years old
• Engineering or Business school background
• Notions or proficiency in the host country language
(depending on missions)
Language skills:
• Fluent in English
• Knowledge languages in the host country
• Project oriented
• Strong motivation and openness toward other cultures
• Good interpersonal skills and sense of responsibility
• Autonomous, proactive and adaptable
Project Manager in China
This mission is proposed in the Projects department
of Air Liquide Hangzhou with the Methods and Tools
/ Project Controls group.
Directly reporting to the head of the group, you
will contribute to the development of the Project
Management System. With the support of local
teams you will identify areas for improvement of
existing tools and create new methods of project
The VIE is directed to the members of the European
Economic Area. The Air Liquide Group has chosen to
focus particularly on Master level students and generally
offers a long VIE (over 12 months). The administration and
legal management of VIE is delegated to UBIFRANCE