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Tightly Knit Spreading processes in empirical
temporal networks
Fariba Karimi
Akademisk avhandling
som med vederbörligt tillstånd av Rektor vid Umeå universitet för
avläggande av filosofie doktorsexamen framläggs till offentligt försvar i
hörsal NC300, Naturvetarhuset,
fredagen den 20 febuari, kl. 12:00.
Avhandlingen kommer att försvaras på engelska.
Fakultetsopponent: Dr. Vittoria Colizza,
Pierre et Marie Curie University, Faculty of Medicine, Paris, France.
Institution för fysik/Department of physics
Umeå universitet/Umeå University
Umeå 2015
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Date of publication
Umeå University
Department of Physics
Doctoral thesis
30 January 2015
Fariba Karimi
Tightly Knit – Spreading processes in empirical temporal networks
We live in a tightly knit world. Our emotions, desires, perceptions and decisions
are interlinked in our interactions with others. We are constantly influencing
our surroundings and being influenced by others. In this thesis, we unfold some
aspects of social and economical interactions by studying empirical datasets. We
project these interactions into a network representation to gain insights on how
socio-economic systems form and function and how they change over time.
Specifically, this thesis is centered on four main questions: How do the means of
communication shape our social network structures? How can we uncover the
underlying network of interests from massive observational data? How does a
crisis spread in a real financial network? How do the dynamics of interaction
influence spreading processes in networks? We use a variety of methods from
physics, psychology, sociology, and economics as well as computational,
mathematical and statistical analysis to address the above questions.
Empirical networks, temporal networks, complex systems, socio-economic
networks, financial default, data mining, spreading and contagion,
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55+ 4 papers